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  1. Best Friend of Anne Frank
  2. Bailiff on Jack Ruby trial for killing Lee Harvey Oswald, in the Assassination of JFK. Possible, age 99 & living in Lewisville, Texas
  3. Only son of General Douglas MacArthur. Lives in New York, City. Born: 02/21/1938
  4. Is a centenarian and author of several books including The Development of Sex Differences
  5. Believed to be the last living person to have seen the Titanic ship with his own eyes
  6. One of the last five known survivors of The Halifax Explosion, that occurred on December 06, 1917. She is now 101 years old and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  7. US Army WW2 Veteran. Witness to the marriage of Helen Jackson (last civil war widow) and James Bollin. Silver Star and Purple Heart recipient
  8. (Born 1914) First African American supervisor at the United States Department of Veteran Affairs and supercentenarian
  9. Bought the first ticket to Disneyland, on July 18, 1955
  10. One of the few surviving witnesses of Mahatma Gandhi's assassination in New Delhi, India in 1948. He was only 24 years old at the time, when he was a witness to the assassination. He is now 87 and lives in New Delhi
  11. Chicago police officer, one CNN's 2017 'Heroes of the Year'
  12. BBC Africa Business Editor and Washington Post Columist
  13. JFK - Eyewitness to the November 1963 visit of President Kennedy to Fort Worth; pictured in the crowd of the Parking Lot Speech
  14. President of Tanzania since 2015
  15. Prison guard at prison Alcatraz 1956-1963
  16. Roger Mahoney  (2)
    Archbishop Of Los Angeles 1985-2011
  17. Cameraman who filmed the liberation of Buchenwald concentration camp
  18. Nurse's aide who assisted in Trauma Room # 2 at Parkland Memorial after President Kennedy's assassination
  19. Archbishop & prominent Cypriot clerical & political figure
  20. Miss America 1924
  21. The fourth oldest person in the UK (Born: 1906) Recently celebrated her 111th birthday. Also one of the last surviving witnesses of Germany's Zeppelin raids in the UK, from 1914-1918. Lives in King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK
  22. Veteran of Polish-Soviet War. Born: 1902. (1920 Battle of Warsaw)
  23. Polish-born Israeli secret agent and member of the Mossad intelligence agency. He was part of the team that captured Adolf Eichmann in Argentina in 1960 and brought him to Israel to stand trial. Author, painter, playwright
  24. UK submarine pilot, born 1945. Last1973 Pisces III survivor, the deepest successful submarine rescue in history
  25. Mike Mallory  (4)
    Navy seal, born 1945, one of the four frogmen to help recover the Apollo 11 crew and their returned capsule. The strongest swimmer, he swam with an equipment bag for the collected moon rocks to be taken out in
  26. Vietnam/Fall of Saigon/US Marine/Personal Protective Security Unit (PPSU), the bodyguard for Ambassador Martin/beaten, bewildered & dazed when lifted from the roof of the American Embassy in a CH-46 Helicopter
  27. Nuremburg Hangman
  28. Grand daughter of Georges Méliès who was a French filmmaker famous for many innovative special effects in early cinema. His grand daughter is now 88 and lives in France
  29. Centenarian (1900-2001). One of the last Australian WWI veterans. Fought in many battles. Gassed, leaving him deaf and blind for weeks, later wounded by shrapnel
  30. Italian born US WWII veteran and centenarian, born 1912. Through Ellis Island in 1919. Started working as a barber in the early 1920's, still a working barber at the age of 108
  31. first woman to head a major am. indian tribe 1985
  32. Granddaughter of William Howard Taft. Born: 1921. Sister of Caroline Manning, Born: 1925
  33. Author/'Cruisers for Breakfast : War Patrols of U. S. S. Darter and U. S. S. Dace'/WWII. He piloted landing craft that picked up US Marines off the islands of Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal
  34. Research into assassination of JFK, included studies of Kennedy autopsy Xrays & Zapruder Film. In 1993 Mantik disclosed after autopsy X-rays had been altered & there were 2 shots which struck the head, & that the magic bullet is anatomically impossible
  35. Civil Rights Activist during the Selma campaign. Was jailed as a tenth grader after student protests, and later tear gassed with his family during the Bloody Sunday March in 1965
  36. Supreme Court: 'Rosa Parks of the Fourth Amendment'. Defied the police search without a warrant in the case Mapp v. Ohio (1961)
  37. Vatican photographer, Personal photographer of Pope John Paul II. He is author of several albums dedicated to John Paul II
  38. Convicted Cocaine Trafficker Who Was Pardoned By President Donald Trump, b. 1955 in Brooklyn, NY
  39. Rosario Marin was the 41st Treasurer of the United States from August 16, 2001, to June 30, 2003, serving under President George W. Bush
  40. One of the last known survivor;'s of the Armenian Genocide (Born: 1906) He was about nine years old when the genocide began in 1915. He is now 110 and lives in Los Angeles, USA
  41. JFK - Witness of J.D. Tippit's murder
  42. Warsaw, Poland Holocaust survivor/14 years old at time of Holocaust/Her mother went to German headquarters where they were greeted by SS Officer BrigadefÃ?hrer Johannes SchÃ?fer/posed as non-Jews
  43. Software Engineer - Co-Creator / Developer of the Cryptocurrency Dogecoin. Originally created as a joke and based on the popular Doge Shiba Inu Internet Meme
