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Browsing Category Home->Sports->Wrestling->WWE/TNA etc. , A-Z Filter: S
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  1. The italian stallion, wrestler
  2. British wrestler signed to AEW
  3. Known as Heavy D in the pro wrestling circuit and stand up comedian
  4. TNA NWA Wrestler
  5. WWE NXT wrestler. Contestant on WWE Tough Enough
  6. Wrestler Jerry Saggs from the Nasty Boys
  7. Georgian wrestler, Olympic silver 1964
  8. Professional Woman Wrestler
  9. Wrestler
  10. Nwa wrestler
  11. Professional Wrestler - 2 Time WWF Tag Team Title /w Mr. Fuji
  12. Japanese Professional Wrestler
  13. Kai (wrestler)
  14. WWE Development Wrestler
  15. Aew wrestler
  16. Japanese Pro Wrestler and MMA Fighter
  17. Pro wrestler, Dragon Master
  18. Japanese pro wrestler
  19. wrestling champion
  20. Former WWF Pro Wrestler, son of WWF Hall of Famer and legendary Bruno Sammartino
  21. Pro Wrestler
  22. Aka Jeffrey Sciullo. Samson is a wwe wrestler in NXT
  23. English wrestler from London. Set to be part of the ITV World of Wrestling reboot
  24. Pro Wrestler/Former TNA X Division Champion
  25. WCW Nitro Girl - Tygress
  26. UK Professional Wrestler
  27. wrestler
  28. wrestler
  29. Olympic wrestler from Poland won bronze at the 1980 Olympics
  30. Santana  (2)
    AEW wrestler
  31. Former TNA Wrestler
  32. Professional Wrestler
  33. Shes the ring announcer for lucha underground
  34. Japanese wrestler
  35. Pro wrestler and promoter from Japan
  36. Former WWF wrestler
  37. Wrestler
  38. Also known as Neville in WWE & now wrestles as Pac in All Elite Wrestling
  39. wrestler
  40. Former wrestler, host of tv show American Digger
  41. Profession Wrestler/Promoter. World's Oldest Living Wrestler. Professioal Wrestlers Hall of Fame 2004. Born: 04/21/1914
  42. 1st wrestler to wear Tiger Mask; founded Shooto
  43. Japanese pro wrestler
  44. Better known as 2 Cold Scorpio or Flash Funk in ECW and WWE respectivly
  45. WWE
  46. WWF Wrestler - Chief Jay Strongbow
  47. Wrestler
  48. Fighter pilot, Vietnam, of the Sundowners Squadron. Lt Cdr Richard 'Brown Bear' Schaffert is famous for his epic solo combat against four MiG-17s while escorting an A-4 Skyhawk, 14 Dec 1967. This action made the History Channel TV program in 2007
  49. American wrestler, who while representing Clarion University of Pennsylvania was an NCAA Division I champion in 1972 and 1973--winning the outstanding wrestler award in 1972
  50. Current Commentator for All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Former NWA/WCW Announcer
  51. former wwf woman's champion
  52. David Schultz  (3)
    Fmr professional wrestler with the WWF, NWA and AWA. Also well known for attacking a journalist named John Stossel
  53. WWE Hall of Fame wrestler
  54. Wrestler
  55. Professional Indy Wrestler
  56. George Scott  (4)
    Wrestling Promoter
  57. Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott, professional wrestler in the WWE NXT
  58. Pro Wrestler Ring Of Honor aka Jimmy Jacobs
  59. Wrestler
  60. British Pro Wrestler and 'Take Me Out' contestant
  61. MMA Fighter/Actor-The Walking Dead ,Breaking Bad,Into The Badlands,Prison Break
  62. TNA NWA Wrestler
  63. Professional Wrestler
  64. WCW/nWo wrestler
  65. Iranian wrestler, Olympic bronze 1960
  66. Wrestler, WWE
  67. Czechoslovakia wrestler, participant SOG 1952
  68. NXT wrestler
  69. Tazz former wwe star
  70. AEW Pro Wrestler
  71. British wrestler currently signed to WWE
  72. Former WWE superstar, UFC fighter
  73. Wrestler
  74. Professional female wrestler
  75. Wrestler
  76. Former WWF and WCW wrestler
  77. Former MMA fighter; currently in WWE developmental NXT; married to NXT wrestler Roderick Strong
  78. Former British Pro - Wrestler, current owner & personal trainer of Ult Fit London
  79. Pro wrestler, one of the Shane Twins, the Gymini
  80. Pro wrestler, one half of the Shane Twins, Gymini
