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  1. Feminist Leader
  2. One of the oldest persons in the world born 1896. Lives in Japan
  3. Cabaret
  4. Radio Engineer ('Scott the Engineer' on The Howard Stern Show)
  5. Undercover for the FBI infiltrated the mafia
  6. Instagram star and model
  7. On the pioneer 10 spacecraft shot up in the 70s NASA included a gold disk so if aliens found it they see what we are like.Also on spacecraft was a Greetings drawing showing where to find us,what we look like etc.
  8. Choreographer
  9. Born:07/20/1896 The Oldest Living person in the World. Lives in Texas. One of only 5 people documented born in the year 1896 still living
  10. Instagram model and influencer
  11. One of the oldest persons in the world born 1897
  12. Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
  13. Strategist, Millennial, CNN Political Commentator, American who served as National press secretary for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, during the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign,
  14. Competitive Eater
  15. Autograph collector on YouTube called Tales from the Collection. Also was an extra on show Love and Death
  16. Universidad de Oviedo teacher, politician
  17. Sapphire  (2)
    Pen-name of Ramona Lofton, an author and performance poet. Her 1st novel, Push was adapted into the film Precious. She continuously sheds light on women who have been marginalized by sexual abuse, poverty, and their blackness
  18. YouTuber. Became popular for her Murder, Mystery and Makeup Mondays
  19. Centenarian. Japanese Educator. Born: 04/01/1907
  20. 13th President of Idaho State University
  21. Winner of nobel Peace prize 2014
  22. Founder of Hospice
  23. BBC7 DJ
  24. British environmentalist rowing solo across Pacific. Already has rowed Atlantic Ocean
  25. Co-Host of 'Autograph Weekly' along with SS; Did live stream for a certian amount of years; Big time autograph hound
  26. Born in Tupelo, Joe was a school friend of Elvis at Milam Junior High. He met him again when his dad, organizer of the 'MS-AL Fair & Dairy Show', booked Elvis for the now legendary Sept. 26, 1956 gigs, when they had dinner with his family
  27. Worlds Oldest working Barmaid. UK. Born: 1914. 69 years at a bar in Wendover
  28. Stylist / Make-Up Artist
  29. Actress (b: 1949) - ALF ('86-'90, 101 eps. as Kate Tanner), Emergency ('74-'76 as Carol), Marcus Welby MD (1974-1976 as Sandy), Paper Dolls ('84, as Sara), Judging Amy (2001 as Det. Peggy Fraser), Embryo, Exo-Man
  30. Aspen Institute
  31. Norwegian flower maker.He was also on the very first dancing With the stars in norway
  32. Jean Schmidt  (2)
    Sister Jean Schmidt nun and chaplain for the Loyola Ramblers Men's basketball team
  33. Josh Schmidt  (3)
    Sound Designer
  34. Miss Universe 1961
  35. President of the University of Baltimore
  36. Associate professor of Natural Sciences, regular guest on Ancient Aliens TV programme
  37. United Auto Workers official. Shot in the assassination of Robert Kennedy by Shirhan Sirhan in 1968
  38. Member of a group of men that played the children's game 'Tag' for 28 years. Made into a Wall Street Journal story and then into a full length movie
  39. German Book and Calenderarts, Painter, Poem, Photograph and Designer, known as the old Hansen, PeToSchu Born 05.03.1944 in Friedeck German, lives in Mülheim Germany,married has 2 children, got the organisation helping heart
  40. Centenarian. Argentine Chess Master. Born: 12/09/1908
  41. Etiquette expert
  42. Scooby Doo cartoons
  43. Hunter Scott  (2)
    (born June 9, 1985) is best known for the research he did on the sinking of the USS Indianapolis as a sixth-grade student, which led to a United States Congressional investigation and exoneration for her captain. Now a US Navy helicopter pilot
  44. Tom Scott  (4)
    Antiques expert, has appeared on Antiques Road Trip
  45. Girlfriend of tennis player Andy Murray
  46. Acrobat/Comedian
  47. BET's dating expert
  48. German sports Manager , DFL, Dyn
  49. Japanese Expert of Go Board Game
  50. Bachelorette Alum
  51. Internet Star known for having world's best butt
  52. Russian woman who is the undocmented oldest woman in the world. Born 1890
  53. Broadway Play
  54. She was a 20-year-old 'Youth for Kennedy' volunteer and was at the Ambassador the night that Robert Kennedy was assasinated
  55. Grip
  56. John Edward Sexton is an American lawyer and academic. Sexton served as the 15th President of NYU, from 2002 to 2015. He also authored Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game with Thomas Oliphant & Peter J. Schwartz
