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  1. Jon Allen  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  2. Male Voice Over Talent
  3. Military
  4. British Politician
  5. Survivor Borneo/All Stars
  6. Medal of honor army vietnam war
  7. air force general assoc. executive
  8. U.S. Representative from Kentucky (2009-??)
  9. medal of honor army vietnam
  10. Retired Command Sergeant Major, Author of the book 'Inside Delta Force'
  11. air force general
  12. air force general businessman
  13. POW, Author
  14. Politician
  15. medal of honor navy vietnam war
  16. Medal of Honor Recipient-USMC-(Mar.11th,1970) Vietnam War
  17. Retired Army General
  18. Retired General
  19. Comanding General US 2nd ID
  20. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
  21. Host of War Stories on Fox News, Author, Fox News Military Analyst, , Iran Contra Affair,now president of the National Rifle Association
  22. Retired Air Force General
  23. SR-71 Pilot and author of the book 'Sled Driver'
  24. Former General of the Polish Army (retired)
  25. navy admiral
  26. Retired General And Former U.S. Air Force Chief
  27. Secretary of the Army (2001-03)
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