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  1. Widow of Allan Sachs, Casino Owner in Vegas Mob Era/His gambling career dating from 1950s, Sachs owned Stardust & Fremont hotel-casinos. He and reputed mob leader Moe Dalitz also opened the Sundance, now Fitzgeralds, in downtown Las Vegas
  2. Widow of Anwar Sadat
  3. Wife Of Colorado Avalanche Hockey Player Joe Sakic
  4. American mentalist and mind reader, Professional Speaker
  5. J d's daughter
  6. Wife of Pierre Salinger, Press Secretary in White House under JFK
  7. Granddaughter of baseball's Dummy Hoy, one of the greats in history
  8. Bernie Sander's wife. Bernie Sanders supporter and social worker. Democrat
  9. Bernie Sanders's Son
  10. Adam Sandler's Wife/Actress
  11. Grand-daughter of Winston Churchill
  12. Great Grandson of Winston Churchill
  13. Sassoon heiress
  14. Is married to A-Ha's Paul Waaktaar-Savoy. Also co-founded and sings in Paul's other band, Savoy.
  15. Granddaughter of Calvin Coolidge
  16. Wife of David Prowse
  17. Wife of Ted Demme, music supervisor for many films
  18. Oskar Schindler's daughter
  19. Oskar Jr Schlegel- Oskar schindler's son
  20. Author, political commentator, and international affairs specialist. Foreign policy advisor to New York State Governor Mario Cuomo during his three terms in office. Son of historian and presidential biographer Arthur Schlesinger Jr
  21. John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg (born January 19, 1993), known as Jack Schlossberg, is the youngest child of Caroline Kennedy and the only grandson of President John F. Kennedy. He graduated from Yale University in 2015
  22. Actress; oldest daughter of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and oldest grandchild of president John F. Kennedy
  23. American journalist and author; daughter of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and granddaughter of president John F. Kennedy
  24. Loki Schmidt, wife of former german chancelor Helmut Schmidt
  25. Journalist & tv-presenter, daughter of former german chancellor Helmut Schmidt
  26. Mother of Rob Schneider
  27. German Housing Consulting, antique Dealer and reality Participant 4 Rooms and one Deal
  28. Son Of Charles Schultz of 'Peanuts'Fame
  29. Model; Wife of Ralf Schumacher
  30. Son of 7 times F1 world champion, Michael Schumacher. Racing in ADAC F4 and Italian F4
  31. American radio personality and singer known for his devotion to traditional pop standards. He has also written novels, short stories, and a memoir. He the son of composer Arthur Schwartz & 1930s Broadway ingénue Kay Carrington
  32. Son of Arnold and Maria, occasional actor/model
  33. Jake Scott  (4)
    Director, Son of Ridley Scott. Directed music videos for Radiohead, George Michael, Pink, R.E.M. U2 and others. Also directed the films, Plunkett & Macleane and Welcome to the Rileys
  34. Daughter of Pete Seeger, Studio Potter at Junction Pots
  35. Jerry Seinfeld's Wife
  36. Former President of the Milwaukee Brewers (1998-2004); daughter of MLB Commissioner Bud Selig
  37. buccaneers LB, brother of Lee Roy Selmon (HOF)
  38. Widow of Rod Serling. Worked on TZ as well
  39. Author. Ernest Thompson Seton's daughter
  40. Ernest Thompson Seton's granddaughter. Speech giver. Author
  41. Eldest of six daughters born to Dr. Betty Shabazz and Malcolm X. Producer, writer, and diplomat, she established the Pilgrimage Foundation in honor of her Father?s spiritual journey to the Holy land
  42. tupac momma
  43. American Christian diet guru, author, wife of Joe Lara
  44. Married to William Shatner 2001-2020
  45. One of William Shatner's daughters, was in the Star Trek episode 'Miri'
  46. One of William Shatner's daughters, starred in the Star Trek episode 'Miri'
  47. Israeli reporter and writer. Was a senior correspondent at the left-of-center Israeli newspaper Haaretz before he resigned when a pattern of sexual misconduct came to public attention. Drafted into the Israel Defense Forces in 1975
  48. Daughter of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards. Only Fans celebrity
  49. Mother of gay hate crime murder victim Matthew Shepard; Executive Director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation
  50. Football Player
  51. Wife of Paul McCartney
  52. Mother of US first lady Michelle Obama
  53. Daughter of Emperor Hirohito
  54. Daughter of actress Deborah Kerr
  55. Founder Of The Special Olympics, Sister To President John F. Kennedy
  56. Former NBC Journalist/First Lady of California/was Married To Arnold Schwarznegger
  57. Former Alabama player, former assistant coach of the Miami Dolphins, Former Alabama coach and son of coaching legend Don Shula.
  58. Son of Actor Jay Silverheels Did the voice of Rocky in the shortlived tv show Kid Power only IMDB entry
  59. American Reform rabbi and the sister of comedians Laura Silverman and Sarah Silverman. In 1997, she and her husband, Yosef Abramowitz, co-authored the book Jewish Family and Life: Traditions, Holidays, and Values for Today's Par
  60. Son of Rev Run and Justine Simmons (Run's House)
  61. Plus-size model, married to former NFL player David Patterson, daughter of Supermodel Beverly Johnson
  62. Widow of Frank Sinatra and Zeppo Marx
  63. Frank Sinatra daughter
  64. Politician; Former CFO of Florida and Democratic nominee in the 2010 Florida gubernatorial election and 2014 campaign for Congress. Great-granddaughter of Chang Bunker, one of the famous conjoined "Siamese Twins" Chang and Eng Bunker
