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Browsing Category Home->Sports->Wrestling->WWE/TNA etc. , A-Z Filter: M
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  1. Played football at colgate and was a wreastler under the name of Iron Legs Macaluso
  2. NXT wrestler
  3. Professional Indy Wrestler
  4. Former WCW Color Commentator/writer And Current Pittsburgh Radio Personality
  5. Female Wrestler in Shimmer/Taylor Made is her ring name
  6. Professional Wrestler - retired
  7. FCW Wrestler
  8. Former GLOW Wrestler (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) Known as Godiva
  9. Wrestler
  10. Wrestler known as Magnolia The Southern Bell on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling real name unknown
  11. Professional Wrestler, Actor; '300', 'Sherlock Holmes'
  12. Hungarian Wrestler & Olympic Champion in Greco-Roman Wrestling, former MMA fighter
  13. TNA Wrestling Knockouts Champion
  14. Former WWE/WCW/ECW Wrestler
  15. Wrestler
  16. British professional wrestler. Mambo is trained by Progress Wrestling he made his debut for Progress on September 2013 losing to El Pantera Negra
  17. Actress & Wrestler known as Gremlina on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  18. Professional wrestler also known as Ricochet, King Ricochet, and Prince Puma
  19. WWE Wrestler
  20. Wrestler
  21. Wrestling
  22. Former MMA fighter, now gay for pay pornstar
  23. Former Women of Wrestling competitor
  24. WWE Wrestler
  25. Actress & Wrestler known as Spanish Red on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  26. RoH Wrestler
  27. Professional Wrestler & Referee
  28. 1973 world champion steer wrestler
  29. bodybuiler/wrestler/model/actress
  30. Dave Marshall  (3)
    Australian gay former footballer, presently a wrestler
  31. Former WWE diva
  32. WWE - Smackdown! Diva
  33. valet in wrestling in the late 80's- 90's
  34. WWF Wrestler
  35. Dante Martin  (2)
  36. Wrestler
  37. Professional Wrestler 'Shane Douglas'
  38. Irish, female wrestler who made her debut in 2010
  39. Luis Martinez  (2)
    Hall Of Fame Wrestler
  40. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  41. Female professional wrestler, 2001 Rookie of the Year
  42. WWE NXT Diva/ Former Indy Wrestler
  43. Compete in Ring of Honor as Punishment Martinez, real name Luis Martínez
  44. Rita Martinez  (2)
    Actress & female wrestler
  45. Ex-ECW Star Ariel, Model
  46. Ring of Honor Manager/Wrestler
  47. Mexican Professional Wrestling Legend,WWE HOF Class of 2012
  48. Model/Professional Wrestler-WWE Diva,Smallville,Playboy April 2007,Survivor China
  49. Professional Wrestler - The Young Bucks, Generation Me
  50. Professional Wrestler - The Young Bucks, Generation Me
  51. Professional Wrestler, NWA
  52. Wrestler and Manager
  53. Wrestler, Houseguest on Big Brother 17
  54. WWE Wrestler - Member Of Tag Team The Heart Throbs
  55. Finalist of WWF Tough Enough
  56. Professional Wrestler Referee
  57. WWE Superstar
  58. Professional Woman Wrestler
  59. Professional Indy Wrestler
  60. Professional Wrestler
  61. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  62. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  63. Professional Woman Wrestler
  64. Bodybuilder: Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia, Mr. America // Wrestler: NWA // Actor: Black Belt Jones, Mandingo, The Deep, Circle of Iron, The Nude Bomb, The Sword and the Sorcerer
  65. MBM 
  66. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  67. Professional Wrestler
  68. Professional Indy Wrestler
  69. WWE Diva,is also married in real life to the Undertaker
  70. Former Pro Wrestler
  71. wrestler the mole 2 (tv)
  72. Wrestler
  73. Vietnam infantry platoon leader in the legendary 173d Airborne Brigade, military theorist who has helped shape the post-Cold War army?s thinking, author of Platoon Leader, The Defense of Hill 781, and The Limits of Glory
  74. Scott McGhee  (2)
    Pro wrestler, Mid-Atlantic
  75. Professional Wrestler
  76. Wrestler
  77. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  78. Former WWF/WWE Ring Announcer, Currently a Real Estate Associate
  79. NXT Wrestler known as Peyton Royce
  80. Current WWE/NXT Superstar. Current NXT Champion. Former TNA/Imapct Wrestling/GFW Wrestler
  81. Wrestler
  82. Professional Woman Wrestler
  83. Creator of 'Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling' and 'Women Of Wrestling'
  84. Part owner of WWE; 2010 Candidate for U.S. Senate
  85. American businessman and part-time professional wrestler who is a minority owner of WWE
  86. Former WWE Smackdown general manager
  87. President & CEO of WWE, Owner of the XFL
  88. former college/NFL defensive tackle; played for University of Texas, Bears, Patriots & Packers; former Pro Wrestler; member of College Football Hall of Fame; member of 1985 Bears championship team
  89. Dancer with the WCW known as Nirto Girl Baby
  90. Pro Wrestler/Miss Natural
  91. American professional wrestler and a second-generation United States Army Veteran, best known for his time in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).
