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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Music->Songwriter/Composer , A-Z Filter: K
Browsing Category Home->Music->Songwriter/Composer , A-Z Filter: K
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  1. Conductor
  2. Composer
  3. singer/songwriter/pianist
  4. Composer
  5. Soul-singer
  6. Composer/Performer
  7. Songwriter/Conductor
  8. Norwegian songwriter,producer and former realty contestand--a contestant on norways dancing with the stars 2020
  9. singer/songwriter
  10. Hungarian-American recording artist, songwriter and record producer
  11. American composer who wrote for Dean Martin, Steve Lawrence, Elvis Presley ('Young Dreams'), Sammy Kaye, Guy Lombardo, Connie Francis, Julius LaRosa, Vic Damone, Engelbert Humperdinck, Roy Rogers a.o. Best-known song: 'Just Say I Love Her'
  12. conductor/composer - he is conducting the san francisco symphony orchestra
  13. Former male model, star of the 1980s Levi jeans commercials & 1980s singer/songwriter
  14. Joal Kamps  (2)
    Canadian Singer-Songwriter
  15. bassist/songwriter - no doubt
  16. Georgian composer
  17. Composer; with lyricist Fred Ebb wrote songs for the musicals Cabaret, Chicago, Zorba, Woman of the Year, Kiss of the Spider Woman and Funny Lady
  18. has retired from music career as a singer/songwriter, is now a business mentor and consultant
  19. Composer
  20. Composer/Performer
  21. American film and television music composer
  22. Film Score Composer
  23. Composer
  24. Lyricist for Award winning song, 'For all we know,' with James Griffin
  25. Swedish singer/songwriter
  26. she is a retired singer songwriter
  27. Composer - I Love New York. 'King of the Jingles': Plop Plop Fizz Fizz, When You Say Bud, Aren't You Glad You Use Dial?, Weekends Were Made For Michelob, You Can Take Salem Out Of The Country, Time For A Tic-Tac, many more
  28. Guitarist for buddy miles
  29. Songwriter (w/Joel Hirschhorn) - The Morning After (from The Poseidon Adventure, Oscar win), We May Never Love Like This Again (from The Towering Inferno, Oscar win), Pete's Dragon score & song, Candle On The Water (Oscar noms. for both)
