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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Presenter/Host (TV) , A-Z Filter: L
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  1. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  2. TV Host
  3. TV presenter
  4. Tv presenter
  5. Tv presenter
  6. Dutch actor
  7. Director
  8. On-Air Talent NFL Network
  9. Presenter
  10. CBC Personality
  11. CBC Personality
  12. French actor, TV host and sometimes singer
  13. Model and TV presenter on DSF tv station
  14. Predator on 'Gladiators (UK 2008)', TV Presenter 'Du'aine's World', Gold and Ssilver medallist at the Commonwealth Games and World Cup
  15. Drag Queen, Founder, ]Organizer And Hostess Of Wigstock
  16. kitv4 sports anchor
  17. French former racing driver who competed in Formula One from 1974 to 1986, now Tv presenter
  18. Tv presenter and actor
  19. Voice Over Talent
  20. French TV presenter and journalist
  21. commentator
  22. Businessman known for his appearances in TV show The Curse of Oak Island
  23. CBC Personality
  24. French singer, sometimes TV host
  25. Presenter
  26. Austrian TV Presenter
  27. Diplomat. was the senior American official held hostage during the Iran hostage crisis
  28. Host of 'Paternity Court'
  29. CNN Anchor / Reporter
  30. Host & Actress: Hairspray, Working Girl, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Cry - Baby, Cookie, China Beach, The Chase, Where the Day Takes You, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Skinner, Cabin Boy, Serial Mom, Mrs. Winterbourne, The King of Queens, Cecil B. DeMented
  31. Presenter
  32. Husband/Wife team that host an Outdoors show
  33. soccer player
  34. TV Presenter - TSN
  35. Award-winning singer, songwriter, Chinese American talk show host, music executive, filmmaker, and producer from Diamond Bar, California. She won the 2015 Hollywood Music in Media Award in the Best Dance Song category for her song 'I Feel Alive'.
  36. Actress, Model, Presenter, Singer
  37. TV Presenter
  38. Mark Lamb  (2)
    Sheriff and one of the TV Hosts of 'Live PD'
  39. Diet and Healthness ExpertTV-presenter
  40. Tv presenter
  41. Author
  42. Lamia  (2)
    Lamia Queen Of The Dark - Horror host on horror hotel
  43. American TV Host and Actor. Son-in-law to 'Stooge' Larry Fine and hosted The Three Stooges local Television show in Los Angeles, California (which helped in the resurgence of The Three Stooges popularity).
  44. sportscaster
  45. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  46. UK Presenter
  47. Venezuelan actor, 'Bienvenidos'
  48. basketball coach
  49. German actress - 'A Woman in Flames,' 'The Cat' and many more
  50. Voice Over Talent
  51. Off the Record-Sports talk show host TSN Canada
  52. Australian television presenter
  53. Host of 'Chain Reaction' on Game Show Network, former VJ On Fuse TV's 'Daily Download' And 'F-List'
  54. Sarah Lane  (2)
    American television and Internet personality. She is currently most notable for hosting a number of shows on the network
