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Browsing Category Home->Government & Royalty->USA , A-Z Filter: L
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  1. Wisconsin Secretary of State (1975-79 and 1983-present)
  2. Puerto Rican politician, governor's secretary (2019)
  3. Representative from Idado
  4. 42nd District Attorney of Los Angeles
  5. U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom (1997-2001)
  6. Former Ralph Nader running mate
  7. Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma (2002-06)
  8. California RepuCongressman from 1974 until 1992
  9. Mayor of New York City in the 1930's
  10. United States Congressman from Illinois
  11. U.S. Secretary of Transportation (2009-2013): Former U.S. Representative
  12. U.S. Representative from Wisconsin (1953-1969); Secretary of Defense (1969-1973)
  13. National Security Advisor 1993-97
  14. Mayor of Lake Alfred, FL
  15. Governor Gen. of Antigua and Barbuda
  16. Representative from California
  17. Charles Lamb  (2)
    Mayor of Edmond,OK, USA
  18. United States Congressman from Pennsylvania
  19. U.S. Representative from Colorado
  20. Former Governor of Colorado (1975-1987)
  21. 2006 Candidate for Senator from Connecticut, Defeated incumbent Joe Lieberman in the primaries
  22. Retired Air Force member, worked as an Air Force Crew Member, served various times on Air Force One, Air Force Two, and First Lady Missions. Lead Usher for President George H W Bush Funeral. Traveled w/several Presidents, First Ladies and other distinguis
  23. U.S. Representative from Texas
  24. U.S. Representative from North Carolina (1987-1995)
  25. Former Director of the Office of Management and the Budget (1977)
  26. U.S. Representative from New Jersey
  27. Director of the Office of Management & Budget (1977)
  28. Michigan Secretary of State (2003-2011)
  29. Governor
  30. U.S. Senator from Louisiana (1997-2015)
  31. Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana (2004-10); Mayor of New Orleans (2010-18)
  32. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development (1979-1981)
  33. Founder of The Multiracial Activist, The AbolitionistExaminer and Pious Pagan Publishing
  34. politician - georgia state house of representatives
  35. Don Lane  (2)
    Mayor of Santa Cruz, CA (2008-present)
  36. Mayor, Scottsdale Arizona (2009 - )
  37. Fmr Governor of Arkansas
  38. 37th Mayor of the City of New Bedford, MA
  39. U.S. Representative from Rhode Island (2001-present)
  40. Mayor of Springfield, Illinois
  41. U.S. Senator from Oklahoma (2015-??)
  42. U.S. Representative from California 'Holocaust Survivor portrayed in film 'Memoirs of Holocaust'The only Holocaust Survivor in Congress
  43. New York State Senator
  44. Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Rifle Association, also an author
  45. former college/NFL wide receiver; played for University of Tulsa & Seattle Seahawks; 7X Pro Bowlers; broke numerous NFL receiving records; former Oklahoma Congressman; elected to HOF in 1995
  46. 40th Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper of the United States Senate
  47. New York State Senator (1991-present)
  48. Former U.S. Congressman from Idaho (1991-95)
  49. Mayor, Plano Texas (2013 - )
  50. presidential candidate us labor party
  51. U.S. Representative from Washington
  52. Lt. Governor of New Hampshire (2006-present)
  53. Representative From Connecticut
  54. State Representative Michigan
  55. Representative from Iowa
  56. U.S. Representative from Ohio (1995-2013)
  57. U.S. Representative from Ohio (2007-present)
  58. Former Congressman from Ohio
  59. American businessman, art collector, philanthropist, and political activist
  60. U.S. Senator from New Jersey (1982-2001, 2003-present)
  61. Denis Law  (2)
    Mayor of Renton, WA, USA
  62. Representative from Michigan
  63. Representative Florida District 5
  64. James Lawson  (2)
    United Methodist pastor and civil rights activist
