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  1. WW2 marine corp fighter ace 5.5 victories VMF-112
  2. Blue Angels, U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron C-130 Demonstration pilot
  3. United States Army officer and a recipient of the United States military's highest decorationâ-'the Medal of Honorâ-'for his actions during the Battle of Hurtgen Fo
  4. Spanish Civil War veteran (Born: 1920) Second Spanish Republic. Mobilized in 1936. Secretary general of JSU of Alcala in Peguerinos's zone in 1936. Affiliated to Communist Party of Spain. Age: 96. Lives in Spain
  5. American general
  6. Wife of Douglas MacArthur
  7. Former American WW-Fighter Ace, USAF
  8. WW2 Navajo Indian Code Talker, 1 of only 13 remaining. The war ended soon after his training was complete and he was deployed in post-war China to guard surrendered Japanese officers
  9. Native American politician and the only four term Chairman of the Navajo Tribe. MacDonald was born in Arizona, U.S. and served the U.S. Marine Corps in World War II as a Navajo Code Talker
  10. WWII: CBI. Sergeant Major in the Royal Rifles of Canada who defended Hong Kong in December 1941. After the surrender, he was a POW until the end of the war
  11. WWII: American Fighter Pilot, 362 Fighter Squadron, 357 Fighter Group, 8th Air Force. 3. 5 victories
  12. WWII:PTO. Served as a rifleman in the legendary K/3/5 (Company K, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division) in the Battles of Peleliu and Okinawa with E.B. Sledge (HBO's The Pacific)
  13. Commanding Air Officer Royal Air Force College Cranwell
  14. Canadian WWII-Fighter Ace
  15. Lt. General, Retired, United States Army 1981-2018 Deputy Commander, TRADOC III Corps 1st Armored Division 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division 2nd Battalion, 63rd Armor Regiment Gulf War Iraq War Battle of Ramadi War in Afghanistan
  16. Retired Marine Corps officer who served as National Security Advisor to Ronald Reagan from 1983-1985. Was a leading architect of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). Pleaded guilty to charges related to the Iran-Contra affair
  17. WWII: Iwo Jima
  18. Doolittle raider crew 14 bomber
  19. Macintyre Investigates, Macintyre Undercover.
  20. WWII: PTO. US WWII veteran, born 1923. Served in the Navy on the USS Gillespie, supporting the invasions of Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Peleliu, Buna, New Hollandia, Biak, Rabaul, Battle of Leyte Gulf
  21. WWII: Served in the Coast Guard in the South Pacific
  22. navy admiral
  23. WWII: Battle of Britain pilot, RAF No 234 Squadron (' The Few')
  24. former Navy Admiral
  25. Centenarian (1899-2000). US WWI veteran, served in France
  26. Ken MacKenzie  (2)
    British ace from WW2, 11.5 victories
  27. Ret major general in canadian army
  28. WWII: CBI. Of HQ Company, 1st Battalion, Royal Rifles of Canada, who defended Hong Kong in December 1941. After the surrender, he was a POW until the end of the war
  29. Tuskegee Airman
  30. Tuskegee Airmen
  31. Author, Britain's most decorated living war veteran
  32. WWII: Bodyguard for Gen. Dwight Eisenhower
  33. Retired General
  34. 4-Star General
  35. Author/military interrogator who orchestrated & participated in a Delta Force team's raid of a fish pond in Iraq he hoped would turn up something that might lead the team to Saddam Hussein & did
  36. American architect, born 1923. WII veteran, serving as a 'Buffalo Soldier' in the segregated US Army 92nd Infantry Division. Purple Heart for combat wounds in Italy, December 26, 1944
  37. French military officer who was involved in the sining of the Rainbow Warrior in 1985, also goes by the name Alain Mafart-Renodier
  38. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Enterprise (CV-6) from 1943 to 1944
  39. Pearl Harbor Survivor, U.S.S. Pennsylvania
  40. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor 7 December 1941; USS Tennessee
  41. WWII: Battle of Okinawa veteran
  42. WWII - Fighter pilot (Grumman F6F Hellcat), USS Cowpens, Pacific Theater
  43. WWII: Marine Corpops fighter pilot in the Central Pacific from December 1943 until March 1945. 2 Distinguished Flying Crosses
  44. WWII - Contemporary witness of the Port Chicago, CA, disaster in July 1944
  45. marine corps general
  46. Military
  47. WWII fighter Ace 20.75 Vic. and Korea 3.5 vic. - USAAF - DSC
  48. WWII: 2 years in the CCC. Pearl Harbor survivor, USS Helena (CL-50). Battle of Cape Esperance, Night Battle of Guadalcanal. Survivor of the sinking of the USS Helena in the Battle of Kula Gulf, July 1943. Later served on the USS Munsee
  49. WWII: PTO. U.S. Marine Corps fighter squadron VMF 441
  50. WW2 fighter ace from South Africa
  51. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941
  52. Member Of Band Of Brothers, 506th Easy Company WWII
  53. WWII: ETO. 322nd Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group ('The Ragged Irregulars'). Radio Operator on B-17 'Chief Sly's Son (B-17G #42-31076). Shot down 1 January 1944 on return from mission to Oschersleben. POW for 15 months
  54. USS Indianapolis Survivor
  55. WWII ETO 351st Bombardment Group, 8th Air Force. Served with Clark Gable
  56. army general
  57. navy admiral
  58. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941
  59. WW 2 fighter Ace (11 kills) flew Hellcats with VF-18 - USN
  60. Mike Mallory  (4)
    Navy seal, born 1945, one of the four frogmen to help recover the Apollo 11 crew and their returned capsule. The strongest swimmer, he swam with an equipment bag for the collected moon rocks to be taken out in
  61. army general
  62. Vietnam/Fall of Saigon/US Marine/Personal Protective Security Unit (PPSU), the bodyguard for Ambassador Martin/beaten, bewildered & dazed when lifted from the roof of the American Embassy in a CH-46 Helicopter
  63. 'Spanish Civil War Veteran' 'International Brigade' 'British'
  64. Air ace ww11 - 8 Kills - USAAF
  65. marine corps general
  66. WWII - 388 Fighter Squadron, 365th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force. Flew strafing and bombing cross-channel missions on D-Day over Utah Beach. Shot down June 18, avoided the Germans, 'escaped' the British. 2 victories
  67. Band of Brothers Member - 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment WWII
  68. WWII: Marine veteran of the Battle of Guadalcanal, Tarawa (1st Battalion, 6th Marines)
