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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Selected Movie/TV Casts->Star Trek , A-Z Filter: O
Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Selected Movie/TV Casts->Star Trek , A-Z Filter: O
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  1. Stuntman:Revolution, Star Trek ENT
  2. Actress - The Mambo Kings, Oscar, Star Trek: TNG (1 episode as Mitena Haro)
  3. Thelev the Andorian, Star Trek-TOS, Every Which Way But Loose
  4. Actress: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, ER, The A-Team, Little House on the Prairie, Melrose Place, The Rockford Files, Hart to Hart, Quincy M.E., The Streets of San Francisco, Simon & Simon, Emergency, Ironside
  5. Tim O'Connor  (3)
    Actor: M*A*S*H, The Defenders, The Fugitive, Peyton Place, The FBI, Police Story, The Streets of San Francisco, Winter Kill, Wonder Woman, Buck Rogers in The 25th Century ,Dynasty, General Hospital, SSSSSSS, Star Trek TNG
  6. Actress - 'June Wheeler' on Night Court, Star Trek DSN
  7. Actor: NYPD Blue, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, From the Earth to the Moon, Star Trek Enterprise, 21 Jump Street, Stir of Echoes, Brooklyn South, CSI, True Blood, Lie to Me, Medium, Nip/Tuck, 24, The X-Files, Dark Skies
  8. Half Breed in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Vulcan Elder in Star Trek(2009), Return to Lonesome Dove, Monk, The Magnificent Seven(TV)
  9. Actor Star Trek Voyager, Parks and Recreation
  10. Actor: Willow, Never Say Never Again, Lonesome Dove, Star Trek: Voyager, Happy Days, Superman III
  11. Played Young Rocky on Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers , and Three Ninjas High Noon at Mega Mountrain as Colt, Star Trek ENT
  12. Actor - Chuck, Star Trek Voyager
  13. Actress: Columbo, Hawaii Five - O, Piranha 2, Hardcastle and McCormick, The A - Team, Airwolf, MacGyver, Simon & Simon, Murder She Wrote, Star Trek TNG & DS9, Titanic, Babylon 5, JAG
  14. Actor - Chuck, Star Trek Enterprise
  15. Actor: Lost, Alias, Millennium, Earth 2, JAG, Harsh Realm, The West Wing, Hawaii Five-0, The Stepfather, Primal Fear, The Cutting Edge, All the Right Moves, Places in the Heart, Mrs. Soffel, Young Guns, Tombstone, The Rocketeer, JAG, Castle Rock
  16. Actor: Porky's, Bloody Birthday, Purple Hearts, On Wings of Eagles, Dance of the Damned, Across the Tracks, Navy Seals, The Cool Surface, Philadelphia Experiment II, Excessive Force II, Bloodfist VII, Carnosaur 3, Black Dog, Air Rage, Star Trek DS9
  17. Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  18. Actor: Lethal Weapon, Full Metal Jacket, The Hidden, Action Jackson, Red Heat, Another 48 Hrs, Dick Tracy, Universal Soldier, Another Midnight Run, Hoodlum, Six Feet Under, The Handler, Star Trek Enterprise
  19. Actress - Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Hunter, Ironside, Trapper John M.D., Cover Up, Desperate Rescue: The Cathy Mahone Story, Stingray, Dazzle, Deadly Medicine, Our Man Flint: Dead on Target, Roseanne & Tom: Behind the Scenes
  20. Actor: Pale Rider, Star Trek, Fine Things, The Hit List, Candyman 2, Independence Day, Nothing to Lose, The Pentagon Wars, Patch Adams, Idle Hands, Pearl Harbor, Mister Sterling, The Island, Vanished, Touch, Godless, Strange Angel, Sharp Objects
  21. Creator of the Klingon language. He initially created the Vulcan dialog in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. He is also famous as the author of The Klingon Dictionary and all its addenda
  22. Married to Michael Okuda. She was co-author of the Star Trek Encyclopedia and video supervisor and scenic artist on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek Generations
  23. Scenic art supervisor for every live-action Star Trek series except The Original Series. As the art supervisor he is responsible for such things as the look of alien languages, computer screens and graphic detailing, known as 'okudagrams.'
  24. Star Trek Discovery
  25. Actor: April Fools Day, Leprechaun, Velocity Trap, The Young & the Restless, Gunsmoke - Return to Dodge, Summer School, Supercarrier, Super Force, TNT, Digital Man, The A - Team, Star Trek - The Next Generation, V - The Series, 21 Jump Street
  26. Actor - Another World, A Year In The Life, House 3, Night Of The Creeps, Go (TV), Star Trek: TNG (1)
  27. Actress - The Gene Krupa Story, Your Cheatin' Heart, BUtterfield 8, The Caretakers, The Disorderly Orderly, Days Of Our Lives, LOTS of TV guest appearances (including Twilight Zone & Star Trek)
  28. Star Wars author
  29. Star Trek, Thot Pran
  30. Star Trek, Klingon Woteln as sleepy Klingon in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. -The Pig Farm (2000) .... Gucci -A Man Called... Rainbo (1990)
  31. Writer: Star Trek, Transformers etc
  32. actor (star trek ds9, crossover/human)
  33. Star Trek Kromm - 'Profiler' .... Franklin - 'Grey's Anatomy' .... Dr. - 'Boston Legal' .... New York Atty. -
  34. The Devil's Rejects, Star Trek Enterprise
  35. Actor: Pearl Harbor, Saving Private Ryan, Star Trek DS9 & Voyager, Enterprise, Very Bad Things, Taken, Escape from LA, Se7en, Independence Day, 24, ER, Daredevil, Excess Baggage, Piranha, Ray Donovan, Berlin Station, The Golden Girls
  36. Actor and Stunt Performer - Star Trek: The Next Generation, Beverly Hills Cop III, Days of Our Lives, Babylon, CHiPs, Dynasty, Knots Landing, Dallas, Falcon Crest, Renegade, Walker Texas Ranger, The Unit, Arrested Development, The Mentalist
  37. Female Voice Over Talent, Kareel Odan on STTNG
  38. Graphic artist for Rittenhouse's Star Trek Portfolio Prints series
  39. Star Trek: First Contact) one of the 3 Vulcans to land. He played Background actor for 11 years, # Mirror, Mirror IV: Reflection (2000) Monster # Fight Club (1999) (uncredited) Fight Patron # Beyond Desire (1995 Inmate# 'ER' Jorge (1 episode, 1995)
  40. Supernatural, The Black Dahlia, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  41. Michael Owen  (3)
    Lt. Branson in Star Trek Nemesis