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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Selected Movie/TV Casts->Star Trek , A-Z Filter: F
Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Selected Movie/TV Casts->Star Trek , A-Z Filter: F
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  1. Transporter Technician in Star Trek: The Motion Picture
  2. Star Trek Romulan woman Tamarith - 'Space Rangers' .... Alien Tech - Architecture of Reassurance (1999) (as Susan Shaughnessey) - The Documents (Dokymentbl) (2007) .... Anna
  3. James Farley  (2)
    Actor: Star Trek, Perry Mason, The Fugitive, The Green Hornet, Mod Squad, The World's Greatest Sinner, The Swinger, The Pigeon That Took Rome, Banning, The Young Lawyers
  4. Male Voice Over Talent - Sinaren in Star Trek: Voyager
  5. Actress: Portfolio, The Deliberate Stranger, Paper Dolls, Back To School, Mimi and Me, Red Dwarf, Hellraiser 3, Red Sun Rising, Reasons of the Heart, Star Trek DS9, Deep Core, Tripping The Rift, Becker
  6. Actor: All My Children, The Young and the Restless, Star Trek The Next Generation, The Haunting of Morella, C.H.U.D. 2, Watchers II, Where the Truth Lies
  7. Star Trek
  8. Actor Star Trek DSN
  9. Paxim in Star trek voyager
  10. Played molly on star trek children of time
  11. Actress (b: 1959) - Charlie Brown specials (v/Lucy), The Cat In The Hat '71 (v/Sally), Space Academy (v/Laura), Blondie (TV - Cookie), The Odd Couple (Felix's daughter), The Beguiled, The Mephisto Waltz, Happy Birthday Wanda June (title role), Star Trek-1
  12. Taresian woman in VOY: 'Favorite Son' - 'Eleventh Hour' .... Nurse - Souvenir (2006/I) .... Aurora - 'The Handler' .... Tonya Sanchez
  13. Actor - Remington Steele, Star Trek
  14. Actor: Trinty, Dawn of the Dead, Prom Night II, Battery Park, The Fighting Fitzgeralds, Hidden Hills, 1-800-Missing, Shooter, SAW IV, The Andromeda Strain, Stargate Universe, The L.A. Complex
  15. Star Trek V
  16. Actor - 12 Angry Men (Juror #2), Winnie The Pooh (v/Piglet), Bob Newhart Show (Mr. Peterson), Odd Couple, Raisin In The Sun, True Grit, many Disney films, many TV guest spots (inc. 2 Twilight Zone, Star Trek, 3 Alfred Hitchcock, Munsters, 6 Bewitched)
  17. Jimmy Fields  (2)
    Actor. Star Trek: 'The Cloud Minders' (1969) as Cloud Guard #2; The Rifleman; Lassie; Mister Ed
  18. Actor - Monk, Star Trek Enterprise
  19. Jorge Machado-The Shield, Star Trek Enterprise
  20. Actress 'sito Jaxa' star trek tng # Deceived by Trust: A Moment of Truth Movie (1995) (TV) .... Cindy# 'Walker, Texas Ranger' .... Dory (1 episode, 1995)
  21. Astronaut, Guest appearance Star Trek ENT
  22. Actress: The Cosby Show, Roseanne, Thunder Alley, Delusion, Star Trek TNG
  23. Actor: One life to live, Forrest Gump, Sexual Outlaws, Species, The Fan, Star Trek-First Contact, Colateral Damage
  24. Actor-NCIS,Mad Men,LOST, Star Trek ENT
  25. David Fisher  (6)
    Stunts The DaVinci Code, Borg in Star Trek TNG, Marquis in ST:DS9
  26. Actor - NCIS, Star Trek VOY
  27. Actress: Rich Man Poor Man, How The West Was Won, Voyager From The Unknown, The Ewok Adventure, Money For Nothing, Paperlily, Waking Ned Devine, The Others, Tears of The Sun, Blessed, Transamerica, Brotherhood, LOST, Legend of Lizzie Borden, Star Trek
  28. Actress - The Ghost & Mrs. Muir (as Candice Muir - TV), Wild In The Streets
  29. Actor (carnivale, st: enterprise/silik muder one) also plays Star Trek, Taibak - Ornithar - Koval - Abaddon - Silik
  30. Actress: One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, Exorcist 2, Firestarter, Lady In Red, The Cheap Detective, Invaders From Mars, Brainstorm, Flowers In The Attic, Two Moon Junction, Mulholland Falls, Blue Steel, Cruel Intentions, Star Trek DS9, Boy Who Could Fly
