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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Music->Songwriter/Composer , A-Z Filter: all
Browsing Category Home->Music->Songwriter/Composer , A-Z Filter: all
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  1. Band/Dance
  2. A-Train  (3)
  3. Singer, Lead Guitar & Vocals - D.C. RAIL
  4. Songwriter/Music Producer
  5. Composer did 'Fella with the Fiddle' from the Fritz Freling 1937 animated short of the same name
  6. Composer
  7. Actress War Room. Christian Singer, Songwriter, and artist
  8. Composer
  9. French composer
  10. Songwriter/Music Producer
  11. Songwriter/Music Producer
  12. singer/songwriter
  13. Drummer, best known as one of the founding members of the rock band Gov't Mule
  14. Spanish composer
  15. composer/guilarist
  16. Composer and Music Supervisor - Bridge to Terabithia, Blood Diamond
  17. Mexican Bandleader
  18. Film Score Composer
  19. Music Director, Conductor & Composer. Was music conductor for Guys & Dolls
  20. Singer/Songwriter/Producer
  21. DJ and producer
  22. Anthony Adams  (2)
    songwriter Girl You're Something
  23. Singer/Songwriter/Musician: 'Cuts Like A Knife', 'Run To You', 'Heaven', 'It's Only Love' (with Tina Turner), 'Summer Of '69', 'Everything I Do (I Do For You)', 'I Finally Found Someone' (with Barbara Streisand), 'Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman'
  24. award-winning producer, director, composer and sound designer
  25. composer
  26. lyricist/composer - bye, bye birdie (1963)
  27. Composer
  28. Terry Adams  (2)
  29. Composer
  30. Keyboard wizard better known for song killer
  31. Singer/Songwriter/Actress-Out There,Ripper Man,Dead Right,The Eyes Have It
  32. Songwriter
  33. Composer/Arranger worked with Fred Waring and Irving Berlin.
  34. Songwriter/Music Producer
  35. Brian Adler  (2)
    Film Score Composer
  36. Composer-Nova,Nature
  37. Lyricist, writer, composer and producer of several Broadway shows, of the songwriting team Jerry Ross & Richard Adler. Best known songs include 'Rags To Riches', 'Hey, There', 'Hernando's Hideaway', 'Whatever Lola Wants', 'Everybody Loves A Lover'
  38. Composer
  39. Spanish singer and composer
  40. Songwriter/Music Producer
  41. Songwriter/Music Producer
  42. Broadway lyricist/composer/creator - Seussical, Anastasia; also wrote and performed a number of songs for Schoolhouse Rock
  43. singer/songwriter
  44. Composer
  45. Composer/Songwriter
  46. Keyboards, synthesizers - Deep Purple, on Painkiller of JUDAS PRIEST
  47. Composer
  48. Composer/Songwriter
  49. Robert Aitken  (2)
    Canadian composer and flautist. Member of the Order of Canada
  50. Dance music group
  51. Songwriter/Music Producer
  52. Composer
  53. Country Singer & Songwriter
  54. jazz pianist/composer/bandleader
  55. Pianist, Composer, Musician, winner Grammy 2013
  56. Songwriter/Music Producer
  57. Swedish musician, singer/songwriter
  58. Singer/songwriter/guitarist, 'When I Turn Twenty One', 'Santo Domingo'
  59. Composer/Actress-Woman With No Name
  60. Singer/Songwriter Blur, Gorillaz
  61. Composer
  62. Singer/Composer/Songwriter - One-Hit Wonder with 'Feelings' (1975)
  63. Composer
  64. Writer/ creator of the Forbidden Broadway musical reviews
  65. Singer, Songwriter: The New Radicals, 'You Get What You Give'
  66. Songwriter 'Shouldn't there be Lightning'
  67. Film Composer. Born: 05/02/1915
  68. Alexis  (2)
    Singer Songwriter from Fort Lauderdale, FL., USA. Country Music
  69. Composers
  70. songwriter orchestra leader introduced the Samba to the US in the 30's
  71. Female Songwriter, Singer, Actress
  72. Band/Songwriters
