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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Comedian , A-Z Filter: S
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  1. Comedian Troupe
  2. Known as Heavy D in the pro wrestling circuit and stand up comedian
  3. Jerry Sadowitz is a Scottish card magician and stand-up comic known for his offensive humour
  4. Comedian
  5. Comedian. Actor (b: 1956) - Full House (192 eps. as Danny Tanner), How I Met Your Mother (160 eps. as the Narrator), Raising Dad (22 eps. as Matt), Surviving Suburbia (13 eps. as Steve). TV Host - America's Funniest Home Videos (192 programs)
  6. Comedian. 1st comedian to record a 'live' album & to perform on college campuses. Actor - Johnny Cool, Don't Make Waves, Doctor You've Got To Be Kidding, All The Young Men, The Good Years, In Love & War
  7. Comedian and tv presenter
  8. Monkey Magic
  9. Comedian/Actor - 'Chi Chi' in Scarface
  10. Comedian/Actor - Lunch With Soupy Sales, The Soupy Sales Show, Birds Do It, Black Scorpion. Game Show Panelist - What's My Line? (1968-1974), Hollywood Squares (1967-1978 - 24+ eps), The Pyramid (1973-1991 - 83+ eps). Singer - Do The Mouse. Radio DJ
  11. Comedienne/Actress-Significant Others,Alien Avengers,Till Death Do Us Part,Running Women,The Trip,Wild Things 2,Star Trek Deep Space 9
  12. Actress-Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,The Comedian,Honeybee,Disconnected
  13. Actor
  14. co-found of Lonely Island, comedian on SNL, Hot Rod
  15. Comedian
  16. Comedy Duo
  17. Comedian
  18. Stand-up comedian; MAD TV
  19. Comedian and Actor: Death Valley
  20. John Sanders  (2)
  21. comedian
  22. Comedian
  23. Saturday Night Live,Airheads,Billy Madison,Happy Gilmore,Bulletproof,Big Daddy,The Wedding Singer,Dirty Work,The Waterboy,Little Nicky,The Animal,Punch Drunk Love,Mr.Deeds,8 Crazy Nights,The Hot Chick,Anger Management,50 First Dates,Splanglish,Click
  24. Comedian
  25. Television gossiper, ventriloquist, 'La Comay'
  26. Comedian
  27. Comedian
  28. Georgie the Bartender on The Sopranos
  29. Comedian
  30. Comedian
  31. Comedian
  32. Actress, singer, vedette and Spanish comedian
  33. Comedian
  34. Comedian
  35. Comedian
  36. Comedian
  37. Comedian - The Funny Indian
  38. Comedian and After Dinner Speaker
  39. actor, writer and director of some B rated and soft porn cable movie, 'Intimate Deception', 'Blind Obsession', 'The Perfect Wife'(not the comedian and after dinner speaker)
  40. Comedian
  41. Comedian in drag
  42. Comedian
  43. Comedy Troupe
  44. Comedian
  45. Host Of MTV's 'Nikki And Sara Live', Comedienne
  46. UK Comedian
  47. Comedian
  48. Actor/comedian - Crossballs (t.v. Series, 2004), Best Week Ever (VH1 T.v. Series, Guest Panelist, 2004), 30 Rock, Human Giant, The League
  49. Comedian
  50. German TV-Host, Comedian and actor born in 1924.First TV-Show in 1961.'Zum Blauen Bock'(1968-86),'Schlagerparade','Klimbim','Kein Pardon','Dalli Dalli','Am laufenden Band'.Famous for his 'Hessischen Dialekt'
  51. Comedian
  52. Austrian comedian
