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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag Team%3A:Indianapolis_Colts
Browsing Entries matching Tag Team%3A:Indianapolis_Colts
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  1. NFL, DT, Indianapolis Colts 1985. USFL, DT, Los Angeles Express 1983-85. College - USC
  2. Football Player
  3. Football Player
  4. former college/NFL kicker; played for University of Texas, Giants, Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts & Jets; 1X Pro Bowler; member of Giants Super Bowl XXI championship team
  5. Football player Indianapolis Colts
  6. Retired football player played for the baltimore colts debut 1967
  7. football player (33) (cb)
  8. Football player for the Eagles in the NFL plays safety
  9. former college/NFL wide receiver; played for UCLA, Rams, Colts, Redskins and Broncos, owns NFL receiving record one game (336 yds); member of Broncos Super Bowl XXXII championship team; 2nd round pick 1988 NFL Draft
  10. DB Nebraska
  11. NFL, RB, Oakland Raiders 1995-87, Indianapolis Colts 1999. XFL New York/New Jersey Hitmen 2001. College - Central Oklahoma
  12. American Football, Washington Redskins
  13. Retired football player played for the indianapolis colts debut 1998
  14. Football Player
  15. former college/NFL linebacker/guard; played for Muhlenberg College, Browns, Colts, Yanks & Dallas Texans
  16. former Indianapolis colt defensive back
  17. Former NFL, XFL, AFL player
  18. former college/NFL defensive lineman; played for Wake Forest, Colts, Bills & Chiefs; his two brothers, Brian & Rich also played in the NFL
  19. Michael Ball  (3)
    NFL Player (6 seasons all with the Colts)
  20. Mississippi State running back who was the 5th-round draft pick of the Colts in 2012
  21. Former NFL Linebacker, Cleveland Browns 1982-1986, San Deigo Chargers 1987, Indianapolis Colts 1989-1993
  22. NFL fullback for the Oilers (1986) and Colts (1987)
  23. football player (93)(de)
  24. Former NFL football player for the Colts in the 80's.College: Southern Mississippi
  25. Former Colts' TE
  26. Football player
  27. football player (29) (s)
  28. Tony Bennett  (2)
    Retired Linebacker, Played For The Packers, Colts
  29. football player (92) (de)
  30. former NFL player/actor - Indianapolis Colts (1984-94), Los Angeles Rams (1995), Stanley Marshall's Myth (2004), New Alcatraz (2002), Jerry Maguire (1996)
  31. former college/NFL linebacker; played for USC, Colts, Panthers & Seahawks; 1985 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year; 1987 Pro Bowl selection
  32. NFL - Indianapolis Colts 2006
  33. football player (41)(s)
  34. Former NFL Player; played for Seattle Seahawks and Indianapolis Colts
  35. Former Indianapolis Colts Kicker
  36. former ut vols and lions player
  37. American Former Football Player - Linebacker - 'Miami Dolphins' (1994), 'Jacksonville Jaguars' (1995-2000), 'Cleveland Browns' (2001-2003)
  38. American Former Football Player - Tight End - 'Indianapolis Colts' (1985-1989), 'New York Jets' (1990-1992)
  39. Football player
  40. New York Giants rookie running back
  41. American Football, Washington Redskins
  42. Former NFL Defensive End, New York Giants 1994-1998, Indianapolis Colts 1999-2003
  43. Football Player
  44. former college/NFL wide receiver; played for Boston University, Colts, Redskins & Bills
  45. Football player
  46. football player (26)(cb)
  47. Former NFL player (Patriots,Packers,Chiefs, Jaguars, Raiders) and is now sportswriter who covers the NFL for Sports Illustrated
