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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Selected Movie/TV Casts->Star Trek , A-Z Filter: H
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  1. Actress: Star Trek Generations, The Brady Bunch Movie, A Very Brady Sequel, The David Cassidy Story, The Kids from Room 402, Any Day Now, Hey Arnold!, Gilmore Girls, Bratz, Avatar - The Last Airbender, Star Wars - The Clone Wars, Care Bears
  2. actress - star trek: voyager (t.v. series)
  3. Actress (b:'61) - TV series: Hermans Head (72 eps as Angel Sensitivity), The Nutt House (Sally), Unfabulous (Sue), Lifes Work . Films: Election, Code Of Silence, The Dentist, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Fresh Horses, Dallas: The Early Yrs, The Golden Girls
  4. Star Trek as Wadi - Prometheus ensign - Paradan guard all in DS9:#The Gentleman Don La Mancha (2004) .... Rancher# Jesus 2000 (1998) .... Dave Grant# Redboy 13 (1997) .... Reporter# Bed of Lies (1992) (TV) .... Deputy
  5. Albert Hall  (2)
    Actor - Ryan's Four (t.v. Series, 1983), Get On The Bus (1996) Star Trek TNG
  6. Actor, voice of Blade in the Spider-Man animated series.Star Trek Enterprise
  7. Actor-Star Wars Special Edtion:Episode IV-A New Hope(Stormtrooper),Episode VI:Return of The Jedi(Doda Bodomwieedo)/Visual Effects Artist-Star Trek 4,Hook,Star Trek Generations,Star Wars Episode I:The Phantom Menace,Hulk
  8. Actress: My Bloody Valentine, Without Warning, Blindside, Days of our Lives, Santa Barbara, No One Could Protect Her, Star Trek Voyager, Free Fall, Road to Nowhere, In a Heartbeat, Monte Walsh, Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, The Summit
  9. Actor Star Trek Voyager & Enterprise
  10. Star Trek ENT. Kid Cannabis
  11. Actress - Gen. Hospital, Days Of Our Lives, Guiding Light, Odds Against Tomorrow, Kotch, The Leech Woman, To Kill A Mockingbird, Body & Soul '81, Twilight Zone ('The Big Tall Wish'), Star Trek: TNG ('Final Mission')
  12. Actress Star Trek Voyager, Port Charles
  13. Stargate SG-1 Unas, Star Trek Enterprise
  14. Vulcan in Star Trek: First Contact. - a Taresian woman in VOY: 'Favorite Son'
  15. British Actor: The Dark Knigt Rises, Inception, The Revenant (AA nom), Dunkirk, Mad Max; Fury Road, Legend, Locke, Lawless, Warrior, Bronson, The Drop, Taboo
  16. Actor (b: 1951) - The Big Bang Theory, Wings, Awake, Hearts Afire, Will & Grace, Election, Jurassic Park 3, Watching The Detectives, Barbarians At The Gate, many TV guest roles including ST: Voyager (1), Seinfeld (1)
  17. Actor, Deadwood, NYPD Blue, Star Trek DSN
  18. Actress - Star Trek Voyager, married to actor Bruce Ramsay
  19. James Harper  (2)
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Rao Vantika # StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (2010) (VG) (post-production) # The Divided (2010) # Into the Unknown (2009) .... Al
  20. Star Trek: First Contact (1996) (borg stunt performer) # G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009) (stunts) # Iron Man 2 (2010) (stunt coordinator) # Fast & Furious (2009) (stunt driver)
  21. Tommy Harper  (2)
