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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Presenter/Host (TV) , A-Z Filter: all
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  1. Presenter
  2. Mouseketeer (1955), Artists & Models (Martin & Lewis 1955, in the 'The Lucky Song' scene)
  3. CBC Personality
  4. TV Presenter
  5. German tv host - galileo
  6. Presenter
  7. Engish TV Moderator for Soccer
  8. German TV Presenter
  9. 40+ years as an NBC News correspondent. Commentator, editor, and presenter of 'Religion & Ethics Newsweekly' on PBS
  10. Talk Show Host/Psychatrist
  11. Host of Reelz reality series, OP Live & Grace Vs. Abrams, Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for ABC News, co - host of Nightline
  12. Parkour Athlete, Host of TBD's The Link, Atomic Ant on Ultimate Tag
  13. Portuguese singer, actress and Television host
  14. TV Presenter CBBC, Eurosport
  15. Male Host/Presenter
  16. Football Player
  17. Actress-This Morning
  18. Mickey Mouse Club
  19. host for NBA TV and anchor for 660 WFAN
  20. German TV Presenter
  21. Actor-Tatort
  22. professor/host - The Nature Nut (Canadian t.v. series)
  23. Current third base coach for the Seattle Mariners. Former manager of the Cleveland Indians, Former Washington Nationals manager
  24. Presenter
  25. football player sportscaster
  26. Former West Indian Test and One Day International Cricketer
  27. Tv Presenter-Sunday Scoop
  28. Kristin Adams  (2)
    American Idol Contestant, Host of Cheats, Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
  29. commentator
  30. Female Host/Presenter
  31. Youtuber
  32. Actor/comedian - The Thick of It, Mock The Week
  33. Space Scientist
  34. CBC Personality
  35. Fox 5 NY Reporter
  36. MTV Canada Host on Select
  37. Canadian Talk Radio Host 'Adler on Line'
  38. CBC Personality
  39. Kim Adler  (2)
  40. DJ/Broadcaster/Voice Over
  41. Journalist
  42. French TV presenter and singer
  43. Journalist
  44. Presenter/Journalist-Loose Women
  45. CBC Personality
  46. French tv and radio host
  47. Cricket Commentator
  48. Australian TV Presenter-The Voice
  49. Actor-Boss,Sex Host,The Mob Doctor
  50. French journalist and television presenter
  51. TV Host, 'At Issue', 'Look Here', 'Martin Agronsky: Evening Edition', 'Agronsky & Co.'; interviewed JFK in 1957, interviewed John Connally 5 days after the assassination in a 'bed-side' interview
  52. Podcast host
  53. Actress-Crysis 2 video gane
  54. Presenter/Journalist
  55. Presenter/Newsreader BBC Three News
  56. Presenter
  57. Presenter/Reporter, Channel 4 News
  58. Actress-Les Rois Du Gag
  59. TV Presenter-Dancing Stars
  60. Italian Actress-Dobblamo Rubare La Ricotta
  61. TV Presenter
  62. NFL QB for the Dallas Cowboys 1989-2000. Pro Football Hall of Fame 2006. College - UCLA, Football Commentator
  63. UK Presenter
  64. Anchor Women for WDAF4 Kansas City @6&10 PM
  65. British professional chef and TV chef
  66. Actress-Armchair Thriller
  67. Host of Nickelodeon GAS and Slime Time Live
  68. Athlete/Presenter
  69. Blue Peter
  70. tv presenter
  71. Actor-Frost,Total Drama Island
  72. Disney Cartoon Character
  73. Leading television news historian. Former news director, reporter, on-air anchor, talk show host and producer. Winner of over 50 prestigious journalism awards. Eyewitness to the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Author of Anchoring America
  74. Ventriloquist
  75. They Present The Crafty Bits On Ideal World
  76. Australian Television Presenter-Lateline
  77. sportscaster
  78. sportscaster great - announcer for madison square garden (world's most famous arena) in NYC
