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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Presenter/Host (TV) , A-Z Filter: S
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  1. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  2. Canadian television-show host, interior designer and writer, who currently co-hosts the afternoon talk show Steven and Chris with longtime partner Chris Hyndman on CBC Television
  3. French TV/radio Presenter
  4. French journalist, radio & TV host, sometimes writer
  5. Presenter
  6. Former Weather Channel Anchor, Now Salt Lake City Meteorologist
  7. Veteran Broadcast Journalist: Co-Host of '60 Minutes'
  8. sportscaster/restauranter
  9. Lester on NBC's Chuck
  10. Singer/Musician
  11. Host - The Pat Sajak Show, Wheel of Fortune, vietnam vet- armed forces vietnam radio 1968- saigon
  12. NESN Broadcaster
  13. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  14. NBA player,co/host The Best Damn Sports Show,Period
  15. New Blue Peter presenter
  16. Actor/host 'Rogue Nature'
  17. Presenter
  18. CBC Personality
  19. Italian TV-Presenter (RAI-LA7-SKY)
  20. Model/Actress-Ready to Wear,The 5th Element,Celebrity,Hostage,Zoolander,Playboy January 2006
  21. Entertainer
  22. WPIX in New York, medical correspondent
  23. Presenter
  24. Children's TV Presenters
  25. Presenter
  26. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  27. TV Presenter
  28. Austrian singer, songwriter, producer, dancer and model
  29. presenter, The Daily Politics show.
  30. Australian Actress played Anastasia Hamilton on the Australian tv show The Gods of Wheat Street 2014. Also in Several other films and tv shows
  31. Executive Chef - Aquavit, Riingo, C-House, Marc Burger & Red Rooster Harlem; TV Personality
  32. Puerto Rican radio and television personality
  33. Soccer player
  34. IGN Host
  35. News Presenter
  36. Puerto Rican wrestling sportscasterr
  37. sportscaster
  38. Commentator; Narrator for 'Autopsy'
  39. Professional Swimmer/Olympic Champion-1992 Double Gold Medalist,1992 Silver Medalist,1992 Bronze Medalist, Host - NBA Inside Stuff, Figure it Out, The Sports List. Swimsuit Model 1993 Portfolio 6 trading cards
  40. uk tv host
  41. TV Presenter/Hostess (The History of Lingerie; Big Brother's Little Brother;Men in Frocks; Cosmetic Surgery Live; Faking It; etc.) Also Style Guru and Interior Designer
  42. Henry Sandon is an antiques expert particularly in the field of ceramics.He has been a valuer on the Antiques Roadshow for many years
  43. News Presenter
  44. Kirsten 'Kiki' Sanford (born August 1, 1974) is an American neurophysiologist and science communicator.
  45. Sportscaster for The Score network in Canada
  46. Sportscaster, Co-host of 'Live' with Regis during Kelly Ripa's pregnancy
  47. TV Host
  48. Television gossiper, ventriloquist, 'La Comay'
  49. Born November 15, 1991, American model, actress and YouTube personality
  50. Co - host of Gilbert Godfrieds Amazing Colossal Podcast and TV writer
  51. Chef, Judge on Food Network's Chopped
  52. Sarah Wilson is an Australian journalist, television presenter, blogger, media consultant and author of the best-selling 'I Quit Sugar' book. (wikipedia)
  53. Spanish TV talk show host
  54. Famous Spanish TV host
  55. Host of SpeedFreaks
  56. Host of 'Unscrewed' on Tech TV
  57. Presenter
  58. Tv personality
  59. HSN Host
  60. presents T4 with vernon kay
  61. French cooker and TV host
  62. mouseketeer mickey mouse club 1950's
  63. Sportscaster, Fox Sports Detroit
  64. German TV Presenter
  65. Presenter
  66. TV Host / Collder Video
  67. Model, American television personality and host
  68. Male Host/Presenter
  69. former Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay Packers center