  92. Actress, Wrestler & Reality TV. Known as Roxy Astor on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  93. Pro wrestler
  94. Aka A.J. Lee - former WWE Diva and General Manager of RAW; wife of Phillip Brooks (CM Punk)
  95. Pro wrestler
  96. Rugby/Wrestler
  97. Wrestler for MAX Wrestling
  98. Professional wrestler
  99. Announcer World Class Championship Wrestling from Dallas in 80's/Newscaster and sportscaster Dallas area/Reported JFK Assassination from Dallas/co-author 'When the News Went Live: Dallas 1963' with Dan Rather, Wes Wise & George Phenix
  100. TNA wrestler Crimson
  101. wrestler under the name of Johnny B Badd
  102. Actress/Model - WWE Wrestler/Diva/Manager,Playboy April 1999/September 1999/March 2004/April 2007
  103. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  104. Professional Female Wrestler-3 Time WWF Champion,1 Time AWA Champion,1 Time WCW Cruiserweight Champion,2 Time IWA Women's Champion
  105. Independent Pro Wrestler/Primarily competes in the Mid-South
  106. WWF Wrestler
  107. U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam (2007-present)
  108. Model/Actress - Tom Cats, Province 77, Living the Dream, WWE Diva and Wrestler, Playboy April 2006/April 2007, Playboy Special Editions/ Bench Warmer 2003
  109. Wrestler
  110. WCW Wrestler
  111. Wrestling - Valentina, Lizzy Valentine
  112. Host & Actress: WWE Raw, Deal or No Deal, Dr. Chopper, Sleeper Cell, Las Vegas, Shut Up and Shoot!, Desire, El Mascarado Massacre, The ½ Hour News Hour
  113. Australian wrestler of the seventies of Italian heritage
  114. Former WWE Diva
  115. Female Wrestler
  116. NXT wrestler
  117. Ashley Miller  (3)
    FCW Diva/Wrestler/Ring name is Audrey Marie
  118. Butch Miller  (2)
    WWF Wrestler - Bushwhacker Butch
  119. Former Wrestler Known As Ernest 'The Cat'Miller In WCW
  120. United States Army Green Beret who was awarded the United States military's highest decorationâ-'the Medal of Honorâ-'for his actions in 1970 during the Vietnam War
  121. Adult Model/Amateur Wrestler-Penthouse Pet September 1986,Stag Party,A Bunny's Tale,The Many Loves of Jennifer,Beach Beverly Hills
  122. Nick Miller  (4)
    Current NXT Wrestler; Former Pro Wrestling Noah, Ring Of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling Wrestler. Tag Team with Shane Thorne called TM-61
  123. NXT wrestler
  124. Ron Miller  (3)
    Retired Professional Wrestler
  125. Olympic wrestler - 2008 Summer Gold Medal
  126. Wrestler
  127. Former WCW Wrestler
  128. Female Professional Wrestler, Model
  129. Professional Woman Wrestler
  130. Female wrestler and model
  131. TNA NWA Wrestling Manager
  132. Professional Wrestler - Spirit Squad
  133. The Miz, currently starring on 'Miz and Mrs'; formerly on MTV's The Real World New York (season 10) and former WWE Heavyweight Champion
  134. Former WWE Diva Summer Rae; also former player in lingerie football league
  135. Pro Wrestler - El Mongol
  136. Canadian Olympic Wrestler & CFL Offensive Lineman
  137. Pro Wrestler/Best Known for time as Mikey in WWE's Spirit Squad
  138. Former Wrestler - The Monroes (Rocket, Sputnik, Flash & Jet)
  139. Professional Wrestler
  140. Female wrestler
  141. wrestler
  142. Pro Wrestler
  143. Wrestler / manager
  144. Former WWF announcer
  145. Carlene Moore  (2)
    Jazz of the WWE
  146. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  147. Former WWE diva 'Jacquelyn', Miss Jackie of TNA
  148. wrestler
  149. Former WWE superstar
  150. Army sniper vietnam- 53 kills
  151. NWA - TNA Wrestler
  152. WWE Superstar
  153. WWE Wrestler and Diva,Wrestler Tina Ferrari in The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling
  154. Former Female Wrestler
  155. Former NXT wrestler, now a part of WWE Smackdown
  156. Former WWE/OVW westler
  157. WWE Superstar 'val Venis'
  158. United States Army soldier and a recipient of the United States military's highest decorationâ-'the Medal of Honor-'for his actions in the Vietnam War
  159. Jim Morris  (6)
    Wrestler, WWF/WWE, Involved In Early Wrestlemania's
  160. WWE NXT Superstar
  161. ECW - Danny Doring
  162. Wrestling
  163. Actress & Female wreastler
  164. Professional Indy Wrestler
  165. Tag Team Professional Wrestler, NWA, Rock & Roll Express
  166. MMA fighter
  167. Wrestling & Stunt Woman
  168. Wrestler
  169. Female Wrestler (IWA, TNA, etc)
  170. Former Football Player current WWE NXT Superstar
  171. Former NWA Wrestler
  172. Veronica Mars, Cold Case, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, former NWA Wrestler
  173. Model/Wrestler For Florida Championship Wrestling
  174. Wrestler
  175. Wrestler manager known as Aunt Kitty manager of the Bad Girls on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  176. Former WWF Intercontinental Champ, current Hawaii Championship Wrestling commissioner
  177. WWE Development Wrestler
  178. Wrestler known as Brunhilda on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  179. wrestler in japan
  180. WWE Superstar Known As Curt Hawkins
  181. 1980 world champion steer wrestler
  182. Former WWE superstar 'George 'The Animal' Steele'
  183. 2001 world champion steer wrestler
  184. Professional Wrestler