  44. Born 1896 #62 oldest documented person in the world.
  45. Lancaster California Girl who was kidnapped
  46. Aide and rumored mistress of former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller and was with him when he died on January 26, 1979
  47. Son of Brigadier General St. Julian Ravenel Marshall
  48. 109year old survivor of 1906 San Francisco earthquake
  49. Wife of former ABC newsman Murphy Martin, Joyce Martin sat in on every day of Jack Ruby trial, taking notes for husband while he conducted interviews outside the courtroom. Knew Jack Ruby's sisters & always sat with them during the trial
  50. Associate Nursing Supervisor at Parkland Memorial on Nov. 22 , 1963
  51. (alias Musculito) was a member of the anti-Castro movement in 1960s & later was one of 5 men recruited by G.Gordon Liddy & E. Howard Hunt in 1972 for Memorial Day weekend Watergate Burgleries 1st breakin at Democratic National Committee/DNC headqu
  52. Director of humanitarian affairs for the International Rescue Committee
  53. JFK: He was one of 12 Marines who escorted the ambulance with JFK's body up the driveway of the White House to the North Portico
  54. Is a centenarian, a journalist, freedom activist and writer from Goa
  55. Age 91/Hartford Ringling Brother's Circus Fire/Featured on the front page of the newspaper July 7, 1944 as a young nurse helping with the injured and identifying the deceased
  56. Student in famous Little Rock Civil Rights photo
  57. Super Centenarian. 14th oldest person in the world. 2nd oldest living French person
  58. 106 year old centenarian, famous India youtuber, chef, and celebrity
  59. JFK - Secret Service agent 1959-1979
  60. Sole survivor of the Allegheny Airlines Flight 371 crash, which killed 25 others on board
  61. A candidate from Viginia to go to Mars
  62. US brewer, politician, Revolutionary War officer, Second Continental Congress member (1736-1829). Perfect penmanship led to writing Washington's Army General commission and the original Declaration of Independence signed by the delegates
  63. Japanese woman who sent a set of traditional dolls to US President John F Kennedy more than 50 years ago/Caroline Kennedy played with the dolls as a child and now has the set on display at her official residence in Tokyo/Lives in Kitami
  64. Serial Killer - Basis for 'Hannibal Lecter' One of the most dangerous men in Britain
  65. Author of the book 'The Training and Experience of a Quaker Relief Worker'. Worked as a relief worker in post-war Germany during the aftermath of WW2. Born: 1920. Lives in West Hagley, Worcestershire, England. Now aged 96
  66. Dallas Police Sergeant in 1963
  67. JFK - Honor Guard at Kennedy's funeral; also stood guard at JFK's grave after the funeral, was 70 in 2013
  68. Jeffrey Epstein associate
  69. September 3, 1910 - February 19, 1996 American soprano, concert singer, founder of the Harlem School of the Arts/noted 1st African American to sing at a presidential inauguration, performing at President Harry Truman's inaugural gala 1949
  70. Author of The Betrayal, a memoir about his 2-year undercover infiltration of the Cali Cartel and underworld figures in Panama. Executive Producer of the major motion picture ?The Infiltrator.? Spent 27 years as a federal agent in three U.S. agencies
  71. She helped rescue Winter the Dolphin from the movie Dolphin Tale
  72. Centennial Veteran
  73. Centenarian/Oldest Working American/Born:1902
  74. Dallas Police Lieutenant stationed at the Trade Mart, later part of team that investigated shooting of Oswald. Also served in the Marine Corps in the Korean War and was one of 'The Chosin Few'
  75. United States Air Aces
  76. Was in the Texas Theatre and took photos when of Lee Harvey Oswald being apprehended and taken out of the theatre
  77. JFK - Niece of the Ambassador Joseph P. and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy and Charles and Margaret Kennedy Burke, cousin of President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Edward Moore Kennedy
  78. Firefighter, 9/11 survivor
  79. Secret Service Agent shot by John Hinckley Jr. during the attempted assassination of US President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981
  80. Gave birth to the worlds first septuplets
  81. JFK - Witness to the Kennedy motorcade in San Antonio, 21 November 1963; 'immortalized' in a rather unique photograph of that day that shows JFK in the motorcade and McClellan standing on a pickup truck waving at the President