  55. Host/Presenter
  56. German TV Host (RTL Nachtjournal...)
  57. Belgian TV and Radio Host
  58. Presenter The World, BBC World, BBC4 and Radio 4.
  59. TV Presenter - ORF
  60. CBC Personality
  61. Author and youngest police officer ever hired on the Omaha Police Department at age 18. He worked as a uniformed officer and as a detective in the Burglary, Vice, and Narcotics Units retired after a twenty-six-year career
  62. Cookery writer and television personality from New Zealand
  63. Psychologist and Life & Career Coach
  64. game show host (The Dating Game)
  65. German TV Presenter
  66. Presenter
  67. Tv presenter
  68. TV Presenter - ORF
  69. Singer/Actress - Yankee Doodle Dandy, Broadway Melody Of 1936, The Glenn Miller Story. Radio - The Bob Hope Show, The Dick Powell Show, The Bickersons (w/Don Ameche). TV - The Frances Langford-Don Ameche Show (w/The Bickersons), The Spike Jones Show
  70. Television journalist, anchor, & author/Became friends with Muhammad Ali & F. Lee Bailey, & considered Martin Luther King, Jr. to be a personal mentor/Roomed with Mahalia Jackson/wrote Anne and Emmett/1st black 'weathergirl' for WBBM-TV
  71. Historian
  72. This Morning
  73. female fitness trainer..body shaping on espn
  74. co-hosts 'The Al Franken Show' on Air America Radio
  75. World Poker Tournament
  76. German TV Presenter
  77. Actor: 'Seven Days', 'New York Undercover', 'The District', 'Cold Case', Special Agent Langer on 'NCIS', brother of actor Anthony LaPaglia from 'Without a Trace'
  78. French TV presenter
  79. HGTV Host and contributor
  80. Old Host of TV show Screen Savers on Tech TV
  81. CBC Personality
  82. Presenter
  83. TV Presenter
  84. Former French footballer, now TV/radio host
  85. CBC Personality
  86. mouseketeer (mickey mouse club 1950's)
  87. Radio talk show host of the 'Lars Larson Show', a daily nationally syndicated political talk show
  88. Former TV hostess on Jim Davidson's The Generation Game, Actress - The Calcium Kid, Goal 3
  89. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  90. Blue Team Captain on E!'s Search Party
  91. UK Presenter
  92. Presenter
  93. Presenter
  94. Singaporean presenter
  95. German TV Host (n-tv)
  96. NZ author and TV Personality
  97. TV presenter
  98. CTV Winnipeg Anchor - Morning Live (weekday mornings, 5:30-9 a.m.)
  99. host of NBC Today Show
  100. Former NHL player (Capitals, Kings, Maple Leafs, Canadiens)
  101. Italian comedian-actress-TV-presenter
  102. Actor
  103. Host/Presenter
  104. UK Presenter
  105. TV Presenter
  106. current St. John's University Head Basketball Coach; also coached at UCLA; assistant coach at UCLA in 1995 (national champion)
  107. Welsh Football Commentator
  108. UK Presenter
  109. Dish Nation
  110. CBC Personality
  111. Presenter
  112. Singer & Actor: The Blues Brothers, The Lonely Guy, Hardcastle & McCormick, The Nanny, The Contract, The Yards, Ocean's Eleven, The Christmas Pageant // Host: The Steve Lawrence - Eydie Gorme Show, The Carol Burnett Show, The Tonight Show
  113. German TV Presenter
  114. Broadcaster, Australian media personality and famous radio presenter
  115. WNBA Player, G
  116. hockey
  117. Actor/Presenter/Scriptwriter: Doctor In The House, Sunburn, Minder, The Sweeney, It Aint Half Hot Mum, Doctor Who, EastEnders
  118. Sky Sport Presenter
  119. Stars of the ESPN show 'Dan LeBatard is Highly Questionable'
  120. French Tv presenter
  121. TV commentator and host
  122. Male Host/Presenter
  123. French TV presenter and journalist
  124. ex Footballer now Football Pundit for the BBC
  125. author, cook, host of Lifystyles Of The Rich & Famous
  126. Model/Singer/Actress-Don't Play With Martians,W Le Donne,Gigolo,Grottenolm,Love Reinvented,Bimboland,Dance Challenge
  127. Former co-host of Highly Questionable w/son, Dan LeBatard
  128. Actor and former soccer player
  129. German TV Host
  130. Property Expert. BBC2 Uncharted Territory and BBC2 Million Pound Property Experiment.
  131. Tv host
  132. French showman, famous impressionist entertainment performer, TV & radio
  133. Presenter, 'Live & Kicking'
  134. Presenter
  135. Sports broadcaster / Host
  136. Andy Lee  (3)
    Australian Television Presenter
  137. Actress
  138. TV Host of 'All Girls Garage' and reporter
  139. David Lee  (3)
    Anchor On Comcast Sportsnet
  140. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  141. News Presenter
  142. Presenter - Pulling Power, ITV1
  143. CBC Personality
  144. British comedian and radio and television presenter
  145. CBC Personality
  146. TV Presenter - CityTV Toronto
  147. HGTV Host of 'Design on a Dime'
  148. Master of Ceremonies on FedCon and RingCon
  149. Mark Lee  (4)
    CBC Sports (Host)
  150. McKenzie Lee  (2)
    TV Presenter
  151. Melissa Lee  (4)
    Anchor on Fast Money (CNBC)
  152. Actress - Hot Rod
  153. Michael Lee  (4)
    Backwoods Life TV Personality
  154. CBC Personality
  155. Female Glamour Model
  156. Host On The British Tv Station 'nation 217'
  157. Actress, Jazz Singer, Host
  158. Presenter/Cook TV:AM (UK)
  159. Host of Semi-Homemade Cooking on the Food Network
  160. Sarah Lee  (3)
    TV Presenter - ORF
  161. CBC Personality
  162. Host of Travel Channel's Road Trip
  163. Tiffany Lee  (3)
    A.k.a. Tiffany Richardson. Model. Appeared on Game Show Network's Burt Luddin's Love Buffet as Krystal, the prize model, and hosted Pro Beach Hockey on ESPN. Appeared in over 100 posters, 60 magazine covers, 40 calendars, and 50 Catalogues