    Producer - Star Trek, Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  22. Actor- played in Sci-Fi movie 'Octopus' Star Trek Voyager
  23. Actor - Pumpkin, Star Trek Enterprise
  24. Comedienne/Actress -'The Haunted Mansion' (2003), VH1's 'I Love The '70s/'80s'(tv series),Sister/Sister,The Daily Show, new series 'Notes from the Underbelly'Star Trek Voyager
  25. 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' .... Clare Raymond # 'The John Larroquette Show' (1 episode,'Designing Women' .... Bitty Stonecipher 1995) # 'Dear John' .... Erin #
  26. Actress, Model, Pro Cheerleader, Stunt-woman/ Star Trek: DS9, Black Scorpion, Baywatch 5x. LA Raiders Cheerleader (1993-94), Playboy 1991, Model: Frederick's of Hollywood, Bench Warmer 1992, 94, & 97. MTV videos. Was engaged to HOF catcher Mike Piazza
  27. Star Trek The Original Series,Tarzan,Ironside,Airport,Dan August
  28. Played Molly O Brien in Star Trek DS9
  29. Star Trek ENT
  30. Actress: Deep Red, Children of the Dark, Village of the Damned, Addams Family Reunion, Brave New Girl, Broken Bridges, Shrooms, Rome & Jewel, The Life Zone, True Blood // Guest Star: Star Trek Voyager, Melrose Place, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace
  31. Actor Star Trek, Halok - Virak'kara
  32. A Taresian woman in VOY: 'Favorite Son'
  33. Actor; 'The Young and the Restless', 'Castle', 'Gamer', 'No Saints for Sinners', '2 Broke Girls', 'Southland'
  34. John Hayden  (2)
    Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' .... Cardassian Overseer - Las Vegas' .... Jack Delacroix - Crazy on the Outside (2010) .... Judge Pierce -'Las Vegas' .... Jack Delacroix (1 episode, 2006)
  35. Actress star trek
  36. 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Orta -'Law & Order: Criminal Intent'- Wharton Carlyle
  37. Played 'Ruby' in Star Trek First Contact
  38. Paul Hayes  (3)
    Actor - The Mentalist, Star Trek Enterprise
  39. Actress, As the World Turns - 'Star Trek' .... Gem (1 episode, 1968) - # 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' .... Jane Willet
  40. Pat Healy  (2)
    Compliance,24,Night Stalker,Star Trek:Enterprise,Charmed,Angel,Home Alone 3, NCIS
  41. Bill Heath  (2)
    Post Production Executive for tv shows like "The Lucy Show" and "Star Trek" among others
  42. Scriptwriter wrote the scripts for several Star Trek tv episodes
  43. Actor,Space:1999, Perry Mason, Falcon Crest, Various Disney Movies, played Lindstrom n Star Trek TOS epsidoe The Return of The Archons
  44. Actress:All Dogs Go To Heaven 2,Bean, Star Trek DS9, Voyager
  45. Stuntwoman - The Guardian, Clockstoppers, Planet of the Apes, Charlie's Angels, Inspector Gadget, Star Trek Enterprise
  46. Actor: Star Trek TNG, Seedpeople, Indecent Behavior 3, Shout, Mission Manila, Drop Zone, Private War, JAG, The Aviator, Memphis Beat
  47. Actor-Star Trek,7th Heaven,Fear The Walking Dead
  48. Actor - Remington Steele Star Trek, Ambassador Nanclus
  49. Actor: Body Double, Slither, Star Trek Insurrection, 24, Gilmore Girls, The Riches, Eyes, Family Law, EZ Streets, Reasonable Doubts, Pearl, The Killing, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hung
  50. Actress - NCIS, Star Trek 2009