  30. Conductor
  31. Pianist/Composer
  32. Singer/Songwriter from New York, NY., USA. Americana / Pop / Folk
  33. Film scores (The Wasp Woman, Bucket of Blood)Born: 02/25/1919
  34. Director
  35. Wrote 'That's Life' for Frank Sinatra
  36. Songwriter
  37. singer/songwriter
  38. writer & songwriter howdy doody 1st 8 years
  39. John M. Keane  (2)
    Composer on CSI
  40. Singer/Songwriter
  41. John Keating  (2)
  42. Kebu is an artist who creates new instrumental, melodic synthesizer music using analogue synthesizers only.
  43. Country music songwriter
  44. Composer/Songwriter
  45. American musician and songwriter. Michael Schenker Group, Blue Murder, Baton Rouge, King Kobra
  46. Movie Composer
  47. singer/songwriter (i'll be there for you)
  48. singer songwriter
  49. Composer/Songwriter
  50. Music
  51. singer/composer from Mali
  52. Composer/Songwriter
  53. Composer and music producer, grammy award winner 2015
  54. Retired Singer, Actress, Now Speaker
  55. Composer/jazz pianist; Composed the closing theme for All in the Family, 'Remembering You'
  56. American pop singer/songwriter best known for his 1958 million selling record 'Here Comes Summer' (#14 Billboard, #1 UK). Also wrote the English lyrics of 'A Man and a Woman', 'Almost There' for Andy Williams, 'Turn - Down Day,' a hit for The Cyrkle
  57. Composer - grammy award winner 2015
  58. Composer
  59. Composer
  60. British modern and contemporary Jazz singer and songwriter
  61. Singer/Songwriter
  62. French composer
  63. Sean Kelly  (3)
  64. Steve Kelly  (3)
    Singer / Songwriter from Wales, UK. Folk / Timeless / Whatever
  65. Songwriter 'Like A Virgin', 'Eternal Flame', 'I Drove All Night'
  66. singer, songwriter, and classically-trained pianist
  67. Award Winning Australian Country Music Artist
  68. Film Score Composer
  69. singer jazz pianist composer
  70. Songwriter: (Garth Brooks) American Honky Tonk Bar Association, Good ride cowboy, Beaches of Cheyenne, Rodeo or Mexico, The Old Stuff, Cowboy Cadillac
  71. David Kennedy  (4)
    American guitarist, songwriter and performer - Box Car Racer, Over My Dead Body, and currently Angels & Airwaves
  72. Singing act with tom tomlinson
  73. Songwriter
  74. Songwriter
  75. Band Leader/Pianist/Composer/Arranger - Artistry In Rhythm, Artistry Jumps, Eager Beaver, Tampico, And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine, Orange-Colored Sky, Laura, Across The Alley From The Alamo, Route 66. A leader of the 'progressive jazz' movement
  76. Composer
  77. composer (string quartet #2) pul. prize 1998
  78. Singer/Conductor/Arranger/Composer/Producer/Pianist - The Anita Kerr Singers/Quartet, The Living Voices, The San Sebastian Strings, The Mexicali Singers, Burl Ives, Jimmie Davis, Chet Atkins, Red Foley, Faron Young. She won at least 6 Grammy Awards
  79. Mark Kerr  (2)
  80. Composer/Songwriter
  81. Composer/Songwriter
  82. music artist (singer/songwriter)
  83. Singer
  84. jazz guitarist composer
  85. Country Singer & Songwriter
  86. Composer
  87. Composer/Songwriter
  88. Composer
  89. Pop Singer: Hits include 'I'm Every Woman', 'Ain't Nobody', 'I Feel for You' and 'Through the Fire'
  90. Russian composer
  91. Composer of TV shows This is Us, the Kids are Alright, and Marvel's Runaways
  92. Composer and former USSR Government Official
  93. Singer,songwriter, played in Joe Dirt and Osmosis Jones
  94. Composer
  95. Singer Songwriter from Gold Coast, QLD, AU. Singer Songwriter / Acoustic Pop / Folk
  96. Composer
  97. film scores (bram stoker's dracular)
  98. Songwriter
  99. singer/songwriter
  100. singer/song writer
  101. Singer/Musician
  102. Composer
  103. Russian bard, composer, poet, songwriter for theater and films. His songs, encompassing everything from mild humor to biting political satire, appear in at least fifty Soviet movies
  104. Composer
  105. DJ/Producer goes by the name Gemini
  106. Kindbergs is a Swedish dansband
  107. Awsome guitarplayer
  108. Film Score Composer: Tremors 3, Leprechaun, Star wars-The Clone Wars, Freaked, The Pest, Wing Commander
  109. Singer/Songwriter1990 rock and roll hall of fame inductee/Staunch Democrat
  110. Composer/Songwriter
  111. Ed King  (2)
    Edward C. King (born September 14, 1949 in Glendale, California) is an American musician. He is best known as the guitarist for the psychedelic rock band Strawberry Alarm Clock and guitarist and bassist for the Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd from 1972
  112. Composer - Fight Club, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny
  113. Singer/Songwriter-Playboy October 2011
  114. Country-Western Singer/Songwriter - Slow Poke, Tennessee Waltz, Tennessee Tears, Tennessee Polka, Bonaparte's Retreat, Changing Partners, Bimbo, Silver & Gold, Busy Body, Backward Turn Backward, You Belong To Me. Country Music HOF - 1974
  115. Peter King  (7)
  116. Songwriter
  117. Composer/Songwriter
  118. Composer of electronic music: TV work includes Doctor Who and The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  119. Composer
  120. Paul Kirby  (3)
    Vocalist/guitarist The Cactus Brothers and Walk the West.Son of songwriter Dave Kirby
  121. Composer/Songwriter
  122. Composer
  123. Brian Kirk  (2)
    Music composer for the US crime action-drama series 'NCIS' and NCIS: New Orleans'
  124. Music Composer
  125. Singer/Songwriter/Keyboardist - The Association
  126. Film Score Composer: Tomcats
  127. American folk singer-songwriter
  128. Broadway Composer
  129. Songwriter
  130. singer/songwriter of '1000 Angels' dedicated to 9/11 victims.
