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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Presenter/Host (TV) , A-Z Filter: D
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  1. Presenter
  2. Former U.S. Senator From New York (1981-1999)Holds the second longest filibuster was conducted by U.S. Sen. Alfonse D'Amato of New York, who spoke for 23 hours and 30 minutes to stall debate on an important military bill in 1986
  3. Italian TV-presender-Model
  4. Designer
  5. Food Network Host
  6. Presenter/Actress (The Bill, Spoons, Look Around You etc.)
  7. Presenter
  8. Actress
  9. Tv personality
  10. TV Presenter - CityTV Toronto
  11. Presenter
  12. Former MTV VJ
  13. Presenter
  14. TV Presenter - ORF
  15. Presenter
  16. 94.5 (Boston, Ma) radio host
  17. TV Host
  18. gymnast
  19. TV Presenter - CityTV Toronto
  20. College basketball coach, On-Air Personality Big Ten Network
  21. Broadcaster
  22. TV Presenter
  23. TV Presenter, Daughter Of Kenny Dalglish
  24. Male Model
  25. Make up and cosmetic personalityTV-Host
  26. TV Host / Collider Video
  27. New Zealand TV Newsreader on 1
  28. Host of NBC's the Voice, former host of MTV's Total Request Live/Host of Last Call With Carson Daly and Actor currently on 92.3 radio in New York City
  29. John Daly  (4)
    Presenter - The John Daly Show, BBC N Ireland
  30. John Daly  (5)
    Game Show Host (What's My Line?). Newscaster (ABC)
  31. TV Presenter
  32. Costume designer, fashion model, television personality, and author from New York City. Known for costume design and fashion styling on the American television series Sex and the City and Gossip Girl
  33. Announcer on the Yes Network
  34. Tv presenter
  35. TV presenter
  36. former Radio Personality on 92 WPRO FM, B101 FM, and Hot 106 FM in Providence, Rhode Island, appeared on tv with the World Wrestlng Federation and Host of Back Stage Entertainment television and Rhode Island Wrestling Alliance television cable shows seen
  37. Canadian radio personality ; co-host of BOB's Breakfast 5:30 AM - 10:00 AM on 99.9 BOB FM (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
  38. Lisa Daniels  (2)
    MSNBC curvy blond
  39. Female Host/Presenter
  40. Screenwriter
  41. Adventurer - Australian presenter of 'Outback Adventures'
  42. TV personnality
  43. Author
  44. Actress
  45. Tv host
  46. Actor,'Bones', played Vol Kowolski in 'Bruce Almighty', plays as Kenny Blankenship on Most Extreme Elimination Challenge
  47. Presenter
  48. Male Model, Germany's Next Top Model
  49. Actress
  50. Host of HDNet's Deadline
  51. Presenter
  52. Presenter
  53. French Tv presenter
  54. Author
  55. UK Presenter
  56. Gearz TV host
  57. TV Presenter - ORF
  58. News Presenter
  59. TV presenter, comedian
  60. John Davidson  (2)
    Former NHL goaltender, broadcaster and now President of the St. Louis Blues
  61. John Davidson  (4)
    Host of early 80's show That's Incredible
  62. Amanda Davies is a British sports presenter on CNN International
  63. Voice Actor
  64. GMTV Presenter
  65. Presenter
  66. David Davies  (2)
    British Swimmer
  67. Presenter Of UK Sports Programme World Of Sport
  68. BBC Presenter
  69. BBC Welsh News Commentator
  70. UK Presenter
  71. British Model
  72. ex rugby player now sports commentator
  73. Host of Lyndal's Lifelines on Animal Planet
  74. Presenter
  75. Female Voice Over Talent
  76. Welsh screenwriter and television producer ('Queer as Folk', 'Bob & Rose', 'The Second Coming', 'Casanova', the 2005 revival 'Torchwood' of the classic British science fiction series 'Doctor Who', and the trilogy 'Cucumber', 'Tofu', and 'Banana')
  77. TV host 'Véronique et Davina, Gym Tonic'
  78. Anthony Davis  (4)
  79. Center for the Toronto Raptors
  80. Charles Davis  (4)
    On-Air Talent NFL Network
  81. Actor: Clifton on 'That's My Momma', Rueben on 'Amen', television host on the TBN network
  82. Dan Davis  (3)
    Comic illustrator currently co-penciling the Garfield comic strip He also contributes to Bongo Comics (The Simpsons and Futurama) as well as DC Comics, Warner Bros., BOOM, and a host of others, working on such characters as Batman, Harry Potter,
  83. Anchor for action news 2 wsb-tv atlanta
  84. Actor: Stargate SG-1, Twin Peaks, Cliffhanger, The Fan, Volcano, Atomic train, The Hostage Negotiator, Alaska, Highlander, 21 Jump Street, Avalanche, The Uninvited, Flash Gordon, The Dead Zone, The 6th Day, Suspicious River, Madison, Needful Things