  82. was one of the surgeons working on November 22, 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was brought to Parkland
  83. Centenarian (1899-2008). One of the last women alive who voted in 1920, a 1918 Flu survivor, and the oldest Olympic torch bearer on the road to Salt Lake City in 2002
  84. Part of drill team escort for President Kennedy's remains when they arrived at the White House
  85. Waved guns at protestors
  86. MOHR/Medal of Honor Recipient/Army/Vietnam War 1969 Battle of Nui Yon Hill/Pentagon credits him for saving ten men in his unit
  87. Little Girl Who Got Trapped in Texas Well in 1987
  88. Retired Star-Telegram columnist Jon McConal & in 1963 he was at the time of the JFK assassination, one of Lee Harvey Oswald's Pallbearers
  89. Black History/One of the most powerful survivor's story from the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921
  90. A student at Jesuit High School in Dallas in 1963, McCone and friends were at Love Field for the president's arrival and later went to Parkland Memorial Hospital after learning of the shooting
  91. Was the medical officer of the day at the Pentagon on Nov.22/63 . Later he worked in the pathology department at Parkland Memorial and was present for Jack ruby's autopsy
  92. newsmaker - Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision
  93. Juror in the Jack Ruby Murder Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald from the assassination of JFK/Should be about 90 years old is still alive
  94. Former Austin, TX police officer. One of three responsible for stopping Charles Whitman's mass killing at Univ Texas - Austin
  95. US centenarian (1903-2011), contracted and survived the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Entire family delirious with fever, nursed by healthy family boarders. Became a banker, dealt with the 1929 Stock Market crash and the Great Depression
  96. WWII OSS veteran, born 1925. Piloted a submersible boat to spy on the Japanese coast for the planned invasion, before Japan surrendered
  97. A Deputy-Sheriff with the Dallas County Sheriff's office in '63 , he helped to search the 6th floor of the TSBD after the assassination
  98. Survivor from The Lusitania
  99. Police Captor of Lee Harvey Oswald
  100. Man who claims to be the sailor kissing a nurse on VJ Day in Alfred Eisenstadt's famous Life Magazine photo
  101. Dallas historian/Was recent graduate of Southern Methodist University and working at university when she decided to go see the presidential motorcade. Years later, as Dallas historian, she worked on photographic research for The Sixth Floor
  102. In 1963, McElroy was a funeral director and embalmer at Oneal Funeral Home in Dallas. He was at Parkland Memorial Hospital when the presidential limousine arrived, and he later helped carry President Kennedy's casket into the hospital
  103. Centenarian
  104. Spanish Civil War Veteran, Irish Brigade, Lives in Bandera
  105. Ambulance driver for O'Neal's Funeral Home in Dallas and helped bring President Kennedy's body to Air Force One
  106. United States Air Aces
  107. Girl featured in Dorothea Lange's famous photo 'Migrant Mother' with her mother and two of her siblings; taken in 1936 during the Great Depression
  108. JFK/Jackie Kennedy's Former Assistant/Her new book, Jackie's Girl: My Life With The Kennedy Family, the former first lady?s assistant, Kathy McKeon, revealed details of the 13 years she spent with the Kennedy clan
  109. He pressed the button that started the The Trinity Test, July 16, 1945; born 1912
  110. Civil Rights Leader/Vice president of Washington, D.C. chapter of NAACP, position held until 1969/co-founded the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE)
  111. Computer hacker
  112. DPD , one of two forward mid motorcade motorcycle officers in President Kennedy's motorcade on Nov.22 , 1963
  113. Centenarian and community volunteer (b. 1909) who became known for her joyous dancing as a then-106 year old with the Obamas during a White House meeting
  114. Sgt. New York PAPD, World Trade Center attack Survivor, subject of movie World Trade Center
  115. Former member of the Black Panther Party, who was found guilty of murder of New York Panther Alex Rackley in 1970 and released in the 1980's
  116. 1960s civil rights activist/organized a boycott against a chain of stores (OK Supermarkets) that was exploiting and disrespecting the community where it relied on its profits
  117. Police Detective in Dallas 0n Nov. 22 , 1963 when President Kennedy was assassinated
