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Browsing Category Home->Sports->Boxing , A-Z Filter: T
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  1. Boxer
  2. Professional Boxer
  3. Japanese boxer, 1960 Olympic bronze
  4. Norwegian professional boxer, fought Michael Spinks for world title
  5. Boxer
  6. boxer
  7. World champion boxer, beat Roy Jones Jr., boxed at the Olympics, starred in the final Rocky Balboa film as Stallone's last opponent
  8. British-American social media personality, businessman, and former professional kickboxer
  9. boxer
  10. John Tate  (2)
    World champion boxer, WBA world Heavyweight champion, 1979-80
  11. boxing
  12. Boxer, fought twice for world title
  13. Professional boxer, challenged for world title twice
  14. Boxer - USA Boxing
  15. boxing
  16. Josh Taylor  (5)
    Scottish Boxer - Unified light welterweight champion, World Boxing Super Series winner
  17. Female Irish boxer and footballer
  18. Boxer - USA Boxing
  19. Former Boxer
  20. American professional boxer, brother of Meldrick Taylor; fought Calvin Grove for IBF world Featherweight title
  21. Australian boxer, 1960 Olympic bronze
  22. Australian Boxer
  23. Actor in the 1950s to 70s in TV/one movie: 'The Giant Spider Invasion' (1975) as the Deputy; Perry Mason, Peter Gunn (boxer episode), One Step Beyond: 'The Last Round' (boxer episode), Hot Off the Wire (comedy), + Crusader (1956)
  24. boxer
  25. Boxing champ
  26. boxer
  27. Andreas Tews  (2)
    Boxer - Olympic champion 1992
  28. Daniel Thomas  (2)
    Boxer - USA Boxing
  29. Indonesian Boxer held IBF Minimumweight Championship in 1989
  30. Former heavyweight boxer
  31. American pro boxer of the 90s, fought Roberto Duran
  32. Boxer
  33. Boxer - USA Boxing
  34. Tony Thompson  (2)
  35. boxing
  36. Tongan boxer
  37. Boxer
  38. 'The Uncrowned Champion' professional boxer
  39. boxer
  40. Former olympic champion boxing
  41. Boxer; French Former Super Middleweight WBA Champion
  42. Pro boxer. 1984 8th middleweight in the world
  43. Japanese boxer and actor, WBA world Junior Flyweight champion, 1981-1983
  44. Boxer
  45. Boxer
  46. German middleweight boxer had a 15-18-2 record in a career that lasted from 1964-71. Boxrec has his last known residence being in Hamburg
  47. Sportscaster, has done tennis, american football, baseball, basketball and many other sports, but is specially known as a boxing sportscaster, for HBO Boxing, ESPN, FOX and Showtime Boxing. Elected to the Int. Boxing Hall of Fame, 2016
  48. Boxer
  49. Boxer
  50. Mexican world champion boxer
  51. Boxer
  52. Johnny Torres  (3)
    Professional boxer from Florida, fought Ray Mancini in 1983
  53. Boxing HOFer
  54. Boxer
  55. Iranian Olympic Middleweight Boxer participated in the 1948 Olympics
  56. Former South African boxer, bronze medal 1952, born 6 April 1934
  57. Australian Boxer - 'The White Rhino'
  58. Boxing Match Maker
  59. Mexican professional boxer
  60. Sportscaster, Nascar and boxing on ESPN
  61. 80's pro boxer, fought Simon Brown in two sensational bouts for world title, lost both times
  62. Actor 'Heat' 'King of the kickboxers' He is also a martial arts expert and is also married to Ami Dolenz daughter of Monkee Mickey Dolenz
  63. WBA/IBF middleweight champion
  64. Puerto Rican featherweight boxing champion, fought Salvador Sanchez and Enrique Solis, father of Felix Trinidad, boxing trainer
  65. Boxer
  66. World champion boxer
  67. boxer
  68. New Zealand Heavy weight boxer
  69. Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion
  70. Ex Boxer, IBF world Heavyweight champion
  71. Heavyweight boxer
  72. Boxer
  73. Dutch boxer, 1988 Summer Olympics Seoul
  74. boxing
  75. Boxer