  70. Austrian TV Presenter
  71. CBC Personality
  72. TV Moderatorin
  73. Dutch Presenter
  74. Explorer
  75. ESPN announcer
  76. BBC7 DJ
  77. former Detroit Pistons & Timberwolves Head Coach; currently coaches the Washington Wizards
  78. Born 1968, illustrator for comics and makes YouTube videos of his water color, colored pencils, and gouache art
  79. Co-Host of Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel
  80. author and radio show host of The Savage Nation
  81. Co-Host of 'Autograph Weekly' along with SS; Did live stream for a certian amount of years; Big time autograph hound
  82. Tv presenter
  83. Actor, Model
  84. CBC Personality
  85. Anchor On FSN Pittsburgh
  86. Indian politician,dancer, model, Hindi film and television actress & television talk show host
  87. (born August 1966) is a businesswoman, interior designer and a dealer both through her own companies and on the Channel 4 programme Four Rooms & Your Home in Their Hands
  88. commentator
  89. German Moderator
  90. Co-host of Nat Geo TV show 'Diggers' nicknamed 'The Ringmaster'
  91. Announcer for TV channel Veronica in the 80s
  92. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  93. Children's Author
  94. Tv presenter, the one show, robot wars
  95. HSN Host
  96. Author
  97. former congressman/host - 'Scarborough Country' (MSNBC)
  98. TV host (Weird US), author (Weird NJ, Weird US), co-founder and editor of WeirdNJ magazine
  99. Football Broadcaster
  100. Female Host/Presenter
  101. UK Presenter
  102. Host Of MTV's 'Nikki And Sara Live', Comedienne
  103. Presenter
  104. Austrian TV Presenter
  105. Historian / Television Presenter
  106. German Show-Master
  107. TV Host
  108. American motivational speaker, humorist, and author. Was featured in the film The Greatest Days of Your Life...So Far. for which he won the Silver Screen award for writing/performing. Won an Emmy Award as writer/producer for an ABC special
  109. UFC Fighter in the Heavyweight Division (MMA Record: 7 wins, 1 loss) - Former Arena Football League Player for the Utah Blaze
  110. Celebrity Long Island Chef; author of Playing With Fire-Whining and Dining on the Gold Coast, about his 100 wackiest customers from the last forty years; hosts a weekly food, wine, and lifestyle radio show; founder of the band ?Hurricane'
  111. TV Presenter - ORF
  112. Entertainer, television host
  113. German literary critic and tv host
  114. Female Host/Presenter
  115. German TV Presenter
  116. Norwegian tv sports commentator
  117. Baseball On-Air Broadcaster
  118. Belgian showhost
  119. TV Presenter - ORF
  120. German TV-Host, Comedian and actor born in 1924.First TV-Show in 1961.'Zum Blauen Bock'(1968-86),'Schlagerparade','Klimbim','Kein Pardon','Dalli Dalli','Am laufenden Band'.Famous for his 'Hessischen Dialekt'
  121. sportscaster
  122. Presenter
  123. German TV Presenter
  124. Voice Over Talent
  125. Dutch Tattoo Artist
  126. TV Presenter - The Score
  127. Austrian TV Presenter
  128. TV-Presenter
  129. German TV Presenter
  130. Fox News Political pundit, head of the American Conservative Union, husband of Mercedes Schlapp (White House Director Of Communications)
  131. German TV Presenter, Singer/Musician
  132. former college/NFL guard; played for University of Idaho, Redskins & Broncos; 2X Pro Bowler; 3X Super Bowl champion; currently works for ESPN; father of major league pitcher, Daniel Schlereth
  133. CBC Personality
  134. 50-year journalism career. Broadcast analyst and author of 40 baseball books, Won awards for writing, editing, graphic design, and public service., Founder of NATJA. Co-host/executive producer of the weekly TRAVEL ITCH RADIO show
  135. German TV Presenter
  136. TV Presenter - ORF
  137. German TV Presenter and musician/singer