  79. Dutch Singer/Actress/Host
  80. Tv presenter
  81. Philadelphia childrens show host and singer
  82. Former football player, Manchester United
  83. Landscape Designer-Selling Houses Australia
  84. TV Host/Podcaster
  85. German moderator
  86. American journalist who is the host of Washington Week,
  87. Flog it, Bargain Hunt, Antiques Expert
  88. TV Presenter - BBC Midlands Today
  89. Host of ESPN Road Trip
  90. Fashion Model/Journalist
  91. California based sportscaster. Did jail time.
  92. Actor-Toot & Puddle,Hotel Caesar
  93. Former NBA player
  94. TV Presenter - BBC Midlands Today
  95. TV Presenter: Homes Under the Hammer
  96. Presenter
  97. Actress-Kappatoo,Pretty Princess,You Me and It,Seaview Knights,Armstrong and Miller,The Strangers,Going Off Big Time,Smack The Pony,Coupling,Harry,Perfect Strangers,Worst Week of My Life,Teachers,Stardust
  98. Home Makeover Expert
  99. Gac host, On The Streets interviewer
  100. French TV presenter, weather anchor
  101. Actress, Host of Beer Money on SNY
  102. Presenter
  103. Tv host
  104. UK Presenter
  105. former college/NFL kicker; played for University of Texas, Giants, Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts & Jets; 1X Pro Bowler; member of Giants Super Bowl XXI championship team
  106. host - 'Entertainers With Byron Allen' (celebrity interview t.v. series)
  107. Weatherman,WNYW TV,NYC
  108. Irish chef, TV personality, Author - Non Fiction
  109. Host of Hail the Chimp on tv in 1951. Born: 12/24/1913
  110. Author-Women Do This Everyday
  111. Co-anchor on CNN
  112. Paul Allen  (3)
    Sports Commentator - Radio Host - play-by-play commentator for the Minnesota Vikings and KFAN radio show host. He is the voice of the Minnesota Vikings Radio Network and Canterbury Park
  113. Celebrity Chef
  114. Steve Allen  (2)
    American Actor,Writer and TV-Host born 1922.was married to Actress Jayne Meadows.'The Steve Allen Show-Tonight'(1953-61),'Johnny Carson Show','Benny Goodman Story','The Simpsons','Whats My Line','Hollywood Palace'
  115. Steve Allen  (3)
  116. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy; host of Chopped! and judge on Iron Chef America
  117. Tom Allen  (2)
    Actor-Color Me Kubrick
  118. Radio Host - After MidNite Weekends with Whitney Allen
  119. Mickey Mouse Club
  120. CNN Political Commentator, Deputy Director in the Office of Public Engagement for the Obama White House, and a past host of the for the Pod for the Cause podcast
