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Browsing Category Home->Sports->Wrestling->WWE/TNA etc. , A-Z Filter: C
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  1. Pro Wrestler/NWA World Champion
  2. WWE Superstar
  3. Wrestler/Body Builder - Impact Wrestling
  4. wrestler, XPW, ECW, part of tag team The Elimanators with Perry Saturn, aka John Kronus
  5. Former WCW Wrestler
  6. American Female Former Adult Film Star And Wrestler (1988-2006)
  7. Pro wrestler in the original ECW
  8. WWE Superstar. Has a 22-1 WrestleMania Record. Losing for the first time at WrestleMania XXX (30) by Brock Lesnar
  9. Wrestler of the 1970's - Ring Name of Haystacks Calhoun
  10. Wrestler
  11. Donald Callis is a Canadian former professional wrestler and manager. He appeared under the name 'The Jackyll' in World Wrestling Federation and Cyrus in Extreme Championship Wrestling. He currently is Executive Vice President of Impact
  12. Wrestling interviewer
  13. GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) - Envy of The Soul Patrol
  14. Mad Man Pondo, Wrestler (Hardcore), In '2001 Maniacs'
  15. Wrestler
  16. Former WWF wrestler
  17. WWE Development Wrestler
  18. Wrestler/powerlifter
  19. Lz-xray 1965 vietnam 1/7 cav
  20. Wrestler on Tough Enough
  21. wrestling pitchman
  22. Wrestler
  23. Professional wrestler, currently wrestles for the WWE as Zack Ryder
  24. WWE Wrestler known as Santino Marella
  25. WCW wrestler
  26. Wrestling Manager, 'Flamboyant'
  27. WWE Development Wrestler (Bobby Dutch)
  28. Lz xray 1965 vietnam
  29. Female Wrestler/Was in TNA and ROH/Known as Simply Luscious
  30. French actress-Girls Dormitory,The Grand Maneuver,The Maiden,Escapade,The House of Lovers,Why Women Sin,Female Prisoner,Delphine
  31. NXT Wrestler
  32. Dixie Carter  (2)
    Owner of Total Nonstop Wrestling (TNA)
  33. WWF Diva, WWF wrestler, Jerry 'The King' Lawler's Ex-Wife
  34. Former pro wrestler GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling)
  35. WWE Interviewer
  36. Wrestler known as Jailbait on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  37. Professional Wrestler
  38. Fitness Model, Female Body Builder, Female Wrestler
  39. Wrestler
  40. Professional Indy Wrestler
  41. Known as the King of Swing in WWE
  42. WWE Wrestler
  43. Female wrestler
  44. Puerto Rican wrestler, son of Huracan Castillo padre
  45. Wrestler for Ring Of Honor
  46. NXT wrestler
  47. Wrestling Announcer
  48. female wrestler
  49. MMA fighter
  50. WWE Superstar
  51. Wrestling announcer
  52. Pro wrestler known as 'Thunder Rosa'
  53. Soldier who is portrayed in an iconic Vietnam Photograph wearing his 'War is Hell' helmet by Horst Faas
  54. British wrestler
  55. Wrestler known as Little Fiji on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  56. Wrestling Referee/Was in TNA
  57. Charlotte  (3)
    Born Ashley Elizabth Fliehr on 4-5-86. She's the daughter of Ric Flair. She currently wrestles for WWE and is the current Divas Champion
  58. Former WWF(E) Wrestler
  59. Professional Wrestler
  60. ECW - Chris Chetti
  61. American professional wrestler
  62. Wrestling ring announcer for WWE Smackdown
  63. WWE Referee
  64. Wrestler known as Broadway Rose #1 on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  65. Wrestler known as Cheyenne Cher on GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
  66. Retired professional wrestler and actor best known for his 26 year stint with NJPW. As the leader of NWO Japan,he was the promotion's top heel for much of his career, beginning in 1994 when he adopted his Yakuza inspired gimmick
  67. PWHF Professional Wrestling
  68. Wrestler
  69. Pro Wrestler on WWE's NXT
  70. WWE star - Jerry 'the king' Lawler's son