  138. German TV Presenter
  139. Female Host/Presenter
  140. german entertainer, host of 'Die Harald Schmidt Show'
  141. Presenter
  142. CBC Personality
  143. Journalist & tv-presenter, daughter of former german chancellor Helmut Schmidt
  144. German TV Presenter
  145. german tv presenter, author
  146. TV Presenter - ORF
  147. German TV Presenter
  148. comedienne/host - 'White Noise,' (t.v. series), 'The Upright Citizens' Brigade' (t.v. series)
  149. German TV Presenter
  150. IGN Host
  151. Associate professor of Natural Sciences, regular guest on Ancient Aliens TV programme
  152. Tv presenter
  153. Actress
  154. UK's National Lottery Winning Line's, Quiz test the nation & this morning, former going live kids tv presenter to
  155. Singer/Host
  156. German TV Presenter
  157. Female Host/Presenter
  158. German TV Presenter
  159. NFL Network host/analyst
  160. German TV Presenter
  161. German TV Presenter
  162. German TV-host
  163. Actor
  164. TV Presenter - ORF
  165. TV Presenter - ORF
  166. German TV host
  167. Voice Over Talent
  168. Male TV Host
  169. German Showmaster
  170. German TV Presenter
  171. Male TV Host
  172. German Radio Presenter
  173. German TV Presenter
  174. Photographer, actor & Producer; appeared in the film 'Catfish' and host of the TV show by the same name; brother of Ariel Schulman
  175. Actress
  176. Male Host/Presenter
  177. Journalist, host
  178. TV Presenter - CityTV Calgary
  179. Retired NFL and CFL Player,Dallas Cowboys (1983-1985)Toronto Argonauts (1986-1994)CFL Commentator
  180. Talk Show Host
  181. Singer/Musician
  182. Born 2 May 1948 in Münster, Germany Actorsschool in Bochum, Moderator, Actor... Showmaster ( Ruck Zuck) Dschungel Camp in Germany
  183. German TV Presenter
  184. TV Host
  185. Singer/Actress
  186. Actress - Oesters van Nam Kee, Cool, Goeden Tijden, Slechte Tijden, Medea, Volle Maan
  187. Dutch Presenter
  188. Actress
  189. German Weather Host, Author
  190. Co-host of techtvs Call For Help
  191. TV Presenter - ORF
  192. German TV Host (n-tv)
  193. TV Presenter - ORF
  194. German actress - 'RTL Samstag Nacht'
  195. Male Host/Presenter
  196. Male Host/Presenter
  197. TV Presenter - ORF
  198. German Top Model of the 50/60tys,TV-Host('Die Abendschau')and Actress born 1935.Miss World 1956.Movies-->'Edgar Wallace:Seven Blood Stained Orchids','Magnificent Rouge','School of Fear','Dead One in the Thames River'
  199. Female Host/Presenter
  200. TV Presenter - ORF
  201. TV Presenter - ORF
  202. german talkshow host
  203. German Radio Host - Eins Live
  204. German TV Presenter
  205. Male Host/Presenter
  206. Modertor - Was Miss Sachsen
  207. german tv host
  208. commentator
  209. Cubs TV broadcaster
  210. Italian TV-Host
  211. CNN anchor
  212. German journalist & tv host
  213. Actress & Children's TV Presenter on Children's ITV
  214. Host of Miami TV
  215. Belgian tv presenter
  216. Presenter
  217. mouseketeer mickey mouse club 1950's
  218. Actress (b: 1961) - Due South (38 episodes as Margaret Thatcher), Days Of Our Lives (as Melissa Anderson #2), Guiding Light (as Natalie Copeland), X-Men '94 (v/Lilandra), Jake & Jill (as Jill), The Camilla Scott Show (host)
  219. Drew Scott  (2)
    One of HGTV's "Property Brothers;" Also on Brother vs. Brother
  220. UK Presenter
  221. Scientist and TV presenter
  222. Female Model
  223. Presenter - Driven - Channel 4
  224. John Scott  (3)
  225. Zoologist, presenter, photographer, author - 'Big Cat Diaries' , 'Big Cat week' and 'Elephant Diaries'
  226. Half of HGTV's "Property Brothers;" also on Brother vs. Brother
  227. TV Presenter - European Poker Tour
  228. Voice Over Talent
  229. Michael Scott  (6)
    Ancient Historian, Writer & Speaker. Ancient Discoveries (The History Channel)
