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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Presenter/Host (TV) , A-Z Filter: T
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  1. Siu Ta 
    Played Cindy Kim in 'Harold & Kumar go to White Castle'
  2. Influencer
  3. Baseball / Former 1st Baseman - Outfielder / Cubs (1981-82), Indians (1983-88), Royals (1988-90), Mets (1990), & Blue Jays (1991-92) / Currently a Broadcaster for the Blue Jays
  4. TV Presenter and Broadcaster, Pet Behaviourist
  5. French TV/radio presenter
  6. Bar Rescue Host, Member of the Night Club Hall of Fame
  7. Sports Reporter for ABC (NFL, and NBA)
  8. Foxs Sports Reporter and Host
  9. ITV Yorkshire TV Presenter
  10. Auctioneer/Antiques Expert & TV Personality (Flog It!, Bargain Hunt, etc.)
  11. Actress
  12. does music for video games, hosts Electric Playground on G4
  13. Former Rugby League Player
  14. CBC Personality
  15. New Zealand TV Presenter, and former TV correspondent/journalist to the USA
  16. TV Host
  17. Singer, actress, model and television personality from Malaysia
  18. Dutch Presenter
  19. TV-host
  20. Presenter, BBC World.
  21. Celebrity Chef
  22. Celebrity Chef
  23. Female Voice Over Talent
  24. CBS 2 News
  25. YouTube star
  26. Former French businessman, politician and occasional singer, now actor and TV host
  27. NESN Broadcaster
  28. French cook and TV presenter
  29. Actor / Presenter
  30. host of radio's long-running 'Mysterious Traveler', and 'Boston Blackie'
  31. Host of English 'Who want's to be a millionnaire.'
  32. Chris Tarrants Ex-Wife.
  33. CBC Personality
  34. Actress the TV shows 'Four In The Morning' and 'Republic Of Doyle'
  35. YouTube and CBBC Presenter
  36. Presenter
  37. TV Anchor
  38. German TV Presenter
  39. Alex Taylor  (2)
    Native British TV presenter
  40. Model / host - E! Wild On -Wedding Crashers
  41. Dave Taylor  (4)
    CBC Personality - World Report (Reporter)
  42. MASN On-Air Talent
  43. Expert - 60 Minute Makeover, ITV1
  44. American television personality, model, and actor. He currently stars on the Bravo reality television series Vanderpump Rules
  45. Australian Television Host
  46. CBC Personality
  47. Fox Sports 1, anchor
  48. Hosts TV Guide Channel, Scream 3
  49. Maria Taylor  (2)
    ESPN reporter
  50. Presenter
  51. Preacher, public speaker, radio presenter
  52. Sally Taylor  (2)
    She Presents South Today, Shown Every Week Day On BBC1 At 6:30.P.M. & 1:30.P.M. The Studio Is Set In Southampton In The UK
  53. British TV host
  54. Presenter
  55. KMBC-TV News Team
  56. Singer/Presenter
  57. Presenter
  58. Technoblade or Alex (born on June 1 1999) known for playing Minecraft on YouTube and the Potato Wars series
  59. Field Hockey
  60. Host / Shop at Home Network
  61. UK Presenter
  62. Host of America's Toughest Jobs
  63. Host - Original Weekend Miljonairs (NL)
  64. Dutch TV Host
  65. CBC Personality
  66. Ex Olympic swimmer, now TV Host
  67. Hosted Romper Room in the 70's
  68. was dance fever host
  69. Actress: American Boyfriends, Ranma ½, Neon Rider, Stephen King's IT, 21 Jump Street, My Little Pony Tales, Street Legal, Sliders, Beast Wars - Transformers, Stargate SG-1, X-Men Evolution, Da Vinci's Inquest, The Guard
  70. Austrian Radio and TV speaker
  71. Radio and tv presenter
  72. Musician & Composer // Host: Entertainment Tonight, John & Leeza from Hollywood, The John Tesh Radio Show - Intelligence for Your Life // Spouse of Connie Selleca
  73. Reality Star and Host, Dual Survival
  74. Presenter
  75. German TV Host (n-tv)
  76. Registered dietitian, nutrition professional and TV presenter
  77. Canadian Olympic Gold Medal Winner Swimming (Barcelona)
  78. Tex 
    Tv presenter
  79. Tex  (2)
    French humorist and TV animator
  80. French TV/radio host
  81. Rugby League Player
  82. On NBC SportsNetwork used to be on CSN Washington
  83. BBC TV Presenter
  84. Frank Thelen (* 10. Oktober 1975 in Bonn) is a German entrepeneur.Founder and CEO of Freigeist Capital former e42. In German TV he is one of three hosts of 'Die Höhle der Löwen'
