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Browsing Category Home->Music->Songwriter/Composer , A-Z Filter: J
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  1. Award winning music composer and producer, best known for providing the scores to such movies as 'Theater of Blood', 'The Medusa Touch', 'North Sea Hijack' and 'Sphinx'
  2. Composer
  3. Composer
  4. Lead singer of the Poppy Family ('Which Way You Going, Billy?'), ex-wife of singer Terry Jacks
  5. Film Score Composer
  6. Don Jackson  (2)
  7. English singer-songwriter and the lead singer of the electropop duo La Roux
  8. singer/songwriter, The Golden Girls
  9. Conductor
  10. 2/22/03-1/15/83, Celebrated theatre organist, pianist, & choral conductor/Friend of Eleanor & FDR/Life magazine photographer, captured a photo of a tearful Jackson, accordion in hand, playing 'Goin' Home' as Roosevelt's funeral train left Warm Spr
  11. Singer/songwriter; Is She Really Going Out with Him?, Steppin' Out, Breaking Us In Two
  12. singer/songwriter
  13. Composer/Songwriter
  14. Composer
  15. Songwriter/Music Producer
  16. Composer for Disney
  17. Composer
  18. Songwriter, Composer, wrote music for the play Grease
  19. Songwriter: (Garth Brooks) More than a memory
  20. Composer/Won 2000 Van Cliburn Institute Piano Concerto Competition/session musician with Meat Loaf, Roy Buchanan, & Edgar Winter/Wrote over 100 songs for Sesame Street/2007 Emmy for 'Best Original Song In An Animated Children's Series'
  21. Composer
  22. South Korean Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Dancer and Record Producer. Had a World wide hit with Gangnam Style. His stage name is PSY
  23. Composer
  24. English Singer/Songwriter. Actor. Younger brother of Mick Jagger
  25. Lead Singer/Songwriter - The Rolling Stones
  26. Composer/Songwriter
  27. MC, Composer/Songwriter
  28. Jonny Jakobsen (born 17 November 1963. Malmö, Sweden) is a Swedish eurodance artist better known under his fictitious identity as Indian taxi driver Dr. Bombay,faux Scottish Dr.Macdoo and faux Mexican Carlito
  29. A multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and record producer, as of 2013 he is the current lead singer and second guitarist in King Crimson and also pursues a solo career
  30. record producer (with terry lewis)
  31. Brazilian samba composer singer
  32. Composer/Songwriter
  33. Composer/Songwriter
  34. Singer/Musician
  35. Mark James  (7)
    Songwriter (Suspicious minds, Moody blue, Always on my mind,...)
  36. Singer/Songwriter, producer/engineer, musician and actor from New York, NY., USA. He is most widely known for the music included in the hit television show Criss Angel Mindfreak. Rock / Industrial / Heavy Rock
  37. Country Singer / Songwriter
  38. Funk-Rock Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist - Super Freak, Give It To Me Baby, You & I, Bustin' Out, Love Gun, Big Time, Dance Wit' Me, Standing On The Top, Ghetto Life, Cold Blooded, 17, You Bring The Freak Out, Ebony Eyes, Can't Stop, Loosey's Rap, Glow
  39. jazz keyboardist composer
  40. Tim James  (2)
  41. Songwriter
  42. Creator & legendary reclusive singer/songwriter & owner Corwood Industries/self-released 53 albums of unusual, often emotionally dissolute folk and blues songs/AKA Sterling Smith
  43. Composer
  44. acoustic guitarist co-founder of pentangle
  45. French composer - Ophelia
  46. Music Director/Conductor for the Pittsburgh Symphony
  47. Composer/Songwriter
  48. Singer/songwriter - The Beach Boys
  49. French Composer, Star of the 80s
  50. Film Composer - Doctor Zhivago (AA win), Lawrence Of Arabia (AA win), A Passage To India (AA win), Ryan's Daughter, Gorillas In The Mist, The Message, The Train, Grand Prix, Witness, Mad Max-Thunderdome, Dead Poet's Society, Fatal Attraction, Ghost
  51. jazz pianist composer
  52. Composer/Songwriter
  53. English singer-songwriter
  54. Music Editor - Beerfest, Alpha Dog
  55. Singer/songwriter
  56. Rapper, record producer, and songwriter
  57. Rapper, Songwriter, A former member of The Fugees, Sings 'Gone 'Til November'
  58. Jel 
    Hip hop producer
  59. Sings 'Come On'
  60. Composer tv host
  61. Songwriter in Nashville. Wrote Sara Evans' hit Suds in the Bucket. Formerly on Curb records
  62. Composer
  63. Composer (Adiemus), Musician
  64. Singer-songwriter/musician
  65. Bob Jennings  (2)
    Songwriter, music executive. He wrote the 1967 Dean Martin hit 'Lay Some Happiness On Me'
  66. Composer/Songwriter
  67. Solo artist; Producer; Mary Chapin Capenter Guitarist
  68. Pop-folk singer-songwriter