  118. Dallas high-school student & Dallas Times Herald employee 1963, saw motorcade on Stemmons Freeway & gave an official a ride to Parkland Memorial Hospital. He graphically recalled the condition of the backseat of the presidential limousine
  119. JFK - Staff Assistant for Congressional Liaisons in the Kennedy administation; started workinf for Kennedy in the 1950s; also oversaw the arrangements for President Kennedy?s funeral in 1963
  120. Sheriff: McLennan County, TX. Waco siege
  121. Man who claims to be the Sailor kissing a nurse on VJ Day in Alfred Eisenstadt's famous Life Magazine photo
  122. Was one of the Greensboro Four. On February 1, 1960, they sat down at a segregated lunch counter in the Greensboro, North Carolina, Woolworth's store, challenging the store's policy on segregation. This event was a major milestone in the African-American
  123. WWII US Navy veteran and Eisenhower White House aide, born 1925. One of the last living Eisenhower White House staff members
  124. Attorney, author and retired FBI Special Agent undercover art expert who teamed up with Joe Pistone - the real 'Donnie Brasco' - to recover millions in stolen art
  125. Oklahoma City Bomber (1968-2001), tried and executed for the 1995 terror attack
  126. Testified to Warren Commission that as a Bus Driver for the City of Dallas, about 12:40pm when he picked up a man, who told him that the President had been shot, and then a woman. The woman did not believe that the President had been shot
  127. One of 3 New York Firefighters who raised the flag at Ground Zero
  128. Test pilot
  129. WW2 engineer who worked at the BBC during the early years of television during the 1950's
  130. One of the last surviving veterans of The Contestado War, which was a guerrilla war for land between settlers and landowners that lasted from 1912 to 1916. She is now 102 and lives in Caçador, Saint Catarina, Brazil
  131. One of the last British lighthouse keepers before automation took over. He serviced 22 lighthouses across the British Isles from the 1950's to 1998. He is now 70 and lives in the UK
  132. World War One Veteran & oldest man in Germany
  133. American chemist, born 1933. Served as the Launch and Flight Weather Officer for the first US satellite, Explorer I in 1958. Made the call to it for two days to avoid high upper winds. Worked on the 1st Intercontinental ballistic missile. Also a champion
  134. (Mexician Revolution) Last Living Member of Emiliano Zapata's Ejercito Libertador del Sur. Born: 1899
  135. 20 years US Navy/earned 3 Silver Stars, Bronze Star, Navy Commendation & 13 battle stars/Retired Rear Admiral WW2/author of two World War II submarine history books
  136. Spy/Former CIA chief of disguise and specialist in clandestine photography/Living under cover and serving tours in Europe, South Asia and the Far East. She has been a practicing fine art photographer
  137. Subject of the film Argo
  138. Man who claims to be the Sailor kissing a nurse on VJ Day in Alfred Eisenstadt's famous Life Magazine photo
  139. JFK - Filmed the aftermath of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Dallas, 22 November 1963, incl. the Texas Schoolbook Depository and the police in front of it
  140. Mentzel saw the Kennedy motorcade in Dallas on November 22, 1963. Her late husband, Dallas police patrolman W.D. Mentzel, was assigned to the area in Oak Cliff where Officer J.D. Tippit was killed
  141. Miss America 1949; the only Miss America to marry and divorce during her reign
  142. JFK Related witness Nov. 22 1963
  143. JFK - Secret Service agent in the 'Kiddie Detail'; taught John Jr. how to salute at Kennedy's funeral. Also served Eisenhower, Humphrey, Nixon
  144. Vietnam veteran; US Secret Service serving for Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton (SAIC); 19th Director of the United States Secret Service
  145. WW2/Seaman USS Submarine USS Dace
  146. Retired White House ChefBorn July 8, 1944
  147. Holocaust Survivor, MS St. Louis
  148. Iran Hostage Crisis/444 days of captivity as a hostage in Iran/Political Officer
  149. Conductor of The USAF Band that played at JFK's funeral, also met Kennedy on Apr. 23, 1963
  150. Supercentenarian and the oldest verified living person born in Mexico and the oldest person in California. Now lives in San Diego
  151. One of only twelve known survivors of the Khmer Rouge imprisonment in the S-21 Tuol Sleng camp, where more than 16,000 Cambodians were sent for execution
