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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Comedian , A-Z Filter: W
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  1. German Comedian, Ice Age and Ice Age 2 Meltdown as Sid the sloth (German voice cast); 7 Zwerge movies
  2. Wife of comedian George Carlin - author of his biography
  3. Actress/comedienne - All About Me, Perfect World, Goodness Gracious Me, EastEnders, Holby City, Doctor Who
  4. Comedian
  5. Comedian and weirdo
  6. Taika Waititi (born 16 August 1975), also known as Taika Cohen, is a New Zealand film director, writer, painter, comedian, and actor
  7. Out of control with dave coulier
  8. Comedienne. Actress - Exodus, The Goldbergs, Middle Of The Night, Who Is Harry Kellerman...?
  9. Actor
  10. Actor/Comedian - Good Times (as 'J.J.'), Let's Do It Again, Airport '79, Airplane
  11. Comedian
  12. Comedian
  13. Comedian
  14. Actor (The Jealous God0 and Comedian and TV Host/Presenter - including The Comedians; Catchphrase; I'm Famous and I'm Frightened 1 - 2 - 3; etc.)
  15. Comedian
  16. JFK - entertainer in Dallas in 1963, he was one of Jack Ruby's best friends at the time of the assassination. He spoke to Ruby on the phone the day before Oswald's shooting; was one of the only individuals allowed to visit him in jail
  17. Comedian, actor tv writer/producer - Grace Under Fire, Til Death
  18. Author, Presenter - Castaway
  19. Comedian, Hollywood Squares contestant, Remington Steele
  20. Comedian
  21. Actor - Dinner for Schmucks, Marmaduke,The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Run, Fatboy, Run, Shaun of the Dead
  22. Actress/Comedienne
  23. Comedian
  24. Actor, Comedian & Game Show Host - Doctor Who as Graham, The Chase, Odd One In, Coronation Street, Law & Order: UK, Mike Bassett: England Manager
  25. Comedian
  26. Comedian
  27. Singer/Musician
  28. Matt Walsh  (2)
    Dog Bites Man, Old School, Upright Citizens Brigade
  29. Actress
  30. Comedian
  31. Comedian
  32. Ventriloquist
  33. Actor/Writer/Comedian/Make Up Artist/Costumer/Head of Customer Service at Light Speed Fine, was NOT in Star Wars, Cybersex Kittens,In Their Eyes,Midnight Rambler,The Last Tree
  34. German Comedian, Actor, TV Presenter
  35. Comedian
  36. Danish Comedian
  37. B. J. Ward  (2)
    Musician, Opera, Comedianne
  38. Comedian
  39. Comedian
  40. Mike Ward  (4)
  41. Broadway actor
  42. Comedian
  43. Comedian
  44. Former Studio C actor. Now does comedy group JK! Studios, which appeared on NBC's Bring the Funny
  45. Christian Comedian, author of the books 'The Satan Seller', 'The Schemes of Satan', and 'Friendly Fire'
  46. Greg Warren  (2)
  47. Bawdy 1950's entertainer and recording artist
  48. Puerto Rican tv comedian, show host, actor
  49. Comedian/Actor
  50. Comedian
  51. Comedian
  52. Comedian
  53. Actress
  54. Singer, songwriter, comedienne, The Patty Waszak Show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
  55. Comedian
  56. Comedienne; actress - member of the team Gert & Daisy
  57. Member of the comedy group - Gert and Daisy; comedienne. Television series Gert and Daisy which aired on ITV
  58. Comedian
  59. Comedian
  60. Comedian
  61. Improv Artist
  62. British stand-up comedian
  63. Steve Watson  (2)
    host/comedian - Monster House (Discovery Channel)
  64. Comedic Duo
  65. Comedian
