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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Music->Songwriter/Composer , A-Z Filter: E
Browsing Category Home->Music->Songwriter/Composer , A-Z Filter: E
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  1. Composer
  2. singer/songwriter/guitarist
  3. Composer/Songwriter
  4. Record roducer producer and member of the UK Disco Project the Dezro Orchestra
  5. composer/lyricist
  6. Artist name: Through Somber Eyes. Alternative solo act from Ottawa, ON, Canada. Alternative / Rock / Indie
  7. Lead guitarist,songwriter for arthur lee's band 'LOVE'
  8. singer/songwriter (let me down hard, shithole bar)
  9. R&R Guitarist - Rebel-'Rouser, Movin' & Groovin', Cannonball, Ramrod, The Lonely One, Yep!, Peter Gunn, Because They're Young, Forty Miles Of Bad Road, Pepe, Some Kind-A Earthquake, Dance With The Guitar Man, Boss Guitar, Ballad Of Paladin. R&R HOF '94
  10. Composer: DragonHeart, The Last of the Mohicans, Ghostbusters 2, Anaconda, My Cousin Vinny, Beethoven, Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story, The Mask, Billy Madison, Edtv, xXx, Twins, Feds, Gettysburg, MacGyver, The Skulls, Billy Madison
  11. Composer 'Firefly' soundtrack
  12. singer songwriter
  13. Singer / Songwriter from West, TX., USA. Americana
  14. singer/songwriter (sunshine/1971)
  15. Country music singer
  16. Singer songwriter was a member of UK group Tymes 4
  17. Musical Director
  18. Singer/Musician
  19. Steve Edwards  (3)
    Composer - Finding Rin Tin Tin, Undisputed II: Last Man Standing, Bloodsport 2 & 3
  20. Songwriter/Music Producer
  21. former drummer for the British new wave band Rich Kids. They were founded by former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, with Steve New and fronted by Midge Ure, from their inception in March 1977 to their disbanding in December 1978
  22. singer/songwriter (magnet and steel 1978)
  23. Former Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon Conductor
  24. TV show themes & scores: House M.D., Life, Conviction, Invasion, Tru Calling, The Mountain
  25. Composer - Star Trek VI
  26. Songwriter/Music Producer
  27. Italian composer and pianist - composed music for the movie Dr. Zivago
  28. Film Score Composer
  29. guitarist (incbus)
  30. Doctor who heals with humor & music, 'Dr. Steven Show,' aka Steven Eisenberg
  31. Composer
  32. singer songwriter
  33. (Born August 29, 1913) Polish pianist and composer known for his authoritative edition of Chopin's music for the Polish National Edition
  34. Lebanese singer, songwriter and actor. Called the 'Voice of Lebanon'
  35. singer/songwriter, aka 'the Mexican Elvis'
  36. Songwriter
  37. Member of Oingo Boingo, composer (The Simpsons, Batman, Nightmare Before Christmas)
  38. Singer/Songwriter and Independent Acoustic Hi-Res Music Pioneer
  39. jazz pianist singer composer
  40. Film Score Composer
  41. Elisa's is a Swedish dansband from Skaraborg, Sweden, established in 2009. The band is named after its lead singer Elisa Lindström. The band won the 2010 Dansbandskampen competition
  42. Brian 'Buck' Ellard - Singer / Songwriter from Port Townsend, WA., USA. Country / Rock / Country Rock
  43. Composer
  44. American folk singer and performer
  45. Composer
  46. American saxophonist, composer and arranger. Living in the town of Frome in the county of Somerset (England)
  47. R&B Singer/Songwriter - The Name Game, The Nitty Gritty, The Clapping Song
  48. British Singer/Songwriter
  49. Composer
  50. Composer
  51. Country music singer, guitar player/songwriter for Toby Keith
  52. R&B Singer/Songwriter - wrote Red Hot
  53. Belfast-based singer-songwriter
  54. Scorewriter
  55. Composer
  56. American songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor and director, He is best known as the lead vocalist of the Bravery
  57. American composer and conductor of Broadway musicals, television and film
  58. Violinist,primarily responsible for Shinsuke Nakamura's WWE entrance theme
  59. A lyric sparked the Off Broadway musicals ?Kuni-Leml? and ?Little Ham,?
  60. English musician, composer, record producer, singer, writer, and visual artist. Ex member of Roxy Music
  61. Composer/Songwriter
  62. singer/songwriter, The Who bassist
  63. Composer
  64. Composer, Conductor
  65. Canadian coumtry singer/songwriter
  66. Norwegian Singer/Songwriter
  67. Composer
  68. Composer
  69. Singer, songwriter; formerly a member of the band Brooklyn Dreams; sang on the song 'Heaven Knows' with Donna Summer; father of baseball player Mike Esposito
  70. Composer/Songwriter
  71. Female Model(Fashion,Swimsuit,Lingerie,Glamour),You Tube's 'Obama Girl',Playboy Babe of The Month October 2007
  72. American singer, mandolinist, bassist, and record producer. Best known as a founder of, and bassist for, the band Lone Justice
  73. Composer
  74. singer/songwriter - second runner-up on Nashville Star (reality tv series, 2005)
  75. Singer/Songwriter; wrote and sang 'Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Backseat'; also (co-)wrote 'When', 'Roses Are Red' and four songs for Elvis ('I Gotta Know', 'Something Blue', 'Blue River', 'The Next Step Is Love')
  76. Academy Award Winning Composer
  77. Composer/Songwriter
  78. English electronic music duo comprising members Tom Beaufoy and Patrick Pardy
  79. Composer
  80. Israeli self-taught multi-instrumentalist, composer and educator, known for his Double Bass performances
  81. Composer/Songwriter
  82. Composer