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  1. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17); survived the Kamikaze attack on May 11, 1945 (Battle of Okinawa) when 390 sailors and airmen were killed and 264 wounded
  2. WW2 Air Gunner manning a ball turret of a B-17 Flying Fortress/French President Francois Hollande had installed him as a chevalier, chevalier you know is a knight in that country's Legion of Honor
  3. Military, Coast Guard
  4. navy admiral
  5. Member of The Ritchie Boys was responsible for uncovering more than half the combat intelligence on the Western Front during World War II. Holocaust survivor and now 97 years old
  6. German ww2 pilot
  7. WWII: D-Day; Battle of the Bulge; 82nd Airborne Division (All-Americans), 505th paratrooper infantry (PIR), Company D; landed in the cemetery of St. Mere Eglise in France on D-Day
  8. WWII: US Navy veteran who served on the USS Russell (DD-414); the ship fought in 16 major engagements incl. the Battle of Coral Sea and the Battle of Midway where she picked up survivors of the carriers USS Lexington resp. USS Yorktown
  9. German ww2 pilot
  10. Polish pilot who flew with the RAF 635, 639 and 303 squadrons during WWII. He lives in Canada
  11. Commander US Pacific Command
  12. Chief of Defence Staff of the Canadian Forces from 1977 to 1980
  13. 101st airborne. dday battle of the bulge
  14. WWII - D-Day, 618th Ammunition Co., 74th Ordinance Bat., 6th Enginering Special Brigade
  15. U.S. Navy sailor serving as a radioman in the Coast Guard Flotilla 4/10, LCI-492 (landing craft infantry), that landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6th 1944
  16. navy admiral
  17. WWII - Contemporary witness of the Port Chicago disaster (largest US mainland munitions explosion, July 17, 1944, Naval Magazine, Port Chicago, CA; 320 dead, 390 wounded, followed by mutiny that changed segregation in the Navy.)
  18. WWII: US Army. Fought at New Caladonia, Guadalcanal, Fiji Island and Bougainville
  19. WWII: PTO. D-Day, Omaha Beach, Normandy, France; Battle of Zerf, and the Battle of the Bulge. 5th Ranger Batallion
  20. USS Indianapolis survivor
  21. WWII Fighter Ace - 8 Kills - US Navy - Navy Cross
  22. US Navy vet, born 1926. Naval reserves at the end of WWII, and the end of the Korean War. 'Atomic veteran' witness to the Operation Crossroads first peacetime tests of atomic bombs at the Bikini Atoll in 1946
  23. WWII: PRO. Guadalcanal. 1st Marine Division. 3 Purple Hearts, Silver Star, Bronze Star
  24. WWII: PTO. Battle of Iwo Jima, USMC
  25. Wing Commander, RAF Pilot
  26. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941
  27. Member of french resistance WWII
  28. WWII Tuskegee Airmen
  29. Military
  30. US Navy, First Female Commander of the USS Constitution
  31. USMC Ace during WWII-[5 victories] Member of VMF-312
  32. Legendary Marine; WWII (Guadalcanal, Guam, Bougainville, Iwo Jima), Korea (Pusan Perimeter, Inchon Landing, Seoul Recapture, 'Frozen Chosin' Reservoir). Knew Mike Mervosh, Chesty Puller, John Wayne
  33. WWII: British Royal Marine in the Arctic convoys (Murmansk Run)
  34. Fighter ace
  35. US WWII vet, born 1914. Son of Italian immigrants, he worked in a clerical office in Italy in WWII, where he found his family's dialect left him unexpectedly not understanding the language there
  36. WWII: B-17 waist gunner Flew 19 mission, the first on D-Day. B-17 Shack Rat. 390th Bomb Group, 568th Squadron, 8th Air Force
  37. WWII. Was part of the French Commandos that copied the techniques of the British Commandos
  38. WWII: D-Day, Operation Market Garden, Battle of the Bulge. 508th Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division
  39. WWII: US Navy Higgins Boat Coxswain (driver) on D-Day. His LCVP picked up 35 men of the 1st Infantry Division from the USS Henrico and brought them into the Easy Red sector of Omaha Beach. It was the 5th boat in the 1st wave at Omaha on 6:30 AM
  40. Captured by Red Chinese during CIA - sponsored C-47 flight over mainland China during Korean War. POW nearly 2 decade battle of wills between the U.S. & China/He was released in December 1971. CIA awarded him the Distinguished Intelligence Cross
  41. Jewish Soviet WWII veteran, probably living in Montreal, Canada
  42. 'Spanish Civil War' 'International Brigade' 'British' Lives in West Cliff...Bournemouth, England Born: 04/24/1909
