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Browsing Category Home->Historical, Scientific & Military Figures->Military , A-Z Filter: I
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  1. WW2 Iwo Jima Marine/Combat engineer, had the job of sneaking up and hurling satchels loaded with explosives into Japanese machine-gun nests and caves/Witness Iwo Jima flag raising
  2. MIS (Military Intelligence Service) in WWII, Korea; CIA in Vietnam (one of the last to leave Saigon.)
  3. Japanese WWII Veteran Served aboard the Yahagi in the Imperial Japanese Navy during WWII
  4. P-38 and P-51 Ace during WWII-[7.5 victories] Member of the 1st and 20th Fighter Group
  5. navy admiral
  6. US WWII veteran and the last surviving airman rescued by the Dayak tribesmen in 'The Airmen and the Headhunters' story. Now lives in Friendswood, Texas with his wife Mary
  7. Japanese WWII Veteran
  8. WWII: PTO. Marine Corsair fighter pilot of the USS Bunker Hill
  9. WWII WAAC/WAC, female army veteran. Born 1919
  10. US AF pilot during the Berlin Air Lift 1948
  11. World War II Veteran, D-Day Invasion, US Navy, USS Arkansas
  12. Royal millitary
  13. medal of honor army korean war
  14. WWII - PFC in the 90th Infantry Division in General Patton's army, known as 'Machine Gun Pete', who saw action in the liberation of Pilsen and western Czechoslovakia. A repeat special guest at the yearly Pilsen Liberation Festival.
  15. medal of honor navy, vietnam
  16. WWII: USS Houston survivor and former Death Railway POW
  17. Author - 'Yocona Puff Adder', received the Medal for Military Merit; National Defense Service Medal; Vietnam Service and Campaign medals; selection as Battalion Soldier of the Month in the 101st Airborne Division; and promotion to E-5 in only 18 months
  18. Military
  19. Japanese WWII Veteran
  20. Laos freedom fighter vietnam- fought from 1962-1975-lives in minnesota somewhere
  21. Retired 4-Star General Born Nov. 7, 1927
  22. French military, chief of staff of the Armee de Terre
  23. USMC Ace during WWII-[5 victories] Member of VMF-211
  24. Former Army Sniper during the War on Terror. 75th Ranger Regiment. He was the very first African American sniper to serve in his Battalion. Author of Way Of The Reaper and the owner of HardShoot
  25. Man who claims to be the Sailor kissing a nurse on VJ Day in Alfred Eisenstadt's famous Life Magazine photo
  26. WWII: PTO. USS Enterprise (CV-6), USS Colhoun (DD-801). Battle of The Coral Sea, Battle of Midway, Doolittle Raid, Battle of Iwo Jima, Battle of Okinawa (survived the sinking by Kamikaze of the USS Colhoun)
  27. Retired U.S. Army Brigadier General (Born: 01/02/1917). Tank Battalion Commander in George S. Patton's Third Army. Recipient of the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, the Legion of Merit, Distinguished Service Cross. Operation Overlord, Battle of the Bulge
  28. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. Entered the service in 1934, was transferred from Bataan to Pearl Harbor. Stationed at Fort Shafter during the attack, Iscovitz defended the island using a machine gun
  29. WWII - Pfc Ison, 1st Marines, shown in one of the most iconic Marines and actually WWII photograph, dashing across 'Death Valley', May 10, 1945, during the Battle Of Okinawa.
  30. Official UK Government Censor through WWII. Monitored phone calls between Churchill and Roosevelt
  31. WWII: Battle of Britain RAF pilot
  32. Nobuaki 'Warren' Iwatake (born 1923) is an American citizen who was drafted by the Imperial Japanese Army to serve as a radio operator and communications intercepter. Served 35 years as a translator at the American embassy
  33. WWII: Civilian Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. He was fishing with his father in immediate vicinity of the USS Utah when the Japanese attacked
  34. Three-time war veteran Bob Izumi though reluctant to share his past, has a very storied history worth telling, a story of service that spans WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam. Awarded the Congressional Gold Medal