  69. Centenarian (1900-2001). One of the last Australian WWI veterans. Fought in many battles. Gassed, leaving him deaf and blind for weeks, later wounded by shrapnel
  70. Italian born US WWII veteran and centenarian, born 1912. Through Ellis Island in 1919. Started working as a barber in the early 1920's, still a working barber at the age of 108
  71. WWII: Holocaust survivor (Auschwitz )
  72. army field marshal india
  73. WWII. PTO. USMC. Guadalcanal Campaign veteran
  74. WWII: ETO. Served with the 761st Tank Battalion (5th Tank Group), aka 'Black Panthers', the first black armored unit to enter combat on Nov. 8, 1944, fighting in France, Luxemburg, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Austria
  75. general secretary vietnam
  76. Fighter ace USN Fighter Ace with VF-5 (Guadalcanal) and VF-6 (USS Enterprise)
  77. WW2/At Normandy, Utah Beach/D - Day
  78. Tuskegee airmen ww2
  79. British mercenary and former British Army officer, who participated in the failed coup d'etat in 2004 in Equatorial Guinea, was released from prison Nov. 2009 and is living in England again
  80. US Army General
  81. Former English cricketer and naval officer (Born: 1914) He was born in Exeter, Devon, the son of Sir Errol Manners KBE, who was an admiral and an author on theology
  82. Former US soldier, formerly known as Bradley Manning. He/She was in prison for betraying the country and giving Top Secret classified info to WikiLeaks
  83. David Manning  (4)
    WWII: Survivor of the sinking of the HMAS Perth, which was sunk in action in the aftermath of the Battle of Sunda Strait (1 March 1942)
  84. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Rigel (AR-11)
  85. Is a retired Air Force General. Fought in World War 2 as a P-47 Fighter PilGeneral Manor is perhaps best known as task force commander of Operation Ivory Coast, a special forces raid on the prisoner of war camp at Son Tay, Vietnam on November 21, 1970. Bo
  86. Author/'Cruisers for Breakfast : War Patrols of U. S. S. Darter and U. S. S. Dace'/WWII. He piloted landing craft that picked up US Marines off the islands of Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal
  87. WWII: British Arctic Convoy veteran
  88. Former Canadian Chief of the Defence Staff
  89. WWII: ETO. 16th Armored Division
  90. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Detroit
  91. WWII: Survivor of the failed Operation Jubilee ('Dieppe Raid') on 19 August 1942, when 60% of the mostly Canadian landing force were either killed, wounded or captured
  92. War of 1812 veteran, US Sec. of State (1853-57), Sec. of War (1845-49), NY Gov. (1822-28)
  93. WWII: PTO. Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS California
  94. WWII: ETO. 17th Aorborne Division. Battle of the Bulge, Operation Varsity
  95. USC Football Player. Played in the 1944 Rose Bowl. WW2 veteran as well
  96. Former Secretary of the Air Force and a former Deputy Administrator of NASA
  97. WWII: PTO. USMC. Battle of Okinawa
  98. Centenarian (1894-2001). US WWI veteran. Thrown by an exploding shell in France. On the front in the trenches the day the war ended, 11/11/18
  99. Saboteur from U.S.S. Barb WW II
  100. Female Polish Army WWII vet, born 1926. Sent to Siberia by Soviets weeks after Germany invaded Poland. Released when she was 14, lied about her age to join the Army, Served in Iraq, N. Africa, and then as a truck driver on the Italian front
  101. Polish WWII vet, (1942-48), born 1920. Soviets sent his family to a labor camp, until Stalin granted amnesty to Poles who'd fight for Poland. Fought all over Europe and Africa. Badly burned when his tank was hit, then taught English to Polish troops
  102. Army,Vietnam' 'Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient'from lz-xray 1965 -we were soldiers movie
  103. Attorney/WWII: PTO. US Fleet Marine (20MM anti - aircraft gunner) on the USS Enterprise; he was the last Marine to join the U.S.S. Enterprise in 1943 when it sailed out of dry dock to the South Pacific and he participated in 12 of naval engagements
  104. WWII, Radio operator aboard U-977 for 66 days
  105. German ww2 pilot
  106. Spanish military historian. He wrote more than 35 books about the Great War and WW2. He met several German tank commanders, especially Otto Carius. His most famous book is 'Otto Carius, the hero of the Tiger 217'
  107. WWII - D-Day Seaman 1st Class on Landing Ship Tank LST 281 towing landing craft to Utah Beach on June 6, 1944; later in April 1945 on the same LST-281 fighting off Kamikazes in Battle of Okinawa
  108. Fighter ace 503rd fighter sq
  109. air force general businessman
  110. Military, American politician
  111. US WWII P-47 Fighter pilot, 345th Fighter Squadron, 350th Fighter Group. Flew 97 missions over Africa, Italy. Shot down on his 94th, got three more missions in before the war ended. He was born in 1921. Also flew PT-14 Stearmans
  112. Author: Discovering the Rommel Murder, and A Ramble Through My War: Anzio and Other Joys
  113. 'Spanish Civil War Veteran' 'International Brigade' 'British'
  114. WWII: ETO. Mortar man for Company M, 3rd Battalion, 334th Infantry Regiment, 84th Infantry Division. Battle of the Bulge, Siegfried Line
  115. Don Marshall  (3)
    WWII: CBI theater. Hump flyer
  116. Canadian Scout and Sniper Sgt in WW2. Member of the Canadian Highlanders. Fought at Dieppe and through Normandy
  117. WWII: PTO. US Navy, USS Portland. Later in the Korean War
  118. U.S.S. Pueblo
  119. Us fighter ace ww2 - 5 Kills - DSC - USAAF
  120. Korean war ace - USAF - 6.5 Kills
  121. WWII: Battles of Guam and Iwo Jima. Rifleman in the 3rd Marine Div, 9th Reg, F Co, 2nd Bn. Out of of the 250 men in his company, he was one of three or four who survived - all others were killed
  122. WW2 Veteran-106th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron
  123. WWII veteran WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilot)
  124. Polish airman who served with the RAF during Battle of Britain, is still living in Great Britain
  125. WWII: Physician, First Marine Division; served with Chesty Puller
  126. navy admiral born 1931
  127. air force general
  128. Henry Martin  (2)
    WWII Veteran
  129. James Martin  (4)
    WWII - 101st Airborne, 506th PIR, G Company. D-Day, Market Garden, Bastogne, Battle of the Bulge
  130. 'WW2 Hump Crew Chief/Flew the Hump' 750 Flying Hours!
