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  1. Anthropologist who during the 1970's, lived in Papua New Guinea studying The Abelam people, their ceremonies and religious beliefs. She also worked for the Papua New Guinea government collecting artefacts for the country's museums
  2. Jimmy Adcock  (2)
    Time Team Geophysics and Survey
  3. Iranian History Professor who has been jailed for being outspoken in Iran.
  4. John 'Jack' Agnew, one of the original members of a U.S. Army unit that operated behind enemy lines in World War II and is often credited with having loosely inspired the novel and movie 'The Dirty Dozen,'
  5. First CMSgt of the Air Force
  6. Former Assistant Special Watergate Prosecutor
  7. Leading television news historian. Former news director, reporter, on-air anchor, talk show host and producer. Winner of over 50 prestigious journalism awards. Eyewitness to the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Author of Anchoring America
  8. Canadian Art Historian and Author. Member of the Order of Canada
  9. Author, World War II historian
  10. Canadian Historian. Member of the Order of Canada
  11. Egyptologist & Art Historian at Kennesaw State U. Her interests include Ancient Egyptian materials, forgeries & authenticity. She is on Egypt's Unexplained Files & Pyramids: the Secret Builders
  12. Holocaust survivor...Writer/Poet
  13. Filipino American historian, content creator, and a renowned culture bearer
  14. Active civil rights demonstrations & voter registration drives. Worked with activist Medgar Evers & participated in the 1961 Freedom Rides. Author of Autobiography of a Freedom Rider: My Life as a Foot Soldier for Civil Rights (2011)
  15. Professor Michael Antony Aston FSA was an English archaeologist known for the Channel 4 TV series Time Team which he appeared on between 1994 to 2011
  16. Lived on Alcatraz as a child when 4 prisoners famously attempted escape in 1962 (Eastwood's 'Escape from Alcatraz'), digging through walls and disappearing forever (save 1) on a homemade raft. Now 1 of the prison's most prominent historians
  17. French philosopher, author and historian. Wife of Robert Badinter
  18. American journalist at The Washington Post. Frequently appears on the Meet the Press and the PBS program Washington Week. Co-wrote The Battle for America 2008 with the late Pulitzer Prize winner Haynes Johnson. Served in the military
  19. Holocaust survivor...Author
  20. Noted critic, educator, and historian Born: 11/30/1907
  21. Holocaust survivor.. Writer
  22. Dame Winifred Mary Beard, is an English scholar, classicist, TV presenter & author
  23. Film historian, commentator on various classic DVDs
  24. Historian/biographer. Taught at Yale University. Two Pulitzer Prize's John Quincy Adams and the Foundations of American Foreign Policy (1949) won the Pulitzer Prize for its sequel, John Quincy Adams and the Union (1956)
  25. British WWII Veteran, RAF
  26. Helped in the development of the Wellness Community in 1982, which focused on the social and emotional health of cancer patients
  27. Great-Granddaughter of American Socialite, philanthropist, and survivor of the sinking of the Titanic, Margaret Brown, better known as 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown' She is a Titanic Historian
  28. She wrote the book my true story of the holocaust
  29. Author and jewelry historian, jewelry expert and collector of period and modern jewels
  30. Archaeologist and Historian, Professor of Mediaeval Archaeology, Oxford University.
  31. libraian of congress writer historian
  32. Holocaust survivor, writer, poet, translator and activist
  33. Ph.D., founded the Eleanor Roosevelt Project and chairs its advisory board. She is a director of the Roosevelt Instititue, human rights chair of the No Limits Foundation, Research Professor of History and International Affairs at George Washington Univers
  34. Time Team Pottery Specialist
  35. libearian of congress writer historian
  36. Architect / Historian
  37. Polish Male Holocaust Survivor
  38. Broadway: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (Wonka), Spamalot (Historian, Dad, French Guard, Minstrel, Prince Herbert), Thoroughly Modern Millie (Jimmy), Amour (standby for Dusoleil), Footloose (Willard), Jesus Christ Superstar. Off-Broadway: Elegies: A Son
  39. Polish Former Author - Novels - 'I Dared to Live', 'Roma, During Two Invasions', 'Between Two Worlds', 'Glimpses of West Africa'
  40. Freelance historian and biographer who works under commission or sponsorship
  41. Member of The Ritchie Boys (Born Nov. 11, 1923) was responsible for uncovering more than half the combat intelligence on the Western Front during World War 2 now 97 years old
  42. 14th Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, the first African American and first historian to serve as head of the Smithsonian
  43. Belgian Former Female Holocaust Survivor (World War 2)
  44. Co-author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898 & author of Forgotten Patriots: The Untold Story of American Prisoners During the Revolutionary War which won the 2009 Fraunces Tavern Museum Book Award
  45. Spanish Former Female Historic Person - Member Of The Socialist Youth Of Catalonia (PSUC) During The Spanish Civil War. She Was The Last Living Survivor Of The Nazi Concentration Camp 'Ravensbrück'.
