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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Music->Songwriter/Composer , A-Z Filter: R
Browsing Category Home->Music->Songwriter/Composer , A-Z Filter: R
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  1. german entertainer, host of 'TV Total'
  2. movie composer
  3. Musician & Composer // YES (1983-1995)
  4. South Africian-born British Composer/Songwriter. 'The Talented Mr. Ripley'. Born: 03/26/1916
  5. Band
  6. Composer
  7. singer/songwriter
  8. Co-writer/composer (w/Gerome Ragni) - HAIR
  9. UK-singer and songwriter
  10. The voice
  11. Film Score Composer
  12. Co-writer/composer (w/James Rado) - HAIR
  13. Composer
  14. Composer
  15. English singer and songwriter; as a child sang solo on the song Suo Gan from the Steven Speilberg film 'Empire of the Sun'; also sang backup on the Tina Turner song 'We Don't Need Another Hero' from the film 'Max Max Beyond Thunderdome'
  16. Singer
  17. British UK Country Duo
  18. Singer/Songwriter/Queen of Bottleneck Slide Guitar - Nothing Seems To Matter, Nick of Time, Thing Called Love, Love Letter, Have a Heart, Something to Talk About, Love Sneaking Up On You, I Can't Make You Love Me, Luck of the Draw
  19. British composer
  20. Lyricist, Grammy winner (Lou Rawls, 'Love Is a Hurtin' Thing.'), also wrote the Ray Peterson hit 'Tell Laura I Love Her', movie songs like 'How Would You Like To Be' for Elvis
  21. One top ten hit single called: 'Concrete and Clay'. And, as a composer.
  22. Composer
  23. Composer - The Patty Duke Show Theme. Orchestrator - Film: West Side Story (1961 Emmy & Grammy wins). Broadway - West Side Story, Gypsy, Wildcat, Funny Thing Happened-Forum, I Can Get It For You Wholesale, Wonderful Town
  24. Compositor
  25. Singer/Musician
  26. American songwriter and bassist, The Ramones
  27. legendary grammy award winning music producer
  28. Songwriter
  29. Songwriter
  30. English rapper and songwriter
  31. singer/composer wrote hits for little anthony
  32. Keyboard player, bandleader, songwriter who has performed on innumerable recordings of the 1960s to 1980s; member of the Wrecking Crew. Worked and recorded with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elvis, and countless more
  33. Singer/songwriter
  34. singer/songwriter/guitarist
  35. Songwriter
  36. Composer
  37. Composer/Songwriter
  38. Composer/Songwriter
  39. Composer/Songwriter
  40. Canadian Composer
  41. Singer/Musician
  42. Composer
  43. Songwriter/Music Producer
  44. singer, songwriter - indigo girls
  45. Singer, songwriter; sang backup for Chuck Berry, Chubby Checker, Lena Horne, Ray Charles and Darlene Love
  46. Eddie Ray  (2)
    Member of 'The Jewels'; their most enduring song is the often-covered 'Hearts of Stone' which he co-wrote with Rudy Jackson
  47. singer/songwriter
  48. Pop Singer - Cry, The Little White Cloud That Cried, Please Mr. Sun, Walkin' My Baby Back Home, All Of Me, Somebody Stole My Gal, Candy Lips, Just Walking In The Rain, Whiskey & Gin
  49. Country music singer
  50. Composer - 28 Days, Angela's Eyes
  51. Composer
  52. Director/Filmmaker
  53. singer/songwriter
  54. Composer
  55. Israeli musician and composer
  56. An Americana Folk Acoustic Bluegrass all female band:Laurie MacAllister ,Abbie Gardner,Molly Ventner-founded 2004- cd's include 'The Red Album' 'Love and Other Tragedies'
  57. Composer/Songwriter
  58. Band
  59. Multifaceted Orchestra trained musician from Smyrna, GA., USA. Instrumental / Rock / Pop
  60. Composer
  61. jazz reeds player composer
  62. Composer/Songwriter
  63. German pop singer, musician
  64. American Composer/Born:1910
  65. Film scores (creepshow 2 one more time), songwriter: It's Not Unusual, Delilah, The Last Waltz, There?s A Kind Of Hush; also wrote for Elvis and Bing Crosby