  121. Sportcaster, European Golfer
  122. Famous Attorney & Talk Show Host, mother of attorney/host Lisa Bloom
  123. Location ,location ,location
  124. Presenter
  125. Auctioneer/antiques expert & British TV personality (Flog It!, Antiques Road Trip, etc.)
  126. talk radio/tv host - 'the amy alpine show,' 'standing room only,' KIRO 710 Seattle, WA
  127. Presenter
  128. German journalist and author
  129. IGN Host
  130. Germany tv presenter
  131. TV presenter
  132. Presenter
  133. Presenter
  134. anchor/journalist - KCBS 2000 - CBS affiliate in Los Angeles
  135. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  136. News Presenter
  137. Presenter
  138. TV Presenter - Home stylist, Interior Designer Domestic Blitz, The Living Room
  139. Runs beauty, fashion and lifestyle channel on YouTube
  140. TV Presenter - The Score
  141. Presenter
  142. Presenter
  143. Original co-anchor on KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles
  144. Radio Presenter
  145. German TV Presenter
  146. TV presenter
  147. IGN Host
  148. TV Presenter
  149. creator - Famous Amos cookies, host - GED on TV (PBS series on literacy), Learn To Read (PBS series on literacy)
  150. Actress-Utta Danella
  151. On-Air Personality MLB Network
  152. Never Mind the Buzzcocks
  153. BBC - Radio Five Live Presenter
  154. Presenter at MTV
  155. Fox 5 New York Anchor
  156. CBC Personality
  157. TV Presenter - TSN
  158. TV Presenter - ORF
  159. Novelist, Radio Host (Studio 360), Journalist, Screenwriter
  160. Born: 06/02/1936 (Sint Mariaburg) Died: 20/10/2023 Belgium Actor, TV - presenter, regisseur
  161. tv host-singer-songwriter-Country music legend
  162. Host Expedition Wild on NatGeoWild
  163. British TV Host born 1952.'Whos Lines Is It Anyway','Have I Got News For You','Back in The Day','I.Q.','Clive Andersons All Talk','Laurence Olivier Awards'
  164. Author and first medium ever to appear weekly in a television series. In 1995, he was the first and only medium invited to Holland by the holocaust-surviving members of the Anne Frank family
  165. Host of Outside Magazine on the Outdoor Life Network, Actress-Half Baked,Ed
  166. Actress/Casualty
  167. John Anderson  (3)
    ESPN Anchor,Host of 'Wipeout'
  168. Espn reporter
  169. UK TV-Presenter
  170. Ryan Anderson  (5)
    Co-host for Manitoba Wake Up Crew on NCI FM radio
  171. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  172. former soccer player
  173. Costa Rican Model and Television Show Host
  174. Presenter
  175. American author and radio host. He has a daily syndicated health talk radio show, Dr. Asa On Call; his book Empowering Your Health was published in 2007
  176. Presenter
  177. ESPN sideline reporter, The Joy Behar Show
  178. American sports journalist and reporter. She's the host of NBA Today
  179. TV Presenter
  180. Actor - Death Valley Days (Host - The Old Ranger - 1952-1963), Superman & The Mole Men, Little Orphan Annie (radio - voice of Daddy Warbucks), many TV guest-starring roles, mostly Westerns (1951-1963)
  181. One of the hosts on 'Cold Pizza'
  182. French TV host as a cook
  183. Journalist/Presenter
  184. Actress-'Not Another Teen Movie'
  185. Former VJ at MTV Europe, TV host and singer
  186. American Roman Catholic nun and founder of the Eternal Word Television Network
  187. Actor-Grand Hotel
  188. Comedian
  189. YouTube
  190. Presenter
  191. Actress/Presenter-The Munchbox
  192. George Ansbro (born January 14, 1915) was a radio announcer for NBC and ABC for six decades, working with soap operas, big bands, quiz shows and other programs
  193. Presenter
  194. Tv presenter
  195. TV Presenter
  196. Author
  197. TV Presenter - Currently with Radio station Heart FM, worked on Children's BBC in the past
  198. Byker Grove, PJ and Duncan, Presenters of Pop Idol
  199. French presenter and tv/radio host
  200. Former MTV host, married to NBA's Carmelo Anthony
  201. CBC Personality
  202. Tv host
  203. Host/Presenter
  204. British Actress and TV Presenter
  205. CTV Winnipeg SkyWatch weather and traffic anchor at CTV Morning Live (weekday mornings, 5:30-9 a.m.); formerly TV Presenter at CityTV Winnipeg
  206. TV Presenter - ORF
  207. Italian Comic, he is part of the comic groupPAPU
  208. Baseball On-Air Broadcaster
  209. Emmy award-winning host - Good Day NY (Fox News)
  210. Masterchef Canada judge
  211. French cook, TV host
  212. Chilean show host, 'La Academia Mexico', 'Enamorandonos'
  213. French native Colombian cook/chef, also TV host
  214. Retired football player played for the colts debut 1992 te
  215. actress - mad tv (t.v. series, 1997-98)
  216. French TV personality
  217. CNN Anchor / Reporter
  218. CBC Personality
  219. Author
  220. Wine Expert
  221. ESPN Sportscaster
  222. CNN Anchor / Reporter
  223. Actor - plays Phil Mee in the TV series Life Begins; host of the game show Pointless; guest spot in Doctor Who special: the Doctor, Widow and the Wardrobe