  85. French TV host and journalist, animator
  86. Hosts Heartland Table on Food Network
  87. Male Host/Presenter
  88. Presenter
  89. Former CNN financial network anchor.
  90. Broadcaster
  91. Host on Playmania
  92. TV-Presenter
  93. CBC Personality - Newsworld Today from Toronto (Host), CBC News: World Today (Host)
  94. French tv host
  95. Frank Thomas  (2)
    Broadcast Personality, Technical Director of USGA (1973-2000)
  96. Joe Thomas  (3)
    Professional Fisherman; Hosts Reel in the Outdoors, Angler On Tour, and Ultimate Match Fishing on the Outdoor Channel
  97. comedic speaker and television host
  98. Dutch TV presenter
  99. Mickey Thomas  (2)
    Ex Man Utd football player
  100. Presents Blue Peter (uk)
  101. American author, builder and television personality. He was the host of the PBS home renovation series This Old House from 1989 to 2003 and of Renovation Nation, on Discovery's former Planet Green channel, for two seasons
  102. Steve Thomas  (3)
    Tv host - This Old House, Renovation Nation, and Save Our History
  103. CBC Personality
  104. Ben Thompson  (5)
    BBC Breakfast Presenter
  105. Best Damn Sports Show Period
  106. Pro Wrestling Host / Podcaster
  107. Mark Thompson  (6)
    TV Presenter/Astronomer
  108. Presenter/ Chief Correspondent, Channel 4 News.
  109. commentator
  110. CBC Personality
  111. commentator
  112. CBC Personality
  113. Presenter, WCVB-TV
  114. Announcer, Wheel of Fortune
  115. Presenter
  116. Actor
  117. CBC Personality
  118. Tv host
  119. commentator
  120. Broadcaster
  121. Boxer
  122. TV Presenter - ORF
  123. German TV Presenter
  124. Anchor for 10tv news wbns columbus ohio
  125. TV Presenter - ORF
  126. Star Of Big Brother 4
  127. Host of The Brandon Tierney Show on 1050 ESPN Radio in New York City. Contributor, Out Of Bounds on CN8 Sports
  128. German TV Presenter
  129. German TV Presenter
  130. German TV Host (n-tv)
  131. Presenter on children's TV
  132. Presenter
  133. Comedian
  134. TV/Radio Presenter
  135. CBC Personality
  136. Broadcast Personality
  137. Dutch Weaterman
  138. TV Host/Actress
  139. Actress
  140. Author, lecturer and broadcaster.
  141. Celebrity chef, owner of Julian; contestant on Top Chef: Masters and Next Iron Chef
  142. sportscaster
  143. German TV Host
  144. British television presenter, 'Ground Force,' 'Alan Titchmarsh Show,' voice of 'Gordon The Garden Gnome'
  145. Adult Model/Actress-Celebrity Love Island,Hells Kitchen,Friday Night Project,Richard and Judy
  146. Host Pursue the Wild
  147. College Basketball Podcast Host // Barstool Sports // The Ringer
  148. NHL Prospect
  149. Weather
  150. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  151. Presenter
  152. Actor: Spaceballs, Mississippi Burning, Basic Instinct, Thelma and Louise, Bird On The Wire, Blue Skies, Sneakers, Single White Female, Murder One, Dweebs, Groundhog Day, CSI Miami, Deadwood, Freaky Friday, Hero
  153. Actor
  154. Winner Of the TV Show The Apprentice Also host on HGTV show My House Is Worth What
  155. Celebrity chef & TV presenter
  156. French TV presenter
  157. CBC Personality
  158. World War II propaganda-radio hostesses dubbed Tokyo Rose by Allied soldiers
  159. Much loved polymath and all-rounder: actress, comedienne, raconteur, author, game show panellist and host, presenter, journalist
  160. Presenter
  161. Gameshow host-Press Your Luck
  162. Actress
  163. James Tomlin  (2)
    UK Model/Presenter
  164. CBC Personality
  165. CBC Personality
  166. Author
  167. WTA Tennis Pro
  168. Sportscaster, has done tennis, american football, baseball, basketball and many other sports, but is specially known as a boxing sportscaster, for HBO Boxing, ESPN, FOX and Showtime Boxing. Elected to the Int. Boxing Hall of Fame, 2016
  169. Member of the Dude Perfect YouTube channel
  170. Presenter
  171. Italian model, Showgirl & TV-host
  172. former University of Michigan & NY Giants wide receiver; currently plays for Kansas City Chiefs; member of Giants Super Bowl XLII championship team
  173. Tv show
  174. TV Presenter, Masterchef
  175. ESPN Analyst
  176. CBC Personality
  177. Author and chief executive of The Torrenzano Group, a New York strategic communications and high-stakes issues management firm. He has managed some of the most visible global corporate crises in our lifetime
  178. French pastry chef and chocolatier. Worked at NYC's famous restaurant, Le Cirque. Judge & co-host on the cooking comedy show Nailed It! Won the James Beard Foundation Pastry Chef of the Year. Author of two Dessert Circus books
  179. ESPN Personality
  180. Biologist and TV personality. Host of Expedition X
  181. 94.5 (Boston,Ma) radio host known as: Ramiro 'The Freakin Puerto Rican'
  182. Italian actress and TV-Host
  183. commentator
  184. Steel on American Gladiators
  185. French tv host
  186. Singer
  187. Jon Townsend  (2)
    The proprietor of an Indiana-based store selling eighteenth-century-style clothing and accessories, is also the host of a popular YouTube series