  48. football
  49. Jerry Brown  (2)
    Football Player
  50. Football Player
  51. former college/NFL wide receiver; played for Los Angeles Southwest College, Purdue University, Houston Oilers & Indianapolis Colts
  52. NFL, DB, Indianapolis Colts 1993-96, Atlanta Falcons 1997-2003, Oakland Raiders 2004. College - Louisville
  53. Football Player
  54. NFL - CB, New England Patriots (2009 draft, 2nd round, #41 overall) College UCONN
  55. former college/NFL offensive tackle; played for Colorado State University & Indianapolis Colts
  56. tennessee titans LB
  57. former college/NFL center; played for Chiefs, Packers and Colts
  58. Former NFL football player for the Steelers and Colts in the 80's
  59. Former NFL football player for the Colts. Rookie year 1985
  60. NFL, TE, Indianapolis Colts 1991-94, Oakland Raiders 1995, Chicago Bears 1996. College - Texas
  61. Offensive Tackle for the Indy Colts. Attended Boston College
  62. Football Player
  63. Detroit Lions Off. Tackle. Attended Boston College
  64. NFL, DT, Indianapolis Colts 1998-2000, Carolina Panthers 2001, Miami Dolphins 2002-04. College - Temple
  65. Buccaneers QB Coach
  66. NFL, Cleveland Brownns Offensive Coordinator. Former coach at San Deigo Chargers and University of Miami (FLA)
  67. Mr. Double-Double for USC Men's Basketball Team
  68. Sam Clancy  (2)
    NFL - New Orleans Saints
  69. Ken Clark  (3)
    Former Nebraska Cornhusker and Indianapolis Colts running back
  70. NFL, S, Dallas Cowboys 1980, 1982-85; Inianapolis Colts 1986. College - South Carolina State
  71. former college/NFL safety; played for Texas A&M, Rams, Falcons and Titans; 3rd round pick
  72. Placekicker for the New Orleans Saints (1987), San Francisco 49ers (1988-1993) and the Indianapolis Colts (1995)
  73. football player (37)(s)
  74. Ex NFL player (NY Jets)
  75. Voice Over Talent
  76. Former NFL Defensive End
  77. Former NFL CB; Indianapolis Colts 1984-1996, Baltimore Ravens 1997. College; Louisiana State
  78. football player (49)(te)
  79. Lingerie/Legends Football League (LFL) Los Angeles Temptation 2009-2010, Las Vegas Sin 2011
  80. Football player
  81. NFL - Defensive Back, Miami Dolphins (2009 draft, first round, #25 overall). College; Illinois
  82. football player (88) (wr)
  83. Former NFL RB, LA Rams 1983-1987, Indianapolis Colts 1987-1991, LA Raiders 1992, Atlanta Falcons 1993. Hall of Fame 1999. College: Southern Methodist
  84. former college/NFL tightend; played University of Illinois, Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Buccaneers
  85. football player (34)(s)
  86. Current TE for the Indianapolis Colts
  87. Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers (1997-1998, Miami Dolphins (1999), Los Angeles Avengers (AFL) (2001), and the Memphis Maniax (XFL) (2001)
  88. former college/NFL/AFL linebacker; played for Georgia Tech, Patriots, Dolphins & Colts
  89. ex football player for Colts and NY Giants and NY/NJ Hitmen of the XFL
  90. former college/NFL quarterback; played for University of Miami, Colts, Dolphins, Bears & Buccaneers
  91. football player (51) (lb)
  92. Quarterback for the Buffalo Bills (1973-1984), Detroit Lions (1985-1987), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1988-1989) and the Indianapolis Colts (1990)
  93. Football Coach
  94. Football Player
  95. Former Stanford tight end,drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the 2nd round of the 2012 draft,34th overall
  96. Ex NFL Football Player
  97. NFL Player - Tennessee Titans
  98. Former USFL and NFL quarterback