  131. B-29 navigator involved in final mission of WWII on August 14-15, 1945 from Guam to Nippon Oil Refinery at Akita, Japan
  132. Tuskegee Airmen
  133. WWII Pearl Harbor survivor. USS Maryland
  134. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor 7 December 1941; USS Nevada
  135. WWII: Battle of the Bulge. 106th Infantry Division, 424th Regiment'
  136. Retired U.S. Army soldier; motivational speaker; actor: 'All My Children'
  137. WWII: 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles), 506th PIR, D Company. D-Day, Operation Market Garden, Battle of the Bulge, Berchtesgaden (Eagles' Nest), occupation duty in Austria
  138. French-Hungarian anti-communist fighter, was involved in the assassination attempt on Charles da Gaulle in 1962
  139. JFK: He was one of 12 Marines who escorted the ambulance with JFK's body up the driveway of the White House to the North Portico
  140. Soviet veteran of WW2, was present at the liberation of Auschwitz. Lives in Moscow
  141. WWII: ETO/PTO. US Navy Bell Diver/Combat Swimmer/Frogman of Underwater Demolition Team #3 (UDT-3), forefathers of the Navy Seals. He carried 100 lbs of dynamite up the beaches for the Marines to retrieve and use in battle
  142. WWII: WAVE in the military air transport service during the final stages of the war
  143. WWII: ETO. Ghost Army
  144. Donald Francis Mason was a U.S. Navy pilot with Patrol Squadron Eight-Two (VP-82), stationed at Argentia, Newfoundland.Responsible for the saying 'Sighted Sub, Sank Same.
  145. Captain of the SS Ohio (Operation Pedestal), was awarded with the British George Cross
  146. WWII: D-Day. UK veteran. Landed (second wave) with the Royal Army Medical Corps at Gold Beach. Also El Alamein, Sicily, a.o. battles in the MTO (Mediterranean Theater of Operations)
  147. vietnam war air force hero
  148. Robert Mason  (2)
    Lz xray 1965 nam
  149. Supply Tech. Tuskegee Airmen. WWII
  150. WWII - master sergeant and mechanic, "Flying Tigers", American Volunteer Group
  151. WWII: ETO. Tail Gunner, B-24 Liberator 'B.T.O.' (Big Time Operator, #42-7627). 702nd Bomb Squadron, 445th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force (Dec. 1943 to Dec. 1944). Became a POW in Sweden. DFC
  152. Last survivor of the final Royal Naval vessel to be sunk in WW2. He was a sailor on HMS Vestal, an Algerine-class minesweeper and part of the East Indies Fleet. Vestal was sunk on July 26, 1945. Now age 92 and lives in Newark-on-Trent, UK
  153. WWII - Guam, Iwo Jima, 3rd Marine Division
  154. Member of Pappy Boyington's Black Sheep Squadron
  155. WWII: Survivor of the sinking of the SS Leopoldville on December 24, 1944
  156. US Army General
  157. WWII: Atlantic. Served on the USS Block Island (CVE-21)
  158. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. Ford Island. U.S. Navy 1941-1971
  159. General from Cuba, involved in the Cuban revolution 1959, is now living in Miami, Florida USA
  160. WWII: CBI. Member of Merrill's Marauders aka Unit Galahad, officially named the 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional), a US Army long range penetration special operations jungle warfare unit
  161. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor
  162. WWII - fought with the legendary K/3/5. Fought at Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Cape Gloucester, Borgen Bay, Talasea and Peleliu as a Marine. Also received a Purple Heart
  163. Don Matthews  (2)
    Commanding officer of the Canadian desert cats in the gulf war
  164. Retired Lt. Commander (Navy)
  165. World War 1 Veteran Born:1903
  166. WWII: USMC, flamethrower. Battle of Iwo Jima. He is pictured in a famous photo from the battle
  167. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941
  168. commander 48th fighter wing
  169. WWII Finnish Ace Pilot
  170. U. S. Marine Corps Four Star General during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
  171. US WWII veteran, born 1924. Participated in the Normandy campaign, and the Battles of St Lo and Brest, where he was shot by Germans
  172. Infantry Captain in the US Army, motivational speaker, and author of Sugar Milk: What One Dad Drinks When He Can?t Afford Vodka
  173. American veteran (1916-2011). Served in the Spanish Civil War's Lincoln Brigade, and in the US Army during WWII. Joined the Young Communist League in the 1930s
  174. WWII veteran; 101st Airborne, Original Band of Brothers; co-author of 'Brothers in Battle: Best of Friends'
  175. 4 Aerial Victories, WWII. 3X DFC
  176. army general
  177. French General born in 1918, Chief of the French Defence Staff from 1971 - 1975
  178. 'Easy Company' 'Member of a Band of Brothers'
  179. navy admiral
  180. 103 kills- nam usmc sniper
  181. JFK - Honor Guard at Kennedy's funeral; also stood guard at JFK's grave after the funeral
  182. Fighter ace 357th fighter sq
  183. Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient, WWII United States Army
  184. WWII: ETO. Tail gunner in B-24 'Wild Pussy' (B-24H-15-FO #42-52529). 786th Squadron, 466th Bomb Group, 8th AF. 31 combat missions (Feb. 6 1944-Aug. 16, 1944), incl. 2 to Berlin and 2 on D-Day, almost being killed on his last one to Hamburg
  185. WWII veteran (Born 1925), shrapnel broke thorough his thigh during the Battle of Hurtgen Forest in Nov. 1944. During 40 months of difficult recovery, often near death, he met with a visiting Helen Keller, which left him awed and inspired
  186. navy admiral
  187. JFK - Honor Guard 'Casket team', one of Kennedy's pallbearers
  188. WWII: British D-Day (Sword Beach) vet, 1st Battalion, Suffolk Regiment. Later injured while fighting in the Netherlands. He is the last living knight from WWII of the exclusive Military William Order, the highest honour of the Netherlands