  164. Swiss TV-Show Host , 'Joya rennt'
  165. actress/t.v. presenter
  166. Host of House Detective Home and Garden network
  167. TV Presenter
  168. Shop at Home
  169. IGN Host
  170. Writer, Broadcaster
  171. French tv presenter
  172. Author, appraiser, radio host
  173. CBC Personality
  174. Male Host/Presenter
  175. CBC Personality
  176. Baseball / 1987- 2005 / Pitcher for Yankees, Blue Jays, Marlins, Mets / 2-Time All-Star / Retired in March of 2006
  177. Original Mickey Mouse Club member
  178. TV Presenter - ORF
  179. German actress, presenter & author
  180. French Presenter of 'Fort Boyard'.
  181. Tv personnality
  182. Presenter
  183. French tv presenter
  184. Announcer - I Love Lucy
  185. Historian, Author, TV Presenter - ORF
  186. Host of a horror show called The Witching Hour. Was known as I. Zombi
  187. CBC Personality
  188. Wildlife TV Presenter / Photographer. Currently works on Wild Earth's 'Safari Live.'
  189. Laura Leon is the stage name of Rebeca Valderrama, a mexican singer and actress Currently she resides in Peru, where she was host of her own talk show called La Señora Leon during the first half of 2006
  190. Presenter
  191. Host of The Brendan Leonard Show
  192. Male TV Host
  193. TV Presenter
  194. Medical writer and broadcaster, regular guest on 'The Wright Stuff'
  195. Steve Leonard  (2)
    TV Presenter
  196. Owner and host of, TV-shopping-channel in Southern Germany
  197. Male Host/Presenter
  198. French TV host 'Going for gold'
  199. Austrian TV Presenter
  200. TV-Presenter (L'infedele)
  201. Scientist. Writer and presenter of Channel 4's Human Mutants.
  202. Presenter
  203. German physicist/astronomer - alpha-Centauri tv lectures
  204. French TV presenter
  205. Actress
  206. John Leslie  (2)
    X Blue Peter Presenter and X UK Wheel Of Fortune
  207. CBC Personality
  208. Current NBC NASCAR race analyst. Former NASCAR Cup Series crew chief for Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr
  209. CBC Personality
  210. former host of The Late Show with David Letterman
  211. Presenter
  212. Humorist and television host
  213. Author, attorney, radio talk show host, Life, Liberty & Levin (FOX News)
  214. Anchor
  215. Chef and contestant on Top Chef Season 3 and Top Chef All-Stars
  216. Actor - SCTV, American Pie films, Splash, Waiting For Guffman, Best In Show, A Mighty Wind, For Your Consideration, Armed and Dangerous, Father Of The Bride 1-2, Bringing Down The House, Cheaper By The Dozen 2, Night At The Museum 1-2, Greg The Bunny (v)
  217. Peter Levy  (2)
  218. ESPN SportsCenter Anchor
  219. CBC Personality
  220. Tech Guru, Host of GeekBeat.TV
  221. Presenter
  222. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  223. Winner of Australian Big Brother and hosts 'Pepsi Live'., Dex's Diner Patron behind Obi-Wan in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