  43. JFK - Honor Guard, casket team - one of Kennedy's pallbearers at the state funeral
  44. Was the second head coach of the Oakland Raiders. He played College football for Stanford at the Offensive Guard position. He was elected to the Stanford Athletics Hall o Fame He is also a World War 2 veteran, served in the US Marines
  45. 'Spanish Civil War Veteran' 'International Brigade' 'German' Born: 04/14/1912
  46. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941, USS Oglala
  47. WWII: ETO. B Company, 275th Regiment, 70th Division. Battle of the Bulge. POW and slave laborer at Berga camp
  48. WWII: USS Navy. Crossed Atlantic from Boot Camp on The RMS Queen Mary; served on the HMS Ceres during D - Day, directing ships in and out at Omaha Beach
  49. WWII: US Navy, cook on the USS Yorktown. Battle of Guadalcanal, Coral Sea and Midway
  50. Col. Vietnam War/US Air Force, pilot/Pow six years/John McCain's cellmate two years/ ;
  51. medal of honnor army vietnam
  52. WWII Black Widow Airplane Pilot
  53. Spanish Civil War veteran who served in the International Brigades (Born: 1918) Age: 97. Lives in Mexico
  54. Usmc sniper vietnam 41 confirmed kills
  55. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941; USS Vestal
  56. Radioman/Gunner on TBF Avenger, Torpedo Squadron 8, (VT-8). Battle of Midway, WWII, 4 June 1942. Of the six Avengers, Ferrier's was the only one to return. Ferrier was wounded along with his pilot, the top gunner was killed. He was awarded DFC & PH
  57. WWII Navy Cross recipient and pilot, helped sink japanese battleship yamato
  58. JFK/Cold War: Member of Light Photographic Squadron 62 (VFP-62) that took the low-level pictures of the Russian missiles in Cuba during the 'Cuban Missile Crisis' in October 1962. Aviation electrician responsible
  59. WWII: ETO. US Air Force. 305th Bombardment Group, 8th Air Force. POW:
  60. Jason Fettig is a United States Marine Corps colonel who is the music adviser to the President of the United States and the 28th director of the United States Marine Band 'The President's Own'
  61. WWII: 32nd Infantry Regiment. 7th Infantry Division, Aleutian Islands. Battle of Attu. Purple Heart
  62. WWII Soviet Red Army Veteran. Lives in Canada
  63. WWII: D-Day. Captain of a minesweeper (YMS-305) who had to clear of Omaha and Utah Beach from German mines
  64. P-51 Mustang Ace during WWII-[8 victories] Member of the 325th Fighter Group
  65. army general
  66. WWII: ETO. B-17 pilot of the 100th Bomb Group (Bloody 100th)
  67. WWII: PTO. US Army. Expert marksman with E Company, 160th Infantry Regiment, 40th Infantry Division
  68. US WWII army vet (ETO, 287th Combat Engineers) and NASA engineer, born 1924. Project chief scientist and manager for Pioneer planetary missions 6-13. Pioneer 10 and 11 the first spacecrafts to Jupiter and Saturn, and the first to leave the solar system
  69. Floyd Finberg, Maj fighter ace-Flying tiger
  70. Military
  71. Vietnam veteran, author
  72. vietnam war air force hero
  73. Air Force General
  74. WWII: PTO. Battle of Iwo Jima. 26th Marines, 5th Marine Division
  75. 'Tuskegee Airmen'
  76. Oldest Living Medal of Honor (Navy WW 2) Born: 07/23/1909.Lieutenant John William Finn (born July 23, 1909) is a retired officer of the United States Navy who received the Medal of Honor in recognition of heroism and distinguished service during the Japan
  77. navy admiral
  78. Pearl Harbor Survivor
  79. British soldier of the 'Blues and Royals'm awarded the George Cross for bravery under friendly fire during the 2003 invasion of Iraq
  80. 1Lt, USAAF, 835th Squadron, 486th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force B-17 Pilot/Lead Crew Distinguished Flying Cross 25 Missions over Europe
  81. Awarded the Knight's Cross during WW2
  82. American Korean War Fighter Ace - 10 Victories
  83. German WWII Veteran, Tiger Tank
  84. WWII: Fighter Ace; 5 victories
  85. air force general
  86. Medal of honor air force vietnam
  87. Mr. Fisher served on board the USS Arkansas BB BB 33 during the D Day invasion and Iwo Jima
  88. WWII: Battle of Midway; USS Hornet (CV-8)
  89. WWII - WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots)
  90. Centenarian (1897-2003). US WWI veteran, one of the last of the Navy's female 'yeomanettes'
  91. WWII: Atlantic. Served on the USS Block Island (CVE-21)
  92. Pearl Harbor survivor
  93. RAF ace from WW2, living in New Zealand