  66. A singer and harpist-zitherist who was a star of the post- World War II folk music scene
  67. Songwriter
  68. Country-Western Singer/Songwriter (b: 1932) - Girl On The Billboard, The Belles Of Southern Bell, Good Time Charlies, Be Glad, Looking At The World Through A Windshield, One Bum Town, Talking To The Night Lights, Blame It On My Do Wrong, Bar Room Talk
  69. Fionn Regan  (2)
  70. Film Score Composer: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, Stepfather 2 & 3
  71. Singer
  72. Composer/Songwriter
  73. composer
  74. Songwriter & Actor: Remington Steele. Leprechaun 3, Police Story, Kojak, Quincy M.E., Hill Street Blues, Sledge Hammer!, Monkey Trouble, First Family, The A - Team, The Tripper, Betty White's Off Their Rockers
  75. Singer, Songwriter
  76. songwriter
  77. singer (statler brothers) songwriter
  78. singer (statler brothers) songwriter
  79. co writer of a whiter shade of pale with gary brooker
  80. Keith Reid  (2)
  81. Mike Reid  (4)
    American country music artist, composer, and former American football player
  82. Composer
  83. Singer / Songwriter
  84. Composer
  85. French composer
  86. Musician, producer and filmdirector
  87. Folk Singer and Song Writer
  88. Italian Singer/Songwriter/Producer (b: 1938) - Quando, Quando, Quando; Merry Christmas In Love (2005 Golden Globe nom.); The Prayer (1999 Golden Globe win & Oscar nom. Popularized by Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli. Quest For Camelot soundtrack
  89. Composer
  90. Composer
  91. film scores (the crow 1&2 the saint spawn) - Anne Frank miniseries (composer) Daredevil (composer)
  92. Italian pianist, composer, arranger, conductor, and entrepreneur, e.g. for 'Rondo Veneziano' or Eros Ramazotti
  93. Composer
  94. Percussionist for the bands Chicago and Santana
  95. Songwriter & Record Producer
  96. Film Score Composer
  97. Composer
  98. C&W singer / songwriter
  99. French composer, director
  100. Conductor
  101. UK Singer & Songwriter
  102. American country music and rockabilly guitarist and vocalist popular during the 1940s and 50s
  103. Songwriter co-wrote Sunday Kind of Love
  104. Singer/Musician
  105. Jewish American guitarist, composer and singer
  106. Composer/Songwriter
  107. Christian singer/songwriter
  108. C&W/Rockabilly/Blues Singer/Songwriter - Behind Closed Doors, The Most Beautiful Girl, Very Special Love Song, Every Time You Touch Me, There Won't Be Anymore, Rollin' With The Flow, I Love My Friend, Mohair Sam, Lonely Weekends
  109. Composer
  110. Singer/Songwriter
  111. Rolling Stones guitarist
  112. Singer-songwriter
  113. French composer
  114. C&W singer/songwriter (wr believe me baby i lied)
  115. Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
  116. American composer, actor, director, and television producer. Richmond produced, composed the music for, and directed some episodes of 30 Rock, a sitcom created by and starring his wife, Tina Fey
  117. Composer
  118. Composer/Songwriter
  119. Singer/songwriter - The all-time classic Single - Camoflauge, and also Wall Of Voodoo, Hits In '80s With Mexican Radio (Wall Of Voodoo), Goin' Southbound (solo), Don't Box Me In (Rumble Fish Soundtrack)and Lost Weekend
  120. German composer
  121. Topical Singer and Songwriter
  122. German composer
  123. rockabilly singer (red hot, flying saucers r&r)
  124. songwriter/singer
  125. composer pianist
  126. Inventor - High resolution radar & sonar. Inducted into the National Inventors Hall Of Fame in 1994. Composer for Broadway & Off-Broadway productions. Retired lecturer from M.I.T
  127. Composer/Silent Film Pianist/Born: 06/02/1902
  128. film scores (kickboxer 2&4 dollman 1&2)
  129. Composer, Batman the Brave and the Bold
  130. French songwriter and composer
  131. French and Saunders, Holiday (presenter)