  224. Neuroscientist, BBC2Mind Masters'
  225. Rock-A-Bye Baby, Cinderfella, The Nutty Professor, hosts yearly MDA Telethon
  226. MTV's Now What? aka The Sausage Factory, Raise Your Voice, Quintuplets, The OC, Palo Alto, One Missed Call
  227. Moneysaving Expert/Presenter ITV Tonight & GM-TV, Radio 2 & Columnist for The Sunday Times.
  228. Author and professional astrologer specializing in financial astrology and medical chart interpretation. Regular guest on Coast to Coast with George Noory, where he discusses the economy, politics and the future of our society
  229. MVP in Superbowl 35 - Plays for Ravens
  230. Presenter, Sportsnet New York
  231. TV-host
  232. Broadcaster
  233. Member of Leyland Brothers documentry presenters
  234. Presenter of documentries under the banner of 'Ask the Leyland Brothers'
  235. French TV presenter
  236. British Actor: Ollie Benson (1995-1997) In Hollyoaks & Trunk The Tasty In The BBC's Cavegirl
  237. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  238. TV Presenter - ORF
  239. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  240. Presenter
  241. Former FBI agent who helped plan the Watergate break-in, now a radio presenter
  242. host of home savvy/cohost of home time
  243. Co-Host of Time Warp
  244. French actor, comedian and TV/radio host
  245. Belgian presenter
  246. Norwegian actress and radio host
  247. German Soccer Sport Moderator
  248. Broadcast Personality
  249. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  250. TV Presenter - Play School
  251. KMBC-TV News Team
  252. TV Personality
  253. Actress: Hostel, When Evil Calls, Womb, Rogue Trader, A Monster Calls
  254. New Zealand born celebrity chef, entrepreneur, food writer and television personality
  255. TV Personality, author, angler
  256. Australian singer and TV presenter
  257. TV Presenter - ORF
  258. Brad Pitt's Jesse James movie...Smallville
  259. Presenter, NBC O&O station KNTV
  260. Presenter
  261. Presenter
  262. Presenter - Home Health Farm, Discovery Health
  263. German folk music singer & tv show host
  264. Fox News Channel Correspondent
  265. Presenter
  266. Former Host on the View with Barbara Walters, Former host of Ultimate Explorer on National Geographic Channel, Current host of Our America with Lisa Ling
  267. TV-Presenter
  268. Canadian Producer,Actor and TV Host born 1912.'People Are Funny'(1954-61),'The Linkletter Show'(1952-70),'Whats My Line','Larry King','Screen Snapshots','Lucy Show','Batman','Dateline:Disneyland'
  269. Actress
  270. Singer/Musician
  271. German moderator, showman and singer
  272. TV-host
  273. UK Presenter
  274. Tv belgium
  275. Presenter
  276. Presenter
  277. Italian actress and TV-host, also comic'Pinocchio' 'Manuale d'amore'
  278. KMBC-TV News Team
  279. ESPN Nationwide NASCAR Pit Reporter/Hostess/Live Announcer/Televison Broadcaster-ESPN Outside The Lines,Supercross,The X Games,Gravity Games/FHM Cover Girl/Was in Fantastic 4 Movie
  280. UK Presenter
  281. Host Of Shop At Home TV Network
  282. Snack Cake Mascot
  283. TV Presenter
  284. Betty Liu  (2)
    Anchor on Bloomberg Television
  285. Media Personality
  286. German TV Presenter
  287. TV Presenter - CityTV Winnipeg
  288. German dancer; part of Let's Dance jury
  289. actor/writer - Red Dwarf, and Junkyard wars
  290. Court reporter on 'The People's Court' and 'Judge Wapner's Animal Court'
  291. David Lloyd  (2)
    Sky Sports Columnist
  292. Presenter
  293. GMTV Sports Presenter
  294. Female Model
  295. former college/WNBA center; played for University of Connecticut; NY Liberty, Houston Comets & Connecticut Sun; a reporter and color analyst for ESPN; won national championship at UCONN in 1995; All-American
  296. UK Presenter
  297. Professional Presenter and Voice Over Artist
  298. CBC Personality
  299. Smoking Gun Presents World's Dumbest,Host of 'blind date' (t.v. series), Host of Camouflage. 'Radio Personality'
  300. 'Smoking Gun Presents World's Dumbest'
  301. News Presenter
  302. food/cooking author
  303. CBC Personality
  304. TV Presenter
  305. German TV-Presenter
  306. On-Air Talent NFL Network
  307. Male Host/Presenter
  308. Female Voice Over Talent
  309. Philadelphia kids show host
  310. Co-Host of TLC's 'What Not to Wear'
  311. Fitness Model/Host
  312. TV Presenter
  313. Media Personality
  314. UK Presenter
  315. Host of Destructoid
  316. CBC Personality
  317. Tv host
  318. Fox Chicago News Personality
  319. German moderator
  320. Glamour Model/Actress-Affair With David Beckham,Playboy January 2008
  321. HSN Host
  322. French TV animator
  323. WCBS Channel 2 New York Weekend Anchor/Sister of Jennifer Lopez
  324. Presenter
  325. Radio dj
  326. Announcer on the Yes Network
  327. Track and field - Olympic champion 1984
  328. TV-Presenter
  329. Actress/Model-Love Her Madly,Maxim Magazine May 2004,Co-Host on FX's DVD on TV
  330. German TV Presenter
  331. French TV presenter
  332. commentator
  333. TV Host/Model/Was an Interviewer on TNA
  334. Belgian tv presenter
  335. Belgian tv presenter
  336. Former MTV VJ
  337. Comedienne - frequent guest commentator on Smoking Gun Presents World's Dumbest, VH1's 'I Love The '70s/'80s' (tv series)
  338. Texas chef known for urban western cuisine/Owner & executive chef of several Fort Worth-area restaurants including the historic White Elephant Saloon, Love Shack, Woodshed Smokehouse, Lonesome Dove Western Bistro in the historical Fort Worth Stockyards
  339. Soccer AM Presenter
  340. Tv Presenter
  341. hip-hop personality/host/actor - Who's The Man? (1993), Yo! MTV Raps (t.v. series, 1988-95)