  99. former NFL punter; played for Bears, Colts, Steelers, Browns and Clemson Tigers
  100. football player (46) (s)
  101. former college/NFL safety/kick returner; played for University of Washington, Colts & Seahawks
  102. NFL - New Orleans Saints 2006
  103. football player (78)(t)
  104. NFL - Indianapolis Colts 2006
  105. NFL, QB, New York Giants 1977-78, Baltimore Colts 1979, Detroit Lions 1979, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1982-83, Oakland Raiders 1984. College - Northern Illinois
  106. Former NFL Cornerback
  107. Football Player
  108. Alan Grant  (2)
    Retired football player colts 49ers bengals redskins 1990
  109. former NFL cornerback
  110. Former NFL & Florida State WR
  111. Football Player
  112. Former UGA Bulldogs Quarterback--2005 Draft Pick for the Seattle Seahawks
  113. David Greene  (3)
    Former Rugby League Player
  114. Football Player
  115. Football, Broncos Fullback in late 1990s
  116. Purdue university. lions and bengals. 1995 draft pick #175. '97 toranto, canadian football league. scout for rams and won a superbowl ring. now director of college scouting for eagles.older brother of dru grigson from iowa university
  117. football player (84)(wr)
  118. NFL - Los Angeles Chargers QB Coach. Former head coach of the XFL's D.C. Defenders
  119. Colts rookie QB
  120. NFL Player - Dallas Cowboys 2007
  121. football player (55)(lb)
  122. Football Player
  123. former college/NFL quarterback; played for Boston College, Colts, Seahawks, Packers and Titans; 3X Pro Bowler; brother of Tim, former NFL QB
  124. football player (45) (s)
  125. Football Player
  126. former college/NFL defensive back, wide receiver, running back; played for Bucknell, Colts and Saints; member of Colts Super Bowl V team; became a dentist after football
  127. NFL football player for the Denver Broncos. Rookie year 2002
  128. NFL, LB, Baltimore Colts 1969-73, Green Bay Packers 1974, Oakland Raiders 1975-83. College - Miami. Hall of Fame 1990
  129. former college/NFL quarterback; played for Purdue University, Colts, Broncos, Chargers & Rams; All-American; member of College Football Hall of Fame
  130. Former NFL LB, Indianapolis Colts 1988-1996, Philadelphia Eagles 1997, Indianapolis Colts 1998
  131. Former Ohio State running back, now plays for Cincinnati Bengals
  132. former college/NFL wide receiver; played for Florida State University; Raiders, Colts, Rams and Falcons; #23 pick overall 1985 NFL Draft; now high school football coach in Florida
  133. football player (44) (rb)
  134. Former New Orleans Saints & Chicago Bears running back
  135. NFL - Washington Redskins 2007
  136. former college/NFL/CFL cornerback; played for University of Michigan, Toronto Argonauts, 49ers & Colts; 4X Pro Bowler; has appeared in several films/TV shows, including The Rock, OC, Nash Bridges, X-Files
  137. NFL, QB, Los Angeles Raiders 1985-87, Lions 1988, Indianapolis Colts 1991. College - Oklahoma State
  138. Fred Hill  (2)
    Former NFL football player for the Colts and Eagles in the 60's
  139. NFL Football Player; WR; Indianapolis Colts
  140. former college/NFL quarterback; played for Central Michigan, Cardinals, Colts, Cowboys and Redskins; contestant on the CBS reality TV show Survivor: Guatemala
  141. NFL player - Indianapolis Colts
  142. Born July 1, 1971 in Pasadena, California is a former American football running back in the NFL who played for the Buffalo Bills from 1995?1998, for the Green Bay Packers in 1998 and for the Indianapolis Colts in 1999.