  65. Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin (2003-2011)
  66. Former U.S. Senator from Nevada (1974-1987)
  67. Wisconsin State Senator
  68. U.S. Representative from New York (1993-2001)
  69. U.S. Ambassador to France (2001-2005)
  70. U.S. Representative from Iowa (1977-2007, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities (2009 - )
  71. Former Governor of Pennsylvania (1955-1959)Born: 01/17/1916
  72. U.S. Senator from Vermont (1975-present)
  73. South Carolina Republican state legislature senator
  74. Former Governor of Utah (1993-2003); EPA Administrator (2003-05); Secretary of Health & Human Services (2005-09)
  75. Alaska Republican state representative
  76. Women's equality activist; inspiration of President Obama's Fair Pay Act
  77. representative california
  78. Bill Lee  (4)
    Governor of Tennessee 2019-current
  79. U.S. Representative from New York
  80. Mayor of San Francisco, California (2011-17)
  81. Governor of Utah (1949-57)
  82. Mayor, North Las Vegas, Nevada. (2017 - )
  83. May Lee  (2)
    Longest California state worker at 77 years on the job! Born June 21, 1920
  84. Mike Lee  (5)
    U.S. Senator from Utah (2011-)
  85. Actress: Hotel for Dogs, Seven Pounds, National Security
  86. United States Congresswoman from Nevada
  87. Mayor of El Paso, Texas (2013-present)
  88. Mayor of Austin, Texas (2009-present)
  89. American lawyer and politician
  90. 45th Governor of New York State, United States Senator
  91. (born March 23, 1946) is an American attorney, former politician, interim U.S. Attorney for south Florida and a law professor. He is the husband of U.S. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Member of the Florida House of Representatives
  92. Retired Federal Judge. Born: 10/22/1912
  93. Lieutenant Governor of Alaska (2002-06)
  94. US Air Force Gen. & VP running mate of George Wallace in 1968/ credited designing & implementing effective, but controversial systematic strategic bombing campaign in the Pacific theater of WW2/headed Berlin airlift
  95. U.S. Senator from Florida (2009-2011)
  96. Governor of Maine (2011-19)
  97. creator of Butterfly Ballot
  98. Mayor of Dallas, Texas (2007-2011)
  99. Former IRS Director of Exempt Organizations Division. Congress ordered her to testify about the IRS-Tea Party Scandal, she pleaded the 5th Amendment
  100. Representative from Arizona
  101. California State Assemblyman (1986-1991 and 2000-2006); California State Senator (1991-2000)
  102. Governor of Minnesota (1967-71)
  103. Attorney General under Ford
  104. United States Congressman from Michigan
  105. U.S. Senator from Michigan (1979-2015)
  106. U.S. Representative from Michigan
  107. California State Assemblyman (2002-2008)
  108. United States Secretary of the Treasury
  109. American political operative, lobbyist, political commentator at CNN an a campaign manager of Donald Trump's 2016 Presidential Campaign
  110. famous White House intern
  111. Cars 2
  112. Jerry Lewis  (2)
    U.S. Representative from California
  113. U.S. Representative from Georgia
  114. John Lewis  (3)
    Mayor of Gilbert, Arizona
  115. U.S. Representative from Kentucky
  116. Secretary of Transportation (1981-1983)
  117. CIA Leak Scandal, former chief of staff
  118. Mayor of San Jose, CA (2015-)
  119. Former FBI agent who helped plan the Watergate break-in, now a radio presenter
  120. U.S. Senator from Connecticut (1989-2013)
  121. Rep. California District 33
  122. Mayor of Chicago, IL (2019 - ) First openly mayor of Chicago First African American Female Mayor of Chicago
  123. U.S. Trade Representative - Trump Administration 2017 -
  124. U.S. Senator from Arkansas (1999-2011)
  125. Personal secretary to President John F. Kennedy (1953-1963
  126. Alaska State Senator
  127. Governor of Minnesota (1899-1901)
  128. Former North Dakota State Senator (1991 - 2011)
  129. U.S. Representative from Georgia
  130. representative illinois.