  46. American historian and journalist, best known for his books on the American Civil War. Known as a narrative historian/Pulitzer Prize in 1954 for A Stillness at Appomattox
  47. Historian of Birmingham
  48. Chinese Australian aviation writer, photographer and vlogger
  49. World War 2 historian and author
  50. Paul Clancy  (2)
    Author and historian
  51. (Born July 26, 1919) was a civilian employee for Army Intelligence and an American Red Cross volunteer stationed in India during World War II
  52. Survivor of SF Earthquake of 1906. Born:10/09/ 1902.Rose Cliver is thought to be the last known San Francisco born survivor of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. One of only three remaining from this historic event
  53. Author of the Other Side of the River, South Carolina Historian
  54. British Historian
  55. African Americans' rights activist, Pioneer of the African American civil rights movement; Nine months before Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus, 15-year-old Colvin refused a bus driver?s orders to relinquish her seat and was arrested
  56. British writer, British historian, became one of the best-known writers on the Soviet Union
  57. American historian, author, and educator
  58. French resistant and historian
  59. Forensic Archaeologist, Channel 4's Time Team.
  60. RIBA Chartered Architect, Professional Wrestling Historian and Author
  61. British World War 2 historian and author
  62. Vietnam/Commanded the 198th Signal Detachment, which was attached to the 118th Assault Helicopter Company/He photographed mission
  63. Native American Historian belongs to the Crow Tribe. Became the last Crow War Chief during WWII. Grandfather was a scout for George Custer. Appeared in Ken Burns' 'The War'
  64. Dr Who worked on JFK After he was shot
  65. Author/Screenwriter/Playwright/Historian 'The Fallen Idols of Father Brown'
  66. Time Team Field Archaeologist
  67. Author, aviation specialist
  68. Author of A Garden of Thorns, a memoir about surviving Nazi occupation in France including becoming a junior agent performing reconnaissance missions for the French resistance at age 13
  69. JFK - Jerry Dealey, Dallas historian/assassination researcher, is of the Dealey family who gave the Plaza its name. Dealey Plaza was named after the founder of the Dallas Morning News, George B. Dealey, Jerry's great grandfather's brother
  70. Professor, author, and curator of Le Musée Fragonard in Maisons-Alfort
  71. Journalist, Film Historian
  72. French Egyptologist. Born: 11/17/1913, known for her role in the preservation of the Nubian temples (e.g. Abu Simbel) from flooding caused by the Aswan Dam
  73. Author Of Many Historical Books, Including The Pulitzer-Prize Winning 'Guns, Germs, And Steel'
  74. Romanian Diplomat, Writer, Historian. Born: 08/18/1916
  75. American author & historian. His 1999 book Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II won the National Book Award for Nonfiction & the Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction. Executive producer of Hellfire: A Journey from Hiroshima
  76. Civil war historian and author
  77. Author and founding executive director of the International Spy Museum and a 35 year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He served 25 years as a case officer in its Clandestine Service, primarily in Europe and the Middle East