  224. UK Presenter - News, Current Affairs, Sports, Travel
  225. TV Presenter - TSN
  226. Author
  227. CBC Personality
  228. Media Personality
  229. CBC Personality
  230. German TV Host (n-tv)
  231. Wildlife Host; Mutual of Omaha's Animal Kingdom on-line
  232. Host
  233. NESN Broadcaster
  234. GMTV Reporter / Correspondent
  235. TV reviewer on GMTV & presenter of ITV1's Soapstar Superchef (2007).
  236. Steve Arnold  (3)
    NatGeo TV show 'Meteorite Men'
  237. Presenter
  238. Female Model, And Disney TV Presenter ( Italy)
  239. Born June 22, 1981, Mexican television actress, presenter and nude / glamour model
  240. Author, anchor, journalist, humorist, frequent FOX News contributor on The Ingraham Angle
  241. CBC Personality
  242. Arthur  (2)
    French tv presenter and comedian
  243. Former Play Away And Play School (BBC) Presenter
  244. Co-host on Big Toe Radio Show
  245. Presenter
  246. Host/Presenter
  247. Actress-Holby City
  248. Freelance Editor
  249. Actor-Barking,Parents
  250. News Anchor
  251. Mark Ashley  (2)
    Auctioneer and expert on BBC TV series Bargain Hunt
  252. Actress/hostess - MTV's 'Remote Control'
  253. Author
  254. Adult Film Star,Co Host of Playboy TV's Night Calls
  255. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  256. Presenter
  257. Author
  258. Former Model/Television Personality-Wild on E!,E! News Daily,Best Actress,Life ad Style
  259. TV Presenter
  260. TV Presenter - ORF
  261. German moderator
  262. Actress and television presenter best known as the hostess of The Golden Shot in the late 1960s and early 1970s
  263. Tv presenter
  264. German Actress,TV Presenter - Liebe Sünde, German Voice for Ensign Seska on Star Trek: Voyager
  265. Tv host
  266. Stage/Theater Actress, TV Anchor, Dancer, Model, Singer, Spokesperson, And Voiceover Actress,
  267. Award-winning Wine Writer And Presenter
  268. TV Presenter
  269. Theater Actress
  270. Tv presenter
  271. Model, Actress, TV Host, Dancer, And Singer
  272. German host, actress (Taff)
  273. Reality star, loose women
  274. Host of HGTV Real Estate Intervention
  275. CBC Personality
  276. Canadian TV Host
  277. TV presenter
  278. French journalist and tv presenter
  279. French journalist/anchor Tv presenter and host
  280. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  281. KMBC-TV News Team