  51. Actor: Police Story, V, T.J. Hooker, Seinfeld, Seaquest DSV, The China Syndrome, The Golden Girls, Star Trek The Next Generation, Seinfeld, Quantum Leap, Simon & Simon
  52. Boom Operator for many movies and TV shows, like Star Trek: Picard, CSI: Cyber, Chuck, The Mentalist, House M.D., Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Austin Powers, Lois & Clark, Behind the Candelabra, and others
  53. Stuntman doubled for Tony Curtis, Star Trek, Wild Wild West, was also one of the 'Mole People,' 1956
  54. actor (star trek/savage curtain & charlie X)
  55. Played a security officer in the Star Trek episode, 'The Trouble with Tribbles.' Was also a stand-in and hand double
  56. Actor: Star Trek - Deep Space Nine, General Hospital, Quantum Leap, Highlander, Zorro, Six Feet Under, InAlienable
  57. Actress: Squeeze Play, Another World, Unsub, L.A. Law, Absolute Strangers, Civil Wars, Bodies of Evidence, General Hospital, No Regrets, He's Such a Girl // Guest Star: Star Trek, Profit, The X-Files, Beverly Hills 90210, Sliders, Alias, Criminal Minds
  58. WWII: American custom knifemaker; designed the American Kenpo Knife for Ed Parker (which ultimately led to meeting Elvis), designed the Rambo knife and is known as the 'Klingon Armorer' as he designed Star Trek weapons like the Bat'leth
  59. Actress: Ryans Hope, The Bad News Bears, Marilyn The Untold Story,Star Trek 4, 7th Heaven, Valley of the Dolls, Peggy Sue Got Married, Garbo Talks, Like Father Like Son, Laguna Heat, Child's Play, Better Late Than Never, Turbulence, She's Out of Control
  60. Stuntman, The Brow in Dick Tracy, Star Trek TNG
  61. Star Trek: Voyager
  62. Actress - The Godfather II, High Plains Drifter, Black Zoo, Paradise Hawaiian Style, Medium Cool, The Baby, Blood Beach, Schizoid, The Astral Factor, lots of TV (inc. The Outer Limits, Star Trek, Batman, Gunsmoke, The Tall Man, Mission: Impossible)
  63. Star Trek & Star Wars artist
  64. Star Trek, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Gomer Pyle, Get Smart, The Monkees, The Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet
  65. Actress-The Shield,Neo Ned,LOST,Blues Clues,Assault on Precinct 13,Invasion,Stargate SG-1,Cold Case,Bones,Madea Goes To Jail,Prison Break,Doll House,Hawthorne,True Blood,Weeds,Detroit 187,Star Trek:Into Darkness,NCIS:Los Angeles,Under The Dome
  66. Actor appeared in several episodes of Law and Order - Cradle to Grave, Collision & Nowhere Man, Star Trek Enterprise
  67. Star Trek TNG episode The Ensigns Of Command
  68. Silence of the Lambs, Falling Down, Ed Wood, Blood Work, Say It Isn't So, Star Trek VOY, Seinfeld
  69. Star Trek Enterprise, background/stand-in
  70. Actress- 'Star Trek: Strange New Worlds'
  71. Actress Star Trek DSN,Voy&ENT
  72. Actor (b: 1965) - Valerie's Family, Lucas, Revenge Of The Nerds 2, Critters 2, The Baby Doll Murders, Steel Magnolias, Heavy Weights. Director - Last Request, Shoot The Moon, Stunt C*cks
  73. Pralor Unit 6263 in Star Trek Voyager - Shakedown (2002) (V) .... Crozier - -# Abilene (1995) .... IrvingIrving # 'Homicide: Life on the Street' .... Frederick Fuchs (1 episode, 1994)