  53. composer/comedian
  54. actor/comedian
  55. Comedian
  56. Comedian
  57. Comedian
  58. German Actor/Comedian - Singer in 'Tanz der Vampire'
  59. german entertainer, host of 'Die Harald Schmidt Show'
  60. Mike Schmidt  (4)
  61. Standup-Comedian, plays Sunny in 7 Zwerge
  62. comedienne/host - 'White Noise,' (t.v. series), 'The Upright Citizens' Brigade' (t.v. series)
  63. german comedian
  64. German comedian, actor in the movie 7 Zwerge (7 Dwarfs)
  65. Comedian
  66. German cabaret artist - 'Scheibenwischer'
  67. german comedian
  68. German comedian
  69. German comedian
  70. Actor/Comedian...Was in the movie Big Trouble
  71. Comedian
  72. Bill Schulz  (2)
    Sidekick of Greg Gutfeld on Fox News series 'Red Eye'
  73. Comedian, Actress 'Trainwreck', 'Thank You For Your Service', 'Snatched'
  74. Comedian
  75. South African Comedian/Actor/Singer
  76. Ben Schwartz  (2)
    Actor; 'New York City Serenade', 'Parks and Recreation', 'Undercovers', 'The Other Guys'
  77. Danish Comedian
  78. actor (three sister,) comedian
  79. Comedian
  80. David Scott  (3)
    The Midnight Swinger
  81. Comedian
  82. Comedian
  83. Comedienne
  84. Comedian, writer, motivational speaker; America's Got Talent; transgender comedian formerly performed under the name Rick Scotti
  85. Comedian
  86. Comedian
  87. Comedian
  88. Comedian
  89. Welsh Actor & Comedian
  90. Acrobat/Comedian
  91. Comedian
  92. Comedian
  93. Comedian
  94. Comedian
  95. Beloved stand-up comedian. Actor / writer. 'Seinfeld', 'Bee movie', 'Comedians in cars getting coffee', 'Jerry Seinfeld's Comedian'
  96. Comedian
  97. Stand up comedian
  98. På tro og are, are og odin
  99. Comedian
  100. German Comedian
  101. Comedian
  102. Comedian
  103. Comedian & Actor: Young Einstein, Reckless Kelly, Mr. Accident
  104. Comedian, Talk show host, host of match game 90
  105. Comedian
  106. actor - Voice of Verne in Over the Hedge, 'The Larry Sanders Show', 'It's Garry Shandling's Show'
  107. Comedian
  108. Comedian
  109. Actress, Comedienne
  110. Comedian
  111. Comedian
  112. Actor - The Producers, ...Mad, Mad World, The Wizard Of Baghdad, What Did You Do In The War, Daddy?, Wake Me When It's Over, Penelope, Way-Way Out, Evil Roy Slade, Captain EO, many TV appearances. Nightclub comedian
  113. Comedian
  114. Host of USA's Up All Night 1991-98// Actress: Basic Training, Prison A Go-Go, Legend of The Party Nerds 2, Galaxina, Legend of the Roller Blade 7, Spaceballs, Doin' Time, Frogtown 2. Playboy Jun 91/Oct 93. Ms Louisiana & USA. Named after Rhonda Fleming
  115. Australian Comedian
  116. The League of Gentlemen (UK comedy), Birthday Girl (cameo).
  117. Actor/Comedian
  118. Actor
  119. Australian-born actor, writer and stand up comedian of Lebanese descent, who has featured prominently in popular television series such as 'Streetsmart', 'Pizza' and 'Swift and Shift Couriers' and 'Housos'
  120. Comedian/Singer/Songwriter - Hello Muddah, Hello, Faddah. Writer - I've Got A Secret. Voice Actor - The Cat In The Hat '71 (title role)