  152. Social psychologist University of Zurich, Recognized as Frank, the world's first real bionic man and star of the popular documentary 'The Incredible Bionic Man,' which premiered on the Smithsonian channel in October, 2013
  153. United States Air Aces
  154. WWII veteran and car designer, born 1926. Served on the USS Bunker Hill, surviving 2 kamikaze attacks, once jumping off board to avoid a fire that killed hundreds. Later gained fame as the designer of the classic dune buggy car, named the Meyers Manx, rid
  155. Bulgarian beauty queen, suspected in the death of her boyfriend Nikolai Dimov
  156. South African WWII Veteran
  157. Owner of radio station WRAJ in Anna , Ill , in '63 , Don reported news of JFK's assassination and was one of the earliest to broadcast the name of suspect Oswald
  158. Survivor of 1944 Hartford Circus Fire/Recalls seeing the fire from inside the tent in the bleachers as the high wire act was in progress. Escaped from the bleachers where grandfather tossed each of kids to the ground & father caught them
  159. Dallas OBGYN on staff at Parkland Hospital when JFK arrived after shooting. One of the first doctors to see Kennedy, he was told to bring a stretcher to the emergency bay, and there was shocked to find the limo scene. Helped remove Kennedy from the limo,
  160. Co-Founder of the Champion Tree Project, work to preserve and propagate the genetic heritage of the world's last old growth forest trees
  161. Is a centenarian and was a suffragan bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California from 1960 to 1978
  162. Controversial Model
  163. A detective with the Dallas Police Department , Louis was in the basement at the time of Oswald's shooting and helped to arrest Jack Ruby
  164. A member of the DPD in '63 , Louis grabbed ahold of Jack Ruby after he shot Oswald and helped to take him to the jail office
  165. Robert Miller  (3)
    Ass't City Editor at Dallas Morning News , he attended the Trade Mart Luncheon and was on duty morning of Oswald shooting
  166. JFK - Motorcycle cop that was assigned to President Kennedy for his motorcade in San Antonio, Nov. 21, 1963
  167. Welsh Professor who was a tutor to a 20 year old Prince Charles. It was portrayed in the tv show the 'Tywysog Cymru' episode of The Crown. He was vice president of Plaid Cymru, a political party advocating Welsh independence from the United Kingdom
  168. World's Oldest Person; Japan, Born 1893 - Deceased 2007
  169. Maitre d' who was helped subdue Sirhan Sirhan in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel after he shot Robert Kennedy
  170. The third Disneyland Ambassador (1967). She also guest hosted the 'Wonderful World of Disney' episode 'From Pirates of the Caribbean to the World of Tomorrow.'
  171. One of the last surviving veterans of Mao's Long March (1933-1935). He is now 98 and lives in either Jiangxi or Yudu, China
  172. Was Hitler's bodyguard in the bunker until Hitler committed suicide, he's living in Berlin Born: 07/29/1917
  173. Memorist and thirty-five yeas Member of Parliament of the Grenadines. Longest serving Prime Minister in the Caribbean, Only leader who founded a political party, and retired from office after winning four consecutive general elections
  174. Attorney General 1969-1972 under President Nixon. NY municipal bond lawyer, director of Nixon's 1968 presidential campaign, served director of Nixon's 1972 presidential campaign. His involvement in Watergate affair, sentenced him to prison
  175. Civil rights activist and was the chief lobbyist for the NAACP for nearly 30 years. Worked with Dr. Martin Luther King
  176. Adolf Hitler's maid. Lives in Munich
  177. Japanese-American Hiroshima survivor (1931-2023). American born, family moved to Hiroshima when he was five. Returned to the US after the war
  178. World War 2 Vet, 98, said he can remember what he saw when he was among the first Marines to enter Nagasaki in Sept 1945. A few weeks before they arrived, the U.S. had dropped an atomic bomb on the city, which led to Japan's surrender
  179. Veteran of Polish-Soviet War. Born: 1903.(1920 Battle of Warsaw)
  180. He and some of his co-workers were outside Texas Theatre when police brought Lee Harvey Oswald outside
  181. Stripper at Jack Ruby's night club; known as 'Jada'
  182. Ben Molina  (2)
    Ben was the station manager of KRLD-TV in '63 and was assigned to Dallas City Hall the weekend of the assassination
  183. Longtime owner of the Keddie Resort where the Keddie Murders took place
  184. Wine maker
