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Browsing Category Home->Sports->Boxing , A-Z Filter: S
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  1. boxer
  2. Boxer
  3. Argentine professional boxer, IBF world Super Flyweight champion (1995-96), WBO world Flyweight champion (1996-98)
  4. Boxer
  5. boxer
  6. Boxer
  7. Boxer on 'The Contender'
  8. boxing
  9. Boxer
  10. Pro boxer and futsal player from Curacao, fought Wilfredo Gomez, member of the Curacao sports Hall of Fame. Boxing promoter and trainer
  11. Famous boxing trainer, currently trains Gennady Glovokin
  12. Alex Sanchez  (3)
    Puerto Rican professional boxer, WBO world Minimumweight champion 1993-1997
  13. Venezuelan female boxer and model, WBA world Super Bantamweight champion
  14. American professional boxer, last American to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr., fought Naseem Hamed for world title
  15. David Sanchez  (2)
    Mexican boxer, WBA interim world champion
  16. Dominican professional boxer, fought twice for world titles
  17. Mexican world champion boxer
  18. NABA Welterweight Champ
  19. Boxer
  20. boxing
  21. Boxer
  22. World champion boxer, Hall of Famer
  23. Boxer from Kenya, who won the bronze medal in the Middleweight division at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul
  24. Heavyweight Boxer
  25. Boxer
  26. Member of 1980 US Olympic boxing team, world champion boxer
  27. Boxer
  28. Boxer - USA Boxing
  29. Boxer
  30. Carlos Santos  (2)
    World champion boxer
  31. Middleweight Boxer
  32. American boxer, world Featherweight champion, fought Henry Armstrong
  33. Boxer - USA Boxing
  34. British Boxer
  35. Heavyweight boxer, actor; appeared on The Sopranos, Law & Order SVU
  36. Boxer, pornographic actor and fitness model
  37. boxer
  38. German Welterweight boxer whose career lasted from 1973 to 1977. Held the German BDB Super Welterweight Title in 1974
  39. Also known as 'Magic Man', is an Australian pro boxer who is currently residing in Melbourne, Victoria. He is a former Australian Bantamweight champion
  40. Former Boxer - Heavyweight Worldchampion 1930 - 1932
  41. Boxer
  42. Boxer, World Amateur Championships Bronze 1989, European Amateur Championships Silver 1989
  43. East German former featherweight boxer who competed for the United Team of Germany and won the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo 1964
  44. former british commenwelth ,european&world boxing champ
  45. Boxer. Born 1917 went 113-30 with 7 draws in a career that last from 1936-1950 Southern States Lghtwt title ranked as the 161st best boxer of ALL time. Ring magazine listed him 5th and 4th ranked hvywt @ 171lbs member OK Am Athltc Hall of Fame
  46. George Scott  (3)
    1995 Lightweight boxing champ of the world
  47. boxing
  48. Boxing , Deontay Wilder trainer
  49. American Boxer born in Chicago 03/28/1917. Completed in 1936 Olympics. Currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and still teaches boxing
  50. Professional Boxer
  51. Middleweight boxer of the 1980's, fought Marvelous Marvin Hagler for world title
  52. World champion boxer
  53. Former boxer, won Gold Medal in the 1972 Summer Olympics
  54. Boxer
  55. Boxer
  56. boxer
  57. Mma fighter / kickboxer
  58. Puerto Rican world champion boxer
  59. Puerto Rican champion amateur boxer, was 1-0 as a professional, when he was shot after a training session for his second bout by a friend's jealous boyfriend. Made remarkable recuperation from shot wounds
  60. World champion boxer
  61. Boxer
  62. Pakistani boxer. Bronze medal in 1988 Olympics
  63. Survivor Cook Islands,Model,Boxer
  64. Kickboxing,is also related to former WWE wrestler Ken Shamrock
  65. World Heavyweight Boxing Champ '32-'33. International Boxing HOF '94. World Boxing HOF '87
  66. Former Rugby League Player and Boxer
  67. Canadian Boxing Champ
  68. Heavyweight Boxer in 1970's, fought twice for Heavyweight Title. Recently labelled 'biggest punch in Boxing'
  69. Bare knuckle fighter,
  70. boxer (trained hilary swank/million dollar baby)
  71. Boxer - Golden Gloves 1946 boxrec 3-2
  72. Boxer - USA Boxing
  73. Mike Sheppard  (3)
    Boxer- west virginia heavyweight and cruiserweight championlives in elizabeth wv, is a schoolteacher when he aint bustin heads
  74. boxing announcer
  75. Female kickboxer, Muay Thai and MMA fighter. Older sister of Valentina Shevchenko
  76. Japanese world champion boxer
  77. Olympic boxer
  78. American boxer, two time WBA world Welterweight title challenger
  79. American professional boxer and trainer, fought Billy Costello for WBC world Junior Welterweight title
  80. Boxer
  81. Boxer
  82. Boxer - boxrec 15-5
  83. American Football & Boxing, Halfback, University of Virginia, Boxing team captain, NFL, Redskins early fifties
  84. Iranian Olympic Light Heavyweight Boxer participated in the 1948 Olympics
  85. Television series, showing top boxing fights since 1986