  69. Songwriter - My Heart Will Go On, Tears In Heaven, Up Where We Belong, Higher Love, many Jimmy Buffett songs. Usually a co-writer of most songs
  70. African-American choral conductor, arranger (1895-1992). Pioneering woman who worked to lift African-American music into a serious art form. Picked by Gershwin to be music director of the original 1935 'Porgy & Bess', of which her Eva Jessye Choir ser
  71. singer/songwriter... Pieces of You
  72. Jason Jgwop's artist name is FrigidKid. Singer / Songwriter from New York, NY., USA. Hip Hop / Rap / world wide
  73. German born Canadian Composer. Born: 10/13/1910
  74. Composer
  75. Composer/Songwriter
  76. Singer/Songwriter/Pianist, one of the Top 100 selling artists of all-time: The Piano Man, It's Still Rock 'N' Roll To Me, Miami 2017, Uptown Girl, We Didn't Start The Fire, New York State Of Mind, Captain Jack, You May Be Right, My Life, The Stranger, Big
  77. British vocalist; lead for MF Robots, backing for Rick Astley. Formerly of The Brand New Heavies
  78. Icelandic-born musician, composer and producer
  79. Singer, Songwriter, Broadway composer
  80. Country duo from Alabama
  81. Composer/Songwriter, Vocal Coach & B.V's for Eric Clapton,Annie Lennox
  82. Composer/Songwriter
  83. A Swedish artist, rapper and songwriter
  84. Composer - Pinky and the Brain, Pooh's Grand Adventure:
  85. Greg Johnson  (3)
    Songwriter from New Zealand but has been living in the USA for a number of years. Known for a song called Isabelle
  86. songwriter wrote Could this Be Magic
  87. Singer/songwriter/guitarist - Morris Day & The Time, Jesse Johnson's Revue (solo Project Work, 'Get To Know Ya')
  88. Composer, including The Avengers TV theme tune
  89. Singer/bluer than blue
  90. Composer - Brick
  91. R&B singer/songwriter (take me to the river 75)
  92. Composer
  93. Composer
  94. Songwriter, artist
  95. R&B singer/songwriter (bad reputation 94)
  96. Music composer; has been working for WWE since 1985
  97. French music composer
  98. singer songwriter
  99. Composer/Songwriter
  100. Composer
  101. American musician
  102. Caroline was recently named one of Rolling Stone's '10 Country Artists You Need to Know,? and lauded for single-handedly performing the guitar, banjo, harmonica, keyboards, and lap steel on Bare Feet. She is currently on the road supporting Zac Brown Band
  103. Singer Songwriter from Llangefni, Anglesey, UK. Rock / Electroacoustic. His music consists of melodic verses and anthem-like choruses, though I do like to rock out every now and again
  104. Dan Jones  (3)
  105. Wrote the song 'Livin in the Promiseland: that Willie Nelson sung
  106. singer/songwriter - Top 10 '80s Hits with 'Things Can Only Get Better' & 'Everlasting Love'
  107. film scores (the tomb of ligeia, tom thumb/1958)
  108. composer/producer
  109. Composer/Songwriter
  110. singer/songwriter
  111. Ron Jones  (4)
    Disney Composer
  112. Tim Jones  (2)
    Film Score Composer
  113. Tom Jones  (3)
    Lyricist, Director, Writer; best known for writing the long running musical The Fantasticks and the hit song Try To Remember
  114. Film Score Composer: Excalibur, Sea of Love, Arachnophobia, Mississippi Burning, Bad Influence, The Last of the Mohicans, Cliffhanger, Hideaway, The Mighty, From Hell
  115. Daughter of Conway Twitty
  116. Songwriter
  117. Swedish singer and songwriter from the band Eldkvarn
  118. British-Korean pianist, composer, and creator and star of Igudesman & Joo
  119. Songwriter
  120. Jazz/Blues/R&B Bandleader & Songwriter - G.I. Jive, Caldonia, Sat. Night Fish Fry, Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens, Five Guys Named Moe, Choo Choo Ch'Boogie, Ration Blues. Known as 'King Of The Jukebox'. Arguably the Father Of Modern Rhythm &
  121. Singer/composer, fashion designer, actress
  122. Composer/Songwriter
  123. Composer
  124. French composer
  125. Composer/Songwriter
  126. Songwriter
  127. Composer
  128. Theatre Actor & Composer
  129. Composer
  130. Composer
  131. Band, Years active 1968-1970, British group led by guitarist Mick Wayne (born Michael Wayne, 1945, Kingston upon Hull - died 26 June 1994), which recorded one album and is notable for acting as David Bowie's backing band during 1969
  132. Junkie XL or occasionally JXL, is a Dutch multi-instrumentalist, composer, DJ, producer
  133. Composer
  134. French artist, former model turned singer-songwriter, with a string of hit records in France and international success as a disco music performer in the latter half of the 1970s (e.g. 'I love America')
  135. JVP 
    Composer aka Jay Van Poederooyen