  94. air force general
  95. Racecar driver, decorated World War II fighter and bomber pilot, ex-POW
  96. WWII -Turret Gunner in the Torpedo Squadron of Carrier Air Group 11 (VT-11, sister quadron to the famous Sundowners VF-11) in the Pacific Theater; served on the USS Hornet (CV-12)
  97. American Army officer for thirty years He was awarded the Soldierâ-?s Medal for heroism and the Bronze Star for valor before retiring as a Col in 1993. Author of The Final Invasion: Plattsburgh, the War of 1812's Most Decisive Battle
  98. Navy admiral
  99. Medal of honor army vietnam
  100. WWII/ETO: B-17 pilot of the 'Bloody 100th' (100th Bomb Group)
  101. WWII: Survivor of the failed Operation Jubilee ('Dieppe Raid') on 19 August 1942, when 60% of the mostly Canadian landing force were either killed, wounded or captured
  102. WWII: Navy veteran of World War II, serving as a chief pharmacist's mate. He took part in the Normandy Invasion and the occupation of Japan
  103. WWII - Pearl Harbor 7 Dec 1941; USS Arizona survivor
  104. John Flanagan  (3)
    'Tuskegee Airmen', Communication Tech., WWII
  105. Retired USN Admiral
  106. Ret. WW2 Lt. General
  107. USN Admiral
  108. flew many missions during WWII, was at Guadacanal, born September 17th 1919
  109. Hitlers Nurse (Germany Red Cross)
  110. WWII - Fighter Ace, 6 victories; flew the P-47; 348th Fighter Group, Pacific Theater
  111. Medal of Honor Recipent 'Air Force' Vietnam
  112. American WWII - Pilot, USAAF, co-pilot of 'The Peacemaker'
  113. WWII: Radio man in the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, the 'Ghost Army'. The Ghost Army deceived enemies into thinking that there were unaccounted divisions out there
  114. First woman to pilot a B-52 Bomber and author or the book Charged
  115. Supercentenarian (1894-2006). France's oldest living man ever documented, and one of it's last living WWI veterans
  116. African American WWII veteran. Montford Marines, served in Guam during WWII
  117. Born in 1898, claims to have fought in the Mexican Revolution. He lives in Ecatepec City, in the State of Mexico
  118. Tuskegee airmen ww2
  119. USN Admiral
  120. Medal of Honor, US Navy, WWII: commanded USS Barb, most decorated submarine of the war
  121. WWII: Survivor of the sinking of the USS Houston, became a POW for well over 3 years
  122. Lieutenant General, United States Army (retired), Author, Advisor to Donald Trump
  123. army general
  124. WWII Flying Tigers (clerk)
  125. Military Commander Ferdinand Foch was a French general and military theorist who served as the Supreme Allied Commander during the First World War. An aggressive, even reckless commander at the First Marne, Flanders and Artois campaigns of 1914-1916, Foc
  126. air force general
  127. air force general
  128. US WWII vet, born in 1920. Served as a Navy WAVE in secret intelligence work involving Japanese merchant ships, though she refused to discuss details of her work even decades later
  129. Jack Foley  (3)
    Member of the Band of Brothers, 506th Easy Company WWII
  130. Medal of honor vietnam
  131. Retired Navy Admiral
  132. navy admiral
  133. Author; 'Visions from a Foxhole : A Rifleman in Patton's Ghost Corps'/WW2 Battle of the Bulge veteran
  134. WWII: PTO. Marine Corps Fighter pilot (VMF-121) of the 'Cactus Air Force' at Guadalcanal 1942 who flew with J. Foss' 'Flying Circus'. In the mission that sank the Japanese battleship Hiei. Later Squadron Leader, VMF-533. Post-war test pilot
  135. Commander 21st Theatre Sustaintment Commandunit 23203APO AE 09263
  136. WWII. Holocaust survivor. Witness of 'Kristallnacht' and the burning of the synagogue at Fasanstrasse, Berlin, on Nov. 10/11, 1938
  137. Military, British recipient of the Victoria Cross
  138. British WW2 pilot involved in the 'Battle of Britain'
  139. Robert Ford  (2)
    British Army Officer
  140. Military
  141. Lz xray 1965 1/5 cav
  142. WWII: PTO. Last surviving veteran of iconic Kokoda Track campaign photo
  143. WWII: One of the few remaining 'lumberjills' of the war, a group in the Women's Land Army. Now 96 and possibly living in Glasgow
  144. US Army General
  145. American WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War Ace
  146. army general
  147. Donut Dolly Vietnam War/11/67-04/68 Lai Khe 1st Inf. Div. 04/68-06/68 Da Nang 3rd Marines 07/68-09/68 Chu Lai - Americal Div. 10/68 - 12/68 Lai Khe - 1st Inf. Div.