  230. Broadcaster
  231. Broadcaster and Journalist.
  232. ESPN Sportscaster
  233. Adult television presenter with Playboy UK,Television X the Fantasy Channel,countless magazine features and photoshoots etc
  234. Italian Tv-presenter(who Wants To Be A Millionar)
  235. Presenter
  236. Tv presenter
  237. Host of Destructoid
  238. NBC Dallas/Fort Worth Newsteam
  239. member of the 1999 U.S. Womens World Cup Soccer Team.
  240. Radio DJ on Star 98.7 FM, E! Network, host of American Idol
  241. Presenter
  242. Singaporean model, Miss Singapore Universe 2006 runnner-up
  243. Presenter
  244. Australian Television Presenter specialising in gardening
  245. CBC Personality
  246. Presenter
  247. One of the pioneers of television and radio gardening programs in Australia
  248. TV Presenter - CityTV Toronto
  249. Antiques Expert & TV Personality (Bargain Hunt, Flog It!, etc.)
  250. UK TV Presenter
  251. In arte 'AMADEUS'Italian TV-presenter for TV-shows and music
  252. French TV/radio presenter
  253. Professional Poker Player. Co-founder of Host of Poker2Nite TV show
  254. On-Air Personality Big Ten Network
  255. German TV host (Soccer, Game Shows)
  256. Presenter
  257. Forever celebrity chef; TV host of The Main
  258. TV Presenter - ORF
  259. CBC Personality
  260. German TV Presenter
  261. CBC Personality
  262. CBC Personality
  263. former college/NFL cornerback/safety; played for USC, Rams & Giants; married to actress Angie Harmon
  264. MSNBC anchor/host - 'MSNBC investigates'
  265. German TV Presenter
  266. TV Presenter - The Score
  267. American lawyer, radio talk show host, political consultant, Executive Director at the American Center for Law & Justice, a conservative international public interest law firm and watchdog group founded by his father, Jay Sekulow
  268. Actress
  269. Actor
  270. CNN Anchor / Reporter
  271. Female Host/Presenter
  272. German actress 'Rote Rosen'
  273. German TV Presenter
  274. TV Host/News Personality-Celebrity Homes,Revenge on the Highway,Best Actress,Out To Lunch
  275. Italian Journalist & TV presenter
  276. German moderator, 'BRISANT', 'MDR um 2'
  277. Television Critic
  278. Broadcaster
  279. French journalist, TV host, presenter and writer
  280. Broadcaster
  281. Screenwriter & Host of the Twilight Zone
  282. GMTV Weekend Team
  283. UK Presenter
  284. Actor/Journalist/Radio Presenter.1940's-70's. Born: 08/19/1919
  285. French tv presenter
  286. Auctioneer and Antiques Expert, often seen on BBC TV
  287. Presenter
  288. CNN Anchor / Reporter
  289. Co-Host of Tech Tvs X-Play G3 - XPLAY
  290. Former CNN political commentator, contributor to ABC News and former GOP communications director on Capitol Hill
  291. UK Presenter
  292. MTV Road Rules/Northern Trail, MTV Road Rules- Real World Challenge of the Season
  293. French TV presenter, weather anchor
  294. Host of Tv's Friday Night on NBC
  295. Channel 7 hit show My Kitchen Rules
  296. American bandstand dancer, now joyce s roth of new jersey
  297. Comedian, Talk show host, host of match game 90
  298. Actress
  299. Broadcaster
  300. St. Louis Cardinals radio announcer and former player
  301. Saturday Night Live, Superstar
  302. Actor
  303. Dutch Presenter
  304. Presents Globe Trekker
  305. American attorney, sports agent, author, negotiator, educator, speaker, and civic leader. Founded Shapiro Advisors, the Shapiro Negotiations Institute and Shapiro Sher. Appeared on GMA, CNBC, Larry King, NPR, etc. Hosted a weekly TV show
  306. Presenter
  307. TV Presenter - CityTV Toronto
  308. Presenter
  309. TV Presenter - The Score
  310. Tv Presenter for Sportsnet Central. Also has been a presenter on NBC Sports, CNBC, MTV, and CBS Sports
  311. Host/Presenter
  312. Gary Sharp  (2)
    Sport's Talk Show Host The Zone In Omaha
  313. Actress
  314. Presenter of Children's game show Fun House
  315. Chicago Blackhawks (NHL) Forward - Stanley Cup Winner in '10
  316. BBC Radio 3 Presenter (Late Junction and Hear & Now)
  317. former college/NFL tight end; played for Savannah State University, Denver Broncos & Baltimore Ravens; second all-time receiving tight end; 8X Pro Bowler; 3X World Champion (XXXII, XXXIII & XXXV); NFL broadcaster for CBS