  65. The late Red Skelton's widowed wife
  66. Brother Of Jason Sklar 'Super Sklars'
  67. Great Grandson of Thomas Edison
  68. Football Player and is Married to Solange Knowles.
  69. Canadian voice actress, model and daughter of British wrestler Davey Boy Smith
  70. Son Of Dick Smothers
  71. Son of country singer hank snow
  72. Is a British editor. She is the granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill
  73. Baroness Soames, daughter of Sir Winston Churchill. Born: 09/15/1922
  74. Author; half sister of US President Barack Obama
  75. Billionaire husband of Elle McPherson
  76. Aharon Solomons (b. September 27, 1939) is a freediver and national record holder. Born Ernest Henry Child Simpson, Solomons is the son and only child of Ernest Aldrich Simpson and his third wife, the former Mary Raffray
  77. New York Times bestselling co-creator of the Ladybug Girl series with his wife Jacky Davis, as well as author and illustrator of Three Bears in a Boat and The Monster Next Door
  78. Drummer and Husband of Sarah McLachlan
  79. UK Model married to Vic Reeves
  80. Warren spahn wife
  81. star of Nick's Zoey 101 and Britney Spears' sister, Zoey 101: Chasing Zoey (2008), Sweet Magnolias (2020 - )
  82. Britney and Kevin:Chaotic,Brave New Girl
  83. Wife of film/television producer Aaron Spelling
  84. Vice President for JSA or James Spence Authentication and the son of James J. Spence Jr AKA the founder
  85. Electrical engineer. Father of Steven Spielberg
  86. Gangster Relative's; son of Tony Spilotro, Nancy Spilotro, wife of Tony Spilotro, Meyer Lansky II, grandson of Meyer Lansky
  87. wife of Wizard of Oz munchkin Parnell Elmer St. Aubin
  88. St. Vincent  (2)
    Cara delevingnes girlfriend
  89. Singer & Actor: Rocky, Staying Alive, Barfly, Savage Harbor, Outlaw Force, Heart of Midnight, Fear, Ten Little Indians, Terror in Beverly Hills, The Masque of the Red Death, Hudson Hawk, Tombstone, Movie Stars, Night Claws
  90. astrologer mother of sylvester also on GLOW
  91. Daughter of Sylverster Stallone and model Jennifer Flavin, 75th Golden Globe Awards Ambassador
  92. Daughter of Sylverster Stallone and model Jennifer Flavin, 75th Golden Globe Awards Ambassador
  93. Father of Sylvester played Timekeeper in Rocky
  94. American Casting Director (b: 1927). Brother of actor, Hal Stalmaster (Disney's Johnny Tremain - title role)
  95. Stepbrother and former bodyguard of Elvis Presley - director, writer and subject of the film Protecting the King
  96. David Stanley  (2)
    Memphis Mafia Member, stepbrother of Elvis & personal body guard of Elvis Presley/Author of 'Life With Elvis'
  97. Last wife of stuntman Chuck Roberson (Bad Chuck) John Waynes stuntman for 30 years
  98. Elvis Presley's stepbrother since age five/Traveled with Elvis as his personal assistant and bodyguard/Attended Criswell College in Dallas, Texas on a full scholarship provided to him by Dr. W. A. Criswell after hearing Rick's testimony
  99. Elvis stepmom
  100. author / daughter of claude stanush
  101. Drummer for The Who, Ringo Starr's son
  102. Son of World War II colonel and resistance leader Claus von Stauffenberg
  103. American choreographer and dancer; wife of the musician the Edge (Dave Evans) from the rock group U2. Appeared in the U2 music videos for their songs With Or Without You and Mysterious Ways
  104. Model, stylist, designer; married to Steve Stevens, reality show Married To Rock
  105. Kelly Stewart  (4)
    Daughter of Jimmy Stewart
  106. Model & Actress: Pacific Blue, Going to California, Undeclared, Lost Lake // Daughter of Rod Stewart and Alana Stewart
  107. Hockey Player. Son of Rod Stewart
  108. Actor James 'Jimmy' Stewart's son, brother to Kelly Stewart-Harcourt and Judy Stewart-Merrill
  109. motorsports, son of jackie stewart
  110. James 'Jimmy' Stewart's daughter, twin sister to Kelly Stewart-Harcourt
  111. Clue Club, Battlestar Galactica
  112. Son of the world-famous Lobster Boy Grady Stiles Jr., and like his father, he too was born with ectrodactyly disorder. Grady Stiles III was once featured as a guest on the TV series Freakshow on AMC
  113. Frank Costanza on 'Seinfeld', Arthur Spooner on 'The King of Queens', Father of Ben Stiller
  114. Bram Stoker's Son
  115. Born shirley a. peters, shes the sister of movie star jean peters
  116. Marty stuart's mother, wrote the book last year, choctaw gardens
  117. Co-founder (with husband, Brian Sugar) & Editor in Chief of PopSugar Inc, an American media and technology company & features lifestyle content targeted towards women 18-34, across topics such as beauty, entertainment, fashion, fitness, etc
  118. Mexican sports director - president of the World Boxing Council. Son of Jose Sulaiman
  119. jimmy swaggart's son
  120. Psychic Spy for the CIA. From 1978-1991 worked as the head of the CIA's ''remote Viewing'' department, very covert.Info was declassified about five or six years ago.
  121. Daughter of famed baseball player Lawrence Miggins
  122. John Wayne's grand daughter
  123. Ukrainian amateur boxer, represented his country at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, twin brother of Volodymyr Sydorenko
  124. Ukrainian professional boxer, WBA world Bantamweight champion (2005-08), Valeriy Sydorenko's twin brother