  282. Host of the podcast 'Comedy Bang Bang'
  283. Ex Lookaround presenter
  284. Red Sox reporter
  285. Mark Austin  (3)
    Broadcaster, Senior News Presenter for ITV News
  286. Canadian CBC Personality - Producer for CBC Radio Performance
  287. Actor-Cachaca
  288. Conservative Youtuber with over 250,000 subscribers
  289. Television Host And Voiceover Actress
  290. Seattle Seahawks DE
  291. HSN Host 2006 - 2008. Now an actress in Los Angeles
  292. UK Presenter
  293. Presenter
  294. Azi 
  295. Actress-A Dangerous Method
  296. Tv presenter 'affaire conclue'
  297. On-Air Personality Big Ten Network
  298. Ian B. 
    TV Presenter
  299. Head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Former head coach of the Detroit Red Wings
  300. Female Model
  301. TV Presenter - ORF
  302. German TV-Moderator
  303. Outdoors Channel TV Host
  304. singer/guilarist/songwriter from The Guess Who & Bachman Turner Overdrive
  305. Tv presenter
  306. German television presenter, television journalist, Voice Over Talent and Author residing in London, England
  307. Explorer presenter writer
  308. Presenter of UK breakfast show - The Big Breakfast
  309. Author, TV Presenter, Comedian
  310. CNN Anchor / Reporter
  311. News Presenter
  312. On Ghost Adventures 2004-Teamed with Nick Groff & Aaron Goodwin to produce a documentry called Ghost Adventures. The TV series Ghost Adventures (2008-present) first episode was 10/17/2008. There are 27 Seasons
  313. Author, tv-presenter 'Wissen macht Ah!'
  314. British antiques expert & TV personality (Antiques Roadshow, Bargain Hunt etc.)
  315. German Radio Presenter
  316. Male German TV Presenter
  317. TV Presenter - ORF
  318. TV Presenter, Activist And Blogger
  319. CBC Personality
  320. TV Personality
  321. TV Host (Cash Cab). Stand-Up Comedian. Actor
  322. Host of Nickelodeon's U-Pick Live, Jericho
  323. Canadian Olympic Athlete
  324. CBC Personality
  325. ex-manchester united goalkeeper from the 80's. now works in south africa as a sports presenter
  326. Miss Helena - Australian Version of Romper Room
  327. TV Host - Queen For A Day (1956-1964), Truth Or Consequences (1954-1956). Actor - It's A Wonderful Life
  328. Retired HOF jockey, horse racing personality
  329. TV Presenter & Fitness Guru
  330. Mark Bailey  (2)
    Presenter - The Biggest Loser UK (Livingtv), Swap Team (ITV)
  331. Author
  332. Actress-Night Junkies
  333. sports anchor for CNN International
  334. Art Baker  (2)
    TV Host - You Asked For It (1950-1958). Actor - Spellbound, The Farmer's Daughter, A Southern Yankee, State Of The Union, Any Number Can Play, The Underworld Story, Cover Up, Easy Living, Impact, The Beginning Or The End (As Harry S Truman)
  335. TV Presenter and former member of 'Bucks Fiz'
  336. TV & Radio presenter, Writer, Top bloke
  337. Presenter
  338. Broadcaster
  339. Ken Baker  (2)
  340. TV Presenter, 'Blue Peter' (1999-2006), Countryfile and The One Show
  341. (born August 14, 1925) is an American Pulitzer Prize-winning writer known for his satirical commentary and self-critical prose, as well as for his autobiography, Growing Up/sequel to his autobiography in 1989, called The Good Times
  342. Broadcaster and journalist. BBC Television and Radio 2/3/4
  343. Actress - 'School Nurse' in 'Agent Cody Banks' Movie
  344. Daughter of Jim BakkerHost of PTL Club
  345. former tv evangelist turned actress, host, celeb
  346. Dutch Idols winner
  347. Australia TV Presenter And Model
  348. German show host
  349. BBC sports presenter
  350. former college/NFL guard/tackle; played for Duke University, Cowboys, Colts & Eagles; former FOX sportscaster
  351. Presenter - Make Your Play, ITV1
  352. Broadcaster, Screenwriter, Author
  353. Italian TV-presenter and journalist
  354. Science broadcaster. Staple of 70s/80s childrens's TV. Father of DJ Zoe Ball
  355. LaVar Ball is an American media personality and businessman. He is the father of three basketball players: Los Angeles Lakers guard Lonzo; LiAngelo,and LaMelo
  356. British television presenter
  357. German football/soccer player, b.1976; previously at Bayern Munich, now on contract to Chelsea 2006-2009; also plays for the German national squad
  358. English ballroom dancer and judge on the show Strictly Come Dancing
  359. Animator / Chroniqueur
  360. Auctioneer and valuer also known for her appearances on the BBC series Street Auction, Bargain Hunt, Flog It! and Antiques Road Trip
  361. German TV Presenter
  362. Author of no guff vegitable gardening and radio host
  363. CBC Personality
  364. Actress-Downton Abbey
  365. Actor-TV Total
  366. TV Presenter - ORF
  367. TV Presenter - ORF
  368. Brian Banks  (4)
    Co-Host - Final Appeal (Oxygen Network)
