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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer->Designer , A-Z Filter: N
Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer->Designer , A-Z Filter: N
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  1. Artist for Toys for Bob
  2. costume designer (animal house, blue brothers)
  3. Inventor of the Floppy Disk and a actor
  4. Filipino-American fashion designer
  5. Animator
  6. Model/Designer
  7. Animation director - garfield and friends, etc
  8. Stoyboard artist
  9. Character designer - The Simpsons
  10. Costume designer for The Mask
  11. British-born fashion designer
  12. Animator
  13. Animation director
  14. fashion designer
  15. Japanese graphic artist who previously worked at Game Freak and TOYBOX Inc. She designed a number of creatures for the Pokemon franchise,
  16. Costume Designer
  17. Daniel Norris  (2)
    Freelance graphic designer
  18. costume designer (victor/victoria elephant man)
  19. Graphic artist, and designer of many USPS stamps