  185. Produced & directed films for Sixth Floor Museum, joined Peace Corps immediately after President Kennedy announced the launch of the program in 1961 serving as a member of the Peace Corps in Sierra Leone at the time of the assassination
  186. Daughter of Ernest Mansbridge, a designer of the Supermarine Spitfire and wife of aeronautical engineer Gordon Monger. Lives in the UK
  187. African American Black History figure/Arkansas 'hidden figure' the first person to design a U.S. Navy ship using a computer
  188. A detective in the Homicide Department of the Dallas Police Department, he took part in the search of the 6th floor of the TSBD
  189. President of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Spain (28 November 2006 - 27 December 2010)
  190. First law enforcement officer to get to the 6th floor and found the gun shells and determined that the shots had come from that area/JFK John F. Kennedy Assassination
  191. Georgia-born/Retired Secret Service for JFK/U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Secret Service, serving under six presidents
  192. Witness to JFK assassination from 7th floor of a building 2 blocks away, while working in a Navy recruiting station
  193. Tom Moore  (7)
    British war hero born 1920 who raised more than 30 million dollars to Corona charity by walking in his yard. 2020 fundraising walk..Also the oldest person to have a number 1 hit in the UK With song you will never walk alone
  194. Witness to the JFK assassination; visible in the Zapruder film, taking photographs of the motorcade
  195. Retired FDNY. 9/11 Ladder 10
  196. Worked With the Voyager in 1977 and was the one who discovered an active volchano on Jupiters moon Io
  197. Iran Hostage Crisis
  198. Spy/Deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency and served as acting director twice in 2011 and from 2012 to 2013. Morell retired from his post on August 9, 2013/CIA's first associate deputy director from 2006 to 2008
  199. Is a centenarian and author of several books
  200. Survivor of the sinking of the S.S. Andrea Doria in 1956; she was propelled onto the ship S.S. Stockholm, when the two ships collided
  201. Henry Morgenthau III (born January 11, 1917) is a centenarian and an American author and television producer, and scion of the famous Morgenthau dynasty and member of the Lehman family
  202. 2nd Oldest Person in Japan Born 1893
  203. French philosopher and sociologist of the theory of information who has been recognized for his work on complexity and 'complex thought' (pensée complexe)
  204. #19 Oldest Person in the World Lives in France Born 1894
  205. US Politician, VT (1810-98) House 1855-67, Senate 1867-98. One of the founders of the Rep. Party. Pushed laws for federal funds to colleges, creation of Statuary Hall in the Capitol, helped draft 14th Amendment
  206. Britain's first black trade union leader, Author
  207. Relative of prisoner Frank Morris
  208. Larry Morris  (2)
    Cpl. /One of three Marines that lowered the Embassy flag in Cuba the last time when the Embassy closed in 1961/ Marines who lowered the flag at the U.S. Embassy in Havana 5+ decades raise the Stars and Stripes once again there
  209. Ron Morris  (2)
    1988 National Fisheries Service - Alaska Office helped rescue 3 whales trapped in Alaskan ice
  210. Laird of Balgonie, Scotland and descendant of one of the victims of The Tay Bridge Disaster, December 28, 1879
  211. Costume shop owner with her late husband Philip. Claimed to have made and sold a gorilla suit in 1967 to Roger Patterson months before he filmed the famous Bigfoot sighting. He bought extra fur from them to modify the suit they sold him
  212. American radio reporter best known for his dramatic report of the Hindenburg disaster, a catastrophic fire that destroyed the LZ 129 Hindenburg zeppelin on May 6, 1937, killing 36 people
  213. Otolaryngologist, US WWII Army Air Corps, born 1925. Served at end of WWII, used GI Bill to get doctorate. While with the US Public Health Service, he delivered Alaska's first baby, 30 minutes after Eisenhower announced it was a new state
  214. Nicknamed 'Wendy', her father Dave Thomas named the restaurant chain Wendy's after her
  215. WW2/From Bramble Edge in Dorset, Wren working in Newmanry Registration Room receiving German messages from intercept site at Knockholt, near Sevenoaks in Kent on punched paper teleprinter tapes, prepared for Colossus and logging the results
  216. Former Italian terrorist turned writer, often speaks about his times with the Red Brigades