  121. Comedian
  122. Comedian, 'MC Mr Napkins'
  123. A regular on the US version of 'Who's Line Is It Anyway?'
  124. Comedian
  125. Comedian, former host of Fox News' Red Eye, frequent Fox News contributor
  126. British comedian & actor born in 1903. Nickname 'Old China'. 95 movies 1934-1962. 'The Navy Lark','They Drive By Night','Case of the Frightened Lady','The Gentle Sex','The Magic Box'
  127. Game show host(where in time is carmen sandiego)
  128. From 'Shirley et Dino', French comedians
  129. Comedian
  130. Comedian
  131. Comedian. Actor. Father of comedian/actor, Pauly Shore. He & comedian Rudy DeLuca opened The Comedy Store in West Hollywood in 1972. After a divorce settlement in 1973, Shore's ex-wife Mitzi operated the club
  132. comedian
  133. American actor, writer, and director
  134. Comedian. Actor - Peggy Sue Got Married, Time Trackers, The David Letterman (morning) Show. TV Host - The Wil Shriner Show, The Home Show, Small Talk, Prime Time Pets, That's My Dog. Director. Writer. Twin brother of Kin Shriner, son of Herb Shriner
  135. Stand-Up Comedian
  136. Comedian
  137. Comedian
  138. Canadian Comedian
  139. Comedian
  140. Comedian
  141. Cabaret
  142. Comedienne, Whose Line is it Anyways (U.S. Version)
  143. Comedian
  144. Comedianne actress & One of the host of Tru TV's World's Dumbest
  145. Comedian
  146. actor/comedian - 'The Rerun Show' (t.v. series)
  147. Entertainer
  148. Entertainer
  149. entertainer
  150. Comedian
  151. Comedian
  152. Comedian
  153. Comedian
  154. comedian
  155. Sam Simmons  (3)
  156. Comedian
  157. Comedian & Actor: The Redd Foxx Show, A Different World, Necessary Roughness, Coneheads, The Meteor Man, The Sinbad Show, Houseguest, First Kid, Jingle All the Way, Good Burger
  158. Comedian
  159. Comedian
  160. Comedian, Itv the chase
  161. Comedian
  162. Comedian
  163. Comedian
  164. Actor - Comedian. Actor - Homeroom, Roc, The Naked Truth, The Jamie Foxx Show. Photographer
  165. American comedian who was best known as a top radio and television star from 1937 to 1971. Skelton's show business career began in his teens as a circus clown and went on to vaudeville, Broadway, films, radio, TV, clubs and casinos, while pursuing another
  166. Actor & comedian - Shooting Stars, The Angelos Epithemou Show
  167. Actor
  168. Actress
  169. British comedian/actor - the frank skinner show
  170. Comedian
  171. Twin brother of Randy, Comedian and on ESPN's Comedy Hour
  172. Randy & Jason Sklar - twin sibling comedy duo
  173. Legendary swedish entertainer
  174. Comedian and Actor (Yrrol)
  175. Comedian
  176. Comedian
  177. Comedian
  178. Comedian
  179. Comedian
  180. Comedian/Actress - Voice of Assistant Mayor Bellwether in Disney's Zootopia
  181. UK 'Whos Line Is It Anyway?'
  182. Australian comedian
  183. comedian
  184. Comedian
  185. Comedian
  186. French actor and humorist
  187. Comedian
  188. Andy Smart  (2)
    Comedian, founder member of the Comedy Store Players
  189. Belgian comedian
  190. Comedian
  191. Comedian
  192. Comedian & Actor: Night Court, What a Country, Moscow on the Hudson, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Brewster's Millions, The Money Pit, Heartburn, Up Your Alley
  193. Comedian
  194. Comedian
  195. Male Voice Over Talent
  196. Comedian
  197. Bob Smith  (3)
  198. American actor, comedian, singer, dancer, and rapper. Gridiron Gang, Phil of the Future, Sonny with a Chance and So Random!, Starstruck, Let It Shine, and One Big Happy. Also as Little Richard in the Get On Up
  199. Doug Smith  (7)
  200. James Smith  (3)
  201. comedienne/actress - That '80s Show (t.v. series, 2002)
  202. actor/comedian
  203. Actor
  204. Paul Smith  (5)
  205. Steve Smith  (3)
    Canadian Actor/Comedian. Star Of 'The Red Green Show','The Chase'
  206. Thomas Smith  (4)
  207. Comedian
  208. Comedian
  209. Comedian
  210. Comedian
  211. comedian/actor - 'Revenge Of The Nerds II' (1987)