  85. Presenter of BBC2's Dragons Den.
  86. Joe Davis  (4)
    Play-by-play announcer for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Fox Sports 1
  87. Justin Davis  (4)
    IGN Host
  88. Presenter on CBBC & Cbeebies
  89. Host - Trading Spaces
  90. works as an anchor on SportsCenter
  91. TV Presenter
  92. Channel 5 Chicago News Reporter
  93. Comedian & Quiz Show Host
  94. Jason Dawe  (2)
    TV presenter
  95. NFL - Free Safety for the Denver Broncos. Formerly with the Philadelphia Eagles
  96. New Zealand Born Hostess/Judge of Australia's Top Model
  97. Australian Radio Host. Wife of Smoky Dawson
  98. Chef on Ready Steady Cook
  99. Author and producer of almost two-dozen documentaries for Nightline, WCBS and Fox as well as independent films. Former writer and producer at WCBS and ABC News Radio in New York. Senior lecturer in broadcast journalism at UT-Austin
  100. Original Host of 'Family Feud', 'Match Game' Panelist, Newkirk on 'Hogan's Heroes', Laugh-In, Killian in 'The Running Man'
  101. Tv presenter
  102. British singer and TV Presenter
  103. mouseketeer (mickey mouse club/1950's)
  104. Presenter
  105. Presenter
  106. Tv presenter
  107. Sara Dayley  (2)
    Speed TV Personality/On Monster Jam
  108. Presenter
  109. Tv presenter
  110. Entertainer
  111. Entertainer
  112. Dutch Presenter
  113. Fashion expert
  114. Dutch actress
  115. Author
  116. Actor/Host
  117. Dutch Presenter
  118. Voice Over Talent
  119. Dutch actor
  120. German TV Presenter
  121. TV-host
  122. Actor
  123. TV Host - Founder of BNN Network
  124. Dutch Presenter
  125. TV Host
  126. Dutch Host/Writer
  127. TV Presenter - ORF
  128. French sailor, sailing champion, TV/radio host, writer
  129. Véronique De Kock (born 3 April 1977 (age 38) in Antwerp, Belgium) was Miss Belgium 1995. She competed at both Miss World 1995 and Miss Universe 1996, not placing in either pageant
  130. Presenter
  131. former presenter, now politician
  132. Presenter
  133. Home Makeover Expert
  134. TV-host
  135. Dutch actor
  136. Dutch TV host
  137. Actress
  138. Singer
  139. Female Model, tv and radio host
  140. Presenter
  141. Presenter - Fact or Faked
  142. Tv presenter
  143. GMTV Reporter / Correspondent, Politician
  144. Dutch Presenter
  145. Dutch Presenter
  146. Singer/Musician
  147. UK Presenter
  148. Belgian tv presenter
  149. Presenter of BBC's Gardener's World
  150. Actress, Tv presenter
  151. Dutch DJ
  152. Actress
  153. Host
  154. Singer/Musician
  155. Lawyer on Belgian tv
  156. American Game Show Hosted By Howie Mandel On NBC
  157. Actress
  158. Comedy Duo
  159. qvc host/actor
  160. Presenter/Actor: Have I Got News For You, One Foot In The Grave, Nighty Night
  161. French TV host, presenter, producer, sometimes actor
  162. WWE After Burn co-host
  163. Presentator
  164. Presenter
  165. tv host (the x-show studs), Hugh Neutron on Jimmy Neutron, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  166. author, comedian, radio host on Sirius OutQ, film critic - 'The Daily Show (t.v. series, Comedy Central)
  167. French TV Presenter
  168. Model/Actress-Tomorrow Never Dies,Big Brother,All Stars,Playboy February 1998
  169. Dutch Presenter
  170. On-Air Talent NFL Network
  171. French actor, humorist and TV host
  172. Author
  173. Host: SMTV Live, CD - UK, So You Think You Can Dance // Actress: Deadbeat, Lucky Dog, Love by the 10th Date
  174. BBC's Bargain Hunt
  175. Paulas home cooking, food network, elizabethtown
