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Browsing Category Home->Sports->Wrestling->WWE/TNA etc. , A-Z Filter: L
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  1. Wrestler known as Debbie Debutante on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  2. Professional Woman Wrestler
  3. Daisy on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling & a actress
  4. wrestler-football
  5. Wrestler, AEW
  6. pro wrestler
  7. Wrestler Gunner in TNA
  8. Angel on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  9. Former NWA/WWF/WCW wrestler
  10. Jenny Lane  (2)
    Former pro wrestler. WWE Raw (1993), Slammed (2004), and UPW: Rage on the River: Unleashed (2003)
  11. Wrestler
  12. Professional female wrestler
  13. Mike Lane  (2)
    Wrestler. Actor - The Harder They Fall (as Toro Moreno), Frankenstein: 1970 (as The Monster), Batman (TV - as Daddy Longlegs - 2), Monster Squad (as Frank N. Stein), Demon Keeper (as The Demon), Stay Away Joe, Zebra Force, Curse Of The Crystal Eye
  14. Scott Lane  (3)
    Pro-Wrestler/Actor - 'Savior' on the Walking Dead
  15. Professional Wrestler... Famous as member of 'Midnight Express' and 'Fabulous Ones' tag teams
  16. Awa wrestling soldat ustinov
  17. pro wrestler
  18. Bellator MMA Fighter
  19. Pro Wrestler from WWE and Indys. Also known as Magnus Maximus
  20. Pro Wrestler
  21. Native of Fort Myers, Florida, was a retired Commander in the United States Navy and a Naval Aviator. As a Lieutenant, he received the Medal of Honor for his rescue of two downed Naval Aviators while piloting a search and rescue helicopter in Vietnam
  22. WWE Development Wrestler (Kenneth Cameron)
  23. Model, wrestler
  24. Professional Wrestler/Manager
  25. WWE Announcer
  26. Tom Laughlin  (2)
    Former WWE Superstar, TNA Superstar
  27. Kimona from ECW. Leia Meow from WCW
  28. Wrestler
  29. Wrestler
  30. Professional Wrestler For WWE/Bodybuilder, The Surreal Life, Playboy November 2000/January 2002/April 2007
  31. wrestler
  32. WWF wrestler Legion Of doom AWA Road warrior
  33. Pro wrestler, The Terminator, Fury of the Wrecking Crew
  34. Wrestler
  35. AKA 'The King' - WWF commentator, former WWF Wrestler, 2007 WWE HOF inductee, portrayed himself in the Andy Kaufman biopic 'Man On The Moon'
  36. MMA Fighter
  37. Wrestler
  38. WWE Wrestler
  39. Wrester, born in 1981, AKA 'King Kenny'
  40. Vietnamese model
  41. WWE Development Wrestler (Kevin Hackman)
  42. American martial artist, instructor, stunt performer, stunt coordinator and professional wrestler, Star Trek DSN
  43. AWA wrestler in the 80's, golden glove boxer
  44. WWE Wrestler, multiple time tag team champion with Wyatt Family members and former intercontinental champion; formerly wrestled in ROH and Chikara
  45. Keith Lee  (3)
  46. Female Professional Wrestler
  47. Sara Lee  (2)
  48. Wrestler
  49. Professional Wrestler - Mean Street Posse
  50. (born 18 July 1921) was a highly decorated Leutnant der Reserve of the Brandenburgers in the Wehrmacht during World War II. He was also a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. He was Rommel's personal and favorite combat driver
  51. Professional wrestler
  52. WWE Development Wrestler (Leo Kruger)
  53. Female Wrestler For The WWE in their NXT brand; wife of Johnny Gargano, WWE performer
  54. WCW Wrestler
  55. wrestler - brutus 'the barber' beefcake
  56. UFC Fighter; Former Heavyweight Champion
  57. Champion Martial Artist/Wrestler/Stuntwoman-Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling,Gangs of New York,The Scorpion King,Man on the Moon,Personal Vendetta,Final Impact,Hot Shots,Playboy December 1989
  58. Wrestler
  59. WWE Wrestler, 'Triple H'/Hunter Hearst Helmsley/HHH
  60. Former WWE hardcore champion, former ECW and TNA world champion
  61. Older Wrestler
  62. Wrestler/model
  63. Chris Lewis  (4)
    Better known as pro wrestler Mr. Grim
  64. Fred Lewis  (4)
    95, spent 35 years in the Royal Australian Navy and served in both WWII and Vietnam
  65. Xia Li 
    WWE NXT, competed in the Mae Young Classic
  66. Wrestler
  67. Pro Wrestler. Former 'Enhancement Talent' For The NWA.
  68. Professional Wrestler
  69. English, masked wrestler from Hampshire
  70. Actor: 8 Million Ways to Die, Blue City, Extreme Prejudice, 1st & Ten, The Night Before, No Hold Barred, WWF, WWE, WCW, Universal Soldier, Trespass, Posse, Men of War, Friday, The Fifth Element, Jackie Brown, Little Nicky, Santa's Slay, American Justice
  71. aka Riot, WOW Women's wrestler
  72. Professional wrestler
  73. WWE NXT Season 1/Wrestles as Justin Gabriel
  74. Wrestler and Singer
  75. WWF Wrestling Superstar
  76. Female wrestler
  77. Competitor in Mae Young Classic, NXT, part of Riott Squad on WWE Smackdown
  78. Former WWF, WCW, and ECW wrestler
  79. Wrestling Referee
  80. NWA TNA Wrestling
  81. wrestler
  82. WWE Announcer
  83. Professional Wrestling Tag Team - The Dudley Boyz
  84. Current Wrestler in 'Lucha Underground'; Former WWE Superstar
  85. Professional Wrestler Referee
  86. WWE Smackdown General manager
  87. Pro Wrestler Ring Of Honor aka Tyler Black/Known as Seth Rollins in WWE Development
  88. Edgar Lopez  (2)
    Wrestler/football player
  89. Jack Lord  (2)
  90. wrestling
  91. TV Host/Model/Was an Interviewer on TNA
  92. Wrestler
  93. UK Professional Wrestler Johnny Kidd
  94. Ring announcer for World Class Championship Wrestling
  95. wrestler
  96. Pro Wrestling Promotion
  97. Pro wrestling organization
  98. All Elite Wrestling wrestler Luchasaurus
  99. pro wrestler in the WCW/WWF
  100. Wong Yuk Lun, better known by his ring name Ho Ho Lun, is a Hong Kong professional wrestler. He is best known for his time with WWE, where he competed in their Cruiserweight Classic tournament and in their developmental territory NXT
  101. Wrestler
  102. Bill Lund  (2)
    Lz-xray nov 65 vietnam-we were soldiers1st ground battle in nam
  103. W.C.W Wrestler and was member of The Four Horesman in 1980's-90's
  104. Wwe diva
  105. Former WWE, WCW, NWA, ECW, TNA Wrestler. Trainer for AEW