  212. Actor, Comedian
  213. Comedian
  214. Improv Artist
  215. Mary Sohn  (2)
    Actress and Comedian
  216. Political Comedienne
  217. Comedienne - Ruddy Hell - It's Harry & Paul show, Talking & Not Talking
  218. American comedian, playwright, a feminist and an Emmy-nominated television writer.
  219. Panelist on the Match Game
  220. Comedian
  221. Politician of the EU parliament, Ex-Boss of Titanic Magazine, Comedy Guy
  222. Comedian
  223. Comedian
  224. Australian Comedian
  225. Comedian
  226. French humorist
  227. Actor: Saturday Night Live, Police Academy 4, Coneheads, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep, Lost & Found, Joe Dirt, Dickie Roberts, Just Shoot Me!, 8 Simple Rules, Rules of Engagement, Grown Ups, The Mayor
  228. Actor
  229. Comedian
  230. Danish Comedian
  231. Comedian
  232. Comedian, Actor (Queer As Folk), Musician (Zero 1)
  233. actor - mad tv (t.v. series, 1997-present)
  234. Chris Spencer  (5)
  235. Comedian
  236. Drummer for the 60's and 70's British band The Idle Race. Became a comedian known as Ollie Spencer
  237. International Vocal/Comedy Entertainers
  238. British comedian. Co-wrote and starred in 'Phoenix Nights,' with Peter Kay. Stand up comedian
  239. Comedian
  240. Comedian
  241. Norwegian comedian.He was also on the very first dancing With the stars in norway
  242. Comedian singer
  243. Actress/Comedian. Bridesmaids (2011), Life As We Know It (2010), She's Out of My League (2010)
  244. Comedian
  245. Comedian
  246. Comedian
  247. Italian TV-star
  248. Entertainer
  249. Comedy Troupe
  250. comedian (the man show)
  251. Comedian
  252. Comedian
  253. entertainer (blue man group)
  254. Comedian
  255. On TV In The 80's And 90's Light Entertainer
  256. Comedian
  257. Actor: Freaks & Geeks, Cheats, Knocked Up, Stealing Harvard, Adventureland, Walk Hard, Party Down, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, 6 Month Rule, The Lifeguard, This Is the End, Burning Love, Veronica Mars, Hawaii Five-0, Silicon Valley, Spider-Man Homecoming
