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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Selected Movie/TV Casts->Star Trek , A-Z Filter: P
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  1. Actor (b: 1964) - Little Manhattan, Law & Order (11 eps. as Asst. ME Borak), Michael & Michael Have Issues, The Bronx Is Burning, The Station Agent, Scream 3, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (v/Raphael), Phone Booth, Star Trek: DS9 (2 eps. as Gaila)
  2. Production Supervisor worked on several episodes of Star Trek and The Lucy Show
  3. Actor Star Trek DSN,
  4. Andrew Palmer  (2)
    Star Trek: First Contact (1996) Borg Drone # Guys of Tough (2009) (completed Mr. Periwinkle # Martial Law' .... Brigade #
  5. Former Welterweight Champion of the World. World Boxing HOF - 1989. International Boxing HOF - 2004. Actor - Fists Of Steel, Criminal Hearts, Geronimo: An American Legend, Timebomb, Rampage, Legal Tender, Star Trek: Voyager ('The Fight' as The Boxer)
  6. Sanjay on Weeds, Phineas and Ferb, Star Trek: Discovery
  7. Actor: The Sopranos, Bound, The Matrix, Risky Business, The Goonies, Bad Boys 1-2, La Bamba, The Fugitive, Memento, L.A. Law, Baby's Day Out, Beethoven, The Mean Season, Empire of the Sun, Midnight Run, The Idolmaker, The Handler, The Squeeze, Sense8
  8. Actor (b: 1950) - Newhart (as First Darryl), Factorum, Holiday Beach, Foxfire, Escape From NY, Star Trek: DS9 (1), Seinfeld (1)
  9. Pee-wee's Playhouse / Elvira, Mistress of the Dark / UHF, Star Trek DSN, Seinfeld
  10. Actor - The Mentalist, Star Trek Enterprise
  11. Actress (b: 1956) - Santa Barbara, Capitol, Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael, Stick, Peggy Sue Got Married, Scrooged, About Last Night, Star Trek: The Next Generation (1). Daughter of actress Shirley MacLaine
  12. Actor Star Trek Enterprise
  13. Actor: Something for Joey, Calling Doctor Storm M.D., A Killing Affair, Flying High, Joni, The Life and Times of Eddie Roberts, All My Children, Command 5 // Guest Star: The Rockford Files, CHiPs, Nero Wolfe, Airwolf, Cheers, Star Trek DS9
  14. American actress and singer born 1940.Linda Lewis on'Good Morning World'(1967-68),'The Nutty Professor','Paradise Hawaiian Style','Fireball 500','The Devil and Max Devlin','Days of Our Lives','Beverly Hills 90210','The Time Machine','Bonanza'
  15. Actress - Batman 1966-1967, Li'l Abner (as Daisy Mae), The Manchurian Candidate, Sex & The Single Girl, Portrait Of A Mobster, The Giant Spider Invasion, Missle To The Moon, many TV guest starring roles ('50's-'70's), Star Trek
  16. Actor (b: 1960) - Adam-12 (as Off. Gus Grant - 31 episodes), Knight Rider (as RC3 - 21 episodes), Young & The Restless, One Life To Live, As The World Turns, Star Trek: The Next Generation (1)
  17. Actress - Remington Steele, Star Trek DSN&VOY
  18. Stuntwoman/Actress - Dirty Harry, Blazing Saddles, Star Trek, Logan's Run, The Towering Inferno, The Cannonball Run I & II, 1941, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, Battle for the Planet of the Apes, The Black Hole, Convoy, The Love Bug
  19. Star Trek 2009, Big Momma's House 2
  20. Lt. Leslie on original Star Trek series
  21. Star Trek Untitled Sequel
  22. Actor - The Flying Nun, Friends & Lovers, Halloween 4, Dracula's Dog, The Baby, The Onion Field, Airport '77, Remo Williams, Rocky 4, Dead & Buried, Return Of Count Yorga Spider-Man '77, Star Trek (-Tribbles episode - 1st actor to speak Klingonese)
  23. Actor - Played a Transporter Technician in the Star Trek original series episode, 'The Alternative Factor'
  24. Actor:'Bones'Star Trek Enterprise
  25. Actor - Vulcan Bully:Star Trek 2009
  26. Jack Benny Program, GI Blues, Star Trek
  27. Actor - NCIS, Star Trek Enterprise
  28. Star Trek, Ambassador T'Pel - Selok - Katherine (2002) .... Kathy - 'NYPD Blue' .... Noreen Irvin. Lorraine Running Water in Bronco Billy (1980)
  29. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, 10 Things I Hate About You; Star Trek: Discovery, grandson of actor Gregory Peck
  30. Actor / Stuntman - Star Trek (4 episodes)