  71. Retired Pro Wrestler
  72. Professional female wrestler
  73. Professional Wrestler - WWF, AWA. Actor - The Golden Child, Red Heat, Blind Fury
  74. Current WWE/NXT heavyweight champion; former Ring Of Honor Wrestler
  75. Independent wrestler known as Facade, The Neon Ninja. Has held many championships in different organizations
  76. Wrestler
  77. Bryan Clark  (2)
    Professional Wrestler
  78. TNA NWA Wrestler
  79. Patrick Clark  (2)
    Velveteen Dream in NXT Wrestling
  80. Formerly married to Chris Adams and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. Wrestling Valet
  81. WWE Development Wrestler (Mike McGrath)
  82. Actress/Model-Backstage Interviewer for TNA Wrestling,Playboy Special Editions
  83. WWE's 'The Coach', Sportscenter Anchor
  84. wwf wrestler
  85. Pro wrestler
  86. MMA foghter
  87. Wrestler
  88. Adam Cole  (3)
    Current NXT performer (WWE); former Ring Of Honor Wrestler
  89. Professional Wrestler from 1928-1958 Born: 09/30/1905
  90. WWF Wrestler, Moondog Rex, Original Smash of Demolition
  91. Pro Wrestler
  92. Puerto Rican pro wrestling champion, WWE wrestler (when the WWE was still the WWF), father of WWE wrestler Carly Colon (his son is also aka Carlitos Caribbean Cool)
  93. WWE Superstar
  94. WWE Superstar, Brother of Carlito son of Carlos Colon
  95. WWE Development Wrestler
  96. Former Pro Wrestler and Commentator For Championship Wrestling From Florida
  97. Professional Wrestler
  98. Female Pro Wrestler (AWA/NWA/WWF)
  99. Wrestler
  100. WWE wrestler (Domino) of the tag team Deuce and Domino
  101. Professional Wrestler/Member of The Midnight Express
  102. Former WWE superstar
  103. Former WWE superstar
  104. NXT wrestler
  105. WWE Wrestler
  106. Levi Cooper  (2)
    NXT wrestler
  107. WWE wrestler Muhammad Hassan
  108. WWE Wrestler Edge, guest Star of SyFy's Haven
  109. Professional Woman Wrestler
  110. Pro wrestler. Son of Steve Corino
  111. Pro Wrestler / Former ECW Heavyweight Champion
  112. Cornelius  (2)
  113. aka Dazzler Joe Cornelius former wrestler & actor in the Carry On's
  114. Wrestling Manager, Commentator, Announcer, Wrestler
  115. Legendary wrestling manager, promoter, color commentary, and most recently star of his own podcasts on wrestling history
  116. Former manager of 'Leviathan' (Batista) in Ohio Valley Wrestling. Married to Ring Of Honor Commissioner Jim Cornette
  117. Wrestler - Pro Wrestling Unplugged
  118. Referee
  119. WWE Announcer
  120. Model and wrestler in 1950's
  121. UFC Fighter & Actor: The Scorpion King 2, The Expendables, Hijacked, Ambushed, Stretch, Hawaii Five-0
  122. TNA NWA Wrestler, Former WCW Wrestler
  123. Steve Cox  (4)
    Awa wrestling
  124. Eva Marie on WWE and Total Divas
  125. RIBA Chartered Architect, Professional Wrestling Historian and Author
  126. former Nitro Girl AC Jazz
  127. WWE Development Diva/Sister of Alicia Fox
  128. NXT wrestler
  129. WWE Diva known as 'Alicia Fox'
  130. Professional wrestler
  131. Wrestler
  132. Wrestler
  133. Wrestler
  134. Owner of Jim Crockett Productions in NWA
  135. Pro Wrestler
  136. Professional Wrestler Ring Announcer
  137. Professional Woman Wrestler
  138. Former WWE Tag team of JTG and Shad
  139. Former Nitro Girl Whisper, married to Shawn Michaels
  140. Fred Thomas Koury Jr. (born June 12, 1943) better known by his ring name Flying' Fred Curry, was an American professional wrestler of Lebanese descent. The son of 'Wild Bull' Curry, Fred Koury was one of the most popular stars in the Midwest United States
  141. TNA wrestler
  142. wrestling
  143. Wrestler
  144. Professional Wrestler in TNA and WWE
  145. Former World Championship Wrestling wrestler named Max Muscle