  81. Professional Wrestler - Trained many wrestlers, called the Trainer of Champions
  82. Larry Sharpe  (2)
  83. wrestler
  84. Leeds wrestler on World of Sport
  85. Pro Wrestler/Has Appeared in TNA and the modern-day NWA
  86. Filipino professional wrestler currently signed to Impact Wrestling
  87. wrestler
  88. WWF wrestler
  89. Professional wrestler in WWE NXT, formerly with Ring of Honor, TNA, NWA, OVW, Evolve, GFW/TNT and Full Impact Pro. Ring Name(S): Dexter Lumis, Sam Shaw, Samuel Shaw, Slick Sleazy
  90. OVW Female Wrestler
  91. TNA NWA Wrestler
  92. 1975 world champion steer wrestler
  93. Indian professional wrestler competing in Impact Wrestling
  94. WWE Development Wrestler
  95. Former WWE Development Diva/Known as Tracy Taylor
  96. Wrestler was a member of Soul Patrol known as Adore on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  97. Professional Wrestler
  98. Female Japanese professional wrestler
  99. Professional Wrestler
  100. WWE Wrestler
  101. Womens Professional Wrestling Organization
  102. TNA Wrestler
  103. Wrestler
  104. TNA NWA Wrestler
  105. MMA fighter
  106. British pro wrestler and bodybuilder
  107. Pro Wrestler - Abdullah the Butcher
  108. NWA - TNA Wrestler
  109. Pro Wrestler
  110. 'sweet daddy ' pro wrestler
  111. Professional Wrestler, signed to WWE NXT. Younger brother of The Usos and cousin of Roman Reigns
  112. Ring of Honor Owner 2004-2011
  113. MMA fighter
  114. WWE Wrestler known as Kaval/Previously in TNA as Low-Ki and Senshi
  115. Female pro wrestler, married to indy wrestling star Joey Silvia
  116. Yugoslavian wrestler, Olympic champion 1964
  117. American Former Professional Wrestler. (1985-1997)
  118. TNA Knockout. Member of 'The Beautiful People' with Velvet Sky
  119. Wrestler
  120. former pro wrestler/college/USFL/NFL/CFL nose guard; played for Florida State University, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Bandits & Ottawa Ruff Riders; member of College Football Hall of Fame; Pro Wrestler-Faarooq
  121. Independent Wrestling Diva
  122. Pro Wrestler NWA/AWA/WCW - billed as the nephew of Ivan Koloff. Career spanned the 80's and 90's
  123. WCCW wrestler
  124. Steve Simpson  (2)
    WCCW wrestler
  125. Pro Wrestler
  126. Professional Wrestling Referee
  127. wwe wrestler & actor
  128. WWE wrestler
  129. wrestler
  130. Pro Wrestler
  131. Canadian Olympic Wrestler
  132. Professional Woman Wrestler
  133. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  134. Professional Woman Wrestler
  135. TNA NWA Wrestler
  136. Glamour Model/Wrestler
  137. WWE Referee/Also known as Dustin Starr on the wrestling indies
  138. Professional wrestler
  139. Current WWE Superstar, 4 Time WWE Tag Team Champion, WWE NXT Season 1 Rookie
  140. Women of Wrestling
  141. WWE Development Wrestler/Known as Jackson Andrews
  142. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  143. Former WCW wrestler
  144. Pro Wrestler
  145. Former Canadian pro wrestler - AWA, NWA, WWF
  146. Female Wrestler, Bodybuilder & Boxer
  147. Professional Wrestler
  148. Wrestler known as Evangelina on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  149. Former Wrestler Known as the British Bulldog
  150. Harry Smith  (3)
    Former WWE Superstar
  151. WWE Wrestler/Stuntwoman/KIckboxer
  152. Robin Smith  (3)
    Former WWF women's champion
  153. Todd Smith  (3)
    NXT wrestler
  154. wrestler olympics lsase
  155. Wrestler
  156. Wrestler, Former WWE superstar 'Jake the Snake Roberts'
  157. Ohio Valley Wrestling Female Wrestler. Real-life daughter of pro wrestler Tracy Smothers
  158. Professional Wrestler
  159. Kevin Smyth  (2)
    World Light Heavyweight Wrestling Champion
  160. Wrestler known as Sneaky on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling real name not known
  161. WWE Wrestler
  162. WWE Wrestler
  163. Professional Wrestling Company