  31. MacGyver,Ghost Whisperer,Desperate Housewives,Star Trek TNG & Enterprise,Charmed,Boston Public
  32. Actress (b: 1952) - NL's Vacation films (Cousin Catherine), Grounded For Life (Sister Helen), Malcolm & Eddie, Maggie, Raising Miranda. Voice Actress - Land Before Time films (Grandma), DuckTales (Gandra Dee), Spooktacular-Casper (Poil), Babe, Taz-Mania
  33. Justified, Leverage, Star Trek ENT
  34. My Name Is Earl, Star Trek Enterprise [uncredited], The Office
  35. Star Trek ENT
  36. Star Trek 2009 Background extra
  37. Writer and script supervisor on Star Trek (TOS)
  38. Actor - Original Twilight Zone, Star Trek episode 'Who Mourns for Adonis'
  39. Actress; Guiding Light as Cassie Winslow #2 (2005-present)Star Trek DSN, Star Trek: Enterprise
  40. Actor - Star Trek, Medical Center, Men Into Space
  41. Star Trek TOS - The Cage
  42. Star Trek ENT
  43. Played a security guard in the Star Trek episode, 'Mudd's Women'
  44. Actor: Falcon Crest, Airport '77, Damien - Omen 2, Prophecy, The Black Marble, Syriana, Ants, Six Feet Under, City of Angels, Queens Supreme, Columbo, Stargate SG-1, LateLine, The Astral Factor, Transformers, Justice League, Kidnapped
  45. Actor/Director: Star Trek, Gargoyles, North & South, Falcon Crest, Paper Dolls, Bare Essence, Days of our Lives, The Doctors, Clockstoppers, Highway to Heaven, Dukes of Hazzard, Lois & Clark, Criminal Minds
  46. Gary Frank  (2)
    Actor - Family (1977 Emmy win - Best Supporting Actor), Sons & Daughters, Remington Steele, General Hospital, Star Trek DSN
  47. actor (star trek ds9, 'the search')
  48. Actor: 101 Dalmatians (voice of Sgt Tibs); Star Trek ('Is There In Truth No Beauty?'); The Outer Limits ('Nightmare', 'Don't Open Til Doomsday'); Return of the Fly; Tales of Terror; Master of the World; Ten Who Dared; The Great Santini; King Rat
  49. Actor: Children of the Corn, Highway to Heaven, A Night at the Magic Castle, Beauty and the Beast, Child's Play, The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, Tammy and the T-Rex, Tower of Terror, Python, Star Trek Voyager
  50. Actor - Softly Softly, I Claudius, Doctor Who, Star Trek NG
  51. Actress: Star Trek ENT
  52. Star Trek ENT
  53. William Knight was born on December 6, 1933 as William Frederick Knight. He is an actor and writer, known for Ghost in the Shell (1995) Played Crewman Moody in Star Trek TOS Episode The Naked Time
  54. Voice Actor-Star Wars Force Unleashed Video Game(Voice of General Rahm Kota)# Star Trek: First Contact (1996) .... Vulcan Captain # Kilo (2010) Sgt. Miller # 'Picket Fences' .... Special Agent Johnston
  55. Star Trek ENT
  56. Played multiple roles, usually in background, in both Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager
  57. Actress: Star Trek ENT
  58. Star Trek ENT. Bones
  59. Father Lonigan on Passions, Star Trek: Insurrection
  60. Actor: Eureka, Max Headroom, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Dawn of the Dead, Hercules, Watchmen, Star Trek TNG, The Stand, Supergirl, The Lawnmower Man 2, PSI Factor, Orphan Black, Falling Skies, The Librarians, Timeless
  61. actor (star trek/the apple & red shirt)Voice-'Full Throttle' video game
  62. Author, Fantastic Four:Redemption of the Silver Surfer, Star Trek books
  63. Stuntman: Star Trek ENT, True Blood, The Avengers, The Dark Knight
  64. Actress- Star Trek Strange New Worlds; Skymed
  65. Second Assistant Director Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Trek Voyager