  31. Comedian/Actor - Spaced, Big Train, Shaun of the Dead (stars as Shaun & co-wrote), Hot Fuzz, Montgomery Scott (aka Scotty) in Star Trek (2009)
  32. Actor & Director: The Undercover Man, Ben Casey, Sixth and Main, The Wild Life, The Crossing Guard // Director: I Spy, A Man Called Adam, The Virginian, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Star Trek, Columbo, Magnum PI, Matlock // Father of Sean Penn & Chris Penn
  33. Actor - Remington Steele, Star Trek: The Next Generation
  34. Rick Blumenfeld - Gilmore Girls, Star Trek Voyager
  35. VP of DC Comics online. Has a card in the Star Trek CCG game 'CREW - Lieutenant Ron Perazza'
  36. Actor - Dead & Breakfast, Star Trek 2009
  37. Actor (b: 1933) - Arrest & Trial, Harrigan & Son, Falcon Crest, The Facts Of Life, Count Yorga Vampire 1&2, The Thing With 2 Heads, Roller Boogie, The Flying Fontaines, many TV guest roles (including Star Trek, Andy Griffith, Alfred Hitchcock, Munsters)
  38. Actor: The Untouchables, Al Capone, Some Like It Hot, Marty, The Harder They Fall, The Wild Party, The Wrong Man, Day Of The Outlaw, An American Tail, Twilight Zone, Wild Wild West, Gilligan's Island, Twins, Hunter, MacGyver, Magnum PI
  39. Mary Peters  (2)
    Stuntwoman/Actress-*M*A*S*H*,Evel Knievel,American Hot Wax,Topper,Baby Boom,Midnight Ride, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  40. Star Trek: Voyager, Robot Chicken
  41. Director of Photography - Spider-Man 2 , Bedazzled, Bubble Boy, Star Trek: First Contact (Additional Photography), Desperate Housewives
  42. D'Tan in TNG: 'Unification II'. He also appeared in DS9: 'Cardassians' as Rugal. - Beverly Hills, 90210' .... Adam - 'Mork & Mindy' .... The Elder
  43. US Character Actress - best known from Star Trek
  44. Director, 'The Strange Door', Lots Of TV, 'Bewitched' Munsters' 'Star Trek''Rockford Files'
  45. Actress: Ally McBeal, Breaking Free, Bella Mafia, Dead & Breakfast, Jeepers Creepers, Sliders, Boston Public, Living Out Loud, Hawaii, The Sickhouse, Ring Around the Rosie, Nailed, Hijacked, Chained
  46. Actor: Benson, Critters, Lean on Me, Glory, Star Trek Voyager (Neelix), The Shadow, Wagons East, Bad Santa, The Island, Boston Legal, Hallowed Ground, The Babysitters, The Young & the Restless
  47. Costume Designer - Star Trek: Discovery & Star Trek: Short Treks
  48. Am. Actor (b: 1925) - The Dirty Dozen, Capone (as Bugs Moran), Mackenna's Gold, The Killers, The Car, I Escaped From Devil's Island, The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie, Slaughter, many TV guest appearances (1962-1989)
  49. Actor Star Trek DSN
  50. Actor: Star Trek Voyager, Legend, The Golden Girls, Innerspace, The Howling, Loverboy, Back to School, Munchies, The 'burbs, 976-EVIL, The Wonder Years, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe
  51. Stunt Coordinator, Actor & Director: The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Die Hard 1 & 2. Appeared as a Enterprise security lieutenant in the Star Trek episode 'Day of the Dove'
  52. Stuntman, Stunt Coordinator, Star Trek Enterprise, Chuck
  53. voiced Chip in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. He played Peter in 'Jumanji' (1995). voiced Tails the fox in the 1993 Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon
  54. Actor - Chuck, Star Trek DSN & Generations
  55. Actor - Star Trek: Discovery, Far Cry series, The Expanse, Good Witch, Mayor of Kingstown, Circuit Breakers, Dark Matter, Betty and Coretta, Blue Mountain State, 21 Thunder
  56. Star Trek El-Adrel IV lifeform in TNG: 'Darmok', # The Omega Code (1999) (stunts) # Hard Time: The Premonition (1999) (TV) (stunts) # Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (1996) (stunts)
  57. Actress: Caroline in the City, Rodney, Aliens in America, The Weber Show, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, The Office, Muscle, Star Trek TNG, Audrey, No Tomorrow, Hit the Road
  58. Actor - Star Trek, General Hospital, Guiding Light, S.W.A.T., The White Shadow, The F.B.I., Another World, Here Come the Brides, Bright Promise, The Wild Scene
  59. co-creator and creative consultant on DS9 and Voyager
  60. Actor. Star Trek: 'The Cloud Minders' (1969); The Invaders, The F.B.I., I Spy, 12 O'Clock High
