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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag Instrument::Electric_guitar
Browsing Entries matching Tag Instrument::Electric_guitar
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  1. guitarist - the blasters
  2. Country Singer: 19 Top 10 Singles including / Money in the Bank, Seminole Wind, Straight Tequila Night, Black Sheep, Swingin', Wild & Blue, Bend it until it Breaks, I'm just an old chunk of coal, I've got it made
  3. Guitarist/Music Producer
  4. Musician/Guitarist
  5. singer (widespread panic)
  6. drummer (rem)
  7. Contestant On American Idol, Season 4
  8. Vocalist for the band 'Testament'
  9. English Female Singer And Musician - Punk Rock - Plays Guitar. Lead Singer Of Music Group Vice Squad (1978-1985. 1997- )
  10. Tim Brennan  (2)
    Member of band Drop Kick Murphys
  11. blues guitarist (rollof the trumbling dice 1996)
  12. Country Music Singer
  13. Country singer 'All My Friends Say'
  14. guitartist (coldplay)
  15. singer guitarist (bbmak)
  16. Singer & Musician // Sugarland
  17. Lead singer of The John Butler Trio
  18. Jonathan Kenneth Butler is a South African singer-songwriter and guitarist. His music is often classified as R&B, jazz fusion or worship music
  19. guitarist (third eye blind)
  20. Country Singer
  21. Singer/Musician
  22. drummer (coldplay)
  23. Singer/Musician
  24. Singer/Musician
  25. soul-punk singer (a girl like you)
  26. Singer of Dispatch (Band)
  27. jazz-rock guitartist
  28. Singer/Musician
  29. Member of the 'Stampeders' Famous Rock Group from the 70's
  30. Singer/Musician
  31. Musician/Steel Guitarist
  32. Singer/Musician
  33. Singer/Musician
  34. Singer/Musician
  35. guitarist (black crowes)
  36. Singer/Musician
  37. Singer/Musician
  38. Blues Guitarist
  39. Musician/Guitarist
  40. Joe Harris  (5)
    US jazz musician
  41. Country Singer: Flowers on the Wall
  42. Brother of Jimi Hendrix
  43. Lead Guitarist for the band Widespread Panic
  44. Singer/Musician
  45. Singer - son of Waylon Jennings & Jessi Colter
  46. Singer/Musician
  47. Eric Johnson  (7)
  48. Eric Johnson  (9)
    Opera Singer
  49. Was the original drummer in Slipknot, one of his side projects was the Murderdolls, currently in Vimic
  50. Matthew Kelly  (2)
    Professional Speaker, Author / International Evangelist
  51. singer
  52. Singer,songwriter, played in Joe Dirt and Osmosis Jones
  53. Singer/Musician
  54. bassist (dave matthews band) songwriter
  55. Musician/Guitarist
  56. Singer/Musician
  57. Singer/Musician
  58. James Lynch  (2)
    Member of the band Dropkick Murphys
  59. singer, guitarist
  60. singer / songwriter
  61. Singer/Musician
  62. Singer/Musician
  63. Guitarist/Musician
  64. Former bassist for the Australian rock band The Vines. Current bassist for the Australian rock band Youth Group.
  65. Singer/Musician
  66. singer, songwriter
  67. Canadian musician
  68. jazz guitarist composer
  69. Singer/Musician
  70. Singer/Musician
  71. Country Singer/Musician
  72. Singer/Musician
  73. David Nelson  (4)
    David nelson band, grateful dead, old and in the way
  74. german singer - Round'n'Round (1997)
  75. Country Singer & Songwriter
  76. C&W Singer (Take This Job & Shove It)
  77. Former lead singer of 'Ides of March', former keyboardist/vocalist/songwriter of 'Survivor'
  78. singer (grant lee buffalo)
  79. Current Alter Bridge drummer; former Creed drummer
  80. singer/guitarist - 'Blues Image' (Ride Captain Ride - 1970 hit), Classic Rock All-Stars (ensemble tour)
  81. Instrumentalist
  82. Mike Quinn  (3)
    Male Singer
  83. Singer
  84. M2M member, now going solo, sings with Meatloaf
  85. singer, songwriter - indigo girls
  86. Conductor
  87. of Limp Bizkit
  88. Country singer
  89. singer (rascal flatts)
  90. Singer/Musician
  91. Record Producer
  92. Musician and keyboardist for Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment and various solo albums
  93. Former guitarist for Testament, Savatage
  94. Singer/Musician
  95. County Music Singer: If That Ain't Country
  96. Singer/Musician
  97. Ex- Kiss Guitarist (Animalize)
  98. Country Music Artist
  99. Pop Singer/Former Country Singer: Hits Include 'Shake It Off', 'Blank Space', 'Bad Blood', 'Style', 'Red', '22', 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together', 'I Knew You Were Trouble', 'Fifteen', 'Love Story', 'Tim McGraw', 'Teardrops on my Guitar'
  100. does music for video games, hosts Electric Playground on G4
  101. Larry Taylor  (2)
    Canned Heat
  102. guitarist
  103. Country Star - sings The Wild Side of Life... Humpty Dumpty Heart... Oklahoma Hills... Six Pack to Go
  104. Country music artist
  105. Country singer and songwriter 'Mr. Bojangles', 'Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother', Host of 'The Texas connection'
  106. Country Singer
  107. bassist - talking heads tom tom club
  108. Singer/Musician
  109. Jody Williams  (2)
    Joseph Leon Williams (born February 3, 1935, in Mobile Alabama) better known as Jody Williams. In the mid 1950's and 1960's was one of the most sought-after session. guitarists in Chicago
  110. Conductor
  111. Former lead guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne; founder of heavy metal band Black Label Society
  112. Chris Young  (5)
    Country Singer