  318. Presenter, Working Lunch BBC2. Regular contributor to Business Programmes. Author.
  319. Author
  320. 'Showbiz Today','Commander In Chief'
  321. Australian Rugby Player
  322. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  323. CBC Personality
  324. Host of USA's Up All Night 1991-98// Actress: Basic Training, Prison A Go-Go, Legend of The Party Nerds 2, Galaxina, Legend of the Roller Blade 7, Spaceballs, Doin' Time, Frogtown 2. Playboy Jun 91/Oct 93. Ms Louisiana & USA. Named after Rhonda Fleming
  325. MTV VJ
  326. Announcer on the Yes Network
  327. 1976/77 World 500cc Mototcycle Champion, Channel 10 Sports Commentator
  328. Tv presenter
  329. Presenter
  330. Former Union J singer and former Capital Breakfast Presenter
  331. Actress 1930's-40's.1940s1930sStar Dust (1940) (uncredited) .... Autograph Seeker Assassin of Youth (1937) .... Edith ... aka 'Marihuana' - USA (review title)... aka 'The Marijuana Menace' - USA (DVD title)Gambling with Souls (1936) ....
  332. Actress
  333. News Reporter/Anchor - WRGB CBS 6 Albany
  334. CBC Personality
  335. Miss Teen USA 1989, Miss USA 1997, Barker Beauty on The Price is Right (2002-2009)
  336. Presenter
  337. Award-winning host, storyteller and viral content creator
  338. Canadian Olympic Gymnist
  339. Female Model
  340. Co host fox and friends
  341. Game show host(where in time is carmen sandiego)
  342. commentator
  343. John Shires  (2)
    ITV Yorkshire Presenter
  344. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  345. former college/NFL quarterback; played for University of Georgia and Atlanta Falcons; All - SEC 2005; SEC Championship Game MVP (2005); won 2 SEC Championships while at Georgia
  346. Presenter - Playdate - ITV 2
  347. On the tv show auction kings on discovery channel
  348. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  349. Channel One anchor
  350. Singer. TV Celebrity. Talk Show Host
  351. QVC Hostess
  352. Percussionist & co-writer/producer
  353. Presenter and reporter at Sky
  354. TV Host - Two For The Money, The Herb Shriner Show. Father of Wil & Kin Shriner
  355. Presenter
  356. ESPN MLB Anchor/Reporter
  357. ReelzChannel Host
  358. CBC Personality
  359. BBC 1Xtra DJ and I'm a Celebrity contestant
  360. Sports Anchor
  361. TV Presenter - ORF
  362. Iran Hostage Crisis Survivor/ U.S. Marine Corps Guard
  363. The Sidemen  (2)
    YouTube group. Members are Olajide Olatunji (KSI), Simon Minter (Miniminter), Tobi Brown (Tobjizzle), Ethan Payne (Behzinga), Josh Bradley (Zerkaa), Harry Lewis (Wroetoshaw) and Vik Barn (Vikkstar123)