  74. Stuntwoman, Hallguard in Nightmare on Elm Street
  75. Star Trek, Rulat - Holographic Nausicaan
  76. Actor - Fire Commissioner In Ghostbusters II, Titanic, Stargate, Maniac Cop, Gotcha!, Star Trek
  77. Actress, Star Trek DSN
  78. Star Trek's Lt. Lemli in 32 episodes.
  79. American actor (b: 1928) - Star Trek '68 (Spectre OF The Gun as Morgan Earp), Twilight Zone (The Passerby), Gunsmoke (16), Star Trek: The Final Frontier, The Outlaws Is Coming (w/3 Stooges), Panic in Year Zero!, The Over-The-Hill Gang, The Hindenburg
  80. Star Trek Voyager uncredited
  81. Actor: Hallowed Ground, Invasion, NCIS, Star Trek Enterprise, The Victim, Saving Lincoln
  82. Actor: Hurry Sundown, N.Y.P.D., Airport '77, Backstairs at the White House, Dynasty, Star Trek 3, V - The Series, The Flash, Passenger 57, L.A. Law, Posse, M.A.N.T.I.S., Seinfeld, The Hoop Life
  83. Actress: Sword of Gideon, Knots Landing, Talk Radio, Kansas, Men At Work, The Big Slice, Boozecan, First Degree, Summer of the Monkeys, Bruiser, Robocop Prime Directives, Dragon Fly, 24, Line of Fire, Commander in Chief, Never Back Down, Star Trek DSN
  84. Actor- Star Trek Strange New Worlds
  85. Actor: Another World, General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, Remington Steele, Hunter, Highlander, The Commish, Zorro, Star Trek, Scanner Cop, Lost, Criminal Minds, 24, Charmed, Transformers Prime
  86. Actress - Hostage, Little Athens,Star Trek DSN
  87. Sumek - Dieter Hornemann was a background extra and stand-in during the run of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, and Star Trek Nemesis. He often played a Vulcan. - My Brother Jack (1998) .... Businessman
  88. Actor: Murphy Brown, Star Trek Insurrection, Remington Steele, Star Wars - Return of the Jedi, Knightriders, The People Under the Stairs, The Golden Girls
  89. Bajoran monk in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - 'Quantum Leap' .... Tully Maltin - 'Airwolf' .... Dr. Roger Burton
  90. Actor: Gentle Ben, Star Trek, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Night Shift, Austin Powers, Apollo 13, Parenthood, Gung Ho, The Ice Cream Man, Waterboy, Splash, Cinderella Man, Backdraft, The Wraith, The Jungle Book, BloodRayne 3,
  91. Actor - Remington Steele, Star Trek Enterprise
  92. Producer and assistant director for Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voyager and Enterprise. In 1994, Howard was part of the production team of Star Trek: The Next Generation who received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Drama Series
  93. Actress: The Silent Gun, Moonshine County Express, Petrocelli, Sidewinder 1, Dallas // Guest Star: The Monkees, Star Trek, Bonanza, Mod Squad, Barnaby Jones, Columbo, The Rockford Files, The Fantastic Journey, The Rockford Files, Vega$, The Love Boat
  94. Vince Howard  (2)
    actor that appeared in The Man Trap in Star Trek TOS. He is best known for his role as Pete Butler on the TV series Mr Novak
  95. 'Star Trek' guest actor- played Lt. Rowe in episode 'I, Mudd' and a Roman guard in 'The Enterprise Incident' (1967-68)
  96. Played Samantha Wildman in Star Trek Voyager # '10 Items or Less' (21 episodes, 2006-2009) (Writer - Director - Producer) # Catch and Release (2006/II) .... Deadhead Singer # Standing on Fishes (1999)
  97. Actor, 'Legion Of The Dead'Star Trek Enterprise
  98. Actress - star trek episode
  99. Star trek artist skybox cards
  100. Stuntman: Star Trek ENT, Hunger Games, The Dark Knight,etc
  101. Primarily known as a 'good girl' artist, Adam Hughes has worked on a myriad of books. Some of his credits include the 'Justice League', 'Legionnaires', 'Star Trek', 'Ghost' and 'Gen 13' as well as doing countless covers and pin-ups for just about every co
  102. Actress- 'Strange New Worlds'
  103. Actor - King Of Kings (as Jesus), The Searchers, The Last Hurrah, The Proud Ones, The Frogmen, The Great Locomotive Chase, A Kiss Before Dying, Sgt. Rutledge, Hell To Eternity, The Longest Day, Star Trek (as Capt. Pike in orig. unaired pilot)
  104. actress - star trek episode
  105. Actor - Star Trek: Discovery, Life of Pi, Delhi Crime, Jasoos Vijay, English Vinglish, Hotel Salvation, What Will People Say, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Love Sonia
  106. Actor (doogie howser, children of the corn 3)Star Trek Generations, Remington Steele
  107. Lt. Kevin Riley in the 'Star Trek' episodes 'The Naked Time' and 'The Conscience of The King', currently a professor of communication studies at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota
  108. Star Trek Klingon Konmel - Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time (1991) .... Inquisitor - The Bill McLean Show (2004) .... Bill McLean