  66. Actor: Beverly Hills Cop, Hollywood Shuffle, Roxanne, Colors, Earth Girls Are Easy, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka, In Living Color, The Last Boy Scout, Mo' Money, Blankman, Major Payne, Bulletproof, Saturday Night Live, My Wife and Kids, Lethal Weapon
  67. actor/director/producer/comedian
  68. Actor: In Living Color, The Wayans Bros., Waynehead, Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, New Blood, Scary Movie, Little Man, White Chicks, Dance Flick
  69. Comedian
  70. actress/comedienne
  71. Comedian
  72. Comedian
  73. Comedian
  74. British singer/ comedian - one hit wonder with 'the oldest swinger in town'
  75. Comedian
  76. Comedian
  77. Comedian
  78. Comedian, part of the comedy duo 'Ursus und Nadeschkin'
  79. Comedian
  80. Female Voice Over Talent
  81. Comedian
  82. Comedian
  83. Author
  84. actor, 'Dead Serious', Comedian
  85. Actor
  86. Comedian
  87. Cabaret, duo with Gerold Rudle 'Brutal Normal' 'Knackal lebt'
  88. Comedian
  89. Comedian
  90. German entertainer and Comedian
  91. Comedian
  92. New Zealand Radio Host with Radio Hauraki Comedian and TV Presenter
  93. Actress-Saturday Night Live,The Awesomes,Master of None,Mr.Roosevelt
  94. Comedian
  95. Ventriloquist
  96. Comedian
  97. Japanese naked comedian; featured on Britain?s Got Talent and America?s Got Talent; uses objects and stunts to pull off a cloth from his naked body without revealing his privates
  98. Comedienne
  99. Comedian
  100. Comedians
  101. Actress - New Girl, Silicon Valley, People of Earth, GLOW, Alone Together, The 5th Quarter
  102. House Hunters Host, Comedienne
  103. Actress
  104. Comedian
  105. Comedian
  106. Comedian
  107. Peter White  (3)
  108. Robert White  (2)
    Britain's got talent finalist 2018
  109. Comedian: Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again, They Call Me Tater Salad
  110. Comedian
  111. Comedian & Actor
  112. Comedy Troupe
  113. Comedian
  114. Actress - Oh Drama~BET, Next Friday, Comedian
  115. Actor
  116. Comedian
  117. Actor
  118. Comedian
  119. Comedian
  120. Comedian on Chelsea Lately. He also is a writer for the show
  121. Comedian
  122. Martin on The Office, Mr. Show, Evan Almighty, Washington Mutual and Fruit of the Loom commercials
  123. British comedian, writer and author
  124. Comedian & Actor: Silver Streak, Fernwood Tonight, America 2-Night, Salem's Lot, This Is Spinal Tap, Roxanne, Waiting for Guffman, Roseanne, Permanent Midnight, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, Anchorman, Modern Family, Space Force
  125. Comedian
  126. actor/comedian, stars on tv's all my children
  127. Voice Over Talent
  128. Brad Williams  (5)
    Stand Up Comic
  129. Comedian
  130. Regular on MTVs Wild and Out; semi finalist on America's Got Talent
  131. Actress
  132. Comedian, motivational speaker
  133. Comedian
  134. Mork & Mindy, Popeye, Moscow On The Hudson, The World According to Garp, Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, Awakenings, Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Nine Months, Robots, Flubber, Good Will Hunting, Insomnia, One Hour Photo
  135. Comedian
  136. Comedian
  137. Whitest Kids U Know
  138. Tom Williams  (2)
  139. Comedian
  140. Comedians (Indian And The White Guy)
  141. Comedian
  142. Comedian
  143. Justin Willman is an American magician, comedian, producer, and television personality. He is the creator and star of Magic for Humans on Netflix
  144. Comedian
  145. Tape face
  146. Mr. Brown on The Office, The Daily Show