  57. American author of parodies - Hope Never Dies: An Obama Biden Mystery and How to Survive a Sharknado and Other Unnatural Disasters. He is the founder and creative director of Order of St. Nick, a greeting card company
  58. Chinese Acrobat Troupe
  59. Gary Sharp  (2)
    Sport's Talk Show Host The Zone In Omaha
  60. Fitness Instructor. Created INSANITY and Hip Hop Abs
  61. Julia Shaw (born 1987) is a German-Canadian psychologist and popular science writer who specialises in false memories
  62. Disarmed a gunman at the 2018 Nashville Waffle House shooting
  63. Choreographer
  64. Diamond in the upcoming tv show Gladiators 2024
  65. Youtube Personality
  66. Db cooper investigation
  67. Miss America 1948
  68. Professional Eater
  69. The Sidemen  (2)
    YouTube group. Members are Olajide Olatunji (KSI), Simon Minter (Miniminter), Tobi Brown (Tobjizzle), Ethan Payne (Behzinga), Josh Bradley (Zerkaa), Harry Lewis (Wroetoshaw) and Vik Barn (Vikkstar123)
  70. Performance artist
  71. JFK: Last secretary of Konrad Adenauer who met President Kennedy on his trip to Germany
  72. Antiquariat Seller, Member of a german TV Show from RTL 4 Rooms, one Deal
  73. Member of Rocket Boys
  74. Ruth Simmons is an American professor and academic administrator. She is the current President of Prairie View A&M University, Simmons previously served as the 18th president of Brown University,
  75. Entertainer, presenter, author, model, actor and columnist
  76. Professional mountain guide since 1973 & has personally conducted over 100 major expeditions around the globe, including over 30 to Himalayas. Recognized internationally as one of the world's premiere mountaineering expedition leaders
  77. Choreographer
  78. Cardiac surgeon who has performed more than 15,000 open heart surgeries on adults and children
  79. Broadway Play
  80. French Super Centenarian Born 1904
  81. Mall of America's first Asian-American Santa Claus
  82. Trade union
  83. Norwegian TV host
  84. Video game designer, TECMO NBA Basketball
  85. Girl who was born inside of the Statue of Liberty in 1982
  86. Dutch inventor and entrepreneur who creates technological solutions to global problems. He is the founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup; a Dutch foundation which develops advanced systems to rid world's oceans of plastic
  87. President of the United States Playing Card Co
  88. founder guardian angels
  89. Political campaign manager Worked on Dan White's campaign against Harvey Milk
  90. Broadway Play
  91. Chairman & Founder of ghSMART and author of the bestselling 'Leadocracy: Hiring More Great Leaders (Like You) into Government .' Founder of SMARTKids Leadership Program. Has advised 3 sitting U.S. Governors & the President of the World Bank
  92. Dennis Smith  (3)
    Legal Advisor for tv show Matlock and the Perry Mason tv movies
  93. American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. CEO of private equity firm Vista Equity Partners
  94. British girl who remembered what she learned in school and warned her family, who were on vacation in Thailand, about the approaching tsunami in 2004
  95. Tim Smith  (11)
    Moonshiner - Moonshiners TV show
  96. Author and First Amendment scholar and lawyer. Currently the dean of the Widener University Delaware Law School
  97. The last lighthouse keeper in the United States. also an author
  98. Oldest person in Galicia Spain Born 1898
  99. Famous train layout designer, has many articles published on ModelRailroader magazine
  100. Ben Soffer (born April 3, 1992) is famous for being instagram star
  101. Antiques Roadshow appraiser
  102. Norwegian TV host
  103. Choreographer
  104. Theater critic and author of Wonder of Wonders. Teaches at Columbia Universityâ-™s Graduate School of Journalism, where she directs the Arts & Culture concentration in the MA program. Edited several books including The Queerest Art
  105. Movie Production
  106. Sound Mixer worked on tv shows Quiny M.E. & BJ and the Bear and many other tv shows and films between 1961-88
  107. American author and inventor most notable for being the U.S. prosecution team's chief interpreter during the Nuremberg Trials. Fought at Battle of the Bulge. Part of the RCA team that invented color tv. Worked for NASA on the moon landings
  108. Sophia  (5)
    First robot to become a citizen, creator Dr. David Hanson (American Roboticist, Hanson Robotics)
  109. Expert - Free Climber
  110. Talent Agency (This agency is known for only sending out autopens & pre-prints)
  111. Author & current Senior Associate Dean of Harvard Business School Online. Appeared on 60 Minutes, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, etc, Has written for The Review of International Political Economy, etc. Leading figure in business academics