  189. Bill Maynard  (2)
    'Easy Company' 'Member of a Band of Brother'
  190. World War One Veteran
  191. Pearl Harbor Survivor, Kaneohe NAS. On guard watch at Hangar 3, he emptied the Colt 45 he'd been issued at a Japanese Zero plane that strafed the ground around him, though he didn't hit the grinning pilot
  192. navy admiral
  193. WWII Veteran
  194. Retired Navy Admiral
  195. Fighter Ace, F-14 Tomcat pilot
  196. WWII: US Navy veteran, ETO
  197. POW Camp: Luft #1 Prisoner
  198. Soldier/Mercenary/Author
  199. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor 7 December 1941, Navy Hospital Ship USS Solace (AH-5); later, serving on the USS Samaritan (AH-10), in the Battles of Midway and Iwo Jima
  200. Navy Admiral
  201. Retired Navy Admiral
  202. army general
  203. WWII: ETO. 347th Regiment, 87th Division. Battle of the Bulge, Rhineland. Bronze Star
  204. WW2 Veteran:F Company,502nd Infantry Regiment,101st Airborne Division
  205. Retired General Born May 25, 1922
  206. army general
  207. USS Indianapolis survivor
  208. WWII: D-Day. Navy gunner on the USS Augusta (Admiral Kirk's flagship for D-Day, also carrying Lieutenant General Omar Bradley, providing fire support on D-Day and beyond)
  209. marine corps general
  210. World War II Veteran, D-Day Invasion, 116th Regiment, 29th Infantry Division
  211. WWII: 1st Marine Division, he participated in the assault and capture of the islands of Guadalcanal and Peleliu, and Cape Gloucester
  212. On February 21, 1945, as a captain, he earned the Medal of Honor on Iwo Jima, while leading an assault team across exposed ground to wipe out positions holding up the advance of his company
  213. navy admiral
  214. Member of the famed ''Black Sheep Squadron''-VMF-214 during WWII, Ace (5 Victs.)
  215. WWII USAAF, Fighter Pilot Ace-5.5 victories, 80/56 Fighter Group, 61 Fighter Squadron
  216. navy admiral
  217. General and U.S. Commander in Afghanistan
  218. WW1/former U.S. Navy Rear Admiral
  219. Vietnam Vet, USMC. Author of Living Proof. Motivational Speaker
  220. WWII: Navy pilot shot down in the Battle of Midway
  221. vietnam war army hero (cmh)
  222. WWII: PTO. Pearl Harbor survivor (USS Helena CL-50). Also served on the USS Helena in the Guadalcanal Campaign and survived the sinking of the USS Helena after she was hit by a torpedo in the Night Battle of Kula Gulf, 6 July 1943
  223. MOHR/Medal of Honor Recipient/Army/Vietnam War 1969 Battle of Nui Yon Hill/Pentagon credits him for saving ten men in his unit
  224. Medal Of Honor
  225. Member of the Band of Brothers, 506th Easy Company WWII
  226. Flying Tigers-crew chief
  227. Member of Pappy Boyington's Black Sheep Squadron-[7 victories] WWII- Ace
  228. Spitfire Ace during WWII-[8 victories] Member of Eagle Squadron and the 9th TAC
  229. Air Force General
  230. US Army General
  231. Doolittle's Raiders 'Navigator Crew #4'
  232. Medal of Honor, US Navy, World War II
  233. WW2 Fighter Ace - 11 Kills - USAAF
  234. Retired USMC General
  235. US Army General
  236. Charlie McCoy  (2)
    US Army Air Corps WWII veteran. Bombadier on a B-29 crew based in Saipan, flew 13 missions over Japan. Part of the fly-over during the Japanese Surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay
  237. USS Indianapolis Survivor
  238. Military, Marine Staff Sgt
  239. Navy Admiral
  240. 'Tuskegee Airmen' '100th Fighter Squadron; Overseas Pilot, POW'
  241. WWII Veteran. Member of the Arkansas House of Representatives (1961-94) Was Speaker of the Arkkansas House of Representations (1981-83)
  242. Navy Admiral
  243. WWII OSS veteran, born 1925. Piloted a submersible boat to spy on the Japanese coast for the planned invasion, before Japan surrendered
  244. Pearl harbor survivor
  245. USS Arizona veteran of Pearl Harbor
  246. Lz xray 1965 nam
  247. WWII: USS Gridley (DD-380 ). Entered Pearl Harbor on 8 December 1941, the morning after the attack, together with the USS Enterprise. Also served in the Aleutian Campaign in 1942
  248. Tuskegee Airmen
  249. Retired Rear Admiral of the United States Navy. He served in the Medical Corps and from 1992-1995 was Commander of the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth in Portsmouth, Virginia. Appeared on the US reality show Mole 2: The Next Betrayal
  250. WWII Army veteran. Now lives in Denville, NJ
  251. US Air Force General
  252. Bob McDonald  (2)
    Master Sergeant Bob McDonald is a member of the US Army Chorus and an anthem singer for the Washington Capitals and Washington Nationals. During his free time, McDonald also performs concerts
  253. navy admiral
  254. Lz xray 1965 nam
  255. navy admiral
  256. Vietnam infantry platoon leader in the legendary 173d Airborne Brigade, military theorist who has helped shape the post-Cold War army?s thinking, author of Platoon Leader, The Defense of Hill 781, and The Limits of Glory
  257. Man who claims to be the sailor kissing a nurse on VJ Day in Alfred Eisenstadt's famous Life Magazine photo
  258. army general
  259. Ensign, USN, Landing Ship Tank, USS LST-981 Purple Heart, D-Day Veteran
  260. Member of the famous Doolittle Raiders-Surprise bombing of Tokyo during WWII 'Pilot Crew #13'
  261. WWII - of the legendary K/3/5 marines, fought at Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester, Peleliu; author of 'Hell in the Pacific'
  262. WWII: B-17 bomber pilot in the Pacific. Bomber Barons, 5th BG, 13th AF. 58 missions. Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, and the Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon
  263. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17); survived the Kamikaze attack on May 11, 1945 (Battle of Okinawa) when 390 sailors and airmen were killed and 264 wounded
  264. WWII: Survivor of the failed Operation Jubilee ('Dieppe Raid') on 19 August 1942, when 60% of the mostly Canadian landing force were either killed, wounded or captured
  265. WWII: CBI theater. C-46 Pilot, 26 'Hump' round?trips
  266. WWII: PTO. Survivor of the sinking of the USS Liscome Bay in the Battle of Tarawa on 23 November 1943 when 687 got killed
  267. US WWII vet, born 1921. Army Air Corps, 54th Fighter Squadron mechanic. Worked in the Alaska Aleutian Islands for 28 months, 9 of them in Attu
  268. Medal of Honor, US Army, WWII
  269. WW2 Air ace - 6 Kills - USAAF
  270. navy admiral
  271. WWII: US Navy veteran, USS Balch. Battle of Midway
  272. USS Indianapolis Survivor
  273. Military uss nevada surivor
  274. Medal of honor marines Vietnam
  275. (November 19, 1925 - March 3, 1999) was a United States Naval officer who received the Medal of Honor for his actions while in command of the USS Liberty when it was attacked by Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean on June 8, 1967 during the Six-Day War
  276. John McGrath  (2)
    Member of the 101 airbourne div. company E 506 parachute regiment
  277. POW of War - VietnamAuthor of 'Prisoner of War: 6 years in Hanoi'which give a graphic account of the terribl punishments endured by the US Soldiers (and Heroes!!)
  278. 'Spanish Civil War Veteran' 'International Brigade' 'Irish'
  279. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17); survived the Kamikaze attack on May 11, 1945 (Battle of Okinawa) when 390 sailors and airmen were killed and 264 wounded
  280. JFK- Marine Honor Guard in the funeral of President Kennedy; also met JFK at Camp David
  281. Lz xray 1965 nam
  282. James McIlroy  (2)
    WWII: 393rd Infantry Regiment, 99th Infantry Division. Battle of the Bulge
  283. Tuskegee Airmen ww2
  284. WWII Battle of Britain pilot, one of only 6 remaining
  285. Tornado on 'Gladiators (UK 2008), Royal Marines Commando since the age of 16, having served in Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Somalia and the Gulf.member of the Commando Display Team and is a Marines middleweight boxing champion.
  286. WWII: Served on LST-474 in the Pacific
  287. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941
  288. WWII: CBI (China-Burma-India) theater. C-46 pilot, 90 round trips over the 'Hump'
  289. navy admiral
  290. Retired Navy Admiral
  291. WWII/JFK - US Air Force General who started as a test pilot flying well over 100 different airplanes, served in Europe starting January 1944; leading 40 P-38 fighter planes on D-Day, 370th Fighter Group; met JFK in 1962 at Vandenberg Air Force Base
  292. 'Tuskegee Airmen' (both Maintenance Chief & Pilot)
  293. 'Spanish Civil War Veteran' 'International Brigade' 'British'
  294. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor. Radar Operator at Opana Radar Station; they detected the incoming Japanese planes on Dec. 7, 1941, but were told by their superiors to disregard the sighting. He was at the station at the time of the attack
  295. 'Tuskegee Airmen'
  296. Military ace WW1
  297. American WWII Marine veteran of Guadalcanal and Tulagi, born in 1922. Pictured in a popular photo being carried on a stretcher after being injured at Guadalcanal
  298. Retired Army General
  299. WWII - Ace, 5 victories. Pacific Theater. Flew the Hellcat
  300. Military, 15th Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force
  301. WWII - D-Day, Omaha Beach. 1st Platoon, L Co., 16th Inf. Regt., 1st Infantry Division. First man to step on Omaha Beach
  302. marine corps general
  303. army general
  304. Cold War: RB-47 navigator flying over the Barents Sea in July 1960, shot down by a Soviet MiG. He was held as prisoner and came home Jan. 27, 1961, greeted by President Kennedy
  305. WWII: 92nd Bomb Group, 8th AF. Decorated combat pilot. Lead bomber on the Second Raid on Schweinfurt, 14 October 1943. Founded the West Virginia Air National Guard
  306. Lz xray 1965 nam
  307. WWII: Survived the sinking of the USS Squalus in 1939
  308. WWII: CBI. Last surviving officer of Merrill's Marauders aka Unit Galahad, officially named the 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional), a US Army long range penetration special operations jungle warfare unit. Bronze Star, Purple Heart
  309. Navy Admiral
  310. American WWII-Pilot, Sole Surviving Pilot Of The 'Lost Squadron'
  311. Herbert Raymond McMaster ) is a retired United States Army Lieutenant General who served as the 26th United States National Security Advisor from 2017 to 2018. He is also known for his roles in the Gulf War, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi
  312. WWII: ETO. D - Day (Utah Beach, 2nd wave), Battle of Normandy, Battle of the Bulge. Trained with 519th Ordnance, served in combat with 546th Ordnance
  313. Author - Bravo Two Zero, Immediate Action
  314. air force general
  315. Pearl Harbor survivor 7 Dec 1941. Served on U.S.S. Pennsylvania
  316. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17); survived the Kamikaze attack on May 11, 1945 (Battle of Okinawa) when nearly 400 sailors and airmen were killed and more than 260 wounded
  317. WWII: PTO. War criminals guard in the Japanese trials, guarding the 'Beat of Bataan', General Masaharu Homma
  318. Former Australian General, Chief of Defence Force Staff 1982-1984
  319. Man who claims to be the Sailor kissing a nurse on VJ Day in Alfred Eisenstadt's famous Life Magazine photo
  320. army general
  321. medal of honor army vietnam