  143. Football Player
  144. Football Player - Orlando Predators 2007
  145. Football player for 1958 Baltimore Colts
  146. Football Player
  147. football player (11) (qb)
  148. Head Coach for the Calgary Stampeders
  149. Football Player
  150. NFL, ILB. Indianapolis Colts. Formerly with Cleveland Browns. College: Maryland Terrapins
  151. former Broncos wide receiver
  152. football player (74)(g)
  153. Football Player
  154. pro-football player
  155. Born November 4, 1959 in Tacoma, WA is a former professional American football defensive lineman for one season with the Baltimore Colts in the National Football League
  156. Football Player
  157. retired packer player
  158. Football Player
  159. NFL - Arizona Cardinals Defensive Coordinator (2019 - ). Former Head Football Coach of the Denver Bronocs
  160. Jacksonville Jaguars running back,was thier 2010 6th round pick
  161. former football player
  162. football
  163. former college/NFL defensive end/tackle; played for Temple University, Jets & Colts; member of Jets defensive line called the Sack Exchange; 4X Pro Bowler
  164. NFL - Indianapolis Colts 2006
  165. Former LSU safety, Drafted by the Washington Redskins
  166. Fmr Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver
  167. David Lee  (7)
    Retired punter from the Baltimore Colts of the 1970s
  168. former Chicago Bears offensive lineman
  169. Football Player
  170. Played football for 1953 Baltimore Colts
  171. former football player
  172. Football Player
  173. NFL - QB, Indianapolis Colts. College; Stanford Cardinals. 1st pick in 2012 NFL Draft by the Colts
  174. Football Player
  175. Football Player - Cincinnati Bengals
  176. former college/NFL offensive lineman; played for University of California and Indianapolis Colts
  177. former college/NFL quarterback; University of Virginia, Packers, Lions & Colts; 1X Pro Bowler (1989); member of Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame; All-Pro selection 1989
  178. Browns running back 1990s
  179. current Washington Redskins Defensive Coordinator; former defensive coach Chargers, Colts and 49ers
  180. Football, former NFL QB and Coach of Colts, Ravens
  181. Sam Martin  (2)
    Rugby Player
  182. Sam Martin  (5)
    Independent Minor League Baseball Player currently in the Texas AirHogs Organization
  183. former patriots player
  184. Steve Martin  (4)
    Football Player
  185. NFL - Indianapolis Colts 2006
  186. Football Colts 1970
  187. American football punter for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League. He was a placekicker, punter, and soccer player at West Virginia
  188. former college/NFL tightend; played for Auburn University, Colts & Lions
  189. Former NFL football player
  190. Notre Dame university. Colts 39-95, Cardinals 96, Tampa Bay Storm (arena league) 00-02
  191. former college/NFL running back/fullback; played for University of Pittsburgh, Harford Community College & Baltimore & Indianapolis Colts; #12 pick overall 1981 NFL Draft; All-American
  192. Football Player
  193. American football, T, UNLV, NFL Redskins 1985-87, Colts 1988, Vikings 1988
  194. football player (73)(t)
  195. former college/NFL running back; played for Penn State University, Baltimore Colts, San Diego Chargers & L.A. Rams; 3X Pro Bowler; member of College Football Hall of Fame; All-American
  196. NFl - DT, Indianapolis Colts (2009 draft, 2nd round, #56 overall). College; USC
  197. Bengals LS/TE
  198. Larry Moore  (2)
    Saxophone player with Bobby Moore and the Rhythm Aces
  199. Football Player
  200. Former WR for New England Patriots and Colts & Tennessee Volunteers / Inducted into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame in 2007
  201. former college/NFL quarterback; played for Michigan State University, Colts, 49ers, Steelers, Giants, Lions & Dolphins; 2X Pro Bowler; 3X Super Bowl champion; quarterback coach for University of Miami; mentored Bernie Kosar, Vinny Testaverde & Jim Kelly
  202. NFL
  203. CFL player, now signed by IND Colts
  204. Former NFL running back for the Indianapolis Colts 2002-2006
  205. retired football player for the tn vols, redskins, bears, jaquars, steelers, colts and cowboys.
