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Browsing Category Home->Sports->Boxing , A-Z Filter: M
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  1. Boxer
  2. boxing
  3. Former professional boxer gay adult film star
  4. Boxer
  5. Former English flyweight boxer. During his professional career he held the British, European and WBC world flyweight titles
  6. Irish Bantamweight Boxer had a 26-8-1 record in a career that lasted from 1969 to 1977. Held the BBBofC British Bantamweight Title in 1975
  7. American boxer, world champion, fought Laila Ali twice
  8. female boxer
  9. Boxer - USA Boxing
  10. Pro boxer of the 70s and 80s
  11. Boxer - Light Welterweight
  12. Boxer, participated in first sanctioned female boxing fight in the USA
  13. Actor/rapper/boxer- 'The Gentlemen'
  14. Argentine boxer, fought for world title, beat Sergio Palma
  15. African Middlewight Boxer had a record of 17-6-1 in a career that lasted from 1973 to 1978. Held the African Boxing union Middleweight Title
  16. boxer
  17. Boxer: WBA Lightweight Champ 1982 to 1984 // Actor: Amazing Stories, Oceans of Fire, The Dirty Dozen- The Fatal Mission, Wishful Thinking, Backstreet Dreams, Timebomb, Iron Eagle 3, Body and Soul, Turn of Faith, The Nail, Bad Frank
  18. Boxer - Contestant on 1st season of 'The Contender'
  19. 'El Diablo' former boxing champion
  20. South African professional boxer, national 'non White' Super Bantamweight champion (1978)
  21. Sean Mannion  (2)
    Former boxer, fought Mike McCallum for vacant world championship
  22. Boxer - USA Boxing
  23. boxing
  24. Boxer
  25. boxing
  26. Boxer - USA Boxing
  27. Panamanian world boxing champion, beat Alexis Arguello, fought 10 rounds with Roberto Duran
  28. Canadian Olympic Boxer
  29. Puerto Rican former professional boxer, businessman, fought Antonio Cervantes for world title
  30. Featherweight Boxer
  31. Olympic boxer in 88
  32. Terry Marsh  (2)
    English former professional boxer
  33. female boxer
  34. Boxer
  35. Mexican boxer, fought Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. and Azumah Nelson for world titles
  36. Nicaraguan boxer, fought Esteban De Jesus for world Lightweight title
  37. Boxer
  38. Boxer
  39. Boxer
  40. boxing
  41. Boxer
  42. Heavyweight Boxer
  43. boxer
  44. former Australian Heavyweight Boxer
  45. Boxer
  46. US-american female boxer
  47. French world champion boxer, beat Holly Holm
  48. Heavyweight boxer
  49. boxing
  50. Sports Journalist, Boxing Writer. Mike Tyson once threatened him
  51. Argentine boxer, current inter-continental light weight champion
  52. boxer
  53. boxer
  54. Professional Boxer
  55. American Professional Boxer
  56. boxer
  57. Middleweight Boxer
  58. boxing
  59. boxing
  60. Oscar De La Hoya's boxing trainer
  61. Born January 1, 1946, retired boxer from Kenya, who won the bronze medal in the lightweight division at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany In the semifinals was defeated by Poland's eventual gold medalist Jan SzczepaÅ'ski
  62. British Heavyweight Boxer had a 31-12-2 record during a career that lasted from 1969 to 1981. Held the BBBofC Northern Ireland Area Heavyweight Title in 1977
  63. Kevin McBride  (2)
  64. boxing
  65. Boxer
  66. American boxer former WBA Lightweight and Super-Welterweight World Champion, IFBA Featherweight Champion, GBU Lightweight and Super-Lightweight Champion
  67. Pro Boxer- Former WBO/WBC Middleweight Champion
  68. boxing
  69. Former professional boxer and Olympic gold medalist
  70. Boxer - Golden Gloves 1942
  71. Scottish Middleweight Boxer. Had a professional career record of 35 wins and 7 loses. Held the EBU Middleweight and Commonwealth British Empire Middleweight titless
  72. Irish Light Heavyweight Boxer Known as Young McCormack. Not to be confused with the Scottish boxer with the same known who was known as Cowboy and Died in 2014. Had a record of 33-8-1. Held the British Light Heavyweight title
  73. Vice-President, Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame
  74. President, Australian National Boxing Hall of Fame
  75. Professional boxer
  76. boxer
  77. American professional boxer, WBC world Welterweight champion (1983-85)
  78. Boxer - Olympic champion 1984
  79. boxing
  80. Former professional Gaelic soccer and amateur boxer
  81. 1948 Summer Olympics competitor. McGeer competed in boxing for Great Britain. He later became a physician and medical professional
  82. Referee
  83. Boxer; Former Featherweight Champ
  84. Tornado on 'Gladiators (UK 2008), Royal Marines Commando since the age of 16, having served in Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Somalia and the Gulf.member of the Commando Display Team and is a Marines middleweight boxing champion.
