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  1. Puerto Rican drama and comedy actress, director, producer, actor Mario Pabon's daughter, 'Casi Casi'
  2. Daughter of Satchell Paige, HOF baseball pitcher
  3. Son of Satchell Paige, legendary pitcher
  4. Daughter of Satchel Paige, HOF baseball pitcher
  5. Mexican chef, businesswoman, aunt of actor Roberto Palazuelos
  6. Daughter of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R)
  7. Third wife of John Wayne
  8. Widow of Olof Palme, slain Prime Minister of Sweden
  9. Model/Actress-White Wedding,Witch Way Love,Pleasure,Half a Chance,Girl on The Bridge,Tony and Tina's Wedding,Atomik Circus,Mon ange,The Gypsy's Curse,The Magic Roundabout
  10. Kevin Harts wife
  11. Country singer/songwriter, sister of Dolly Parton
  12. Born January 1959) is an American poet. She is the co-founder and co-editor of Poetry in Motion, a program which places poetry posters in subways and buses across the country. The daughter of renowned prima ballerina Maria Tallchief
  13. Author, filmmaker and founder and executive director of the Patton Veterans Project nonprofit and CEO of Patton Productions, LLC. Grandson of General George S. Patton. Son of George Patton IV
  14. Last living daughter of Croatian WW2 dictator Ante Pavelic, is living in Madrid, Spain
  15. Widow Of Norman Vincent Peale
  16. Grandson of Hollywood Legend Gregory Peck
  17. Daughter of politician Mike Pence
  18. Author, producer, tv writer, speaker and co-creator of MTV's documentary series, 'The Buried Life'
  19. First husband of Roseanne Barr; acted in one episode of 'Roseanne' and was executive consultant on many episodes
  20. Descendant of Benjamin Franklin
  21. Descendant of Benjamin Franklin
  22. selena's husband, now has his own cd out
  23. Actress: Taxi, Cheers, Pearl, Kate Brasher, Hung, Kirstie, Me and My Grandma, The Mindy Project, Shooter, The Ratings Game, Matilda, Canadian Bacon
  24. John Peters  (4)
    US Army Gulf War Veteran. Father to Andrew John Peters who was an Afghanistan War veteran and killed in action in Ukrainian War. Bronze Star Recipient
  25. CBS News Correspondent for more than 3 decades. He wrote about his wife's diagnosis with early onset of Alzheimer's disease in a work entitled 'Jan's Story', who was also a CBS News journalist
  26. Wife of George Mendonsa; woman in the background of Victor Jorgensen's famous photo of the sailor kissing a nurse on VJ Day in Times Square 1945, also visible in Alfred Eisenstadt's version of the photo that appeared in Life Magazine
  27. Wife of NASCAR Legend Richard Petty
  28. Daughter of Famous Belgian goalkeeper Jean-Marie Pfaff
  29. Daughter of Famous Belgian goalkeeper Jean-Marie Pfaff
  30. Regis Philbin's wife; guest co-host on 'Live with Regis and Kelly'
  31. Daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe
  32. Advice columnist who currently writes the 'Dear Abby' column under the pen name Abigail Van Buren; she succeeded her mother Pauline Phillips, (twin sister of advice columnist Ann Landers) who created the column and also wrote as Abigail Van Buren
  33. Daughter of painter Pablo, Accessories and perfume designer
  34. Son of Pablo Picasso
  35. (born on November 14, 1950)Grandaughter of Pablo Picasso & Emilienne Lotte
  36. Widow of webb pierce
  37. Venezuelan boxer, fought for world championship. Bernardo Pinango's brother
  38. Actor; son of Joe Piscopo
  39. Harry Lee Poe  (2)
    Descendant of edgar allen poe
  40. Wife of Jan Pol. Also a vet on The incredible Dr.Pol
  41. Granddaughter of General Dmitriy Fedorovich Polyakov 'crown jewel' of US counterintelligence efforts & who for decades during Cold War had clandestinely worked to help western countries fight the Soviet system/Betrayed by Aldrich Ames
  42. Bullfighter - killing Spanish. Revelation in tauromaquia
  43. Puerto Rican American TV personality, author and philanthropist. Wife of former NY Yankee star Jorge Posada
  44. Former Abercrombie & Fitch model
  45. Former Host of 'A Current Affair', Host of 'The Maury Povich Show', Husband of Broadcast Journalist Connie Chung
  46. children's author wife of colin powell
  47. Son of Joan Blondell and Dick Powell
  48. Ex-girlfriend of the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson. Johnson wrote the song 'Love In Vain' for her; cousin of blues musician David 'Honeyboy' Edwards
  49. Daughter of Elvis Presley's aunt 'Nash'
  50. Actress/Singer, daughter of Priscilla and Elvis Presley, ex-wife of Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage
  51. Son of Vincent Price/American poet, human rights and environmental columnist, editor, journalist, architectural critic, novelist and teacher. He is co-founder of New Mexico Mercury
  52. Agatha Christie's grandson
  53. daughter of Grace Kelly; Princess of Monaco
  54. Daughter of Pujie, he was brother of last Emperor of China
  55. River City
  56. Wife of the hungarian Player Ferenc Puskas
  57. Stepson of Amelia Earhart