  148. WWII author and Ace
  149. USS Indianapolis Survivor
  150. WWII Marine Ace- shot down 26 Japanese planes- LIFE cover June 7, 1943, awarded the congressional medal of honor
  151. Korean war ace/15 mig kills
  152. Flying Tigers-Nurse;named Foster in 1941, Petach in 1942
  153. British ace from WW2, 6.5 victories, Battle of Britain
  154. Aviation Radioman 2nd Class, USN, USS Hornet (CV-12) SB2C Helldiver Radio Operator/Gunner Distinguished Flying Cross Shot down while bombing the battleship Yamato during the Battle of Okinawa. Rescued by Destroyer
  155. WWII: PTO. Battle of Peleliu. USMC
  156. One of his Purples Hearts is pictured on the USPS Purple Heart stamp
  157. Superintendent US Naval Acadamy
  158. Man who claims to be the Sailor kissing a nurse on VJ Day in Alfred Eisenstadt's famous Life Magazine photo; from Tampa, FL
  159. RCAF Pilot, WWII, Wounded E. Rommell
  160. WWII: PTO. Marine Corps, 23rd Provisional Company, 6th Defense Battalion. Battle of Midway, June 1942. Was assigned to Midway Islands in 1942 to defend the atoll. Later in the Iwo Jima invasion and the postwar occupation of Japan
  161. Part of raid of WWII POW camp Cabanatuan 'The Great Raid
  162. WWII: 1st Marine Division. Flamethrower in the Battle of Peleliu, 1944
  163. Desert Storm Fighter Pilot -- shot down a MiG-21 from his F/A-18 on 17 Jan, 1991. His was the first Navy air-to-air kill of the war
  164. Vietnam War Medal Of Honor Recipient - US Marines
  165. WWII: British Arctic Convoy veteran
  166. WWII: MTO/ETO. North Africa, Battle of Kasserine Pass (Tunisia), Sicily, D-Day (Omaha Beach, 3rd wave), Battle of the Bulge. 15th Engineer Combat Battalion, 9th Infantry Division
  167. WWII veteran of the 3rd Battalion, 131st Field Artillery Regiment, 36th Infantry Division. He fought throughout Europe from October of 1944 in Alsace-Lorraine, ending near the Austrian Alps when the war ended
  168. French Veteran of Spanish Civil War, International Brigade. Born: 1920
  169. American broadcast news executive. Created the groundbreaking Huntley-Brinkley Report, and was its producer until 1964. Served two tenures as president of NBC News. Mentored such journalists as Tom Brokaw, John Chancellor & Linda Ellerbee
  170. Uss yorktown & 1948 israel war of independence pilot
  171. Retired General
  172. Military
  173. U.S. Army General
  174. Retired general, Author
  175. JFK - Honor Guard at President Kennedy's funeral
  176. ww2 pilot
  177. 4 Star General Born April 16, 1953
  178. War hero, Victoria Cross receiver
  179. 4 Star GeneralBorn Aug.17,1952
  180. Retired USMC General
  181. Commander US Alaskan Command
  182. WWII: Battle of Midway
  183. Bataan death march survivor- wrote book-hells guest
  184. Centenarian (1901-2002). One of the last living US WWI Marine veterans. Lied about age to join, sent to combat in France. Re-enlisted in WWII, served in the battle of Okinawa. Wounded in the trenches by an exploding shell in WWI, and hit in the neck with
  185. WWII: Merchant Marine
  186. British air ace from WW2 with 13 victories
  187. WWII - Iwo Jima survivor. Also fought at Bougainville, where he served and spent time with later Iwo flag raiser Ira Hayes
  188. 'Tuskegee Airmen'/332nd, WWII, Lawyer
  189. WWII veteran; 101st Airborne, 506th PIR, Easy Company - one of the original Band of Brothers
  190. Medal of Honor Vietnam at lz-xray 1965
  191. 'Tuskegee Airmen'
  192. WWII: PTO. Survivor of the sinking of the USS Liscome Bay in the Battle of Tarawa on 23 November 1943 when 687 got killed
  193. WWII: Ace, 6 victories. VMF-121, later VMF-115, William Freeman flew over 200 combat missions in the Pacific theater
  194. WW2/From Haddenham in Buckinghamshire, member of the Women?s Royal Naval Service, Wrens. Worked on Colossus, world?s first digital electronic computer, which was developed at Bletchley but the existence of which was kept secret for decades