  73. Composer
  74. Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist
  75. jazz pianist composer
  76. Christian composer co wrote & arranged 'A Christmas Blessing'
  77. Songwriter, ex girlfriend of Daryl Hall. Was the inspiration behind the song Sara Smile by hall and oats
  78. Singer, actress, songwriter c/o hairgielgud theatreshaftbury avenuelondonw1d 6ar14/04/10
  79. Steve Allen  (2)
    American Actor,Writer and TV-Host born 1922.was married to Actress Jayne Meadows.'The Steve Allen Show-Tonight'(1953-61),'Johnny Carson Show','Benny Goodman Story','The Simpsons','Whats My Line','Hollywood Palace'
  80. Tony Allen  (3)
    Nigerian-born drummer, composer and songwriter
  81. Composer produced radio shows on American Music
  82. Composer
  83. Italian piano player
  84. Songwriter/Music Producer
  85. Scottish singer and songwriter, Female Voice Over Talent
  86. drummer (crickets) songwriter
  87. jazz singer/pianist/composer
  88. Drummer, Percussionist, Arrainger Composer Worked on many films including The Simpsons Movie 2007, Bee Movie 2007 and Monsters vs Aliens 2009 among them
  89. Songwriter/Music Producer
  90. plays the Hammond B-3 for the Allman Brothers Band
  91. Co-Composer - George Of The Jungle theme, Superchicken theme. Singer - Singing voice of Mr. Ed. Actor - Hud, The Sons Of Katie Elder, In Cold Blood, Harris Against The World, Gunsmoke (6), The Twilight Zone (1), Batman (2 as Penn), The Untouchables (3)
  92. Black sabbath sound engineer 70-73-judas priest producer 70-2009
  93. songwriter wrote I Get Sentimental over Nothing with Nat King Cole
  94. Sing and songwriter born in New-Zealand, moved in France in 1948, e.g. 'Sacrée bouteille'
  95. Composer It's Luau Time in Hawaii.
  96. singer/songwriter, actor - General Hospital (t..v. series, 2004), Not Even The Trees (1998), Killing Midnight (1997), The Hi-Line (1999), Denial (1998), Black Radio (his rock band)
  97. Composer scored Roger Corman's I Mobster
  98. Songwriter/Music Producer
  99. Songwriter/Music Producer
  100. Songwriter
  101. John Altman  (2)
  102. Son of director Robert Altman; wrote the lyrics to the theme song of the movie and tv show M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)
  103. Composer
  104. Songwriter/Music Producer
  105. Composer/Songwriter
  106. singer/songwriter
  107. Composer/Songwriter
  108. ... aka Big-B. Country singer from Norway
  109. Japanese composer and percussionist
  110. Songwriter, seems to be now involved in Events management according to this Facebook
  111. Musician-Cars and Guitars,Sweet The Story,Sleep With Butterflies,A Sorta Fairytail,Strange Little Girl,Bliss,1000 Oceans,Spark,Talula,Crucify,Me and a Gun,Happy Workers
  112. jazz classical/composer/conductor
  113. Songwriter/Music Producer
  114. folk singer-songwriter (thirsty booths violets of dawn)
  115. composer did music for several films
  116. Singer, Actor and Songwriter
  117. tv host-singer-songwriter-Country music legend
  118. Singer/Musician
  119. Singer/Songwriter
  120. Country music singer and songwriter. Mother of Lynn Anderson
  121. singer/songwriter
  122. Songwriter/Music Producer
  123. Singer / Songwriter from Keperra, QLD, Australia. Americana / Dustbowl Country / Hillbilly
  124. Ruth Anderson  (2)
    American composer
  125. Songwriter/Music Producer
  126. Composer for Disney, Frozen, Winnie The Pooh
  127. Singer/songwriter
  128. singer-songwriter (it's alright it's ok)
  129. Jake Andrews  (2)
    Songwriter/Music Producer
  130. Music Producer/Songwriter
  131. film soundtrack composer/arranger - 'mad world' with Gary Jules
  132. Dutch composer
  133. Guitarist
  134. Composer