  322. Sergeant, USA, Pathfinders, 506 PIR, 101st Airborne, 'Filthy 13' member SGT McNiece was 1 of 2 members of the 101st that made all 4 jumps, Normandy (D-Day), Holland, Bastogne, & Germany
  323. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, USS Monaghan
  324. air force chief of staff
  325. WWII US Navy veteran and Eisenhower White House aide, born 1925. One of the last living Eisenhower White House staff members
  326. Tuskegee Airmen & 761st Tank Battalion Member
  327. WWII - Pacific. Fighter Ace, 5 victories; US Navy (USS Essex). F6F-5 Hellcat 'Death & Destruction'
  328. WWII: Wake Island Defender: Marine Corps 1st Defense Battalion, POW, Battle of Wake Island, 8-23 December 1941
  329. WWII Pearl Harbor survivor; USS Oklahoma
  330. Admiral; Navy SEAL; was actually in charge of the military operation that went in and got bin Laden
  331. WWII: ETO. Normandy (his first battle was St. Lo), Northern France, Rhineland, Ardennes, Central Europe. HQ Company, 3rd Battalion, 137th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division. Honor Guard for Pres. Truman, Antwerp, Belgium, 1945
  332. Female pilot during WWII
  333. Capt. U.S. Navy & Author of The Sixth Fleet
  334. WWII: Marine Corps veteran of the Battles of Saipan, Tarawa, Tinian and Okinawa
  335. United States Army soldier and a recipient of the United States military's highest decorationâ-'the Medal of Honorâ-'for his actions during the Battle of Okinawa in World War II
  336. WWII: Survivor of the Malmedy massacre(17 December 1944)
  337. clergyman/army general
  338. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941
  339. Most decorated Officer in the 82nd. Airborne
  340. WWII: US Figher Ace, 4th Fighter Group, 334th Fighter Squadron (England-based)
  341. WW2 Veteran-Battle Of The Bulge/Tank Gunner & Medic For General Patton's Tank Corps
  342. World War One Veteran & oldest man in Germany
  343. Fighter ace 6th Night Fighter Sqd
  344. army general
  345. German Flying Ace Of World War 2
  346. German ww2 pilot
  347. WWII soldier who announced the war in Europe had ended
  348. WWII: CBI. Member of Merrill's Marauders aka Unit Galahad, officially named the 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional), a US Army long range penetration special operations jungle warfare unit
  349. WW2 veteran and the last survivor of the sinking of HMS Saracen, a British submarine sunk on 13 August 1943. He is now 91 and lives in a care home in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England
  350. WWII: C Co, 1st Battalion, 175th Infantry, 29th Division. D-Day+1 Omaha Beach, Battle of St. Lo (June 16, 1944 - Hill 108 'Purple Heart Hill'). Fought in Normandy, Holland, Belgium, Germany
  351. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941
  352. 'Easy Company' 'Member of a Band of Brothers'
  353. WWII: PTO. Battle of Peleliu
  354. 20 years US Navy/earned 3 Silver Stars, Bronze Star, Navy Commendation & 13 battle stars/Retired Rear Admiral WW2/author of two World War II submarine history books
  355. US WWII veteran, born 1926. Survivor of the USS Bismarck Sea's sinking at Iwo Jima
  356. 'Member of a Band of Brothers' '101st Airborne Division, 506th Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Easy Company'
  357. Retired General
  358. Retired General
  359. WWII: USMC, featured in the HBO series 'The Pacific'
  360. Lz xray 1965 nam
  361. American soldier, and recipient of the Medal of Honor during World War II
  362. WW2/Seaman USS Submarine USS Dace
  363. WWII: Marine Raider of Co H, 1st Raider Battalion, later 4th Marines 6th Division. Battle of Bougainville, Battle of Guam, Battle of Okinawa
  364. Canadian Infantry, awarded the Victoria Cross on 19th August 1942 for gallantry at Dieppe, France
  365. army general
  366. WWII: D-Day. 82nd AB, 508th PIR, HQ Company, 1st Battalion. Also Operation Market Garden, Battle of the Bulge.Silver Star
  367. Former Marine, Porn star, author,' Secrets of a Gay Marine Porn Star'
  368. WWII - Iwo Jima conqueror, C Company, 24th Regiment, 4th Marine Division. Also fought in the Battles of Roi-Namur, Saipan, Tinian, after WWII in Korean War and Vietnam War
  369. Last surviving witness to the German surrender of WWII
  370. Royal millitary
  371. WWII: ETO. 508th PIR, 82nd Airborne Division. Wounded in Operation Market Garden near Nijmegen, Netherlands, he was left for dead. Captured by the SS, he became a POW (Stalag XII-A, Stalag VII-A), was interrogated by Heinrich Himmler
  372. Iran Hostage Crisis/444 days of captivity as a hostage in Iran/Political Officer
  373. navy admiral
  374. WWII: PTO. USS Hornet (CV-8). Doolittle Raid
  375. One of only twelve known survivors of the Khmer Rouge imprisonment in the S-21 Tuol Sleng camp, where more than 16,000 Cambodians were sent for execution
  376. Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Afghanistan
  377. Lz-xray-idarag valley-we were soldier- is a ret general
  378. George Meyer  (2)
    WWI balloonist, George Meyer part of the 14th Observation Balloon Company within the 5th Balloon Squadron
  379. USS. Utah survivor (Pearl Harbor 7 December 1941); served later on USS Detroit CL-8 and watched the surrender ceremony onboard USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945. Also Battles at Attu, Kiska, Iwo Jima and Okinawa
  380. US Army Col. (1869-1955). Wounded in Cuba during the Spanish-American War, served on the Mexican border, then WWI
  381. POW Camp: Stalag 7A Prisoner
  382. German ww2 pilot
  383. WWII veteran and car designer, born 1926. Served on the USS Bunker Hill, surviving 2 kamikaze attacks, once jumping off board to avoid a fire that killed hundreds. Later gained fame as the designer of the classic dune buggy car, named the Meyers Manx, rid