  78. Historian
  79. Military, Coast Guard
  80. Ken Farmer  (2)
    Antiques Road Show
  81. President-Elect, to be the first female President of Harvard University
  82. Austrian Holocaust survivor, lecturer, and community leader. Born: May 28, 1913)
  83. Historian, author. Professor of Political and Financial History. Presenter and author of 'Empire' on Channel 4.
  84. Historian, author, State University of West Georgia - professor emeritus
  85. Presidential historian and author mainly on FDR and Harry Truman
  86. Author and founder and President of the Bob Feller Act of Valor Award Foundation. The foundation's goal is totell the story of the greatest generation of National Baseball Hall of Fame players that served in WWII led by Bob Feller, etc
  87. Now 90 years old (2021) grew up in northern New Mexico during the Manhattan Project. Her ancestors were Hispano homesteaders who built the Romero Cabin, an important pre-Manhattan Project structure at Los Alamos
  88. Broadcaster for NHL Hockey for the MSG Network. Hockey Historian and author
  89. American Army officer for thirty years He was awarded the Soldierâ-?s Medal for heroism and the Bronze Star for valor before retiring as a Col in 1993. Author of The Final Invasion: Plattsburgh, the War of 1812's Most Decisive Battle
  90. American attorney and women's rights activist
  91. historian
  92. historian
  93. Author and historian
  94. Author/historian
  95. The only child of Spain's Caudillo, dictator, General Francisco Franco
  96. Historian. Born: 01/02/1915
  97. Historian
  98. Buffalo Bill museum director and biographer
  99. Sports historian who wrote extensively about the Yankees and collaborated with his wife on lively oral histories of Brooklyn, the Catskills and Broadway
  100. Collaborated with her husband on lively oral histories of Brooklyn, the Catskills and Broadway
  101. Vintage Burlesque Dancer / Historian / writer
  102. Polish historian specializing the the history of Polish Jews in Warsaw
  103. Holocaust survivor
  104. Spanish Civil war veteran (Born: 1918) Nationalist Army. Promoted to captain in 1942. Awarded four medals. Military historian, author, and teacher. Age: 98. Lives in Spain
  105. American literary critic, teacher, historian, filmmaker and public intellectual who currently serves as the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard
  106. Historian, Author & Speaker/Founder of the Dallas County Assassination
  107. author historian (savage reprisals, freud)
  108. Time Team
  109. Mel Gibson's father. Also is a World War 2 veteran
  110. Historian of over 70 books, official biographer of Sir Winston Churchill
  111. Noted jazz critic, music historian, composer & jazz pianist. Wrote books The History of Jazz and Delta Blues
  112. Author 'The Doolittle Raid'; one of the few Honorary Members of the Doolittle Raiders
  113. 'Girl in Blue'/Standing on a concrete pedestal at the corner of Houston & Elm Streets in Dealey Plaza, eleven-year-old Toni Glover witnessed 1963 assassination
  114. 1967 Pulitzer Winner for 'Exploration and Empire'! Also wrote 'The West of the Imagination' & 'Army Exploration in the American West, 1803-1863!
  115. Uruguayan professor, Director of Education and Minister of Defense under President Luis Lacalle. Writer, 'Women and Politics in Uruguay'
  116. British journalist and historian who was working as as a freelance journalist in Cuba in 1963 and interviewed revolutionary Che Guevara and later confirmed his body in 1967. He was the only witness in Bolivia who had actually met Che Guevara
  117. American paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, and historian of science. He was also one of the most influential and widely read writers of popular science of his generation/Winner of numerous awards
  118. Reverend to Rosa Park's Church; Secretary of the MIA aka Montgomery Improvement Association that helped support the boycott, appeared at meetings led by MLK
  119. Dallas detective who wrestled the gun away from Jack Ruby after he shot Lee Harvey Oswald
  120. British born Canadian historian and author. The Winnipeg Free Press has called her 'one of Canada's best-loved writers of popular history and literary biography.'
