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Browsing Category Home->Sports->Boxing , A-Z Filter: F
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  1. New Zealand professional boxer, national Heavyweight champion
  2. Boxer
  3. Retired male boxer
  4. Iranian Olympic Featherweight Boxer. Participated in the 1948 Olympics
  5. Boxer
  6. Bolivian Heavyweight boxer, national Heavyweight champion
  7. Boxer
  8. Argentine professional boxer, WBC women's world Lightweight champion (2011-14) WBC women's world Junior Welterweight champion (2014-17)
  9. Boxer - USA Boxing
  10. Mexican professional boxer, first to face Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. as a pro
  11. boxer
  12. Boxer
  13. Boxer, fought Tyson
  14. South African boxing promoter
  15. Spanish boxer, world Junior Welterweight champion
  16. Boxing writer, 'Boxing in New Jersey, 1900-1999'
  17. 70s and 80s pro boxer, beat Alexis Arguello, fought Roberto Duran and Hilmer Kenty for world Lightweight titles
  18. UFC Fighter
  19. Australian boxer, lasted 12 rounds with Carlos Zarate for world title
  20. Professional Boxer
  21. Boxer
  22. Boxer
  23. Boxing
  24. Boxing hof referee, played himself in 'Rocky IV'
  25. Professional boxer, fought Sugar Ray Leonard in 1982 for undisputed world Welterweight title
  26. Israeli Boxer
  27. boxing promoter
  28. British Boxer - Olympic Gold medal winner
  29. champion british boxer
  30. Female Boxer/Model-Playboy Special Editions
  31. Boxer - USA Boxing
  32. boxing hof
  33. Pedro Flores  (3)
    World champion boxer, beat Yoko Gushiken for world title
  34. Puerto Rican professional boxer, Puerto Rico national Junior Lightweight champion
  35. Johnny Flynn  (2)
    Boxer born 1919 fought between 1939-51 had a record of 46-32 and 2 draws
  36. Ex Boxer, Rugby League Player & Actor; 'Gorgeous George' in the film Snatch
  37. Women Boxing
  38. Professional Boxer
  39. King of the Kickboxers - Dan Handel
  40. Ivano Fontana (born 25 November 1926, Lucca, Italy) is a former Italian boxer. He won a bronze medal in the 1948 Summer Olympics in London, losing to gold medal winner Laszlo Papp
  41. Dutch female boxer, who won the bronze medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo
  42. Boxer- the contender
  43. Boxing Judge. active with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Had several controversial results including the 2012 Pacquiao/Bradley Fight & The 2008 Marquez/Pacquiao fight among many. Worked 614 bouts including 1980 Holmes/Ali
  44. Boxer daughter of George Foreman had a 5-1-0 record in 6 fights in 2000 and 2001
  45. Heavyweight champion boxer, George Foreman's grill's
  46. Boxer
  47. boxing olympics
  48. Heavyweight boxer had a 20-28-3 record. One of only 3 boxers to to go the distance vs George Foreman in his prime. Appeared as a boxer in e films The Champ 1979, The Greatest 1977 and Tony Rome 1967. Was Muhammad Ali's sparing partner
  49. Canadian boxer born 1984, two-time World Boxing Champion, 2012 Summer Olympics
  50. HOF boxer of the 60's and 70's
  51. boxer
  52. Eric Fowler  (3)
  53. British Boxer
  54. boxing
  55. Czechoslovakian boxer, Olympic bronze 1980
  56. Scott Frank  (2)
    American professional boxer, fought Larry Holmes in 1983 for WBC and lineal world Heavyweight title, New Jersey state Heavyweight champion
  57. Swedish boxing book writer
  58. Boxer, Co-star - The Contender (reality T.v. Series)
  59. Professional Boxer
  60. Boxing, oldest son of Joe Frazier, he fought Larry Holmes for the world Heavyweight championship and also fought Mike Tyson
  61. boxing
  62. Boxer, fought Laila Ali
  63. Professional super lightweight pugilist. Current WSBA Jr. Welterweight Champion
  64. Brazilian boxer, brother of Acelino Freitas, fought for world title once
  65. boxing. world Lightweight champion 1981-1982
  66. Boxer, WBC Super Middleweight Champion
  67. Boxer, world title challenger, brother of Gene Fullmer
  68. former world middleweight champion; Boxing Hall of Fame
  69. Travis Fulton (born May 29, 1977) is an American mixed martial artist and a professional boxer in the heavyweight division of both sports
  70. Canadian boxing Champ. Hall of fame, now living in Guelph
  71. Boxer, Brother of Tyson Fury
  72. Professional boxer who fights in the heavyweight division