  135. composer
  136. Composer/Songwriter
  137. Canadian Composer. Member of the Order of Canada
  138. Singer/Song Writer/Teen Idol who wrote the lyrics to 'My Way'
  139. Songwriter Did Jesus Ever Kick a Dog, Jolly Cholly
  140. Composer
  141. Composer/Songwriter
  142. rock band
  143. Band
  144. Songwriter: (Garth Brooks) The Dance, The Change, Face to face, Kickin' and Screamin', Why ain't I running
  145. Voice Work/Lyricist-Star Wars Epispode VI:Return of The Jedi(Voice of Sy Snootles)
  146. Composer/Songwriter
  147. Film Composer/Sound Designer - Santa vs. the Snowman 3D, Ride Around the World
  148. Singer & Songwriter
  149. Canadian Musical Theatre Composer, Lyricist and Librettist
  150. Actor, Singer, Composer
  151. British Actor and Composer born 1909!! birth name: Arthur Neal movies from 1934-74.'I Claudius','Pianorama','Life of St.Paul','Train of Events','Night Train to Paris','Ivanhoe','The Saint'.
  152. Songwriter/Music Producer
  153. r&r singer/keyboardist (the zombies, argent)
  154. composer
  155. Composer
  156. Composer
  157. Band
  158. Composer/Songwriter
  159. Composer
  160. Buffalo-born composer (1905-86). 'The Wizard of Oz', 'One For My Baby', 'Blues in the Night', 'Come Rain or Shine', 'Get Happy', 'Stormy Weather', and many more classic songs
  161. Singer, 'Love and Affection,' Down to Zero', 'Drop the Pilot', 'Me Myself I.'
  162. Singer, Songwriter, Actress played Mrs. Ottavia Ferrari in Hit The Deck. Born: 11/02/1915. Birth Name: Armenuhi Manoogiam
  163. Armenian-Canadian conductor, pianist, composer, and teacher. Member of the Order of Canada
  164. composer/arrainger worked with percrussionist Bobby Christian
  165. Scorewriter
  166. Film Composer - Romeo & Juliet (1996), Moulin Rouge (2001), The Magdalene Sisters (2002)
  167. Songwriter/Music Producer
  168. Instrumentalist
  169. Folk-Beat Singer/Songwriter
  170. Chris Arnold  (2)
  171. Composer: James Bond, Stargate
  172. Composer
  173. composer
  174. Screenwriter / Composer / Actor
  175. Composer/Songwriter
  176. Winner of the x factor 2012 (uk)
  177. Songwriter/Music Producer
  178. Songwriter/Music Producer
  179. Rogue Traders Band Member
  180. Guns N Roses, Sixx AM, Guitar player, song writer
  181. Songwriter/Music Producer
  182. Musician & Songwriter
  183. singer (verve) songwriter
  184. Pop Singer (of the British Invasion duo, Peter & Gordon) - A World Without Love, Nobody I Know, I Don't Want To See You Again, I Go To Pieces, True Love Ways, Woman, Lady Godiva, Knight In Rusty Armour. Producer/Manager - Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor
  185. American Lyricist who co-wrote much of The Beach Boys 1966 album 'Pet Sounds' with Brian Wilson
  186. singer/songwriter - ashford & simpson
  187. composer
  188. American playwright and lyricist. Collaborated with Alan Menken on several films, notably animated features for Disney
  189. Asia  (3)
  190. singer / songwriter - top ten hits w/ 'never gonna give you up' (1988), 'together forever' (1988)
  191. Composer
  192. Conductor
  193. German digital hardcore group formed in Berlin
  194. Disney artist, song writer. Born: 09/03/1919
  195. Conductor
  196. Grammy Award winning songwriter, producer, & artist
  197. Country Music Singer/Songwriter
  198. singer
  199. songwriter Blue Eyes and Waltzes
  200. The Rocket Summer
  201. Arranger for Irving Fields and orchestra
  202. Songwriters/Music Producers
  203. Composer
  204. Songwriter
  205. Singer & Actor: Gremlins, Disorganized Crime, Number One Fan, We're No Angels, King Cobra, Harmony Cats, Buried Alive, Act of Vengeance, The Rousters, Liar's Moon, The Black Stallion