  112. Choreographer
  113. Author and founder of the viral media company Dose and the founder of MuggleNet, a Harry Potter fansite (at age 12)
  114. Supercentenarian Born 1898 Lives in Northern Ireland
  115. Writer and creator of Sledge Hammer!
  116. Phil Spencer  (2)
    Microsoft Studios
  117. High School Student who Yearbook picture was banned for being to risque
  118. Norwegian psycologist specializing in sex
  119. St. Vincent  (2)
    Cara delevingnes girlfriend
  120. British auctioneer, antiques expert & TV personality (Flog It!, Bargain Hunt, Antiques Road Trip, etc.)
  121. Army Air Corp pilot, owner of Capitol Air
  122. Actor/Director/Screenwriter: Rocky Balboa in the 'Rocky' series, 'The Lords of Flatbush', 'Nighthawks', John Rambo in the 'Rambo' series, 'Tango & Cash', 'Cobra', 'Cliffhanger', 'Demolition Man', 'Daylight', 'Copland', 'Get Carter' and many many more
  123. American Casting Director (b: 1927). Brother of actor, Hal Stalmaster (Disney's Johnny Tremain - title role)
  124. Actor - 'Captain America: The First Avenger' (Bucky), 'Gossip Girls' (Carter Baizen), 'Kings', The Covenant, Once Upon a Time (The Mad Hatter), I, Tonya, The Martian
  125. Sex Therapist-Survivor Philippines winner
  126. Labour Party UK Politician - Leader of the Opposition
  127. Star of the HGTV show Good Bones
  128. Dancer/Actor in Madonna's Blonde Ambition Tour, Truth or Dare, Newsies, Showgirls, Gap and Old Navy commercials
  129. Associate professor of East Asian Languages & Cultural Studies at University of California, regular contributor to Ancient Aliens TV show
  130. World's Lost Tribes - Discovery Channel
  131. Dynamite in the 2024 upcoming tv show gladiators
  132. Centenarian. Oldest woman in Britain. Born 01/06/1899
  133. Lieutenant Governor of Maryland (2003-07); Chairman of the Republican National Committee (2009-2011)
  134. Video Game Streamer. Known as StoneMountain64
  135. Social media influencer
  136. Centenarian. German Professor of Zoology. Born: 03/23/1908
  137. Contortionist
  138. Has an high iq of 203
  139. One of the oldest persons in the world born 1897
  140. Storyteller
  141. Children's book author. Teaches mindfulness at Tulane University and to children and teens. Trekked in the Himalaya with Sir Edmund Hillary and interviewed Nobel laureates including the 14th Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu
  142. Broadway Play
  143. Carnival Sideshow Freak, 'Lobsterboy'
  144. Dog trainer from UK now working in Usa
  145. R.L. Stine's Wife
  146. Grip
  147. World Champion Eater, Internet Sensation
  148. Choreographer
  149. Part of Elvis Presley's Memphis Mafia
  150. Sound Recordist
  151. Dayton, Ohio landlady who helped nab infamous bank robber John Dillinger
  152. UK Drag Queen - RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 1
  153. Fan Mail Agency
  154. American professor, UCSD
  155. Talent Agency
  156. Composer
  157. Youtuber, AKA Zoella
  158. The Octomom; California woman famous for having octuplets and a total of fourteen children via in vitro fertilisation,Starred in Adult Movie 'Home Alone'
  159. Pilot for US Airway Flight 1549 which was successfully landed in the Hudson River adjacent to Manhattan six minutes after departing from LaGuardia Airport
  160. 2005 Disney Legend
  161. David Sumner  (2)
    Auctioneer appearing on BBC TV programme, Bargain Hunt
  162. Internet personality, attends Oregon State University,Penthouse Pet May 2015
  163. Maître d' on Hells Kitchen
  164. Norwegian fakir who goes under the name Benifax--he also has some world records
  165. Centenarian. Indian Humanitarian. Born: 04/01/1907
  166. The second Disneyland Ambassador (1966)
  167. Off-Broadway Play
  168. T.V. Pitchman for Flex Seal - As Seen On TV
  169. YouTube TGF bro
  170. Commissioner of Atlantic Coast Conference
  171. Female sand artist who won ukrainia got talent--she performs to music while making sand images on the table
  172. Youtuber; channel - Finatic, 350k subscribers