  85. Boxer
  86. Former Boxer
  87. Professional Footballer
  88. Boxer, '88 Olympic Gold Medalist
  89. boxing hof
  90. Boxer - USA Boxing
  91. Boxer - USA Boxing
  92. John McNally  (5)
    Former Irish boxer, olympic silver 1952, born 3 November 1932
  93. boxer
  94. Boxer
  95. American professional boxer, fought Wilfred Benitez
  96. British boxer, Olympic champion 1956
  97. Puerto Rican-American world champion boxer
  98. boxing
  99. Boxer
  100. French female kickboxing and Muay Thai fighter, currently signed with ONE Championship
  101. Filipino world champion boxer, IBF world Minimumweight champion
  102. Boxer
  103. female WIBF world champion featherweight
  104. Boxer, 1979 Pan American games' gold medalist
  105. Colombian Heavyweight professional boxer of the 70s and 80s
  106. Ecuadorian boxer, beat Bernard Hopkins for world title but was robbed of win in their first fight
  107. boxing hof
  108. Boxing Referee. Son of Arthur Mercante St
  109. Heavyweight boxer, '88 Olympic gold medalist
  110. heavyweight boxer, politician
  111. Professional Woman Boxer
  112. Mexican boxing referee, refereed Douglas-Tyson and Leonard-Duran, among others
  113. World champion Mexican boxer
  114. South African professional boxer; fought Samuel Serrano for WBA world Junior Lightweight championship
  115. British-Australian professional boxer, politician and writer, IBF world Junior Lightweight champion, (1985-87), beat Lester Ellis
  116. Boxer
  117. 1948 Summer Olympics competitor. Michtits competed in boxing for Austria
  118. (born May 10, 2002) is an American professional boxer. As an amateur boxing, Mielnicki was a four time Junior National Golden Gloves champion
  119. Mexican boxer, fought for world title in the 1970s
  120. Col F. Don Miller passed away in 1996. He was an Olympic Boxer, then head of the USOC and saved the organization from going bankrupt twice during the 1980s
  121. boxing
  122. Paul Miller  (6)
    former Boxer/filmmaker, married to Actress Daisy Betts
  123. Born August 23, 1961) is an American former professional boxer
  124. undisputed middleweight boxing champ
  125. Colombian boxer
  126. Australian Boxer
  127. Former German Professional Boxer, former German Welterweight Champion
  128. boxing
  129. Boxer from Dagenham
  130. Boxer
  131. Former IBF and WBA light welterweight champion
  132. boxing
  133. Japanese Super Lightweight boxer. 17-27-8 record. Career from 1965-1975
  134. Former Professional Boxer
  135. American professional boxer, fought Wilfred Benitez
  136. Super Welterweight Boxer. Alias: King
  137. American Heavyweight boxer, fought Deontay Wilder for WBC world title
  138. Boxer - USA Boxing
  139. Puerto Rican world champion boxer, lost a close but unanimous decision to Oscar De La Hoya
  140. Colombian world champion boxer, beat Marlon Starling for WBA world Welterweight title with a punch that came after the bell. The fight result changed to 'no contest' but the WBA still recognized Molinares as their champion
  141. boxing
  142. Puerto Rican boxing great,International Boxing Hall of Fame member
  143. Former Professional Boxer, Super Welterweight, former Arizona State Champion, lives in Phoenix, Arizona, Arizona State boxing commissioner
  144. Boxer
  145. Boxing trainer of Juan Meza, Hector Camacho among others
  146. Boxer - USA Boxing
  147. Olympians boxing
  148. Former Boxer
  149. Boxer
  150. Winner Of The TV Show : The Contender
  151. Former Featherweight boxing Champ from Tijuana Mexico
  152. Boxer - USA Boxing
  153. Boxer - USA Boxing
  154. world champion boxer
  155. Heavyweight Fighter/Actor: played Tommy 'The Machine' Gunn in 'Rocky V'
  156. aka 'Sugar' ; WBC welterweight champ
  157. Panamanian professional female boxer
  158. boxing
  159. Boxer - USA Boxing
  160. Womens Boxing Champion
  161. Ugandan professional boxer. WBC world Junior Middleweight champion, 1989-1990
  162. boxing hof light-heavyweight
  163. boxing
  164. Jamaican - American boxer, WBC and linear world Junior Middleweight champion (1997-99)
  165. Australian Boxer and former Rugby League star
  166. boxer trainer
  167. Boxer, was in the World Boxing Hall of Fame, (not the official, International Boxing Hall of Fame)
  168. Boxer/ Actor, Creed 2, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
  169. New Zealander boxer, music DJ and producer, actor
  170. World champion boxer
  171. boxing
  172. Joe Murray  (2)
    British Boxer
  173. John Murray  (7)
  174. Boxer & Actor
  175. Italian boxer, Olympic champion 1960
  176. Swedish boxer, bronze medal OG 1988