  206. Singer/Songwriter (ex Soft Machine)
  207. Composer
  208. singer/songwriter/guitarist
  209. French singer and actor
  210. Irish music group
  211. Ali B. 
    Famous Dutch rapper, songwriter.
  212. Musiker (Solo + Schlagzeuger 'Die Ärzte')
  213. Jon B. 
    R&b singer/songwriter
  214. singer/songwriter - big boy in love, local boy
  215. Composer.Born: 05/10/1916
  216. Composer
  217. film scores (the postman, polish wedding)
  218. Composer (usually w/lyricist Hal David) - Walk On By, Alfie, Anyone Who Had A Heart, I Say A Little Prayer, The Way To San Jose, The Look Of Love, Close To You, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, What The World Needs Now, 70 Top 40 Hits
  219. film scores (emmanuelle 1 & 5 gwendoline)
  220. singer/guilarist/songwriter from The Guess Who & Bachman Turner Overdrive
  221. Italian Singer And Music Composer
  222. Composer
  223. conductor/composer
  224. Film/TV Composer - Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart, The Straight Story, Nightmare On Elm St. 3, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
  225. American independent hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, NY
  226. Composer of Pirates of the Caribbean and Gladiator
  227. Composer/Songwriter
  228. UK Singer/Songwriter
  229. Composer
  230. concert pianist/composer
  231. Singer/Songwriter - The Chipmunk Song, The Witch Doctor
  232. Musician / Singer / Composer
  233. Kelly Bailey  (2)
    Senior Game Designer of Sound and Music with Valve; created the music & sounds for Half-Life; other credits: Portal, Half-Life 2, Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike Source
  234. Country singer 'Midnight Hauler', 'Friends', 'Lovin' Up A Storm', 'She Left Love All Over Me', 'Anywhere There's A Jukebox', 'True Life Country Music', 'Ain't Got No Business Doing Business Today'
  235. Christian Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist
  236. Songwriter
  237. Canadian composer, known for his music for television shows. He contributed music to 41 episodes of Star Trek shows, and won the 2002 ASCAP Award for Enterprise, shared with the series' other regular composers
  238. singer / songwriter - 'baillie & the boys'
  239. singer/songwriter
  240. Video game composer - 'Indiana Jones & the Infernal Machine'
  241. Singer/ Songwriter
  242. Actress - 'Hee Haw'
  243. British Composer and conductor
  244. Roy Thomas Baker (Born in Hampstead, London, UK) is an English record and music producer, songwriter, arranger and Recording Academy governor, who has produced pop and rock records since the 1970s
  245. Sam Baker  (5)
    Singer songwriter musician
  246. Musician, Blues / Soft Rock / Instrumental Las Vegas, NV US. 'Emotion', 'Space Race', 'Moody Blues'
  247. Wrote the music and voiced Mr. Salt on 'Blue's Clues'
  248. composer
  249. Composer
  250. Composer
  251. Composer
  252. Composer
  253. American musician, songwriter and record producer. A multi-instrumentalist primarily known as a guitarist and singer, Belew is noted for his unusual, impressionistic approach to guitar playing
  254. Composer
  255. singer/composer - jefferson airplane/jefferson starship, Holographic Band Singer The Star Wars Holiday Special
  256. Actor, Singer, Composer - Nightmare Before Christmas
  257. songwriter
  258. Country Western Singer
  259. Songwriter; wrote It 'Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You)' for Elvis
  260. Film Score Composer: Re-Animator, Troll, Time Walker, House on Sorority Row, Ghoulies, From Beyond, Prison, Puppet Master, Demonic Toys, Castle Freaks, Stargate