  384. Medal of Honor Recipient-(29,Nov.1950)-Korean War
  385. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor 7 December 1941; Fort Kamehameha
  386. WWII/JFK: Served in the Marine Corps in the Pacific, 2 Purple Hearts. Invited and chaired the famous meeting of the Houston Ministerial Association for Sen. John F. Kennedy to allay fears about a Catholic president
  387. WWII: 82nd Airborne, made all 4 combat jumps (Sicily, D-Day, Market Garden, Varsity)
  388. Baseball / 1954-55 / Shortstop that Appeared in 17 Games / Carrer Cut Short When he Joined the Service. WWII Veteran
  389. Edward Stanley Michael (May 2, 1918 â-' May 10, 1994) was a United States Army Air Forces officer and a recipient of the United States military's highest decorationâ-'the Medal of Honorâ-'for his actions in World War II
  390. WW2 Battle of Britain pilot and Spitfire pilot in the RAF. Born in 1920, he joined 234 Squadron at St Eval in September 1940. He was taken POW and interned in various camps including Stalag Luft III. He is now 96 and lives in the UK
  391. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, USS Vestal
  392. Nazi during WW2. As of 2010 resides in Kiel in Germany
  393. French General, fought in the French maquis
  394. WW2 Veteran-Battle of The Bulge
  395. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Chicago (CA-29), which was sunk by air attack during the Battle of Rennell Island, 30 January 1943
  396. Military, Secretary of the Navy
  397. United States diplomat and secretary of the Navy
  398. WWII Missouri veteran who took a knee to show solidarity with football players
  399. Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 Dec 1941. Served on USS San Francisco. Was also involved in Battle of Midway, Battle of Wake Island, raids on Gilbert and Marshalls islands, Battle of Cape Esperance, Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, landed at Peleliu
  400. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941
  401. WWII: PTO. USMC: Guadalcanal. Defended Henderson Field. First Marine Raider Battalion
  402. Retired Navy Admiral
  403. army general
  404. WWII - WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots). Flew a variety of other aircraft, including co-piloting the B-17 Bomber and flying the P-40
  405. Retired General
  406. world war 2 fighter ace- 5 Kills - USAAF
  407. WWII: PTO. USMC. Company K, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division (K-3-5). Friend of E.B. Sledge, featured in 'The Pacific'
  408. air force general
  409. Tuskegee Pilot
  410. Harry Miller  (3)
    WWII: ETO. Battle of the Bulge. 740th Tank Battalion ('Daredevil Tankers')
  411. John Miller  (8)
    US WWII vet, born 1924. 34th Infantry Division, 168th Regiment, Company B, took part in Anzio and Po Valley campaigns in Italy
  412. Veteran of WWII, Korean War & Vietnam War born 4/16/1925. He is a highly decorated retired lieutenant general in the United States Marine Corps
  413. Rear Admiral Commander Carrier Strike Group 11
  414. us navy admiral
  415. WWII: US Navy. Survied the sinking of the USS Bismarck Sea in the Iwo Jima campaign
  416. US Army General
  417. WWII: D-Day. USS Arkansas. Later at Iwo Jima
  418. WWII - WASP pilot. Commanding Officer of the WASP stationed at Love Field, Dallas; flew every type of aircraft, training, cargo, fighter, and twin and four-engine bombers, experimental
  419. medal of honor army korean war
  420. General Mark A. Milley is the 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation's highest-ranking military officer, and the principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Council
  421. WWII Ace, P-38, 5 Victories - USAAF
  422. WWII - Bill Millin who was the Piper of the 1st Special Service Commando Brigade, and was amongst the more noticeable men to land on D-Day as he played the Brigade ashore with his bagpipes under enemy fire. Pictured in 'The Longest Day'
  423. WWII Veteran, born June 1920
  424. Andy Mills  (2)
    WWII - Chief Steward onboard the USS Yorktown (CV-5), Battle of Midway survivor
  425. Catalina pilot archie mills battle of midway
  426. US WWII D-Day paratrooper, 502nd Parachute Regt, 101st Airborne. Witnessed Eisenhower's D-Day talk to the group
  427. Frank Mills  (2)
    'Spanish Civil War Veteran' 'International Brigade' 'British'
  428. WWII: ETO. Battle of Normandy, Battle of the Hürtgen Forest, Battle of the Bulge (taken POW Dec. 18, 1944 in Fouhren, Luxembourg; first at Stalag II-A, then a 5-month-death march across Germany from one POW camp to another). 109th Infantry, 28th Div
  429. British RAF pilot of the 19th Squadron
  430. British ace from WW2
  431. WW2 Air ace - 5 Kills - US Navy
  432. WWII: Bataan Death March survivor
  433. USS Indianapolis Survivor
  434. U.S.S. Indianapolis Survivor
  435. Was a Security guard at Area 51
  436. WWII: Marine PFC on Sand Island during the Battle of Midway, 4 June 1942. His battle station was the wooden searchlight control tower from where he witnessed the Japanese attack on the island
  437. WWII: D-Day, Carentan, Operation Market Garden. Dog Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR (Screaming Eagles). Jumped into Normany in Stick 60 (C-47 42-100874), wounded at Carentan, returned and seriously wounded during Operation Market Garden
  438. American reporter covered the Civil Rights Movement and who was a WWII veteran on the USS Stephen Potter; he saw the Kamikaze attack on the Bunker Hill and his ship tried to rescue survivors
  439. WWII: PTO. He served in seven major battles in the Pacific Theater. He was the last crew member standing from the USS Hoel DD-533 which was sank in the Battle of Samar, 25 October 1944