  369. Broadcaster
  370. Australian television presenter of yesteryear
  371. Broadcaster and Journalist, BBC Radio 5 Live Presenter. Radio 4 - Last Word.
  372. Actress-I am Bob
  373. Soccer
  374. Presenter
  375. Belgian TV Host
  376. Actress-Good Day LA,Fox NFL Sunday,VIP,Good Morning Miami,EXtreme Dating, Popstar
  377. Presenter, BBC London News
  378. Belgian Tv presenter
  379. Contractor on Power Broker, contestant on The Bachelorette
  380. TV Presenter - ORF
  381. Portuguese Female Model And MTV Presenter
  382. T.V. Host/founder (Real People), actor, comedian, writer (Laugh-In), radio host (John Barbour's World -BBS Radio)
  383. Famous snake breeder and YouTuber
  384. Former San Antonio Spurs play and now broadcast Basketball Games on ESPN
  385. Model/Columnist/Author/Radio Show Host,Playboy April 2006
  386. Dutch Sports Journalist And Reporter
  387. Journalist
  388. Dutch Television Host, And Actress
  389. Australian Presenter - 'Extra'
  390. Presenter
  391. Male Italian TV-Sport Presenter
  392. Presenter
  393. CSN Philly Sports Anchor
  394. Game Show Host: The Price Is Right, Truth Or Consequences, What's My Line, Tattletales, The Family Game, Simon Says // Actor: Happy Gilmore, Something So Right
  395. TV Presenter, 'Blue Peter'
  396. Tennis player and sports presenter
  397. Broadcast Personality
  398. Presenter
  399. Host Of Weath TV show 'Boys Toys'
  400. Denise 'Dee' Barnes (stage name Sista D) is an American rapper and former Fox television personality who performed in the West Coast hip hop female duo Body & Soul and hosted a radio show on KDAY, prior to gaining wider fame as the host of Fox's hip
  401. actress/co-host - 'Naked New York' (tv series)
  402. solo artist
  403. CBC Personality
  404. He is Employed by ESPN
  405. CNN Anchor / Reporter
  406. English Radio And TV Presenter - 'Too Many Cooks', And 'Great Food Live'
  407. New Zealand Radio Presenter with More FM and TV Presenter
  408. columnist/journalist - frequent MSNBC guest host/commentator
  409. Presenter
  410. Presenter
  411. Film Score Composer: Hostel 1 & 2, Cabin Fever, Shutter, True Blood
  412. Presenter
  413. Colombian Model and TV Host - Million By Heaps
  414. Infomercial star
  415. Known as 'The Big Bear', Morning Show Host on NCI-FM radio, comedian
  416. Veteran British circus ringmaster
  417. former gossip columnist / tv host, now owns beauty, health, & gourmet line
  418. CBC Personality
  419. Author/writer, tv personality
  420. Host of The Gong Show
  421. Author, broadcaster
  422. Game show host. 'The Joker's Wild,' among other game shows. Died in 1984
  423. Comedian, TV-Show Host
  424. CBC Personality
  425. german tv presenter
  426. German tv host & sports journalist
  427. French TV journalist/presenter/anchor/host
  428. Actor, television and radio host - LA Nitelife; films and television series: Last American Virgin, General Hospital, Beauty and The Beast, Designing Women
  429. Fox Business anchor, former CNBC anchor, known as 'The Money Honey'
  430. Canadian Journalist - CBC Personality
  431. Ex Wimbledon, Newcastle United & England Footballer now Coach
  432. Youtube star
  433. Presenter
  434. fitness columnist/model - host of 'fitness made simple' video series
  435. German TV-host, Sports guide and businessman
  436. Female Host - WBKI 'Louisville LIVE!', And 'WDRB FOX 41 News@4, News@10' - Meteorologist