  195. Highest ranking German officer to survive the sinking of the bismark
  196. WWII: B-17 Ball Turrett Gunner, 350th Bomb Squadron, 100th Bomb Group (Bloody 100th). Shot down on his last mission on April 28, 1944 in B-17 #42-107024 (unnamed). POW at Stalag XI, Nürnberg, Stalag 17B, Krems, Austria
  197. Soldier french revolution, knighted in uk, alot of stuff, a admiral of the royal navy
  198. WWII: UK veteran of the 'Kings? Royal Rifles' who landed on Juno Beach three days after D-Day and fought all the way to Hamburg
  199. WWII: D-Day, electrician on the USS August; also helped serve the meal when President Truman was aboard
  200. WWII: Reconnaissance Photographer at NAS Honolulu, working at Admiral Nimitz' Office. Took countless photos in the Pacific, incl. celebrities visiting the base, like Rene Gagnon (flag-raiser at M t. Suribachi) or actress Betty Hutton
  201. WWII: Army Scout Veteran. Arrived in Normandy on Aug. 5, 1944, with the 80th Division and fought all through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria
  202. Army medic with the 16th Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division that treated soldiers on Omaha Beach, D-Day June 6th 1944
  203. WWII: US Navy veteran who served on the USS Russell (DD-414); the ship fought in 16 major engagements incl. the Battle of Coral Sea and the Battle of Midway where she picked up survivors of the carriers USS Lexington resp. USS Yorktown
  204. Paul Friedman  (2)
  205. WWII: Survivor of the Bataan Death March (Philippines) on April 9, 1942
  206. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941, USS Shaw
  207. Military tuskegee airmen
  208. Gunner's Mate 1st Class, USN, USS LST 341 Pacific Theater of Operations
  209. medal of honor army vietnam
  210. Flying Tigers-armorer
  211. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor 7 December 1941
  212. Retired USMC General
  213. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. Ford Island Naval Air Station
  214. navy admiral
  215. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, USS Detroit
  216. WWII: ETO. Battle of the Bulge and other major battles. 740th Tank Battalion ('Daredevil Tankers')
  217. German World War One survivor
  218. WWII: Justice Robert H. Jackson's bodyguard at the Nuremberg trials
  219. WWII: D-Day. Tech Sgt., 8th AF, 390th Bomb Group, 568th Squadron, 8th Air Force. Radio operator in a B-17 that bombed targets in Normandy on June 6, 1944. Shot down July 1944, POW in Stalag Luft IV
  220. Congressional Medal of Honor
  221. Japanese fighter ace from WW2, 9 victories
  222. Japanese fighter ace from WW2, 72 kills
  223. marine corps general
  224. USAF Colonel, Pilot, and War Hero
  225. WWII veteran WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilot)
  226. WWII Navy WAVE worked in Navy intelligence
  227. Japanese WWII Veteran
  228. vietnam war air force hero
  229. SS-Sturmmann during WW2. Fought in France during the D-Day invasion. Is still alive as of 2011
  230. United States Army Medal of Honor recipient and one of the most decorated soldiers and paratroopers of World War II. He also received the Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, and three Purple Hearts
  231. Former Corporal of the Canadian Forces, once held the record for the longest confirmed sniper kill in combat, at 2,430 metres (2,657 yd, 12.08 furlongs, or 1.51 miles)
  232. WWII: PTO. USMC fighter pilot. WIth Joe Foss at Guadalcanal (Cactus Air Force), later commanding the illustrious 'Black Sheep Squadron' and also serving in the Korean War
  233. WWII: 442nd Regimental Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Battalion, 'G' Company