  440. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941
  441. Was Hitler's bodyguard in the bunker until Hitler committed suicide, he's living in Berlin Born: 07/29/1917
  442. WWII American Fighter Pilot Ace.
  443. WWII Pearl Harbor survivor 7 Dec 1941, USS Jarvis
  444. USS Indianapolis Survivor
  445. Retired Navy Admiral
  446. WWII and Korean War Veteran, was taken POW during the Korean War and Received the MOH (Medal of Honor) for going above and beyond the call of duty
  447. vietnam war air force hero
  448. medal of honor army korean war
  449. WWII fighter Ace (8.5 kills) & Lt. General - USAAF - DSC flew the p-51
  450. Retired Navy Admiral
  451. USS Indianapolis Survivor
  452. Medal of honor marines vietnam
  453. WWII: ETO. US Army (England, France and Germany). Guard at the Nuremberg War Trials
  454. army general
  455. WWII: ETO/'Mighty Eight'. Copilot on B-17 #42-3413 'Hard Luck!'. 350th Bomb Sqdn, 100th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. 'Hard Luck' crashed, after tanks ran dry, on 14 Aug 1944. Captured on 17 Aug. POW at Stalag Luft 4 for the rest of the war
  456. British pilot who torpedoed the German battleship Bismarck in 1941
  457. Veteran pilot who helped sink the Bismarck in WWII
  458. JFK - Marine Color Guard serving in official functions for the Kennedy adminstration as well as at JFK's funeral
  459. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17); survived the Kamikaze attack on May 11, 1945 (Battle of Okinawa) when 390 sailors and airmen were killed and 264 wounded
  460. German ww2 pilot
  461. American WWII-Fighter Ace & Lt. General - USAAF - 8 Kills - DSC
  462. WWII: He was in charge of the searchlights in the Battle of Guadalcanal and later in the invasion of Sicily and Italy
  463. Wasp - wwii Flew the AT-6, p-40, p-51, p-39, j-3 piper cub, p-63, p-47, p-39,
  464. WWII: D-Day, 467th AAA Automatic Weapons Squad, he and his squad took out German WN65 ('resistance nest')
  465. African American Black History figure/Arkansas 'hidden figure' the first person to design a U.S. Navy ship using a computer
  466. 1051st Quartermaster Company, provided food & clothing to Tuskegee Airmen. Recieved Gold Medal from President Bush with Tuskegee Airmen. Chaplin to Tuskegee Airmen East Coast Chapter. 'Bodyguard to Martin Luther King from Selma Alabama to Montgomery'
  467. WWII: Survivor of the sinking of the SS Leopoldville on Dec. 24, 1944
  468. Vietnam War Veteran and retired US Army Lieutenant General. Is 93 years old now
  469. Lz x-ray 1965 nam wrote we were soldiers with joe galloway 87 years old- 2 war veteran
  470. Tuskegee Airmen 'Crew Chief' 'Staff Sergeant'/302nd FS, 99th FS & 332nd FG/Italy 1943-1945
  471. commander of the British land forces during the Falklands War
  472. John Moore  (8)
    WW2 veteran. Author of The Wrong Stuff
  473. World War II Veteran, D-Day Invasion, 101st Airborne Division
  474. WWII: PTO. USS Hornet (CV-8)
  475. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, USS West Virginia (BB-48)
  476. Tom Moore  (7)
    British war hero born 1920 who raised more than 30 million dollars to Corona charity by walking in his yard. 2020 fundraising walk..Also the oldest person to have a number 1 hit in the UK With song you will never walk alone
  477. William Moore  (2)
    WWII: No. 138 (Special Duties) Squadron; dropping secret agents into occupied Europe, picking folks up, dropping supplies, cooperating with the French Maquis. Later bombing raids all over Europe
  478. navy admiral
  479. Retired Admiral
  480. navy admiral businessman
  481. air force general
  482. Retired Air Force General
  483. WWII: US Navy. Survied the sinking of the USS Bismarck Sea in the Battle of Iwo Jima
  484. Former Millitary president, Peru
  485. Army sniper vietnam- 53 kills
  486. WWII Fighter Ace - 6 Kills - US Navy
  487. WWII Fighter Pilot Aviation Ace (8 Kills) USAAF, 49 Fighter Group, 8 Fighter Squadron (5 victories w/this squadron), 1FG, 24PG - DSC, flew the p-38, p-39, p-51, p-80, and the f-86
  488. Jean Morel  (2)
    WWII: D-Day veteran
  489. José Moreno  (3)
    Born: November 1918. Former POW, last veteran of the Basque army
  490. WWII: Tuskegee Airmen; last Tuskegee Airmen from Louisiana
  491. WWII: D-Day paratrooper. Flew into Normandy aboard C-47 Skytrain 42-92841 'Turf & Sport Special' and dropped to St. Mere-Eglise on June 6, 1944; Normandy (Hill 195), Battle of the Bulge, Rhineland. 508th PIR, 82nd AB
  492. WWII: ETO. 16th Armored Division . Battle of the Bulge
  493. David Morgan  (3)
    British fighter pilot, the most successful pilot of the 1982 Falklands War with 4 air victories, is living in Dorset
  494. Survivor of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis
  495. WWII - Medic 82nd AB, 505th PIR made four combat jumps (Sicily, Italy, D-Day LaFiere Bridge, Holland), participated in six battle campaigns in the European Theatre of Operations. Bronze Star, Purple Heart
  496. Survivor of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis
  497. James Morgan  (2)
    WWII - Civilian Pearl Harbor survivor, Navy Base, 11y; his father David Jay Morgan was serving on the USS Ward (fired 1st US shots in WWII), survived the attack and his name is engraved on the crew list by the gun memorial today
  498. Joe Morgan  (4)
    WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. Aircraft Utility Squadron Two (VJ-2) , Ford Island
  499. ww 11 army air corps hero
  500. pilot memphis belle