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Browsing Category Home->Sports->Wrestling->WWE/TNA etc. , A-Z Filter: H
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  1. WWE Superstar
  2. Former WWE/NXT Superstar
  3. Former pro wrestler - IWF and NWA
  4. Professional Wrestler
  5. Current AEW Wrestling. Bellator MMA Fighter. Former WWE Superstar
  6. Former WWE Wrestler Johnny Paradise Actor ClownTown,The Funhouse Massacre ,Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan
  7. Walter Hahn  (2)
    NXT UK Pro Wrestler
  8. Pro Wrestler, Mantaur, Tank
  9. 1971 world champion steer wrestler
  10. Wwe Superstar Bronson Reed
  11. Professional Midget Wrestler League
  12. WWE Diva
  13. WCW/nWo Wrestler, one half of 'The Outsiders'
  14. (born 1939) is a retired United States Air Force colonel and a former deputy base commander of RAF Bentwaters, near Woodbridge, Suffolk. After serving in Vietnam, Japan and Korea, he was assigned to Bentwaters as deputy commander
  15. Professional Woman Wrestler
  16. Professional Wrestler - The Assassin
  17. Actress & Wrestler known as California Doll #2 on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  18. Wrestler
  19. Ring Announcer, 'Veronica Lane' in WWE NXT Wrestling
  20. Wrestler
  21. Was a Japanese wrestler who won a gold medal in the flyweight class at the 1964 Olympics
  22. Former WWE Wrestler (Luke Gallows)
  23. Former Pro Wrestler
  24. Japanese pro wrestler
  25. lady wrestler, aka Judy Martin
  26. Wrestling
  27. WWF wrestler
  28. Current WWE Superstar, Former Impact Wrestling/TNA & Ring of Honor Wrestler. 3x TNA World Heavyweight Champion, 2x TNA World Tag Team Champion, 2x WWE World Heavyweight Champion, 1x WWE Champion, 7x WWE Tag Team Champion
  29. Current WWE Superstar. Former Impact Wrestling/TNA & Ring of Honor (ROH) Wrestler. 2x TNA World Heavyweight Champion, 2x TNA World Tag Team Champion, 1x ECW World Heavyweight Champion, 8x WWE Tag Team Champion
  30. WWF Wrestlers
  31. Pro Wrestler Reno Riggins
  32. James Harrell  (2)
    Pro Wrestler, formerly with the WWF and NWA. Known as Boris Zhukov and Private Jim Nelson
  33. TNA NWA Professional Wrestler
  34. David Harris  (9)
    Journalist/author. Known chiefly for anti-war activist during Vietnam War. Notably as leading opponent of Draft. 1967 Harris found organization called the Resistance, which persuaded men of draft age to refuse to cooperate with Selective Service System
  35. Pro Wrestler
  36. James Harris  (2)
    WWE wrestler Kamala
  37. Wrestler
  38. Ron Harris  (2)
    Former WWE/WCW/NWA-TNA Wrestler
  39. Wrestler
  40. former WWE, WCW wrestler
  41. pro wrestler, manager aka Mr. Bigg
  42. Professional Wrestler
  43. Pro Wrestling Manager, WWE
  44. Julia Hart  (2)
    AEW Female Wrestler
  45. Wrestler
  46. Bret and Owen Harts father
  47. Pro Wrestler, Bret Hart's Nephew
  48. GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) & WWF - Corporal Kelly aka Olympia Hightower aka Olympia Hunter
  49. Australian wrestler
  50. Placed 3rd on WWE Tough Enough
  51. WWE wrestler Scott Dawson
  52. Known as Tulsa on GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling)
  53. football wrestling
  54. UWF wrestler
  55. Wrestling manager/wrestler
  56. Female professional wrestler
  57. British wrestler from Camden
  58. Female Pro Wrestler
  59. Wrestler
  60. Former Pro Wrestler
  61. Wrestler (Nigel McGuinness)
  62. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  63. Former WCW wrestler
  64. Former GLOW Wrestler/Known as Babe, The Farmer's Daughter
  65. former wrestler, commentator aka lord alfred
  66. Wrestler
  67. ECW - Beulah McGillicutty
  68. Prince Iaukea - Professional Wrestler
  69. Wrestler known as Salt on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  70. Pro Wrestler, aka Billy Jack Haynes
  71. AEW female wrestler
  72. Professional Wrestler
  73. Wrestler
  74. Former WWE Wrestler known as Gangrel
  75. Singer/Actress/Model/Wrestler-1/4 Member of Liberty X,Popstars,Celebrity Wrestling