  131. singer songwriter
  132. Video Game Music Composer - Command & Conquer Series, Lands of Lore series, the Dune games, The Legend of Kyrandia series, Blade Runner game
  133. Composer
  134. Film Score Composer: Deadwood, Land of the Dead, Without a Trace
  135. Composer
  136. Composer
  137. Composer
  138. C&W singer/songwriter (something's charged)
  139. Music Producer/Songwriter; wrote numerous hit songs including The Warrior, Better Be Good To Me, The Best, Change, Pleasure and Pain, Love Is A Battlefield, Invincible, Obsession
  140. rap mogul
  141. Singer/Musician
  142. Rockabilly Singer/Songwriter - Party Doll, Hula Love, Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep
  143. Songwriter wrote why hav'nt i heard from you for reba mcentire
  144. Composer
  145. Stunman/Body Double also a music composer
  146. Songwriter
  147. Country and Western singer, radio station personality, entertainer, newscaster, announcer, emcee, father, grandpa. He is known for hillbilly music
  148. Emmy award winning TV writer/producer/composer, born 1933. One of the 3 co-writers of the David Bowie/Bing Crosby 'Peace on Earth' Christmas song
  149. Songwriter; among his most popular songs are 'I Love How You Love Me' and 'Patches'
  150. Ukrainian composer
  151. Composer
  152. Game Music Composer, mostly for Nintendo - Super Mario Bros, Zelda
  153. Composer/Songwriter
  154. Librettist and lyricist; wrote lyrics to the Broadway musical Grey Gardens
  155. Artie Kornfeld, singwriter, producer and the promoter for Woodstock 1969
  156. Guitarist, songwriter, producer
  157. Composer for restored Metropolis film
  158. Japanese video game music composer and audio programmer.He has produced music in various genres, including electronic music (dance, Eurobeat, house, jungle, techno, trance)
  159. Songwriter
  160. Polish composer
  161. Polish composer
  162. Guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Formerly with Poison & Mr. Big
  163. Composer
  164. Composer (The Gunsmoke Theme)
  165. Composer/Songwriter
  166. Composer
  167. Country singer/songwriter
  168. Journalist/Lyricist; best know for the English version of the musical adaptation of Les Misérables, and for the English words to the Charles Aznavour song 'Hier Encore' titled 'Yesterday, When I Was Young'
  169. Composer/Songwriter
  170. Singer/Songwriter: Me & Bobby McGee, For The Good Times, Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down // Actor: A Star Is Born, Blade, Convoy, Cisco Pike, Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid, Semi-Tough, Limbo, Rollover, Heaven's Gate, Payback, Fire Down Below
  171. singer (nickelback) songwriter
  172. Composer/Songwriter
  173. Country music singer
  174. German singer - Die Prinzen)
  175. singer/songwriter
  176. Polish Composer 1950's-60's Born: 04/20/1909
  177. Jazz Singer, Songwriter and actress appeared on the South African soap opera Generations
  178. jazz pianist composer
  179. Songwriter
  180. Singer, song writer
  181. Folk singer, song-writer,founder and member of The Coyote Sisters
  182. percussionist/songwriter/producer
  183. American counterculture poet, author, cartoonist, pacifist anarchist, publisher and co-founder of the band The Fugs
  184. Composer
  185. rock singer/songwriter (walk on me/02)
  186. Composer
  187. Conductor