  176. GMTV Reporter / Correspondent
  177. American video blogger and YouTube celebrity
  178. IGN Host
  179. Blue Peter Presenter
  180. American journalist best known for his work at CNN. He is currently CNN's Emerging Markets Editor and host of Marketplace Middle East on CNN International
  181. Actress/Comedienne/talk show host and voice of Dory in Finding Nemo/ New judge on American Idol in 2010
  182. TV Writer, Producer, Actor, Host, Musician; Brother Of Ellen Degeneres
  183. The Screen Savers
  184. Dutch Presenter
  185. Voice Over Talent
  186. Spainsh tv host
  187. Presenter
  188. Channel 11 news
  189. TV-host
  190. Belgian radio personnality
  191. French journalist of television
  192. Journalist and broadcaster, Voice Actor
  193. French Tv presenter and producer
  194. Actress/Former MTV VJ-Six Feet Under,Living Single,Ride,Ugly Naked People,Mondo Picasso,The Expendables,Very Mean Men,I-Man,Man Of The Year,Brothers In Arms, Running Scared
  195. actor
  196. Actress, Host of Mega Match
  197. Broadcaster
  198. Anchor of the spanish tv show 'Primer Impacto'
  199. German TV Presenter - Sportschau, Soccer Games
  200. Former FBI criminal profiler/Was lead profiler in San Francisco & worked on the Unabomber case/Currently hosts Investigation Discovery programs Deadly Women and Facing Evil. Often compared to Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs
  201. Presenter
  202. Tv presenter
  203. French TV and radio host
  204. QVC Host
  205. TV Presenter - CityTV Calgary
  206. Presenter
  207. Anchor
  208. Presenter
  209. Former co-host of ESPN's 'Bodyshaping'
  210. French Tv host
  211. French TV presenter
  212. Comedian - My Hero, Mock The Week, Punt & Dennis
  213. Former host of TV's Family Fortunes, former Brookside actor and West end stage star
  214. Played Paul Robinson in Neighbours
  215. Australian TV Presenter
  216. Presenter
  217. Australian Talk Show Host
  218. Australian TV Presenter
  219. Tv presenter
  220. Presenter, Radio 5 Live. Sony Award winner 2002.
  221. ITV's senior news media and arts correspondent
  222. Model
  223. German Radio Presenter
  224. Dutch sports journalist and former football player
  225. Fitness girl on Belgian tv
  226. Broadcast Personality
  227. ITVs Rally presentation, sports presenter for Sky News
  228. Presenter
  229. Speed channel host
  230. Dutch Presenter
  231. Voice Over Talent
  232. Internet Celebrity hosts 'Top 10 Nerd'
  233. Host/Presenter
  234. advertising maven/host - 'The Big Idea' (CNBC)
  235. Co-anchor of the #1 rated News Hour on Global Edmonton
  236. Singer/Musician, Britain's Next Top Model
  237. Award-winning, 32-yr vet of the CIA. Former head of the Afghan Task Force, the largest covert action campaign of the Cold War. Author of Good Hunting! An American Spymaster?s Story. Appears as an expert in intelligence matters on radio/tv
  238. Presenter
  239. French tv host
  240. EXTRA News Correspondent
  241. Tv presenter
  242. Actor
  243. Presenter
  244. Newscaster / Presenter
  245. Presenter
  246. Actress-Out Cold,Wonderfalls,Edge of Madness,Marilyn,Zap,Urgenes,Reseaux,Le Polock,Running Home,Nez Rouge,Tag,These Girls,Niagra Motel,Hollywoodland,Like Everybody
  247. Announcer, host and weather forecast presenter on French TV since 1969
  248. Journalist and tv-presenter
  249. TV Presenter - The Score
  250. Tv personnality
  251. TV Presenter
  252. UK TV Presenter (Gamesmaster)
  253. mouseketeer (mickey mouse club/1950's)