  342. Author/tv host
  343. Presenter
  344. Host of the syndicated 'Better' show, voice over talent
  345. Presenter of BBC1's 'Big Strong Boys' and 'Builders Sweat and Tears'.
  346. Actress
  347. Natalie Lowe  (2)
    Professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing
  348. Presenter
  349. NBCSN Premier League host
  350. The Christopher Lowell Show
  351. TV announcer for NYC's WPIX Channel 11 from 1974-1993
  352. Female Model
  353. Author
  354. TV Presenter/Reporter (Summer Holiday; Style Challenge; Animal Hospital; City Hospital; Baghdad Zoo; One Man and His Dog; Etc. Etc.)
  355. TV Presenter/Newscaster/Hostess - and co-presenter of 'Dumber and Dumber'
  356. Presenter
  357. TV Presenter - TSN
  358. TV-host
  359. Actress & Channel 4 presenter
  360. Football Player
  361. Victor Lucas  (2)
    Host of Electronic Playground and Judgement Day with Tommy Tallerico
  362. Co-founder and president of the now defunct Teen Mania Ministries. CEO of a new ministry called Generation Next. Hosted a weekly TV show called Acquire the Fire and weekend Acquire the Fire youth rallies and ministry clinics nationwide
  363. French TV presenter
  364. Co-Host of Good Day Live & Good Day L.A.
  365. Broadcaster
  366. Game Show Host (Password, Liars Club, G.E. College Bowl
  367. Anchor for WSYX Good Day Columbus in Columbus, Ohio
  368. Presenter
  369. German Showmaster (RTL....)
  370. CBC Personality
  371. News Presenter, Host of 'Without Prejudice?'
  372. Female TV Host
  373. German actress and playmate
  374. Co-host of Sydney’s Triple M breakfast program
  375. Singer/Actress (To Sir With Love) TV Host; Absolutely Fabulous
  376. Tv presenter
  377. Author of many books, including Healthy Exchanges Cookbook, HELP: Healthy Exchanges Lifetime Plan, and Make a Joyful Table. Represented Iowa at President Clinton's White House Council on Small Business. Hosted a weekly show on WOC Radio
  378. American Actor - A Foreign Affair, My Friend Irma, My Friend Irma Goes West, The Mating Season, To Each His Own, Perils Of Pauline, The Night Has 1,000 Eyes, High Soc., White Feather, If A Man Answers, Dakota Incident. Radio - Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar
  379. Radio Presenter
  380. sportscaster
  381. Tv presenter
  382. NESN Broadcaster
  383. Host of PBS TV show 'History Detectives'
  384. TV Host
  385. Host of German popular children science show 'Löwenzahn', 'mittendrin'
  386. actress/producer - Cohost of Junkyard Mega Wars,Playboy Babe of the Month July 2005, Laid To Rest
  387. Philadelphia mobster and cooksing show host
  388. TV Host/Comedian
  389. Tv presentator
  390. French TV Presenter
  391. German Presenter, Actor, Comedian
  392. Co-host - Home Delivery (t..v Series, 2004-present)
  393. German TV Presenter
  394. Nickelodeon TV Show: You Can't Do That On Television
  395. Sports Anchor on CSN Philly
  396. Laura Lynch  (2)
    CBC - World Report (Reporter)
  397. TV Presenter and Voice Over
  398. British television presenter and actor
  399. Media Personality
  400. Presenter
  401. German TV Presenter