  261. Band, 2001 - 2010 (hiatus since 2010)
  262. Country Music Singer/Songwriter
  263. Brian Banks  (2)
    Film Score Composer
  264. Singer/Musician
  265. Composer
  266. Composer
  267. French singer and pop music composer
  268. Composer
  269. Songwriter
  270. Grateful Dead Lyricist
  271. Singer/songwriter; 'Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa', 'Slow and Easy', 'No Sleep Tonight', 'Fall in Love with Me Tonight', 'Sweet Melinda'
  272. Songwriter
  273. Billy Barnes  (2)
    Composer His Something Cool was recorded by June Christy and Della Reese
  274. Edward Barnes  (2)
  275. TV/Film Composer
  276. Steven Barnes  (2)
  277. Musician
  278. R&B pianist/songwriter/arranger. Member of the early R&B groups The Dootones & The Robins
  279. French composer
  280. French actor, composer and singer
  281. Film Score Composer: Hostel 1 & 2, Cabin Fever, Shutter, True Blood
  282. Composer/Songwriter
  283. Writer. Daughter of composer Irving Berlin
  284. Film/TV Composer
  285. Singer/Musician/Songwriter -Christian pop/rock. She was a former contestant of the reality television show American Idol during its fifth season in 2006
  286. Canadian Male Singer songwriter had 1976 UK Chart Topper 'No Charge'
  287. Singer/songwriter
  288. Composer - Forbidden Planet Film Score 1956
  289. jazz pianist/composer
  290. Jeff Barry  (2)
    Songwriter: Da Doo Run Run, Be My Baby, Chapel of Love, Iko Iko, Leader of the Pack, I Can Hear Music, River Deep Mountain High
  291. Composer - scored eleven of the James Bond films
  292. Film music composer - Dolphins
  293. British writer and composer (1930-99). Creator of the musical 'Oliver!'
  294. Former Member Of Oingo Boingo
  295. Singer Songwriter
  296. Composer
  297. Songwriter - Co-writer, with Fats Domino, of most of Fats Domino's hits,1991 Rock and Roll Hall of fame inductee
  298. Film/TV Composer
  299. Composer/Songwriter
  300. Composer
  301. Singer/Musician
  302. Jeff Bass  (2)
    Music/Lyricist 02' oscar song winner... one of three men
  303. Co-directed classic animated shorts:Rudolph, Frosty, Mad Monster Party & Films: Hobbit & Last Unicorn
  304. American composer - Babes in Arms
  305. Songwriter: (Garth Brooks) Unanswered Prayers, Rodeo, The Old man's back in town
  306. Paul Bateman  (2)
    Conductor pianist arranger composer
  307. Composer
  308. Composer
  309. Composer
  310. Singer / Songwriter (best known for the theme tune and title song from 'The Wombles'
  311. Composer, is now an attorney
  312. Songwriter, musician and Italian film director . Cantautor, músico y director de cine italiano
  313. Composer
  314. UK singer songwriter
  315. UK singer songwriter
  316. One half of seventies pop duo Dollar
  317. Singer/Songwriter/Inspirational Speaker
  318. Composer (carnivale)
  319. Rockabilly pioneer
  320. Songwriter
  321. French singer and songwriter
  322. John Beasley  (3)
  323. Songwriter
  324. French Actress And Composer. Best Known For Roméo & Juliette: De la haine à l'amour (2002) and Cargo, Les hommes perdus. (2010)
  325. Singer
  326. 05' winning song, writer/lyricist
  327. Composer/Songwriter
  328. Singer and 2015 Grammy Winner
  329. Film Score Composer: The Skulls II
  330. Children’s Musical Entertainer And Songwriter. She Has Been Performing Throughout Southern California For The Last Fifteen Years. Beck Also Writes Music And Lyrics For The Film Industry. With The Introduction Of Her CD, For Ever And Ever And Ever, She Is