  254. Presenter
  255. Consumer Reports Advocate/reporter - Shame On You!
  256. Carlos Diaz  (2)
    Vegas-based correspondent for EXTRA!; former host of 'Celebrity Justice'
  257. Host, 'Between The Lines'
  258. Tv personality
  259. Presenter
  260. anchor for Noticiero Telemundo, the Telemundo network's Hispanic news program, as well as the network's public affairs Sunday morning program Enfoque con Jose Diaz-Balart. He is also anchor of NBC Nightly News on Saturdays
  261. German TV Presenter
  262. TV Presenter - CityTV Toronto
  263. Female Model
  264. Steeplejack - TV Personality
  265. Author
  266. Former Soccer Pro (Borussia Dortmund), currently Marketing expert and Radio host for Borussia Dortmund
  267. Journalist; Announcer for Detroit Tigers
  268. Business Reporter/Presenter, BBC Radio Wales
  269. Owner of Venture Communications, author, hostess of tvs' Dragon's Den (Canada)
  270. Presents Dickinson's Real Deal Antiques show on ITV
  271. TV Presenter
  272. Australian Television host
  273. One half of UK television Chefs - Two Fat Ladies
  274. Chef and tv presenter
  275. Voice Over Talent
  276. TV Presenter Of 'To Buy Or Not To Buy'
  277. MTV's Pimp My Ride
  278. Dutch Presenter
  279. retired sportscaster
  280. tv chef
  281. TV Presenter - CityTV Toronto
  282. journalist/commentator
  283. Tom Dudgeon in Big Six and Coot Club
  284. female host of her own garden show 'ground force'.
  285. BBC Broadcaster & Executive
  286. Broadcast Journalist: former Anchor for 'Court TV' and 'Hard Copy'
  287. News Anchor
  288. UK Presenter
  289. Known for hosting the 2015 HGTV show Family Flip
  290. Model/Actress-Playboy December 2006,WWE Diva Search 2006,ECW Backstage Interviewer,Stuff Magazine,Miss Hawaiian Tropic 2005
  291. Actor, 'Bruce Almighty' and a host of direct to video (or cable) erotic thrillers
  292. Co host with his brother John of Hammered a do it yourself show
  293. TV Presenter - ORF
  294. Presenter
  295. MTV2 VJ
  296. Actor
  297. Ex TV Presenter, turned author
  298. 2007 winner & judge on Strictly Come Dancing
  299. sportscaster
  300. Author
  301. Arsenal Player
  302. GMTV Reporter / Correspondent
  303. Paul Dixon  (2)
    Daytime television personality and talk show host in Cincinnati, Ohio
  304. Presenter - ITV Play, Nation 217
  305. Sports caster
  306. CNN financial host - moneyline
  307. Presenter
  308. Swiss Novelist: Himmelreich , Turbulenzen /TV & Radio Presenter: Bloomberg TV , FAZ Radio
  309. Presenter
  310. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  311. TV Presenter - CityTV Vancouver