  86. King of the Kickboxers
  87. british,commonwealth & european middleweight boxing champion
  88. German Olympic Heavyweight Boxer
  89. Panamanian professional boxer, national Junior Flyweight champion, fought for WBA world Junior Flyweight title in 1984
  90. Bareknuckle Fighter
  91. Boxer
  92. Author and noted authority on Jewish boxing history. Historical consultant and on-air commentator for 19 boxing docs. Former boxing promoter, Inspector with the NY State Athletic Comm, and a member of the International Boxing Research Org
  93. Middleweight Boxer
  94. Boxer
  95. Boxer
  96. Boxing, brother of Marvelous Marvin Hagler, beat Roberto Duran in 1986
  97. Professional Boxer
  98. Thai boxer. Held the IBF Minimumweight title in 1988
  99. boxing
  100. British Heavyweight Boxer
  101. Retired boxer from Germany
  102. Polish boxer, Olympic bronze medalist 1968
  103. Russian Female Professional Boxer lives in Hamburg, Germany
  104. South African professional boxer
  105. Female Wrestler, Bodybuilder & Boxer
  106. boxing
  107. boxing
  108. American professional boxer, Florida State Welterweight champion (1984-89), beat former world champion Joe Manley, lost to former world champion Mark Medal
  109. Boxer on 1st season of 'The Contender'
  110. Lonnie Smith  (2)
    Boxing, WBC world Junior Welterweight champion in 1985
  111. Stephen Smith  (3)
    British Boxer
  112. Boxing Referee
  113. boxing
  114. Boxer
  115. Boxer
  116. Julian Solis  (2)
    Puerto Rican world champion boxer
  117. Puerto Rican boxer, Caribbean champion, fought once for world title versus Hector Macho Camacho
  118. Boxer
  119. Boxer
  120. Boxer
  121. King of the Kickboxers, Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story
  122. Korean boxer, Olympic silver 1956
  123. Thai world champion boxer, IBF world Minimumweight champion, beat Manny Melchor for world title, lost to Ricardo Lopez, politician and political activist
  124. Edgar Sosa  (2)
  125. boxing
  126. Boxer
  127. Boxer
  128. Boxer - USA Boxing
  129. Lightweight boxer
  130. Boxer - USA Boxing
  131. Boxer - USA Boxing
  132. Welterweight Boxer
  133. Retired Heavyweight Champ
  134. Heavyweight/Light Heavyweight Boxer (b: 1956). 1976 Olympics - Gold Medal. Brother of Leon Spinks. Uncle of Cory Spinks. Inducted into the International Boxing HOF & the World Boxing HOF (both in 1994). First boxer to defeat Larry Holmes
  135. Olympic champion boxing
  136. Professional boxer, former kickboxer and mixed martial artist
  137. boxing hof
  138. Boxer - USA Boxing
  139. Australian boxer of the 1940s
  140. Puerto Rican professional boxer, fought Diego Corrales
  141. Professional Female Boxer-I.B.A Featherweight Champion,Playboy November 1999
  142. British boxer
  143. Boxer fought for world Heavyweight title
  144. Boxer - USA Boxing
  145. boxing world champion, first to beat Mark Breland as a pro
  146. Professional Boxer
  147. Italian World champion boxer and convicted criminal
  148. Boxing Italy Gold 1984 Bantam
  149. boxing referee
  150. Boxer had one professional fight according to box rec in 1931 he won
  151. German Arts and Antique Seller with spanish Roots, born 11.5.1975, in early years Thaiboxer, Model, is a member of the german TV Show , 4 Rooms, one Deal
  152. King of the Kickboxers - Mr. McKinney
  153. WBO and Olympic Boxer
  154. Olympic Boxing Champion 1972, 1976, 1980
  155. boxing trainer/manager
  156. boxing, fought Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield twice, George Foreman and Michael Moorer in high profile professional heavyweight fights
  157. Dave Stewart  (3)
  158. boxer
  159. Boxer
  160. former boxer/model turned actor, upcoming, 'Alexander' with Colin Farrel
  161. boxer
  162. Joe Strong  (3)
    Boxer - USA Boxing
  163. Boxer
  164. boxing executive
  165. Mexican sports director - president of the World Boxing Council. Son of Jose Sulaiman
  166. Boxer
  167. Canadian Light Heavyweight Boxer had a career record of 39-17-3 in a career that lasted from 1970 to 1983. Had the Canada Light Heavyweight Title from 1979 to 1981
  168. American professional boxer
  169. Motivational speaker, president of Jeffrey Sussman Inc (a marketing/publicity firm) and author of 13 books including Max Baer and Barney Ross: Jewish Heroes of Boxing
  170. Scottish Super Middleweight Boxer
  171. Japanese boxer, WBC world lightweight champion, fought Roberto Duran and Esteban De Jesus, losing to both, beat Alvaro Rojas
  172. Boxer - USA Boxing
  173. Founder and CEO of the Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program, 2017 CNN Heroes Top 10 Finalist
  174. Deontay Wilder girlfriend
  175. Ukrainian amateur boxer, represented his country at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, twin brother of Volodymyr Sydorenko
  176. Ukrainian professional boxer, WBA world Bantamweight champion (2005-08), Valeriy Sydorenko's twin brother