  147. Comedian / musical theatre actor
  148. Comedian
  149. Cal Wilson  (2)
    Actress - Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Spicks and Specks
  150. Dan Wilson  (4)
    Actor/Comedian - Hardcore TV, Evening At The Improv
  151. Actress/comedienne 'MADtv' Co-Host 'Water Cooler' On Tv Guide, Reno 911 (5th season), Avatar, voice on many video games.Star Trek DSN-voice
  152. Actor/Comedian - born 1933, died 1998
  153. Danish Comedian
  154. Comedian
  155. Larry Wilson  (2)
  156. Comedian
  157. Australian actress - Fat Pizza, Bogan Pride etc
  158. Steven Wilson  (3)
  159. Actor: Back to the Future, April Fools Day, Let's Get Harry, Action Jackson, High Strung, Blood In Blood Out, Mr. Write, Camp Nowhere, Born to Be Wild, Gargoyles, That Darn Cat, Freaks and Geeks, Ed, Ghost Whisperer, SpongeBob SquarePants
  160. Tim Wilson  (3)
    Comedian/Singer. Regular on the Bob & Tom Show
  161. Comedian
  162. Comedian
  163. Actor/Voice Work-Spaceballs,Cheech and Chongs Next Movie,Gremlins,Alphabet City,Police Academy 1-7
  164. Comedian
  165. Actor/Comedian(b:11/11/1925)-Films:Its a Mad,Mad,Mad,Mad World,The Loved One,The Russians Are Coming...,Viva Max TV:Mork & Mindy, The Jonathan Winters Show,Davis Rules,.. Ed Grimley,cartoon voices,The Twilight Zone
  166. British Actor,Comedian and Writer born: 02/04/1915.'Trouble in Store','On the Beat','Follow a Star','Square Peg','Stitch in Time','Press for Time','Night They Raided Minskys','Whats Good for the Goose'
  167. British Comedian
  168. Comedian
  169. Actor - Friday, Boomerang, House Party -'Pops' on the Wayans Bros., Little Nicky
  170. Danish Comedian
  171. Josh Wolf  (2)
    Comedian on Chelsea Lately
  172. Comedienne
  173. Comedian
  174. Mad Mad House
  175. Comedy.
  176. Comedian
  177. Comedian (On Chelsea Lately)
  178. Comedian
  179. Comedy Troupe
  180. Actress/Comedienne-Savages
  181. Comedian
  182. Actress, comedian, commercial
  183. Comedian
  184. Much-loved comedienne/actress/writer. As Seen On TV, Dinnerladies, Acorn Antiques, Housewife 49, Victoria's Empire, Pat and Margaret. Hammer House Of Horror: Children Of The Full Moon (as Sophie). Known for working with Julie Walters
  185. Comedian
  186. Comedian
  187. Comedian
  188. 1960's comedy star of nightclubs and the woody woodbury show and replaced johnny carson in who do you trust in the eary 60's
  189. (robert woody woodsbury)comedy
  190. Actor
  191. Rob Woodward  (2)
  192. Stand-Up Comedian, Scriptwriter
  193. Comedian
  194. Actor: Shirley Ghostman, Gavin & Stacey, FAQ About Time Travel
  195. German comedian
  196. Standup Comedian - 'Rocking Chair', ABC's America's Funniest People
  197. Comedian
  198. Comedian
  199. Comedian
  200. Presenter
  201. Comedian & Band Leader best known as the little bald man on The Benny Hill Show
  202. Comedian & Actor: Desperately Seeking Susan, Stars and Bars, Men of Respect, Reservoir Dogs, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Mad About You, Natural Born Killers, The Swan Princess, Canadian Bacon, The Larry Sanders Show, Loser, Son of the Mask
  203. Danish Comedian, co-creator/writer - Syndicated cartoon WUMO
  204. Danish Comedians
  205. Actor/Comedian - Vaudeville. Nicknamed 'The Perfect Fool'. TV - The Ed Wynn Show, 1 Twi. Zone. Films - Diary Of Anne Frank (AA nom), The Great Man (G.Globe nom), Mary Poppins, Alice In Wonderland (v/The Mad Hatter), Babes In Toyland, Abs-Minded Professor