  312. Presenter
  313. played wide reciever for univ of florida and in the nfl
  314. German TV Host (n-tv)
  315. CBBC Puppet Presenter
  316. Tv presenter and farmer
  317. TV Presenter - ORF
  318. Author, anchor CBS This Morning
  319. Presenter
  320. TV Presenter - TSN
  321. Uk presenter, Voice Actor
  322. UK Presenter
  323. Evil Dead II, qvc host
  324. French TV presenter
  325. Former French tennis player, TV/radio host
  326. Anchor at WWMT-TV (CBS) in Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo, MI
  327. Male Host/Presenter
  328. Presenter
  329. Presenter
  330. Talk Show Host, Political Activist, Husband of Actress Marlo Thomas
  331. Actress
  332. Actress, Co-host Of Softball 360 Degrees
  333. TV Presenter - CityTV Vancouver
  334. Actress, Model , Singer (Anchorman, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, Bench Warmer Model
  335. Lee Dong-Wook  (2)
    Korean actor. My Girl, Scent of a Woman
  336. Canadian business executive, television producer, host, and member of the Order of Canada
  337. TV Presenter/SMTV Live
  338. Scottish Television Broadcaster
  339. Presenter for extreme sports TV programmes and also did stunts in 'The World Is Not Enough'.
  340. Daisy Daisy Channel 4
  341. 4-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, broadcaster and debate moderator whose bestselling book, In a Different Key: The Story of Autism, was a Pulitzer Prize Finalist. Serves as host of the Intelligence Squared US, a debate series
  342. Radio Presenter
  343. UK Presenter
  344. Presenter
  345. Presenter
  346. columinst commentator
  347. Actress/Model-Co Host on Playboy TV's Night Calls,Playboy February 1998,Prelude To Love,Night Visions,Sexperiment,Vampire Centerfolds,Dark Secrets,Erotek Dimensions,Sensual Friends
  348. IGN Host
  349. French TV entertainer for children, singer, actress
  350. News Reporter
  351. NESN Broadcaster
  352. Presenter
  353. UK Presenter
  354. English television presenter
  355. UK Presenter
  356. Football player, DE
  357. BBC Sport
  358. UK Presenter, hairdresser
  359. singer/talk show host
  360. Presenter of Wildlife Programmes on BBC 1 TV
  361. CBS 2 News
  362. Presenter
  363. Winner of Big Brother 2, UK
  364. Antiques dealer, BBC1's 'The One Show' and 'Inside Out
  365. Presenter
  366. Actress: Touched by an Angel, A Woman Named Jackie, The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage, Devlin, The Last Word, The Survivors Club, The Division, Funky Monkey, Come Dance at My Wedding, Son of God, The Baxters
  367. TV talk-show host
  368. Singer/Musician
  369. Presenter on the BBC series 'Holiday'
  370. Presenter
  371. NESN Broadcaster
  372. On-Air Personality Big Ten Network
  373. radio host of novelty songs
  374. British Television Presenter/Writer
  375. German tv host - Geh aufs Ganze!
  376. Broadcaster
  377. US horror host on NBTV95
  378. TV Presenter - TSN
  379. French tv presenter
  380. Weather presenter on UK local TV programme ITV Meridian
  381. Dutch Presenter
  382. John Driscoll  (3)
    American Radio Presenter
  383. Blue Peter Presenter UK
  384. Newscaster
  385. French TV presenter
  386. French Tv presenter
  387. Television journalist
  388. Nickname is ree drummondshe is the star-host of food network's show pioneer woman -
  389. TV Presenter - CityTV Toronto
  390. tennis player sportscaster
  391. Dutch Presenter
  392. uk presenter of blues clues: cousin of craig charles
  393. French TV/radio presenter and journalist
  394. UK Presenter
  395. Mtv presenter
  396. Host and Star of 'Human Weapon' on The History channel
  397. Actress
  398. Actress, Model, Former MTV VJ
  399. Presenter
  400. Chad Dukes  (2)
    Washington DC Sports Radio Host on 106.7 The Fan
  401. Tv presenter 'affaire conclue'
  402. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  403. Reporter/Journalist; ESPN
  404. 1980s Blue Peter Presenter. Actor: Flash Gordon, Space:1999, Survivors. Chief Scout of the Scout Association
  405. Female Model
  406. Former Head Coach of Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Steelers Defensive back
  407. Retired CFL Player..2006 CFL Hall Of Fame Inductee. Sports Broadcaster for TSN
  408. German TV Presenter
  409. Former co-host of 'American Idol' and comedian
  410. TV Presenter
  411. Speed channel host
  412. Presenter
  413. Former VJ on MTV2
  414. commentator
  415. Presenter
  416. French TV journalist and presenter
  417. DJ, host of The Morning Zoo on NYC radio station Z100
  418. Host of Food Network's 'Ham on the Street'
  419. Magician
  420. TV Personality
  421. French tv presenter
  422. Actress
  423. Tv host
  424. Presenter
  425. TV Presenter - TSN
  426. TV Presenter - TSN
  427. Presenter
  428. Jane Dutton  (2)
    UK Presenter
  429. Host Of 'Clean Sweep' on The Learning Channel
  430. Pro Golfer, 13 Time PGA Tour Winner. One of few golfers to shoot 59
  431. commentator
  432. Tv presenter 'affaire conclue'
  433. TV Host
  434. NFL - Chicago Bears 2006
  435. Actress who has appeared on Hollyoaks and Brookside.
  436. Jockey. Now TV Presenter in Horse Racing
  437. UK Presenter
  438. TV presenter
  439. Horror host from 1970 s TIL present Washington DC
  440. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network