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  1. World traveller
  2. 2nd ever winner of Ninja Warrior
  3. German Quiz-Gamer
  4. Born 1905. 4th oldest person in the world. 2nd oldest in Japan
  5. Great daughter of french writer Paul Claudel
  6. British Actor born 1903.The Butler Alfred Pennyworth on'Batman-TV-Series'(1966-68),'Invisible Man Returns','Lassie','Mademoiselle FiFi','The Uninvited','Ministry of Fear','Sindbad','Marnie''Julius Caesar','Premarture Burial','Mole People','Big Jim McLain'
  7. World's oldest and longest working flight attendant
  8. Plastic Surgeon, co-star of Reality series, 'Botched' on E! Entertainment Television
  9. Film maker who recorded the 9/11 attacks within the twin towers. His brother filmed both planes crashing into the towers
  10. Professional diver and author of 'Tales From The Reef'
  11. Survival expert, author
  12. Artist Management Agency
  13. Choreographer
  14. Norwegian female youtuber known as makeupmalin
  15. Choreographer
  16. (Born: May 25, 1911) is an American numismatist. He has amassed one of the finest private collections of American coins and currency, and is the only living person to have owned all five 1913 Liberty Head nickels.
  17. Grip in 4 films including The Redhead and the Cowboy 1951
  18. Broadway
  19. Tv network
  20. TikTok creator and foodie, Host - Gusto TV
  21. Son of George C.Nichopoulos 'Dr.Nick' in the world of Elvis . Bodyguard Security of Elvis in 1976-1977
  22. Former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma (1981-2005)
  23. Cosplay, model
  24. Russian Mathematician/Born: 4/30/1905
  25. In love with french resistant Guy Môquet during the war 1940-1945
  26. Creator of the video game 'Space Invaders'
  27. One of the oldest persons in the world born 1896. Lives in Japan
  28. British actor, memoirist, novelist. Academy Award for Best Actor/Phileas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days, Sir Charles Lytton ('the Phantom') in The Pink Panther, & James Bond in Casino Royale
  29. Bowling Hall of Fame
  30. Horticulturalist
  31. One of the oldest persons in the world born 1896. Lives in Japan