  121. noted Olympic historian/famed producer of Olympic films
  122. Author/'No Case To Answer' a book about the JFK Assassination & is a JFK Assassination researcher
  123. Politician
  124. Author of 10 Louisiana French-Creole cuisine cookbooks & proprietor of New Orleans' Antoine's Restaurant, est. 1840. Noted Creole culinary historian & resident of French Quarter for more than 3 decades & studied at the Le Cordon Bleu
  125. Author and Titanic expert; president and co-founder of the Titanic International Society
  126. The Poland native also founded the 1939 Club, an organization of Holocaust survivors, and was a board member of the L.A. Museum of the Holocaust
  127. Historian to time team programme in uk
  128. Writer, Literary Critic, Historian. Born: 09/05/1908
  129. American-born Israeli author/journalist. Has been active in Middle East reconciliation efforts. Chairman of Open House, an Arab-Jewish educational project in the working class town of Ramle. Featured in the 1984 documentary film Kaddish
  130. Historian & writer of numerous books on Texas & Western history/2 Spur Awards/Texas: An Album of History: From the Frontier to Spindletop/Texas: From Spindletop through World War 2/Sam Houston/Passionate Nation: The Epic History of Texas
  131. Was a 28-year-old nurse working at the hospital where President John F. Kennedy was brought after his assassination on Nov. 22, 1963, said the bullet was found between his ear and shoulder
  132. Administrator for the Clark County Museum System in Las Vegas, NV, most called-upon expert featured on The History Channel's 'Pawn Stars', has also appeared on The History Channel's 'American Restoration'
  133. Writer of Military works/military historian, with a focus on the military campaigns of the United States Marine Corps, and military action in World War II
  134. Painter, writer, lecturer, and family historian. Grandson of Oscar Hammerstein. He has devoted much of his life to studying and preserving his family's heritage and their contribution to American culture
  135. Producer, director, author, photographer and pilot. President of Handleman Filmworks. Owner of Handleman Sky Ranch. Director of the Michigan Air Guard Historical Association. Has served on more than thirty civic and charitable boards
  136. Historian/Writer. Born: 09/29/1915
  137. Owner and President of Treasure Town, formed the Treasure Town YouTube channel in August 2017
  138. Egyptologist / Archaeologist
  139. Great Great Grandson Of Jefferson Davis
  140. Author of The Great Dissent, which won the Robert F. Kennedy Book Award and the Hugh M. Hefner Free Speech Award. Professor of law at Seton Hall Law School
  141. American paleontologist known for the discovery of a Tyrannosaurus rex in South Dakota on August 12, 1990 largest specimen of a T. rex found and one of the most complete skeletons
  142. German ww2 veteran and pow and author
  143. 7 year old President expert She has been on ELLEN several times
  144. Finish WWII Veteran
  145. Author and historian
  146. German historian and publicist
  147. Born: 1934. Jamaican-born writer, journalist and historian. He is best known for his work on the West Indian Gazette and his books portraying the West Indian community in Britain such as 'Journey to an Illusion'. He lives in the UK
  148. Time Team
  149. Air Force General, Co-Author with Tom Clancy
  150. Dinosaur Hunter
  151. Author of the Pulitzer Prize-nominated The Longest Raid of the Civil War. President of Farmcourt Publishing, Inc
  152. Retired British military historian and former Professor of Military and Naval History at Yale University; full name is Sir Michael Eliot Howard
  153. Unverified British World War 1 Veteran. Born 06/12/1900, Lives in Accrington,Lancashire.(England)
  154. Turkish Ottoman Empire Historian
  155. Armed Forces Expert
  156. Author, actor, Hollywood historian and wife of Jon Provost, the original Timmy from Lassie. Former stand-up comic. Writer/producer of documentaries, tv series and specials, including the 20th Anniversary of the Mary Tyler Moore Show
  157. Born in Reunion on July 25 , 1917, is a retired schoolteacher who was a volunteer paramedic during World War II
  158. French Politician/Economist. Born: 11/13/1910
  159. Author, historian
  160. Doug Jones  (8)
    Former Alabama Democratic Senator
  161. Supercentenarian 26th Oldest person in the world. Born: 10/17/1898. Lives in Tenn
  162. Historian
  163. Boxing Historian described as 'the leading authority on the Sweet Science' by the New York Times; World Boxing Hall of Fame inductee
  164. American journalist and historian, who reported on the Vietnam War in its entirety and covered the story of The 1955 Le Mans disaster that resulted in the most catastrophic accident in motorsports history. He now lives in Washington, D.C., USA
  165. American historian, and professor at Georgetown University. He is co-editor of Dissent magazine
  166. Politican
  167. American author & historian. Won the 2016 National Book Award for Nonfiction for Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America. Founding dir of the Anti-Racist Research & Policy Center at American University