  217. Talks really fast, possibly in Guiness record book, infamous FedEx commercials in the 1980s, Transformers The Movie
  218. American journalist, born 1932. Covered the Little Rock Nine story for the Arizona Gazette, helping it win a Pulitzer. Covered later world events. Chicago Tribune's London corespondent for many years. Retired there, awarded an honorary MBE
  219. American urban planner, public official (1888-1981). Controversial figure led projects including Triborough Bridge, Jones Beach, Shea Stadium, Lincoln Center, and 1964 World's Fair. Later questions on if his work did more harm than good
  220. JFK/After military service, he was a member of the staff of the Warren Commission (President's Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy) and a clerk to California Supreme Court Justice Mathew Tobriner
  221. Member of the Little Rock Nine; group of African-American students who enrolled in all-white Little Rock Central High School in 1957. Awarded Congressional Gold Medal in 1999
  222. Born: 1900. She is now 112 and is one of the worlds oldest people and is the last living survivor of The 1902 eruption of Mount Pelée, the worst volcanic disaster of the 20th century. She lives in Basse-Pointe, Martinique, Carribean. Irenise Jean-Baptise
  223. Survivor of the Holocaust who, with her twin sister Miriam, was subjected to human experimentation under Josef Mengele at Auschwitz
  224. Survivor of 1944 Hartford Circus Fire/Age 4&1/2 time of fire
  225. Flight attendent in the D. B. Cooper flight in 1971; now a nun
  226. Great Grandson of DR Samuel A Mudd the DR who treated Abe Lincoln
  227. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, Army Air Corps, Hickam Field
  228. Mother of the Nation of Islam. Born: 03/20/1906
  229. Supercentenarian (1893-2004). Born in Canada, she witnessed bodies being brought in from the Titanic to be buried in Halifax, plus was one of the last survivors of the huge 1917 Halifax ammunition explosion that killed 2,000 people. Moved to Boston in 192
  230. Co-winner of 2018 Nobel Peace Prize/ awarded the prize for efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war
  231. Canadian daredevil. Went over the Niagara Falls in a barrel twice
  232. Pilot who was in the movie Cocaine Cowboys
  233. 1960s civil rights activist who accomplished Extraordinary Deeds changing face of the Nation & began Modern Civil Rights Movement."/founding chair Chicano Studies department in 1968 at California State University & founding chair of NACCS)
  234. Japanese WWII Veteran, Last participant of the Cowra breakout 5 August 1944
  235. Russian journalist, television presenter and the editor-in-chief of the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta. He was awarded the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize jointly with Maria Ressa
  236. Oldest Person Living in the United States born 1905
  237. Newsman. Dallas TV reporter who worked on the scene of the JFK/Oswald shootings for NBC, who he then began a career with. Led one of the few JFK colorcasts, which B&W NBC soon shut down to save face. On the scene at Parkland when Oswald died and cover
  238. Centenarian (1899-2009). 1918 Flu survivor. One of the last living women to vote in the 1920 election. Teacher, and reading advocate throughout her life. Died 3 days before her 110th birthday
  239. Founder of the Pinewood Derby, A Cub Scout Main Event
  240. Mary Murphy  (6)
    One of the last survivors from The Halifax Explosion that occured on Thursday, December 6, 1917, when the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, was devastated by the huge detonation of the SS Mont-Blanc. She is now 97 and resides in Halifax, Nova Scota
  241. Steve Murphy  (4)
    DEA agent that hunted Pablo Escobar, portrayed on Netflix's Narcos
  242. Cardiologist and personal physician of the late Michael Jackson
  243. Survivor Korean Death March/29th Regimental Combat Team/Captured at Oneui on July 26, 1950, marched 40 miles south of the Manchurian border, some 600 miles. POW for 3 months & was one of 23 survivors of 1,500 captured men
  244. Nancy Myers  (2)
    Was stripper at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club at the time of the Kennedy Assassination/ True Tales, the new movie about her life as a cabaret star in 1960s showrooms like Ruby?s clubs and the Skyliner Ballroom in Fort Worth
  245. One of the last witnesses to The Battle of Cable Street, London in 1936. (Born: 1922) He is now 94 and lives in Barkingside, North East London