  258. German Comedienne (' Da lacht der Bär','Oberhofer Bauernmarkt','Ein Kessel Buntes')
  259. Comedian, Actor, Writer, Radio Host
  260. Comedian & writer - BBC7's The Mark Steel Solution & The Mark Steel Revolution.
  261. Comedian
  262. Belgian comedian and actor
  263. British actor and comedian - Bremner, Bird and Fortune , El Nombre
  264. French humorists
  265. Comedian
  266. Comedians
  267. Comedian
  268. Comedian
  269. Swiss Actor (Emil auf der Post; Die Schweizermacher; Messidor; The Formula; Kaiser und eine Nacht; Nicklaus und Sammy; etc)
  270. Norwegian comedian.Was host for the 2 first Dancing With the stars in norway and was a participent in Dancing With the stars norway 2017
  271. Swiss comedian, actress and satirist - e.g. 'Total Birgit' or 'Zweierleier'
  272. Comedian
  273. Comedy group, Comedy Central series with the same name
  274. Comedian
  275. german comedian
  276. Actor
  277. Comedian
  278. Comedian
  279. Comedian & Actress: The Comeback, Not the Nine O'Clock News, History of the World Part 1, Funny Man, Superman III, Scandalous, Bloodbath at the House of Death, Finders Keepers, Saturday Night Live, Ghosts CAN Do It // Spouse of Billy Connolly
  280. Comedian
  281. Comedian
  282. Singer & Comedian: Ahab The Arab, Everything Is Beautiful, The Streak, Would Jesus Wear a Rolex, Gitarzan, Misty, Harry The Hairy Ape, Santa Claus Is Watching You, Mr. Businessman, Osama-Yo' Mama
  283. Comedian
  284. TV Warm Up Comedian, Actor & After Dinner Speaker
  285. Comedian/Impressionist
  286. Comedian & Actor: The Daily Show, Mixed Nuts, Wishful Thinking, Half Baked, Since You've Been Gone, The Larry Sanders Show. The Faculty, Playing by Heart, Big Daddy, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Death to Smoochy
  287. Actress
  288. Comedian
  289. Comedian, actor,Two And A Half Men, The Drew Carey Show (lewis), Whose line is it anyway? (comedian)
  290. Comedian
  291. Comedian
  292. Cabaret
  293. Comedian
  294. Norwegian Comedian, Borettslaget
  295. Comedian
  296. Improv Artist
  297. Professional Speaker
  298. Comedian
  299. Actor & Comedian
  300. Comedian/Actor-Raising Hope,Doll House,Rules Of Engagement,LOST
  301. Comedian Rapper with Jamie Kennedy
  302. Female Voice Over Talent
  303. two-man comedy act
  304. Actor: Star Trek ENT
  305. Screenwriter
  306. Comedian
  307. German comedian
  308. Actor, Producer, Sound engineer & cinematographer. Played a Posse Member inNight of the living Dead 1968. Produced the documentary Comedian 2002 and Season of the Witch. Brother of producer Russell Streiner
  309. Cast Member Saturday Night Live
  310. German horror and comedy writer, slam poet, comedian and cabaret artist
  311. actor/comedian, lost & found, ghost of a chance
  312. Comedian and Radio Personality
  313. Comedian
  314. Comedian
  315. 'Saturday Night Live', '30 Rock', 'What Happens in Vegas'
  316. Alan Sues (born March 7, 1926) is a U.S. comic actor best known for his performances as part of the ensemble on the 1968-1973 television program Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. Sues' on-screen persona was campy, outrageous and contained verbal slapstick
  317. Actress/Comedienne-Clean House
  318. Actor: The Client, 8 Simple Rules, I Hate My 30's, famous for his short videos on YouTube
  319. Sports journalist and comedian
  320. Japanese comedian
  321. Comedian
  322. Comedy Duo
  323. Comedy Duo
  324. Comedian
  325. Politician, Comedian, and Presidential Canidate
  326. Comedian
  327. Comedian
  328. Actress/TV Presenter
  329. Comedian
  330. comedian
  331. Comedian, plays Terry on Reno 911, Benchwarmers, Click, Grandma's Boy
  332. Jim Sweeney  (2)
    Actor, writer and comedian, born 1955
  333. Actress/comedian/writer/director; Saturday Night Live, It's Pat
  334. SNL 85/86. MADtv writer. Hype.
  335. Comedian
  336. Stand-Up Comedian
  337. Actor - Intouchables, X-Men - Days of Future Past, Jurassic World
  338. Actor / Writer / Comedian: - Bad Girls (TV, 2004), The Kumars At No.42, Goodness Gracious Me, All About Me, Life Isn't All Ha Ha Hee Hee, Anita & Me, Doctor Who, Beautiful Thing
  339. Actor and Writer: Sykes, Hancock, The Others, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire, The Plank, Theatre of Blood, hundreds of hours of radio comedy
  340. Comedian,'New Adventures Of Old Christine', Wanda at Large, Voice of Stella in Over the Hedge
  341. Comedian
  342. Comedian
  343. Comedian
  344. Comedian
  345. Comedian
  346. Danish Comedian