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Browsing Category Home->Authors & Writers , A-Z Filter: Q
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  1. Canadian doctor, politician and author of The Testosterone Factor
  2. Chinese wedding photographer who took some great pictures during and following the recent Chinese earthquake
  3. Tv journalist
  4. Children's Author
  5. cartoonist (cutey bunny)
  6. Actor-The Parent Trap,Breaking Away,The Rookie,Enemy Mine,Dreamscape,Jaws 3,DOA,Suspect,Innerspace,Any Given Sunday,Something To Talk About,Postcards From The Edge,Frequency,The Day After Tomorrow,Great Balls Of Fire,The Lone Riders,The Right Stuff,Cavema
  7. childrens author (come in freom the cold)
  8. Author
  9. Author
  10. Author
  11. Fashion designer, created the mini-skirt
  12. Screenwriter
  13. Author
  14. Author
  15. Comic book artist
  16. Animation director
  17. Author
  18. Writer
  19. Author
  20. Author
  21. Author, wife of Dan Quayle, former Vice-President of the United States (1989-1993)
  22. Professional Speaker
  23. Author
  24. Author / Writer of Erotic Books
  25. Comic book artist
  26. Author
  27. Author
  28. Comic Book Artist
  29. Author - Fiction
  30. Writer/Screenwriter
  31. Author
  32. author (sightly shady)
  33. Author
  34. actress-Law & Order UK,Houdini and Doyle
  35. Author
  36. Author, The Silver Linings Playbook
  37. Pundit for The Hill
  38. Nancy Reagan's astrologer
  39. Author
  40. Author
  41. Spanish journalist and writer from Barcelona. books: 'Assault on the viceroy', 'The loneliness of Patricia'
  42. Author
  43. Writer, wrote One True Thing and Black and Blue
  44. Actor, Writer as an actor he appeared on an episode of Law & Order SVU; Third Watch and several episodes of Oz as well as the film Zoolander as the night clup bouncer and many others. He has written the novel The Imagination Thief and 4 novellas publi
  45. Author
  46. Author
  47. Anthony Quinn  (3)
  48. Author - How Wal-Mart Is Destroying America (and the World)
  49. Saturday Night Live cast member; Host of Tough Croud on Comedy Central
  50. Daniel Quinn  (2)
    Author- Ishmael, The Story of B, My Ishmael
  51. Author
  52. Author
  53. Author
  54. Author
  55. Author of The Hempen Widow
  56. columnist
  57. Bodybuilder/fitness columnist
  58. Romance Author
  59. Kate Quinn  (2)
  60. original MTV VJ, The Brady 500, The Bradys, Full House, The Early Show, Sirius Satellite Radio DJ (channel 08)
  61. Plays Alexis Castle on 'Castle'
  62. Author - The Banished Children of Eve, Looking for Jimmy, Hour of the Cat
  63. Author
  64. journalist
  65. Author
  66. Susan Quinn  (2)
    Author - Human Trials, A Mind of Her Own: The Life of Karen Horney and Marie Curie: A Life
  67. Romance Author/His Lost and Found Family, Love Off the Leash
  68. Author of 'The Lion of St. Mark',The Sword of Venice'
  69. Children's Author
  70. An American comic book artist currently employed with Marvel Comics. Worked on the 'Howard the Duck' series
  71. Author
  72. Poet, Vietnam War Veteran
  73. Author
  74. Creator of regular show
  75. Author
  76. Cartoonist
  77. German Comic Artist
  78. Writer
  79. Author
  80. Author
  81. writer
  82. Author
  83. Author
  84. Writer
  85. Comic book artist/illustrator
  86. Co-host of 'The Howard Stern Show'