  132. Composer - Thirteen, Liberty Stands Still
  133. Gary Roadarmel & The Parish Commissioners - Band froms New Orleans, LA., USA. Americana / Alt.Country / Honky-Tonk /
  134. Composer
  135. C&W Singer/Songwriter - El Paso, A White Sport Coat..., Singing The Blues, Don't Worry, The Story Of My Life, Devil Woman, Begging To You, Ruby Ann, I Walk Alone, My Woman-My Woman-My Wife, El Paso City, Honkytonk Man. Country Music Hall Of Fame
  136. America, singer/songwriter, best known for his millionseller 'Rocky'
  137. Songwriter - Hey Joe
  138. singer songwriter, Home And Away - Nick Parrish (1991-1994)
  139. Songwriter: (Garth Brooks) The Beaches of Cheyenne, Allyson Myranda, The Old Stuff
  140. Gary Roberts  (4)
    Singer / Songwriter from Carrickfergus Co. Antrim Northern Ireland. Country / Easy Listening, and various from 1940,s 50's, 60,s / Country, Irish Ballads, Rock and Roll, Sing -a-long,
  141. Composer/Songwriter
  142. Composer/Songwriter
  143. Music Editor worked on The Perry Mason tv movies of the 80's and 90's
  144. Swedish singing legend
  145. Songwriter/Music Producer
  146. film scores (vampire lovers countess dracula)
  147. singer guitarist songwriter - 'The Band'
  148. Contestant on THE VOICE (2013), singer/songwriter, lead singer with the band 'The Design' in Raleigh, NC
  149. American composer, lyricist and songwriter. Best known for 'Thanks for the Memory' (1938 Oscar winner), 'Blue Hawaii', 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend'
  150. Earl Robinson  (3)
  151. Singer/songwriter1959 hit song' Makin' Love'
  152. Composer
  153. Singer/Songwriter - Smokey Robinson & The Miracles ('60s Motown Soul)
  154. Screenwriter
  155. singer songwriter
  156. singer/songwriter, 'alternative country'
  157. Songwriter
  158. composer
  159. Manager - The Skyliners, The Jaggerz. Lyricist - Since I Don't Have You, This I Swear
  160. Born June 15, 1963 also known as SRock, is an American drummer & Grammy-nominated composer. Best known as the drummer for the progressive metal band Queensrÿche, which he co-founded in 1982, and the hard rock band Slave to the System
  161. Composer/Songwriter
  162. Composer/Songwriter
  163. Singer / Songwriter - 3 Legendary Rock Bands: Free (all Right Now), Bad Company (can't Get Enough Of Your Love, Running With The Pack), The Firm (radioactive)
  164. Composer - born 1902, died 1979
  165. singer/songwriter - cecilio & kapono
  166. Actor and Singer/Songwriter; Best known for his role in the TV show, 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.'
  167. Country Singer/Musician
  168. Director - Desperado, Sin City
  169. Searching for Sugarman
  170. Singer/Songwriter (b: 1942) - Dizzy, Sheila, Everybody, Sweet Pea, Hooray For Hazel, Heather Honey, Jam Up Jelly Tight, It's Now Winter's Day, Jack & Jill, Stagger Lee
  171. singer songwriter
  172. Creator of various film and TV scores: Rescue 911, etc
  173. Also known as Claudette Rogers Robinson (born June 20, 1942) American singer-songwriter. Former member of 'The Miracles' (1957 - 1972)
  174. Composer
  175. Songwriter
  176. Mr. Rogers on TV
  177. Composer
  178. trumpeter/composer/arranger/band leader
  179. Simon Rogers  (3)
  180. Composer
  181. singer/songwriter - collective soul
  182. jazz saxophonist composer
  183. Songwriter
  184. Composer
  185. Songwriter
  186. Songwriter
  187. Composer
  188. Songwriters/Music Producers
  189. Composer
  190. Singer/Musician
  191. Pat Rooney  (2)
    Early Theater Performer, Choreographer, Lyricist, Composer/In Atlantic City [Musical, Comedy, Original] Performer: Pat Rooney [Butts] Aug 13, 1898 - Aug 20, 1898
  192. Pianist
  193. composer writer
  194. singer songwriter (los lobos)
  195. Andrew Rose  (2)
    Film Score Composer
  196. Actress, singer/songwriter, author
  197. Songwriter (has written with Taylor Swift)