  331. American Female Christian Rock Singer, Guitarist, And Songwriter. She Has Had Twenty-One No. 1 Christian Radio Hits, Won Four Dove Awards, And Been Nominated For Four Grammy Awards
  332. Film Score Composer, The Emmy-nominated composer and conductor has, over 30 years, established himself as one of Western Canada's most respected
  333. Songwriter, Lyricist
  334. Songwriter/Singer/Fashion Designer - 'Posh Spice' in The Spice Girls/Solo Artist, Playboy January 2007/August 2007
  335. composer
  336. Multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and one half of English acoustic roots duo Show of Hands
  337. composer
  338. Composer/Songwriter
  339. French composer
  340. Graeme Bell  (2)
    Australian Jazz Pianist and Composer. Born: 09/07/1914
  341. Nashville singer/songwriter
  342. American Soul Singer Based In The UK In The 1960's
  343. songwriter/producer/arr. - the philadelphia sound
  344. Texas singer/songwriter appeared on the PBS TV program Austin City Limits along with NPR broadcasts such as Mountain Stage, World Café & Morning Edition. His songs have been performed & recorded by Little Feat, Lyle Lovett & Nanci Griff
  345. David Bellamy  (2)
    Singer/Songwriter Bellamy Brothers
  346. singer/songwriter (bellamy brothers)
  347. songwriter
  348. Composer
  349. Composer
  350. Songwriter/Music Producer
  351. Film scores: Scream Trilogy, The Faculty, Red Eye
  352. Grammy award-winning violinist & UN Goodwill Ambassador. Style is a fusion of classical, Hip-Hop, soul & dance. Collaborated with Kanye West, Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Maroon 5, Patti Labelle, Janet Jackson, and John Legend
  353. Mark Bender  (2)
    German singer and Songwriter
  354. record prod/arranger/songwriter early madonna
  355. Virgin Islands-born American songwriter. Wrote or co-wrote 'I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire', 'When the Lights Go On Again (All Over the World)', 'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood'; 'Wheel of Fortune' and 'Anyone' (for Elvis)
  356. German singer singwriter
  357. singer songwriter
  358. Composer/Songwriter
  359. Film Score Composer
  360. Composer/Songwriter
  361. Songwriter born in 1918; songwriting team of Tepper & Bennett who wrote a string of songs for Elvis (G.I. Blues, Angle, Beach Boy Blues, The Lady Loves Me, a.o.) as well as songs like 'Suzy Snowflake', 'Red Roses For A Blue Lady' and 'The Young Ones'
  362. Composer/Songwriter
  363. keyboardist/composer
  364. Composer
  365. Composer
  366. Songwriter
  367. Canadian Singer/Songwriter, Producer, And Activist
  368. Dave Berg  (2)
  369. American Country Music Singer And Songwriter
  370. Ron Berg  (2)
    Drummer for blodwyn pig 1969 to present
  371. Swedish Singer, Songwriter And Actor
  372. Songwriter - The Way We Were, The Windmills of Your Mind as well as theme songs for the TV shows Alice, Maude and Good Times; husband of Marilyn Bergman
  373. American composer and writer born in 1927.She won 3 Oscars! for the soundtrack of 'Yentl'(1983,'The Way We Where' (1973) and 'The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean'(1972); wife of Alan Bergman
  374. Songwriter, use to be DJ but seems to of changed professions
  375. composer
  376. Author/Composer/Conductor
  377. Born September 5, 1910, American composer, classical musician, and painter
  378. Film Composer - Horror Of Dracula, The Curse Of Frankenstein
  379. Composer
  380. American jazz saxophone player and composer
  381. Actor/Composer
  382. Songwriter/Music Producer
  383. Film Score Composer: Pigs, Invasion of the Bee Girls, Gator, White Lightning, The Entity, Cujo, A Nightmare on Elm Street, April Fool's Day, Deadly Friends, Excessive Force, Rumpelstiltskin
