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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer->Designer , A-Z Filter: W
Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer->Designer , A-Z Filter: W
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  1. Character designer on the simpsons
  2. fashion designer
  3. fashion designer
  4. Designer and Sewing Coordinator on Trading Spaces; Wedding/Couture Dress Designer
  5. Animation director
  6. Board Game Designer
  7. Animation writer & story artist
  8. Graphic designer
  9. costume designer (the wiz, muder/orient express)
  10. Character designer
  11. Color stylist at nickelodeon
  12. fashion designer
  13. Frank Warren  (4)
    Author/artist - PostSecret
  14. Created Yars Revenge and E.T. the video game for Atari
  15. Born July 30, 1957 - is an American psychotherapist and former game designer who is best known for his work at Atari in the early 1980s. He designed the Atari 2600 games Yars' Revenge, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  16. production designer - la la land (acadamy award 2017), pulp fiction, reservoir dogs
  17. Animation storyboard artist
  18. Animation executive producer
  19. Animator
  20. Co-founder Apple and creator of the first Apple Logo
  21. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  22. fashion designer
  23. Animation layout artist
  24. Animation designer - the simpsons
  25. Animation storyboard artist
  26. fashion designer
  27. costume designer (12 monkeys, steel magnolias)
  28. prod. designer (man in black, batman returns)
  29. Artist. Daughter of Orson Welles
  30. Naughty Dog, Video Game Designer/Creator
  31. Designer for Toys for Bob
  32. creator of g. i. joe
  33. Fashion Designer from the United Kingdom
  34. Costume Designer
  35. Animation art director - Moon girl and devil dinosaur
  36. fashion designer
  37. Animation background designer
  38. Animation designer
  39. Founder of Sierra Entertainment and designer/programer for the King's Quest computer game series.
  40. fashion designer
  41. Designer of the famous 'Welcome To Las Vegas' sign
  42. Swedish car-designer, born 1930, living in Gothenburg, Sweden
  43. designer on 'Trading Spaces'
  44. Animation director
  45. American automotive customizer and designer. Constructor of the Star Trek TOS shuttle
  46. Artist, FX Designer
  47. Designer
  48. Costume Designer for October Road
  49. Designer, Trading Spaces
  50. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  51. fashion designer
  52. Native Alaskan artist who designed the 'Raven's Story' stamps for the U.S. Postal Service
  53. costume designer (the terminator)
  54. Creator of the sims and Spore