  437. Actress & Singer: Solo musician, former Rogue Traders band member; Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours
  438. Dutch Presenter
  439. Social media influencer
  440. Presenter
  441. German TV-Speaker (Tagesschau ARD)
  442. Belgium Female Presenter - Journalist 'RTL'
  443. CBC Personality
  444. Male Model
  445. Former tv journalist
  446. Male Host/Presenter
  447. Singer/Musician
  448. Austrian TV Presenter
  449. Host on QVC
  450. German TV Host (n-tv)
  451. Professional Skater on Dancing on Ice
  452. German Actress - TV Show - 'Harald Schmidt'(2004) And Presenter - 'Ehrensenf', an Internet-TV show, from 2005 to 2007
  453. David Baumann  (2)
    TV Personality
  454. German Radio Presenter
  455. German TV Presenter
  456. Presenter
  457. Female Australian classical crossover singer, who has been dubbed 'Australia's greatest operatic discovery', after becoming the Judge's Choice Grand Finalist on the TV talent show Australia's Got Talent in 2008. Despite an offer of contract by a major lab
  458. Actress-Hart to Hart,The Incredible Hulk,The A Team
  459. American TV personality and educator. Won 7 Emmys
  460. Presenter
  461. on ESPN Cold Pizza
  462. Television talk show host
  463. Race Car Driver - NASCAR Nationwide Series; Winner 2011 Daytona Sprint Cup Race
  464. commentator
  465. British television presenter
  466. Co-Host of Sports Nation on ESPN
  467. Teacher. Channel Four's The Unteachables.
  468. Blue Peter Presenter and YouTuber
  469. Marcus Bean  (2)
  470. mouseketeer (mickey mouse club/1950's)/Born Fort Worth, Texas January 1st 1944
  471. Actress
  472. Dame Winifred Mary Beard, is an English scholar, classicist, TV presenter & author
  473. Freelance Writer And Presenter - - Two best-selling books - I?m Bored! (Bloomsbury, 2003) and I?m Bored...Again! (Bloomsbury, 2005)
  474. TV Presenter On Gardener's World, Flying Gardener Etc.
  475. Fox News contributor/pundit, Radio Show Host
  476. Historian on YouTube, talks about presidents and scandals alike on the Mr. Beat channel
  477. John Beattie  (3)
    NESN Broadcaster
  478. 'Most Haunted' series
  479. Works at 99.9 BOB FM in Winnipeg, Canada; Co-host of BOB's Breakfast with Beau & Alix Michaels weekdays mornings from 6:00 am - 10:00 am
  480. Canadian Presenter - TV Series - 'Bons baisers de France' ( 2007-2010)
  481. Tv presenter, french
  482. English Model
  483. French actress, singer and tv host
  484. Actor-Under The Sun
  485. Norwegian Female TV Presenter
  486. NFL - TE, Arizona Cardinals (2009-present). Formerly w/ New York Jets (2000-2004), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2005-2007), St. Louis Rams (2008). Drafted 1st round (27th pick overall) 2000 draft by New York Jets. College: West Virginia
  487. German TV Moderator
  488. TV Presenter - ORF
  489. South African philatelist and vlogger born in 1987. He is the owner of the Exploring Stamps YouTube Channel and has won the Philatelic Traders Society Awards 3 times
  490. Actor-Tatort
  491. Senior political analyst for Fox News Channel
  492. American Actress - TV Series 'Mayne Street' (2008-2010), 'Parks and Recreation' (2009-2014. TV Hostess - ' 'AV Squad' and 'Comedy Academy' On The National Lampoon Network
  493. German TV Presenter
  494. English Actress, Model, TV Hostess, And Dancer - TV Series 'GMTV' (2001-2002), 'Top Of The Pops' (2005-2006), 'Blessed' (2005)
  495. 'The Mummy Road Show,' Mummy Expert
  496. German TV host of the Beckmann-Talkshow
  497. Life Coach