  168. diplomat/historian
  169. Historian
  170. WW2 POW who built a pinhole camera from cardboard scraps & used smuggled-in photo supplies to take photographs of fellow malnourished Marines/risked death from Japanese captors to build the camera, to document the horrors the POW's endured
  171. WWII Veteran
  172. Journalist, filmmaker, playwright, arts therapist, pop culture historian and author of 'Slimed!: An Oral History of Nickelodeon's Golden Age'
  173. Author, World War 2 historian
  174. Dutch Economist, Diplomat, Historian. Born: 05/22/1914
  175. Cultural Anthropologist, museum official, author
  176. Historian/Southeastern Louisiana University professor emeritus of history/known for research into assassination of JFK in which Kurtz theory Oswald did not act alone/'Crime Of Century: Kennedy Assassination From A Historian's Perspective'
  177. Professor of History and Director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University. Co-authored the 10 part Showtime documentary film series and book both titled 'The Untold History of the United States' with Oliver Stone
  178. Historian, author, genealogist. Appeared on the History Detectives on PBS twice. And a national speaker on the topics of genealogy
  179. Film historian, author of the 'Whatever Became of....?' series of books regarding past celebrities
  180. Former Assistant Administrator of Parkland Hospital, on duty at time of JFK and Oswald shootings. Coordinated the hospital's response. Gave his jacket to bloodied Clint hill, who had put his over Kennedy on arrival. Made calls to get a priest and a casket
  181. Author
  182. Illustrator, war correspondent, portraitist, novelist, historian and easel painter
  183. Historian, writer
  184. Author, art historian
  185. Prof. Lewis is a retired soldier. He served with the 9th Infantry Division and the 2nd Ranger Battalion at Fort Lewis, Washington/Wrote 'Omaha Beach'
  186. Time Team
  187. German-American science writer, spaceflight advocate, and historian of science who helped popularize rocketry, spaceflight, and natural history in both Germany and the United States. The crater Ley on the far side of the Moon is named in his honor
  188. Professor predicted Trump's election/Expert witness in more than 75 civil & voting rights cases. Author, White Protestant Nation: The Rise of the American Conservative Movement was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award
  189. 'The Dean of Deanabilia' - curator/archivist of the James Dean Gallery & Fairmount Museum in Fairmount, Indiana
  190. World War II Veteran
  191. British historian, director of the British Museum 2002-, Director of the National Gallery London 1987-2002, Editor of the Burlington Magazine 1981-1987
  192. Scientist/historian
  193. British Art Historian. Born: 11/08/1910
  194. Author of 9 books, including 6 on the Civil War. His research has brought to Civil War enthusiasts original accounts, letters and diaries of Union soldiers who were present at Gettysburg, the Wilderness, Chancellorsville, etc
  195. Author/historian
  196. Author, historian and Eminent Scholar Emeritus of English at Old Dominion University
  197. Film writer, historian and is on the game show Master Minds
  198. Cultural diplomat, editor, radio dance critic and writer for more than 50 years. Furthered the careers of many famous dance figures, notably George Balanchine and Martha Graham. Participated in D-Day while serving in the Navy
  199. Pulitzer Prize winning historian. Author of 'Nicholas and Alexandra' and 'Dreadnought'
  200. African-American author of Freedom's Child: The Life of a Confederate General's Black Daughter which describes her return to VA to learn her family history, as well as stories of her grandfather, CSA General John R. Jones
  201. Historian & Author of 'Truman' & 'John Adams'
  202. Dallas historian/Was recent graduate of Southern Methodist University and working at university when she decided to go see the presidential motorcade. Years later, as Dallas historian, she worked on photographic research for The Sixth Floor
  203. Time team
  204. Author of western train adventures and local historian
  205. Historian
  206. Historian
  207. 20 years US Navy/earned 3 Silver Stars, Bronze Star, Navy Commendation & 13 battle stars/Retired Rear Admiral WW2/author of two World War II submarine history books
  208. Civil Rights Mississippi
  209. German historian who specializes in the history of Nazi Germany and World War II. He is also a German WWII Veteran, as from May 1944 till the end of World War II he served in anti-aircraft auxiliary forces in the engineering corps
  210. Co-Founder of the Champion Tree Project, work to preserve and propagate the genetic heritage of the world's last old growth forest trees
  211. Author and American historian at the University of Texas at Austin
  212. Journalist and the author of three nonfiction books: Three Strides Before the Wire: The Dark and Beautiful World of Horse Racing, W.: Revenge of the Bush Dynasty, and Liberty's Torch: The Great Adventure to Build the Statue of Liberty