  131. Los Angeles, California, politician who worked his way up from City Hall janitor to become the city's first black City Council member and one of its most powerful elected officials
  132. Governor
  133. Governor of Hawaii (2002-2010)
  134. Former Governor of North Dakota (1973-1981)
  135. Former first lady of North Dakota. Widow of Art Link
  136. Congressman from Chicago 1983-2005
  137. U.S. Representative from Illinois
  138. White House Counsel under Jimmy Carter
  139. Former Governor of Nevada (1979-1983)
  140. Secretary General/co-founder of the Council of Women World Leaders, which is composed 72 of women presidents, prime ministers, and heads of government. International, award-winning speaker/author re leadership, diversity, women in politics
  141. Bill Little  (2)
    Mayor of Camarillo, CA (2015)
  142. Lieutenant Governor of Idaho (2009-2019); Elected Governor in 2018
  143. Former Congressman from Louisiana. Speaker-Elect
  144. U.S. Representative from New Jersey
  145. Governor of Washington (1997-2005); U.S. Secretary of Commerce (2009-11); United States Ambassador to China (2011-14)
  146. White House Press Secretary for President Clinton (1998-2001)
  147. Actor - The Little Colonel, The Scarlet Empress, Little Women, Murders In The Zoo, Crimson Dynasty, Bulldog Drummond At Bay (title role). US Representative, 64th Governor of Connecticut, and U.S. Ambassador to Spain, Argentina and Switzerland
  148. Republican United States Senator from Massachusetts and a U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Vietnam and the Vatican (as Representative). He was the Republican nominee for Vice President in the 1960 race
  149. U.S. Representative from Iowa
  150. United States Senator from Georgia
  151. U.S. Representative from Texas (1979-1987)
  152. Representative from California
  153. SC Treasurer
  154. South Carolina Republican state legislature senator
  155. Alberto Lois (born May 6, 1956 in Hato Mayor del Rey, Dominican Republic), is a former Major League Baseball player. Pittsburgh Pirates in 1978,1979
  156. Mayor of North Providence, RI, USA
  157. U.S. Congressman from Missouri
  158. Fmr Lt. Governor of Missouri
  159. Huey Long  (2)
    American politician who served as the 40th governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932 and was a member of the United States Senate from 1932 until his assassination in 1935
  160. South Dakota State Attorney General (2003-present)
  161. U.S. Senator from Louisiana (1948-1987)
  162. Former Governor of Maine
  163. Mayor, Wichita Kansas (2015 - )
  164. Lt. Governor of Florida
  165. Political commentator/strategist, author/Served as political director for President Reagan/The Borking Rebellion: The Never-Before-Told Story of How a Group of Pennsylvania Women Attorneys took on Entire US Senate Judiciary Committee?& Won
  166. 2006 Republican Candidate for Senator From Wisconsin
  167. Former Tackle, FBI Agent, Mayor, Bodybuilding Impresario
  168. Former Senate Republican Leader (Mississippi)
  169. American economist and political commentator
  170. U.S. Congressman
  171. Attorney General of Hawaii (2011 - )
  172. Representative from Utah
  173. Mayor of Riverside, California
  174. Representative California district 47
  175. U.S. Representative from New York
  176. Governor of Washington (1993-97)
  177. U.S. Representative from Oklahoma
  178. Ken Lucas  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Kentucky (1999-2005); Kentucky State Commissioner for Veteran Affairs (2009-present)
  179. Scott Lucas  (2)
    Fmr United States Senator and fmr Majority Leader
  180. Former Governor of Wisconsin (1971-1977)
  181. U.S. Representative from Missouri
  182. U.S. Senator from Indiana (1977-2013)
  183. Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands (1978-87)
  184. 32nd Governor New Mexico
  185. U.S. Representative from New Mexico
  186. Secretary of the Interior (1989-1993)
  187. U.S. Representative from Wyoming (2009-17)
  188. Mayor of Jackson, MS
  189. Author of many books, including Healthy Exchanges Cookbook, HELP: Healthy Exchanges Lifetime Plan, and Make a Joyful Table. Represented Iowa at President Clinton's White House Council on Small Business. Hosted a weekly show on WOC Radio
  190. Mayor of Springfield, Oregon, USA
  191. Member of the Michigan State Senate 1962-64
  192. U.S. Representative from California
  193. United States Congresswoman from Virginia
  194. Labor arbitrator and mediator; author; and member of the National Academy of Arbitrators, member of the Board of Governors, and editor?in-chief of both its print and online journals
  195. Mayor, Charlotte NC, (2017 - )
  196. John Lynch  (3)
    Governor of New Hampshire (2005-2012)
  197. Attorney General of the United States (2015); first African American woman to hold that post
  198. Stephen Lynch  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Massachusetts
  199. Secretary of Agriculture 1986-1989
  200. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development (1973-1975)
  201. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (1973-1975) during the presidency of Gerald Ford
  202. ND State Senator