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Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer->Designer , A-Z Filter: D
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  1. Boyfriend /Widower of Gianni Versace, Model/fashion Designer, born 1959 in Italy
  2. Designer
  3. Designer on TLC's While You Were Out
  4. Oscar-winning British Costume Designer; worked on A Christmas Carol 1951, Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhavago among many
  5. Costume designer, fashion model, television personality, and author from New York City. Known for costume design and fashion styling on the American television series Sex and the City and Gossip Girl
  6. Carpenter, TLC's While You Were Out; One of the 50 Most Beautiful People
  7. Graphic Designer (Nike Swoosh)
  8. Animation writer
  9. former 'Disney Legend' Imagineer, Costumer & Designer, married to the late Marc Davis (Disney animator)
  10. Storybaord artist - The Loud House
  11. Creator of - 'Jimmy Neutron'
  12. Mike Davis  (7)
    Artist, Illustrator
  13. Animator
  14. Robert Dawson  (2)
    Title designer for numerous films including Colors,Hairspray,Remember The Titans among others
  15. Laura Day  (2)
    Designer On Trading Spaces
  16. Lucienne Day (born January 5, 1917), RDI is a British textile designer born in Coulsden, Surrey, England.
  17. Robin Day FCSD (born 25 May 1915) is a British furniture designer. Married to textile designer Lucienne Day.
  18. Israeli activist and fashion designer. Ex wife of Moshe Dayan
  19. Designer
  20. French fashion designer
  21. French fashion designer
  22. Model/Jewelry Designer/Former Lead Singer Of Army Of Lovers
  23. French fashion designer, former model for Yves Saint-Laurent
  24. fashion designer
  25. German Fashion Designer. Invented Capri Pants
  26. Film/TV Costumer (1901-1966). Worked as a Broadway performer in his early years, then became a Hollywood costumer, often with Abbott and Costello productions
  27. Reality TV Star on 'Pretty Wicked Moms', owner of SWANK, a high- end women?s boutique, Fashion Designer, Stylist & MOM!!
  28. Storybaord artist/retake director- The Simpsons
  29. Artist, Garbage Pail Kids, Hollywood Zombies, etc
  30. Fashion Eyewear Designer
  31. Lawrence E. DeMar (also known by his initials L.E.D.) is a video game and pinball designer and software programmer. He is known as one of the co-designers of the classic arcade game Defender
  32. Storyboard artist
  33. Comic book artist- independent. wrote trashed and my frined dahmer
  34. Animation artist
  35. Designer
  36. Character designer
  37. Born 1947, french designer, writer and director
  38. Female Model/Fashion Designer
  39. Storyboard artist
  40. Animation background designer - the simpsons
  41. Fashion designer
  42. Graphic Designer (MLB logo)
  43. Animator
  44. Costume Designer
  45. Doink  (2)
    Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  46. fashion designer
  47. Irish stamp designer
  48. costume designer (days of wine and roses)
  49. Dan Donohue  (2)
    Graphic designer; BOOK COVER ART
  50. A German Comic Artist, born 1957 in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, study in Duisburg Art Pädagogyk and ev. Theology, Illustrator for Geo, die Zeit, Bild der Wissenschaft, SZ-Magazin, FAZ and New York Times, Professor in Kassel
  51. Costume designer; designed and made many jumpsuits for Elvis
  52. Animation director
  53. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Designer, Customizer aka DrilOne
  54. Naughty Dog, Video Game Creator/Artist
  55. One of the leading figure in the world of contemporary decorative art. His work can be found in the some of the most important museums in the world. Made famous in 1986 by his Spine chair
  56. Animation director
  57. Fashion Designer for Halston
  58. Artist; specializes in reimagination of movie posters
  59. Animation design artist - the simpsons