  206. Former New York Jets Quarterback
  207. Retired Football player, #80, Baltimore Colts
  208. James Nelson  (2)
    Football Player
  209. football player (56) (lb)
  210. Colts, Saints, Jets, Bears Defensive End
  211. NFL - Wide Receiver, Indianapolis Colts, formerly with New York Giants (2009 draft, first round, #29 overall). College North Carolina
  212. Football Player
  213. Former Cardinals DL, LB
  214. football player (91)(de)
  215. NFL - Indianapolis Colts 2006
  216. Ex NFL football player
  217. Football Player
  218. retired football player for the st louis cardinals.
  219. NFL - Chicago Bears Defensive Coordinator. Former Head Coach - Indianapolis Colts
  220. Former college/NFL/AFL quarterback; played for Arizona State University, Colts, Browns, Rams, Massachusetts Marauders (AFL)
  221. former college/NFL offensive tackle; played for University of Michigan, Indianapolis Colts, Detroit Lions & San Fransisco 49ers; 3X World Champion; college All-American; ordained minister; daughters Ashley & Courtney play college basketball at Oklahoma
  222. Former NFL football player for the Browns, Colts, Chargers and RAiders in the 1980's
  223. NFL, DT, Baltimore Colts 1975, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1976-78, Oakland Raiders 1979-80. College - Washington
  224. football player
  225. Football Player
  226. Ryan Phillips  (3)
    Former Linebacker for the New York Giants
  227. former college/NFL/XFL running back/fullback; played for University of Louisiana at Monroe, Ravens, Colts, Memphis Maniax; 2nd round pick
  228. Football player (72) (de) played for the 2000 Baltimore Ravens
  229. Football Player
  230. football player (87) (wr)
  231. Wide receiver who played three seasons with the NFL's Miami Dolphins in the 1980s
  232. Football Player - Colorado Crush 2007
  233. Football Player
  234. former cornerback for the giants and colts
  235. NFL - DT, Baltimore Ravens; formerly w/ Detroit Lions & Seattle Seahawks; played collegiality at University of Texas
  236. Retired NFL Football Player. Played for the Indianapolis Colts #76 (2010-2016)
  237. former college/NFL/AAF/CFL running back; played for University of Alabama, Colts, Browns, Roughriders and Birmingham Iron; All - American; 2X National Champion; 2X All - SEC; SEC OPOY; HS All - American
  238. Steelers OL
  239. NFL, WR, Indianapolis Colts 1989, Atlanta Falcons 1990-94, Cleveland Browns 1995, Jacksonville Jaguars 1996, Green Bay Packers 1996, Kansas City Chiefs 1997-98, Oakland Raiders 2000. CFL, WR, Toronto Argonauts 2004-05. College - Michigan State
  240. played football for the new york giants
  241. Football Player
  242. Football Player spent four years in the NFL with Minnesota, Green Bay, Indianapolis and Miami. Vikings in 2002-03 Packer and Colt 2004 Dolphins 2005 2008 Colorado of the Arena Football League
  243. Football Player
  244. USC quarterback in mid-1980s. Drafted by Vikings in 1988 and played sparingly for them into the mid-1990s. Was ESPN analyst for awhile after retirement
  245. Indianapolis Colts FS # 21 '2006 Pro Bowler'
  246. Bob Sanders  (2)
    NFL, Coach - Green Bay Packers Defensive Coordinator
  247. 1064 Pittsburg Steelers # 50 Position: LB Height: 6-4 Weight: 224 lbs. Born: November 19, 1940 in Unionville, PA College: Penn State
  248. Football Player
  249. Ohio State QB, NFL
  250. Former NFL DE, Indianapolis Colts 1999-2004
  251. NFL - Carolina Panthers 2006
  252. Buffalo Bills 2011 3rd round pick,linebacker,68th overall
  253. Legendary Hall of Fame Coach of the Miami Dolphins, only NFL Coach to ever have a perfect season, owner/founder of Shula's Steakhouse
  254. Football Player
  255. former football player for the colts
  256. David Sims  (2)
    Football Player
  257. former Ravens and Colts defensive tackle, color analyst FOX sports football