  164. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  165. Former WWE superstar
  166. Pro Wrestler
  167. Awa wrestling
  168. TNA NWA Wrestler, Former WWE superstar 'Billy Gunn'
  169. Ohio Valley Wrestling Diva
  170. Mexican wrestler that goes by Drago
  171. Pro Wrestler
  172. TNA Wresling
  173. British wrestler
  174. Ring Of Honor Hoopla Hottie
  175. Current AEW Wrestler. Formerly with WWE/NXT under the ring name Tye Dillinger
  176. Jason Spence  (2)
    Pro Wrestler/Ring Name is Christian York
  177. Former WWF and NWA wrestler
  178. former WCW Pro Wrestler/Manager, aka scream queen Daffney Unger/Lucy Furr
  179. Female Professional Wrestler
  180. World of Sport wrestler
  181. American wrestler currently signed to AEW
  182. Pro wrestler, UPW as John Walters, Mexico as RJ Brewer
  183. Professional Indy Wrestler
  184. wrestler
  185. wrestler
  186. Midget Wrestler - Ring name of Fuzzy Cupid
  187. Samantha Star  (2)
    Wrestler-Daughter of Baby Doll
  188. NXT/WWE Wrestler
  189. NWA Wrestler
  190. Aew wrestler
  191. WWF wrestler
  192. Jim Starr  (2)
    Professional Wrestler
  193. Wrestling
  194. Ron Starr  (2)
    Professional Wrestler
  195. Wrestler
  196. Pro Wrestler
  197. former wwf champion, father of sean stasiak
  198. WCW Pro-Wrestler, one half of the tag team 'High Voltage'
  199. Wrestler/Son of Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat
  200. Wrestler - Former WWE superstar from the 1980's. Actor - Ed Wood as Tor Johnson
  201. Wrestler, Older brother of Scott Steiner
  202. Former WWE & WCW Wrestler
  203. 2002 world champion steer wrestler
  204. WWE Wrestler under the name Ezekiel Jackson
  205. British wrestler
  206. Pro wrestler in TN and UK known as Grado
  207. WWE Development Wrestler
  208. TNA NWA Wrestler
  209. Professional Wrestler
  210. Wrestling manager
  211. Wrestler for All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Former WWE, TNA/Impact Wrestler
  212. Ray Stevens  (2)
    AWA Wrestler
  213. Wrestler
  214. Frank Stewart  (2)
    Professional Wrestler - The Dutch Savage
  215. TNA Referee
  216. wrestler known as Outback Jack
  217. Professional Wrestler - Shawn Stasiak (WCW, WWF, MCW), Meat (WWF)
  218. Professional Woman Wrestler - Shimmer, TNA
  219. Professional Woman Wrestler
  220. Tom Stone  (2)
    WWF wrestler
  221. Professional Wrestler, WWF, WCW, NWA and others
  222. TNA NWA Professional Wrestler
  223. Wrestler
  224. Pro Wrestler
  225. Winner of 2018 WWE Mae Young Classic; current member of the NXT UK roster
  226. Fitness Model/WWE Diva,Wrestler,Manager
  227. Current TNA/Impact Wrestler known as Robbie E
  228. NWA Wrestler
  229. Wrestler
  230. Former WCW Wrestler 'Maestro'
  231. Arm Wrestler
  232. Pro wrestler
  233. Former Wrestler (Mr. Olympia)
  234. WWE/Smackdown wrestler/champion; former TNA and New Japan Pro Wrestling
  235. ECW announcer
  236. Wrestler, Very Young Champion
  237. Female Body Builder / Wrestler
  238. wrestler, high ranking wcw official before bought by the wwf
  239. Former WWE Diva
  240. Actress & Wrestler known as Sunny The California Girl on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  241. Professional Woman Wrestler
  242. Pro Wrestler Ring Of Honor aka The Necro Butcher
  243. Supertramp  (2)
    Canadian Professional Wrestler
  244. John Sutton  (4)
    Professional Wrestler
  245. Former WWE Superstar
  246. Aew wrestler
  247. American professional wrestler signed to WWE and assigned to the Raw brand as part of the cruiserweight division
  248. wrestling
  249. Professional Wrestler
  250. Wrestler NXT
  251. Wrestler known as L'il Mama on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  252. Pro Wrestler, ROH, Wrestling Society X
  253. Wrestler
  254. Wrestling Valet, aka 'Sunny' in WWF, WWE Hall Of Famer, Class of 2011
  255. TNA Knockout. Professional wrestler
  256. Wrestler, WWE superstar, former ECW champion
  257. wrestled in the WWF as The Warlord