  384. Film Music Composer
  385. Composer
  386. Film/TV Score Composer - 21 Jump Street, Mother, My Science Project, Hot Dog-The Movie, Bolero, Hamburger-The Motion Picture, Remote Control, Canadian Bacon, many made-for-TV movies
  387. Composer
  388. Composer
  389. Singer
  390. Performer/composer1986 rock and roll hall of fame inductee
  391. Matt Berry  (2)
    Actor/Musician: Toast of London, The IT Crowd, Snuff Box, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (etc)
  392. Richard Berry  (2)
    R&B Singer/Songwriter - Louie Louie, Have Love Will Travel
  393. French Actress And Singer - Movie - 'Through the Forest' Actress and Composer (2005)
  394. Canadian Country Singer, Songwriter, And Musician -Guitar. Living In Nashville, America
  395. Composer/Songwriter
  396. American Stand Up Comedian, And Actress - TV Series - 'The Apartment' (2013)
  397. American Contemporary Folk Singer, Songwriter, And Musician - Guitar, Banjo
  398. Songwriter: Yesterday Once More, Only Yesterday, Goodbye to Love, Top of the World, Slow Hand, Crazy For You, One Moment in Time
  399. Composer
  400. Composer
  401. Jello Biafra  (2)
    Former lead singer/songwriter of the seminal punk band Dead Kennedys
  402. Norwegian composer
  403. Mo Bic 
    Singer / Songwriter from Hannover, Germany. Pop / Rap / Hip Hop. Inspired from a hard past, leaving his homeland Congo and facing all the upcoming challenges in his new life in Germany. Mo Bic tells the story of his life with honest words underlined with
  404. Film composer ('A Christmas Carol' [1984 version], 'The Scarlet Pimpernel', 'Wetherby' 'The Reflecting Skin), songwriter and orchestra composer
  405. American Composer: Born: 08/26/1908.'Midnight Masquerade','Vanity','Cuban Mambo'
  406. Country Singer & Songwriter // Big & Rich
  407. Country Music Singer/Songwriter
  408. Songwriter
  409. cartoon theme song composer
  410. Composer/Songwriter
  411. Actor/Composer-The Last Chapter 1-2
  412. Songwriter (I'm Bewildered - Richard Berry, Cherry Pie - Marvin & Johnny
  413. Film Score Composer
  414. Composer
  415. Composer/Songwriter
  416. Composer
  417. Songwriter
  418. Musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist
  419. American lyricist (Broadway debut 1978) who worked with Jule Styne, Charles Strouse, a.o. Her credits include two songs Frank Sinatra recorded, 'Hey Look, No Crying' and 'It's Sunday'
  420. Composer
  421. Actor and Composer. Most notable for Insidious and the Conjuring
  422. Composer/Songwriter
  423. Composer/Songwriter
  424. French composer
  425. Musician plays backup for aj Croce
  426. American Actress AKA Karen Black
  427. Corey Black  (2)
    Recording Artist
  428. Composer/Songwriter
  429. Lyricist for Oscar winning songs.. ex.Born Free
  430. Canadian Singer, Songwriter, And Actress - Rhythm And Blues Music
  431. Conductor. Film Scores - Blood Of The Vampire, The Crawling Eye, Jack The Ripper '59, Maniac '63, Teenage Bad Girl, Dangerous Youth, Too Many Crooks, Valentino, several Cliff Richard films
  432. English rock band, rock and roll hall of fame indutees 1995; have now officially retired. On 7 March 2017, Black Sabbath announced they had disbanded
  433. Singer/Musician
  434. Film Score Composer
  435. Composer
  436. Songwriter: (Garth Brooks) Friends in low places, Mr. Blue
  437. Songwriter (Good Golly Miss Molly)
  438. Composer/Songwriter
  439. Actor: The Milagro Beanfield War, Color of Night, The Devil's Own, All The Pretty Horses, Gideon's Crossing, Predator 2, Fear The Walking Dead, Disorganized Crime, The X-Files, Safe House