  213. Author and historian
  214. Witness to JFK assassination from 7th floor of a building 2 blocks away, while working in a Navy recruiting station
  215. TV host (Weird US), author (Weird NJ, Weird US), co-founder and editor of WeirdNJ magazine
  216. Historian and writer
  217. Jan Morris  (2)
    Welsh historian, author and travel writer
  218. Time team
  219. Architectural Historian.
  220. Maurice Nadeau French literary critic, editor, and historian, 'The History of Surrealism'Born: 05/21/1911
  221. Craig Nelson  (2)
    Historian and award-winning author of the NYT bestseller, Rocket Men, as well as, The Age of Radiance (a finalist for the PEN Award). Former VP and executive editor of Harper & Row, Hyperion, and Random House
  222. Georgia Athletics Association Professor of History at UGA. formerly the Legum Professor of History at William and Mary. historian of the American Civil War and the Gilded Age. specializes in African-American history and Labor history
  223. Archaeologist, found tomb of King Herod
  224. Author, journalist, and multifaceted scholar who has published a variety of works that present multidimensional portraits of African American life. in 1992, she was on the NY Newsday reporting team awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Spot News
  225. Content director for Densho and editor of the Densho Encyclopedia. Formerly a curator and administrator for both the Japanese American National Museum and the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai'i
  226. Historian and author of A Pilot's Journey: Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman - Curtis Christopher Robinson
  227. Historian, Author.
  228. Is an American historian, best known for writing That Noble Dream: The Objectivity Question and the American Historical Profession and The Holocaust in American Life
  229. Holocaust survivor
  230. Author, horticulturist, and historian
  231. Family historian and grand-daughter of the great character actor and stuntman Cap Somers [ 1893 - 1970 (77) ] of him from the docks of New Jersey
  232. American Jesuit priest, professor of English literature, cultural and religious historian and philosopher
  233. American-born Israeli scholar, historian, author and the Israeli ambassador to the United States
  234. Classic car historian, author, consultant and writer.Appears also on Jay Leno Garage
  235. (1905-1990) folklorist, author, & professor/Author; 'This Stubborn Soil' 'A Season of Weathering' 'Walking on Borrowed Land'/In 1942 joined the United States Army as a buck private & was assigned to the intelligence branch
  236. (born 30 January 1918) is a Croatian historian, archivist and orientalist from Herzegovina. He entered the Franciscan Order in 1935 and was ordained for a priest in 1941
  237. 93 Year old German Historian
  238. Social historian and witness to 'the Great Smog of 1952' a severe air-pollution event that affected London during December 1952 that led to the deaths of 12,000 people. He now lives in Bristol, UK
  239. Biblical historian,author
  240. Is an American writer, journalist, and historian. He was presented with the Polish American Historical Society's Haiman Award in 1989
  241. Author: Ike's Final Battle/Biographer & Historian/Served President George W. Bush 5 years. 1999, wrote speeches for Bush Campaign. 2001-03 wrote speeches for Bush White House/Speech Writer for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
  242. Robert Pound, a Harvard physicist whose elegant experiments confirmed a key part of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity and who helped lay the groundwork for the magnetic resonance imaging technology now widely used in medicine
  243. Time Team
  244. Historian TCU Fort Worth/Held Cecil & Ida Green Emeritus Chair TCU History Department/ 1979 to 1980, President Texas Historical Association. Played football with the Los Angeles Rams
  245. Author and historian
  246. Holocaust survivor
  247. Author, historian - Unbroken Will
  248. Estonian-Swedish art historian, editor, and journalist.
  249. American historian of education and educational policy analyst. Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education. In 2013, she joined forces with writer and former teacher, Anthony Cody, to create the The Network for Public Education
  250. Owner of the Venice Beach Freakshow that was once a sideshow attraction located on the historic Venice Beach in California. Had own reality series known as 'FreakShow' on AMC
  251. Futurist, historian, author, keynote speaker, businessman. Books include the award-winning 'Infinite Progress: How Technology and the Internet Will End Ignorance, Disease, Hunger, Poverty, and War.'
  252. Archaeologist and social historian.
  253. Former Executive Director of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame and Museum and now serves as the Cincinnati Reds team historian
  254. American writer and historian. Won a Rona Jaffe Foundation Writers' Award for non-fiction in 2006 and has received awards from the Lannan Foundation, and the New York Foundation for the Arts. She won a 2012 Whiting Award