  61. Bloodline/Grandson of Scream Queen Anne Gwynne/The Princess Diaries 2, Captain James T. Kirk (Star Trek 2009)
  62. Publicist for movies 'Red Dawn','Star Trek III', 'The Fog'
  63. Actor - Phantom From 10,000 Leagues, The Lost Missle, DOA, MANY TV appearances (1952-1985), including Adv. Of Superman (2 - 1st season), Twilight Zone (2), Star Trek, Untouchables, Gunsmoke, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, One Step Beyond, Peter Gunn, Fugitive
  64. Actor: CHiPs, Red Eye, The Bold & the Beautiful, Star Trek VOY&ENT
  65. Comedian & Actor: Saturday Night Live, The House of God, Johnny Dangerously, Wise Guys, Dead Heat, Star Trek TNG, Sidekicks, 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd , Law & Order
  66. actress - Mary Margaret in 'Love & War', 'K'Ehleyr' 'Doctor Selar' in Star Trek TNG
  67. Actor: Circle of Power, An Officer and a Gentleman, Valley Girl, Three Amigos, Romero, The Rookie, JFK, Nixon, Lone Star, 187, Let the Devil Wear Black, Resurrection Blvd, Half Past Dead, 24, Ugly Betty, Pain & Gain The Golden Girls
  68. Actor: The Thing, A Death in California, Best Defense, Remington Steele, Matlock, Home Improvement, Diagnosis Murder, Star Trek Voyager, Seinfeld, Without a Trace, CSI Miami, Cheers, Fly By Night, Prison of Secrets
  69. Actress. Star Trek: 'The Cloud Minders' (1969) as Vanna; Mod Squad; Hawaii Five-O
  70. Actress, singer, playwright, director & founder - A Traveling Jewish Theatre in San Francisco, CA, also Star Trek
  71. Actress: Reba, Star Trek Voyager, Erin Brockovich, That's Life, Baby Geniuses, Happy Texas
  72. British actor. Dr. Who, Star Trek Born: 02/02/1916. One of a handful of actors to appear in both the Star Trek and Doctor Who franchises
  73. Canadian actor - Mr. Smith in 'Twice In a Lifetime'; Vampire's Anonymous, Star Trek DSN
  74. Actor: Search for Tomorrow, The Young and the Restless, Catacombs, War and Remembrance, Arena, Star Trek VI, Aspen Extreme, White Mile // Guest Star: The Golden Girls, Hunter, Matlock, In the Heat of the Night, Murder She Wrote, Earth- Final Conflict
  75. Enterprise lieutenant, Star Trek: First Contact - 'Six Feet Under' .... Dwight Edgar Garrison (1 episode, 2002) - Someone Else's Eyes (2002) TV episode (uncredited) .... Dwight Edgar Garrison
  76. Former Child Actor played 13 year old Spock in Star Trek III The Search for Spock, now a film editor
  77. Actress - Dangerous Women, Star Trek TNG Episode 'The Bonding'
  78. Actor - U-571, Band of Brothers, Star Trek Enterprise
  79. Actor: Star Trek ENT as Tyson Weihe
  80. Writer/Producer, Married... with Children, Dream On, Star Trek: Voyager, Dharma & Greg, The Gilmore Girls, and Big Bang Theory
  81. Actor 'The Paper Chase TV Series' 'The Hollywood Knights' 'Freddy's Nightmares TV Series' 'Bachelor Party' 'Star Trek: The Next Generation as Bjorn Benson/Produces annual OZ festival in Chicago
  82. Stuntman Star Trek DSN, Nemesis
  83. Actor: Shaft, Rich Man Poor Man, Mulligan's Stew, 9 to 5, The Deliberate Stranger, Doogie Howser, Angus, Star Trek DS9, American Pie, Profiler, The X - Files, The Guardian, Judging Amy, Transparent, Hart of Dixie
  84. Voice Over Talent, Actor, Mission Impossible, Star Trek DSN
  85. Actor: V, Amitville 2, The Wide Country, Dr. Kildare, The Road West, Chisum, Nightmare Circus, Grizzly, The Town That Dreaded Sundown, And the Children Shall Lead, Eliminators, Chill Factor, Star Trek - The Next Generation, Weird Science
  86. 'Star Trek: Voyager Vidiian Commander - Stolen Lives (2009) Lawyer
  87. Star Trek: DS9 and Voyager. Brathaw & Otrin -K-11 as Simon Schwartz - NCIS as Carl Dalton -
  88. Actor: Capitol, Santa Barbara, Knots Landing, Riptide, Hot Child in the City, Jake and the Fatman, High Mountain Rangers, Booker, Hunter, The Marrying Man, L.A. Law, V.I. Warshawski, Dead By Sunset, Without Evidence, Nowhere Man, Star Trek Voyager
  89. Actor: One Day at a Time, Jaws 3, 21 Jump Street, The Sure Thing, Welcome to 18, Men at Work, Room for Two, Skeeter, Camp Nowhere, Clear and Present Danger, Star Trek - Generations
  90. Star Trek as Nancy III / Here's Lucy (TV series) as Beauty Contestant #1