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Browsing Category Home->Historical, Scientific & Military Figures , A-Z Filter: Q
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  1. WWII: ETO. 17th Airborne Division, Battle of the Bulge, Operation Varsity (March 1945)
  2. Survivor of 1944 Hartford Ringling Brother?s Circus Fire
  3. WWII: CBI. Combat cameraman of the Merrill's Marauders, officially named the 5307th Composite Unit. Post-war, he filmed the first television commercial ever and worked in Hollywood with Burt Lancaster, Alan Alda, Anthony Perkins, a.o
  4. Army General
  5. Iran Hostage Crisis Survivor (Fifty-two American diplomats and citizens were held hostage for 444 days (November 4, 1979, to January 20, 1981) (/ U.S. Marine Corps Guard
  6. Author and historian
  7. Scientist
  8. Daughter of former vice president Dan Quayle
  9. US Army Col. (1884-1926). Wounded at Argonne in WWI, made aid-de-camp to Gen. Pershing in May 1918. Rode with him in the London victory parade, and continued as Pershing's aid after the war. Died unexpectedly of pneumonia at 41
  10. Swiss astronomer. He is a professor at the University of Cambridge, where he is also a fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, as well as a professor at the University of Geneva. He shared the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics with James Peebles and Michel Mayor
  11. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, USS Medusa
  12. JFK - Met President Kennedy at the White House on 2 August 1962 when he met with Members of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs; at the time, Joyce was the President of the Nat'l Association of Colored Girls Clubs
  13. survivor of the Titanic
  14. Fighter ace
  15. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Dobbin
  16. One of the last witnesses to the launch of R.M.S Titanic in 1912. He is now 105 and still lives in east Belfast, Northern Ireland
  17. American WWII Fighter Ace (5 Victs.) - USAAF
  18. WWII: D-Day, Omaha Beach. 29th infantry division
  19. Filipino WWII veteran. Oldest member of the Hunter's ROTC Guerilla Unit of the Philippines. He was part of the liberation of Fort McKinley, USAFFE's headquarters
  20. One of four known 1906 San Francisco Earthquake survivors. Born: 1904, Lives in Watsonville, California
  21. He escaped from San Quentin prison while serving time for armed robbery and then commited a series of crimes. He was finally captured by J. Edgar Hoover's F.B.I. and sentenced to Alcatraz.Jim Quillen was incarcerated on Alcatraz from 1942 to 1952.
  22. Member of the crew of the ''Memphis Belle''--1st B-17 bomber during WWII to fly 25 missions!
  23. USN Admiral
  24. Thomas Quinn  (2)
    District Attorney for Bristol County,MA
  25. WWII PTO: HMAS Australia. Veteran of the First Battle of Savo Island (August 8-9, 1942), when the Allied forces werew crushingly defeated
  26. Poet, Vietnam War Veteran
  27. US WWII Tuskegee Airmen, born 1925. Served stateside as an airplane mechanic. Degree in accounting, then worked for Pan Am Airlines and later the Treasury Dept