  188. TV presenter car sos musician
  189. Former baseball player now a sports talk show host.
  190. TV/Radio Presenter
  191. Entertainer - Mouseketeer on the original Mickey Mouse Club. Only one of nine original Mouseketeers to last the entire duration (1955-1959). Actress - Walt Disney Presents Annette, Westward Ho The Wagons
  192. Actor: Da Vinci's Inquest, Adventures of Sinbad, Sweating Bullets, Fire With Fire, 21 Jump Street, the Commish, The X-Files, Elektra, The 4400, Intelligence, Sanctuary, Hell on Wheels, Rogue, Heartland, The 100, Continuum, Bates Motel, Project Blue Book
  193. Cart Auto Racing
  194. Boston-based TV celebrity, best known as host of children's show Boomtown
  195. Actress
  196. Jazz singer, recording artist, television presenter, actress
  197. UK Presenter
  198. sportscaster
  199. Founder of Outkick the Coverage
  200. Decorating T.V. show host for “Debbie Travis’ Painted House” and “Facelift”
  201. TV Presenter - ORF
  202. QVC Hostess
  203. Voice Over Talent
  204. Host of TV's Jeopardy, guest role on X-Files. On the Colonial Penn commercial
  205. Voice Over Talent
  206. Canadian Radio Host & Broadcaster
  207. French actress, TV/radio host, also painter and sculptor
  208. Cook and TV - Host
  209. British auctioneer, antiques expert & TV personality (Antiques Road Trip, Bargain Hunt, Flog It!, etc.)
  210. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  211. Presenter
  212. Host of Court TV show 'Fake Out'
  213. Co-host Big Toe Radio Show
  214. Female TV Host
  215. Presenter
  216. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  217. NFL Writer
  218. Tv presenter
  219. Starting center fielder for the Angels, #1 draft choice in 2009
  220. Sportscaster
  221. Soccer Player
  222. 45th President of the United States of America (2017-2021), businessman, billionaire, host/star of 'The Apprentice' (reality t.v. series), author (The Art of The Deal, Surviving At The Top), Candidate for President, 2024
  223. Wife of Eric Trump, television host, producer & campaign advisor
  224. Screenwriter
  225. Austrian TV Presenter
  226. Actress
  227. Female Host/Presenter
  228. Ancient Aliens (the hair guy)
  229. Presenter
  230. Jeremy Tucker  (2)
    News Reporter
  231. Ross Tucker  (2)
    Announcer on the Yes Network
  232. Local Tv Personality
  233. TV/Radio Presenter
  234. Broadway show
  235. Cricket Player
  236. Dutch Presenter
  237. UK Presenter
  238. GMTV Presenter
  239. BBC Breakfast and Good Morning Britain presenter
  240. Presenter, Blue Peter, Celebrity Big Brother
  241. UK Sports Presenter
  242. Wildlife TV Presenter. Has worked on Nat Geo WILD's 'Big Cat Week' and Wild Earth's 'Safari Live.'
  243. TV Presenter - DIY SOS
  244. Megan LeeAnn 'Meg' Turney is an American internet personality, cosplayer, model, and vlogger. She became an internet personality through her hosting work, formerly with SourceFed and Rooster Teeth's The Know
  245. Female Model
  246. Presenter
  247. TV Host In Norway
  248. Australian TV presenter - E! News Host (2020-)
  249. US National Soccer Player and player for New England Revolution
  250. Host of cruising Israel iltv
  251. sportscaster
  252. UK Presenter
  253. Moderatorin (Formel Eins)
  254. comedic speaker and television host
  255. Broadcast Journalist/Co-Host on Gameshow Network's Playmania
  256. Author
  257. german talk-show host
  258. IGN Host
  259. Stamp collector/philatelist since 1974 and the owner of YouTube channel Ted Talks Stamps. Also a Air Force veteran
  260. TV Host / Collider Video
  261. German TV Presenter
  262. German sports presenter