  440. WWII veteran wo went on to become a songwriter whose credits include two songs recorded by Elvis (Give me the right' and 'Put the blame on me'),
  441. Songwriter, producer, manager. One half of the British songwriting team Howard & Blaikley. Their hits include a.o. 'Have I The Right?' (Honeycombs), 'Bend It' (Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich), 'I?ve Lost You', 'Heart Of Rome' (Elvis)
  442. Michael Blair  (2)
  443. TV/Film Composer
  444. American Composer, Lyricist, And Pianist Of Ragtime, Jazz, And Popular Music.(I'm Just Wild About Harry)
  445. Film Score Composer
  446. singer songwriter
  447. English Artist Based In San Francisco. Specializing In Equestrian And Animal Subjects
  448. Jazz Trumpeter - Film scores (malcolm x, jungle fever, crooklyn)
  449. Benny Blanco  (2)
    Rapper, songwriter, producer. Writer of 'Moves Like Jagger', 'Diamonds'
  450. Music for The Goonies
  451. Boris Blank  (2)
    Composer: Half of the duo Yello with Dieter Meier
  452. Conductor
  453. Composer
  454. Composer
  455. Songwriter: (Garth Brooks) If Tomorrow Never Comes, Somewhere other than the night, Ain't goin down, It's midnight Cinderella, She's gonns make it, For a minute there
  456. American Female Jazz Musician - Piano
  457. jazz pianist composer
  458. Composer
  459. Blues  (2)
    Swedish hophop artist
  460. Composer
  461. Vocalist for 'The Zombies'
  462. Musician - Singer of 'You're Beautiful'
  463. Composer
  464. Composer (with Sheldon Harnick) - Fiorello! (Tony Award for Best Musical & Pulitzer Prize for Best Drama - 1959), Fiddler On The Roof, The Apple Tree, The Rothschilds, Tenderloin, Man In The Moon, She Loves Me
  465. Songwriter
  466. Composer (Belgium)
  467. Composer/Songwriter
  468. German music producer
  469. English Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Guitarist, And Poet. Best Known As Lead Singer For Music Group 'T-Rex'. Glam Rock. Born 1947. Died 1977
  470. Singer/songwriter; Son of T-Rex frontman Marc Bolan
  471. composer
  472. Dutch Composing/Production with his brother Rob Bolland worked a lot with Falco. Wrote and composed Rock Me Amadeus, Vienna Calling and Status Quo hit In The Army Now
  473. French jazz pianist and composer
  474. Contemporary Christian Singer/Songwriter: 'Thank You', 'Take Up Your Cross', 'I Pledge Allegiance To The Lamb', 'The Anchor Holds', 'Watch The Lamb'
  475. Composer
  476. Singer/songwriter, seems to be no longer active on the music scene. Years active 1995-1997
  477. Country Music Singer/Songwriter - Hot Rod Lincoln, Divorce Me COD, Ten Little Bottles, The Daughter Of Jole Blon, So Round So Firm So Fully Packed, Love Song In 32 Bars, Sick Sober & Sorry, Oklahoma Waltz. Country Music HOF 1999
  478. Singer-songwriter and performance artist
  479. American Female Symphony Orchestra Conductor And Composer
  480. concert guitarist composer
  481. Composer/Songwriter
  482. Canadian Rock Songwriter - Born To Be Wild (& 5 more Steppenwolf songs)
  483. American Female Singer/Songwriter And Musician - Alternative Rock - Acoustic Guitar, Violin, And Piano
  484. Canadian Male Music Composer And Actor - Movie - 'L'odyssée' (2003)
  485. German Singer, Musician, And Song Writer - Guitar - Popular Music
  486. American Singer, Songwriter, And Musician - Guitarist - Group = The Music Machine (1965-1967)
  487. American Female Singer/Musician/Songwriter - Soft Rock, Easy Listening. Plays Piano And Guitar
  488. Italian Female Singer And Songwriter - Pop, Rock Music