  258. Football Player
  259. Football Baltimore Colts
  260. former college/NFL punter; played for Florida State University, Colts, Steelers, Panthers and Seahawks; All - American, 1X All - Pro, 4X Pro Bowler
  261. former college/NFL offensive lineman; played for Ohio State University, Colts, Cardinals, Chiefs & Bills
  262. Former nfl player
  263. Former college/NFL punter; played for Indiana University, Steelers, Jets, Chiefs, Buccaneers & Falcons
  264. Football Player
  265. football player (98)(lb)
  266. David Taylor  (3)
    former college/NFL tackle; played for Catawba College and Baltimore Colts
  267. former college/NFL safety; played for University of Illinois, Colts, Redskins and Saints; younger brother of former 49ers WR/KR, John Taylor
  268. Football Player
  269. Football Player
  270. Donald Thomas  (3)
    Football Player
  271. Played With The Indianapolis Colt
  272. Football Player
  273. NFL - CB, Arizona Cardinals (2009 draft, 4th round, #131 overall). College; St. Pauls
  274. former college/NFL quarterback; played for University of Illinois, Colts, Panthers & Jets; All-Big Ten 1984 & 1985; 2nd round pick
  275. former college/NFL punter/quarterback; played for Ohio State University, Jets, Colts, Patriots, Browns, Redskins, Buccaneers & Cardinals; 1X Pro Bowler; member of Buccaneers Super Bowl XXXVII championship team; scored the first two-point conversion in NFL
  276. Former Saints' WR
  277. NFL - Indianapolis Colts 2006
  278. American Football, LB, Michigan State, NFL, Colts 1990-92, Cowboys 1993-94, Redskins 1995-96
  279. football player (77) (g)
  280. NFL - Kicker, Indianapolis Colts (UFA-06 from New England). Formerly w/ New England Patroits. 4 Super Bowl Rings (3 w/ NE, 1 w/ IND). College; South Dakota State
  281. Football Player
  282. Former Steelers, Colts Fullback. In NFL 2003-2005
  283. Football Player
  284. former college/NFL wide receiver/punter returner; played for Stanford University, Lions, Colts, Cardinals & Vikings; Biletnikoff Award winner 1999; current offensive coordinator at Indiana State University
  285. football player (25) (rb)
  286. Running Back for the San Diego Chargers (1976-1977), Baltimore Colts (1978-1980), Washington Redskins (1981-1984) and the Atlanta Falcons (1985). Washington Redskins Super Bowl XVII Champions. 70 Greatest Redskins. 1× Pro Bowl selection (1979)
  287. Veteran Atlanta Television Broadcaster and Voice Talent
  288. NFL - WR, Indianapolis Colts (2001 draft, first round). College; Miami (FL)
  289. Born January 10, 1962 in Greenville, South Carolina is a former professional American football wide receiver in the NFL; Weathers played nine seasons for the New England Patriots (1983-84), Cleveland Browns (1985-88), brother of NFL RB Robert Weathers
  290. Football Player
  291. Played football for 1960 Baltimore Colts
  292. NFL - Indianapolis Colts 2006
  293. Colts DE
  294. Football Player
  295. football player (30)(rb)
  296. football player (97) (de)
  297. Football Player
  298. former college/NFL/CFL wide receiver/returner; played for University of Virginia, Colts, Calgary Stampeders, Rams and Dolphins; member of Colts Super Bowl XLI Championship team; led NFL in All - Purpose Yards 1999
  299. John Williams  (6)
    Retired CFL Player..Still works in the Tiger Cat Club
  300. former college/NFL running back; played for University of Miami, Colts & Steelers; won National Championship in 1987 at Miami
  301. Played football for 1963 Baltimore Colts
  302. Ex Football player
  303. Former Colts' Tackle
  304. Former college/NFL offensive tackle; played for Vanderbilt University, Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts & Pittsburgh Steelers; 3X Pro Bowler
  305. Former NFL football player for the Colts and Patriots from 1984-89. College: Mississippi State