  255. Author and historian
  256. Archaeologist Presenter, BBC2 Meet the Ancestors, Blood of the Vikings. Mapping the Town, Radio Four.
  257. TCU Professor & Author/'Lone Star Leaders: Power and Personality in the Texas Congressional Delegation' (TCU Press, 2011), 'The Austin-Boston Connection: Five Decades of Democratic House Leadership, 1937-1989'
  258. American educator, historian, and editor
  259. German WWII Veteran, Kriegsmarine
  260. American archaeologist, author, and historian who is known for discovering the site of Henry David Thoreau's house at Walden Pond
  261. Historian. Wrote about the Confederacy and Civil War
  262. Born in 1927, a scholar, historian and author; the daughter of Anna Roosevelt Dall; granddaugther of President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  263. 1961 left college to join the Congress of Racial Equity (CORE) as Freedom Rider, traveled on buses throughout South to protest segregation and challenge the lack of enforcement of laws that made segregation on buses illegal/born 1940
  264. Jeffrey Rosen  (2)
    President & CEO of the National Constitution Center, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate the public about the U.S. Constitution. Professor of law at George Washington University Law School
  265. Author: 'The Grass Was Never Greener'
  266. Comedy Historian & Carry On Films Author
  267. Historian and author
  268. Peruvian Historian. 'History of the Inca Realm'. Born: 08/15/1915
  269. American journalist, writer and historian in Tidewater Virginia
  270. Archaeologist and regular contributor to Channel 4's 'The Time Team'.
  271. Professor, Political Analyst/JFK Book; 'The Kennedy Half-Century: The Presidency, Assassination, and Lasting Legacy of John F. Kennedy'
  272. Writer, Burlesque performer, worked at Exotic World in CA
  273. JFK - Contemporary witness to the Nov. 22, 1963, Dallas motorcade of President John F. Kennedy; saw the President from the 5th floor of the Neiman Marcus building
  274. Author of 1981 book nominated for National Book Award 'Everything we Had': an oral history of the Vietnam War by the men who fought it. Born 1949,founder Asia America Iniative, an Adjunct Professor in the Institute of World Politics
  275. Portuguese Historian and Jurist. Born: 10/03/1919
  276. TV host (Weird US), author (Weird NJ, Weird US), co-founder and editor of WeirdNJ magazine
  277. Egyptologist
  278. Historian / Television Presenter
  279. Author/America's foremost pop historian of serial murder
  280. A Dutch historian who was the last insurgent of the Nazis'
  281. Author, political commentator, and international affairs specialist. Foreign policy advisor to New York State Governor Mario Cuomo during his three terms in office. Son of historian and presidential biographer Arthur Schlesinger Jr
  282. Author and historian - '1000 days: The presidency of JFK'
  283. Legedary writer and history expert
  284. One of the last crew members and survivors of MV Wilhelm Gustloff, which sank after being torpedoed by submarine in 1945 resulting in the greatest ship disaster in history. He is now 86 and recently wrote the book "The Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff"
  285. Holocaust survivor, Italian senator
  286. Paleontology superstar, discovered Afrovenator, Jobaria
  287. American Child Actress,Author and Historian born 1918.knowed as BABY PEGGY in silent movies 1920-28.'Helens Babies','Family Secret','Jack and the Beanstalk','Little Rascal','Hansel and Gretel','Cpt.January' Born: 10/26/1918
  288. Holocaust survivor
  289. Famous film historian and film writer. Author of renowned film histories and a biography of Judy Garland
  290. Author- L.Frank Baum:Royal Historian of Oz
  291. African Americans' rights activist, Former civil rights activist
  292. Author and noted authority on Jewish boxing history. Historical consultant and on-air commentator for 19 boxing docs. Former boxing promoter, Inspector with the NY State Athletic Comm, and a member of the International Boxing Research Org
  293. One of the last survivors of The Halifax Explosion that occured on Thursday, December 6, 1917, when the city of Halifax, Canada, was devastated by the huge detonation of the SS Mont-Blanc. He is now 101 and still lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  294. Time Team
  295. Film Historian and Writer
  296. Author, film historian
  297. Writer and Historian
  298. Tracey Smith  (2)
    Time Team
  299. American lawyer, historian, and lecturer
  300. Is a former officer in the United States Marine Corps and the proprietor of The Globe and Laurel Restaurant in Stafford, Virginia. He served in the Marine Corps for over 29 years and is called 'the living historian of the Marine Corps'
  301. Historial and constitutional expert
  302. Baseball historian. Author of The Colonel and Hug: The Partnership that Transformed the Yankees. Received the 2007 McFarland-SABR Baseball Research Award, honoring authors of the best articles or papers on baseball history or biography