  198. Pam Rose  (3)
    Country Singer & Songwriter
  199. Tim Rose  (2)
  200. Music Editor
  201. movie composer 'East of Eden'
  202. Score Composer: A Raisin in the Sun, Requiem for a Heavyweight, The House That Would Not Die, A Gunfight, Satan's School for Girls, Rooster Cogburn, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Logan's Run, Clash of the Titans, Young Indiana Jones
  203. Composer
  204. English Composer - Scores: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (w/Trent Reznor), The Social Network (w/Trent Reznor), The Book Of Eli. Producer - Nine Inch Nails
  205. Singer and Songwriter
  206. Michael Ross  (3)
    Record Producer & Songwriter
  207. Spencer Ross  (2)
    Composerone hit wonder02-22-1960 hit song 'Tracy's Theme'
  208. film scores (tin cup, little rascals, black sheep)
  209. Film/TV Composer
  210. singer pianist (gene)
  211. Tv host, singer, author
  212. Musician-cellist, conductor
  213. Composer - The Godfather (1972)
  214. Founder of Daptone Records, songwriter, bass player. Won a Grammy for engineering Amy Winehouse's Back to Black album
  215. Electronic music composer, producer and label owner
  216. Composer
  217. Singer/Musician
  218. Music composer
  219. Folk / roots pop singer-songwriter
  220. British composer
  221. Composer
  222. American musical theater composer
  223. Composer
  224. Alice Cooper guitarist
  225. Composer
  226. singer songwriter
  227. Canadian pop music singer-songwriter
  228. singer/songwriter - 'Queen Of Rave Music'
  229. Composer, Music Editor
  230. Singer & Songwriter: Lead singer of Boy Meets Girl 'Waiting for a Star to Fall' which she also wrote; also penned songs for Whitney Houston: 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)' and 'How Will I Know?'
  231. Film Score Composer
  232. Film/TV Composer - Emmy Award Winner
  233. Film Score Composer
  234. Composer
  235. Composer/Songwriter
  236. singer/songwriter from New York City
  237. Composer/Arranger (B: 1915) - Themes From THE FUGITIVE, THRILLER
  238. Composer
  239. Rap group
  240. singer songwriter
  241. Band
  242. Conductor
  243. Composer/Songwriter
  244. Bobby Rush  (2)
    Mississippi Blues legend
  245. singer songwriter
  246. blues singer/songwriter (i can't quit you baby 1956)
  247. singer-songwriter (no regrets, circle game
  248. jazz soul singer songwriter/pianist (forget-me-not)
  249. Songwriter: (Garth Brooks) American Honky Tonk Bar Association
  250. Songwriter
  251. Bobby Russell  (2)
    Singer. Songwriter - Honey, Little Green Apples, The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, Sat. Morning Confusion, 1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero, The Joker Went Wild. Married to Vicki Lawrence ('72-'74)
  252. singer, songwriter, keyboardist
  253. Jazz drummer pianist composer. Born: 06/23/1923
  254. Composer/Songwriter
  255. Country Singer/Songwriter known for song 'Act Naturally', made famous by Buck Owens & The Beatles. His songs recorded by Burl Ives, Jim Reeves, Jerry Garcia, Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, & Linda Ronstadt
  256. singer/songwriter
  257. Mark Russell  (2)
    British composer
  258. Recording artist, Composer - Vampire Diary
  259. Tom Russell  (2)
    Cowboy singer/songwriter
  260. Tony Russell  (2)
  261. Singer, songwriter, bassist, and producer music country-rock
  262. Songwriter of over 700 songs, including Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree, Knock Three Times, Sweet Gyspy Rose, born 1940
  263. Composer
  264. Songwriter
  265. Country Music Singer/Songwriter
  266. Singer
  267. Nick Ryan  (2)
  268. Sound Designer Titanic, Jurassic Park
  269. Ryk 
    German singer, Producer & Composer (Zweiter beim Vorentscheid zum ESC 2018)
  270. American composer and pianist