  76. TNA Referee/Former WWE Referee
  77. WWE Referee
  78. Former WWE Referee
  79. Former WWF and WCW manager/announcer
  80. WWF/ECW Wrestler
  81. Hawk of the Road Warriors, AWA,NWA,WWF Tag Team Champion
  82. Iranian wrestler, Olympic bronze 1964
  83. WWE Superstar
  84. Former Pro Wrestler known as Lars Anderson in Mid-Atlantic territory
  85. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  86. British wrestler
  87. WWE superstar 'The Hurricane', former WCW wrestler
  88. Actress/Model - WWE Diva and Wrestler. Ring Announcer, one of the TNA Knockouts in Wrestling. Also Juggy Dancer on, The Man Show, Playboy April 2005/April 2007, Bench Warmer (2008), & Singer
  89. Awa wrestling
  90. Pro wrestler - OVW, IWA East Coast
  91. Female wrestler
  92. Scottish Wrestler currently signed to ROH
  93. Wrestler - NXT
  94. Female Pro Wrestler/Daughter of 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig/Granddaughter of Larry 'The Axe' Hennig/Sister to Joe Hennig (WWE's Michael McGillicutty)
  95. Pro Wrestler (aka 'Mr. Perfect'), 2007 WWE HOF inductee
  96. Pro Wrestler/Son of 'Mr. Perfect' Curt Hennig/Grandson of Larry 'The Axe' Hennig
  97. AWA wrestler 70's and 80's, Also known as the Ax. Father of Curt Henning
  98. Current Impact Wrestling Wrestler. Former WWE & Lucha Underground Superstar
  99. Anthony Henry  (2)
  100. WWE Hall of Famer, Currently signed to AEW. Recurring host for Busted Open Radio
  101. pro wrestler
  102. WWF Wrestler
  103. Pro Wrestler, Referee, Actor
  104. TNA Wrestler
  105. Pro Wrestler/Was in ROH as Chris Hero/Now Known as Kassius Ohno in FCW and under contract with WWE
  106. Wrestler
  107. Professional Wrestler - The Fabulous Freedbirds
  108. owner of ECW from 1997 to 2001
  109. WWE Tag Team
  110. Japanese female Wrestler
  111. George Hines  (2)
    American Wrestling Association
  112. MLW's 1st Signed Female Wrestler, Former WWE/NXT Superstar
  113. wrestler
  114. Real name is Michael Allan Bollea is a retired professional wrestler
  115. WWE Wrestling Legend, "Thunderlips" in Rocky III, Hogan Knows Best (VH-1 reality series), father of Nick and Brooke Hogan, ex-husband of Linda Hogan
  116. Wrestles for impact wrestling
  117. Professional wrestler known as Ice Train in WCW
  118. Pro wrestler, Crusher Lisowski
  119. Hardcore Holly, WWE Wrestler
  120. Wrestling
  121. Wrestler known as Royal Hawaiian on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  122. Former TNA Valet
  123. Pro Wrestler
  124. Professional female wrestler for G.L.O.R.Y. Wrestling
  125. Romanian wrestler, Olympic bronze 1956
  126. Wrestler
  127. Kairi Sane on NXT, winner of the inaugural Mae Young Classic
  128. Real name Michael Maurice Smith. Was a pro wrestler in the WWF and WCW
  129. WWE Pro-Wrestler
  130. TNA NWA Wrestler
  131. Jon Huber  (2)
    Professional wrestler AKA Luke Harper, AKA Mr Brodie Lee
  132. WWF wrestler
  133. Pro Wrestler (Jocephus Brody)
  134. Professional wrestling play-by-play announcer for WCW
  135. Best known as the WWF's 'Miss Elizabeth' (manager of Randy 'Macho Man' Savage)
  136. Current color commentator for WWE programming; Former TNA and WWE wrestler; WWE World Heavyweight Champion, WWE King of The Ring Winner, and former 5-time WCW champion (among numerous other titles)
  137. WCW Wrestler, Wrestled under the Name Stevie Ray. Was in Tag Team Harlem Heat with Booker T
  138. Men's Tough Enough Champion , former WWE Superstar
  139. wrestler
  140. WCW/WWE Wrestler (was Mr. Hughes in WWF/WCW)
  141. TNA Wrestler, Former WWE wrestler A.K.A. D'von Dudley
  142. Female Pro Wrestler (WOW)
  143. Ring announcer for women of wrestling
  144. Fitness Model/Nude Model/Professional Wrestler
  145. Female Bodybuilder. Wrestler & model
  146. Wrestler
  147. WWE superstar Fandango
  148. wrestler
  149. Pro Wrestler/Known as Derrick Bateman In Florida Championship Wrestling
  150. Wrestler
  151. Canadaian Olympic Wrestler
  152. Professional Wrestler and Valet/Artist
  153. Former WWE Wrestler