  303. Author, speaker, professor and historian. Publications have focused on the intersection of environmental, social, and legal history. 2-time Pulitzer Prize nominee. Has appeared on numerous radio and television shows
  304. PhD, Historian of American medicine & health policy
  305. W.A.S.P/Women army Service Pilot ww2,flew the b-26, p-39, at-6, pt-19, b-17
  306. Philanthropist, historian is a great-granddaughter of 26th U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt and the granddaughter of Alice Roosevelt Longworth
  307. Writer, broadcaster and historian and great niece of George Mallory, the most famous Everest mountaineer of the 1920s
  308. Independent writer, speaker, historian, and consultant on technology and culture. His book Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences has been an international bestseller
  309. American writer, broadcaster and traveler. The man who made 'Lawrence of Arabia' famous. Fictionalized as 'Jackson Bentley' in the David Lean film 'Lawrence of Arabia'
  310. Supercentenarian, Lives in Flordia, Born: 04/05/1899. 4th Oldest person in the world
  311. Author, Official Major League Baseball Historian
  312. Russo-British monarchist and historian. He is a former parliamentary candidate of the UK Independence Party and is the current nominal head of the House of Tolstoy, a Russian noble family. Direct descendant of Leo Tolstoy
  313. Jon Townsend  (2)
    The proprietor of an Indiana-based store selling eighteenth-century-style clothing and accessories, is also the host of a popular YouTube series
  314. (1920-2009) entrepreneur & civil rights activist, historian & author on African American history, politics, social issues & music/when serving as president of the NAACP Chicago chapter in 1959 coordinated Dr. King?s 1st march in Chicago
  315. Arizona's official historian, author
  316. Canadian Historian/Writer. Born: 05/29/1917
  317. Lyon Gardiner Tyler (1853-1935) He was the youngest son of President John Tyler. Lyon was an American Educator and genealogist. He served as 17th President of The College of William & Mary from 1888 to 1919
  318. Author/historian
  319. Russian born historian and senior researcher with the Yusupov Palace. She has studied Rasputin for 22 years
  320. Member of the Ulster County Historical Society's Bevier House Museum. Working to preserve the history of the wonderful town she calls home
  321. Naturalist/Ethnographer
  322. Author and historian
  323. German author and historian. He is also a German WWII Veteran. He was drafted first into the Reichsarbeitsdienst (auxiliary force), then the Luftwaffenhelfer (child soldier in the air force) and finally into the regular Wehrmacht (the German military)
  324. Journalist, photographer, historian and author
  325. American historian and author, as well as the Inspector General of the Central Intelligence Agency
  326. Historian, Author (Route 66: the Mother Road, Pretty Boy: the Life and Times of Charles Arthur Floyd), Pulitzer Prize Nominee, voice of 'Sherrif' in Cars
  327. World War 2 historian and author
  328. Historian/Photographer/Author/'Time Was in Mineral Wells A Crazy Story but true...'
  329. Egyptologist- TMP
  330. Jerry White  (4)
    Author/historian - London in the Twentieth Century: A City and its People (2001) and Rothschild Buildings
  331. Spy/Hot wars/cold wars & a few sub-war dust-ups/Served in senior positions at the Departments of State and Defense, the CIA, and the White House
  332. French art historian, living in Paris France, granddaughter of Pablo Picasso
  333. Historian, folklorist, writer & teacher. Developed Foxfire Project, writing project led to magazine & series of best-selling Foxfire books, 12 vols. Based on articles Georgia high school students wrote. 1986 Georgia Teacher of the Year
  334. Born in 1917, historian & conservationist; the daughter of Edith Roosevelt Derby; granddaugther of President Theodore Roosevelt
  335. Matt Williams  (5)
    Time Team Field Archaeologist
  336. Award-winning filmmaker (Cabaret of the Dead, Psycho Therapy, The Night Plays Tricks) and an Amazon #1 bestselling author (So L.A. - A Hollywood Memoir).
  337. Historian, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author
  338. Historian, authorUniversity of ArkansasHistory DepartmentFayettville, Arkansas 72701
  339. Uday Hussein's Body Double; Basis of movie 'The Devil's Double' based off his Book
  340. One of Seven Farmers who discovered the Terra Cotta Army
  341. Mexican historian. Born: 02/07/1909
  342. Music Producer/Historian, married to actress Lisa Jane Persky
  343. Wrote the book The Return of Martin Guerre and was historial consultant on the film of the same name
  344. Author of two JFK books 'The Texas Connection' in 1991 and 'The Final Chapter on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy' in 2010/JFK conspiracy theorist points finger at LBJ
  345. Holocaust survivor