  364. CTV Winnipeg Anchor - weekends at 6 and 11:30 p.m
  365. Big Joe on Big Joe's Polka Show
  366. Screenwriter - Welcome To Chippendales
  367. Assistant Editor, The Times, Broadcaster.
  368. Presenter
  369. sportscaster
  370. Comedianne actress & One of the host of Tru TV's World's Dumbest
  371. adult film star / co-host 'Ebony Nights' (K-Sex Radio)
  372. aka Frank Sidebottom children's presenter
  373. Former speakerine
  374. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  375. Musician, television host
  376. Footballer with Brazilian National Team and with Arsenal
  377. Actress
  378. Media Personality
  379. Voice Over Talent
  380. Presenter - The Peoples Museum, BBC1
  381. Celebrity Host/Chef on Food Network
  382. BBC News 24
  383. Model playboy cover model Netherlands and other countrys
  384. TV Presenter - ORF
  385. Co-host - Life & Style (t.v. series, 2004-present), formerly married to Russell Simmons
  386. Longtime announcer for S.F. Giants, Received 2004 Ford C. Frick Broadcasting Award from the BBHOF
  387. CBS News Correspondant, 60 Minutes
  388. Michael Simon  (2)
    Iron Chef, host of the Chew
  389. Univ. of Arizona Championship/coach
  390. Tv presenter
  391. commentator
  392. Female Host/Presenter
  393. German sport moderator
  394. Actor
  395. ex-French tv presenter
  396. Entertainer, presenter, author, model, actor and columnist
  397. CBC Personality
  398. Personality on The Reelz Channel
  399. Tv personnality
  400. Dutch TV Host
  401. Singer/Musician
  402. Presenter - Top Gear, BBC2
  403. Voice Over Talent
  404. The first play-by-play announcer for ESPN
  405. Rob Simpson  (2)
    NESN Broadcaster
  406. Former French tv man
  407. Actress: MTV's House Of Style, Las Vegas, Fired Up!, Starsky & Hutch, Yes Man, The Carrie Diaries // Model: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Playboy January 2002
  408. French journalist, former wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn
  409. Presenter
  410. Presenter
  411. Singaporean TV show Puah Chu Kang
  412. CBC Hockey play-by-play sportscaster
  413. TV Doctor (UK)
  414. Daybreak Presenter
  415. Tv Presenter - GMB
  416. Chef & TV presenter
  417. former major league outfielder/DH; played for Orioles, Expos & Mets; 1X World Series Champion; 3X All-Star; currently a commentator for the New York Yankees on the YES Network
  418. One of the original presenters on Blue Peter
  419. CBC Personality
  420. UK Presenter
  421. Horror tv host
  422. Presenter
  423. ESPN anchor
  424. Female Host/Presenter
  425. Male Host/Presenter
  426. American film critic and journalist for the Chicago Tribune. Along with colleague Roger Ebert, he hosted the popular review show Siskel & Ebert At the Movies
  427. Children's Author
  428. Voice Over Talent
  429. Swedish tv hostess, author
  430. Presenter
  431. Norwegian TV host
  432. Female norwegian host, contestant on norway dancing with the stars 2020
  433. Irish singer, television personality/presenter, food writer/chef and photographer. He was also a member of the boy band 'Streetwize'. He also took part in Eurosong 2008 to represent Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008
  434. TV Presenter
  435. Presenter- Celebrity Interviewer, Travel/Fashion.
  436. Swedish TV profile/ Health guru
  437. German Moderator (Sport)
  438. Singer & TV Host
  439. TV Host
  440. Author
  441. TV Presenter - CityTV Calgary
  442. UK 'Whos Line Is It Anyway?'
  443. IGN Host
  444. TV Presenter - CbeebieS
  445. CTV Winnipeg Anchor - weeknights at 11:30 p.m
  446. TV Presenter - ORF
  447. Dutch Playboymodel, soapstar & tvshow host
  448. Andy Smart  (2)
    Comedian, founder member of the Comedy Store Players
  449. Author, speaker and American child safety activist and commentator for ABC News. She gained national attention at the age of 14 when she was abducted from her home in Salt Lake City by Brian David Mitchell. Founded Elizabeth Smart Foundation
  450. Tv host
  451. Vocalist
  452. Talk show host
  453. TV Presenter : Changing Rooms, National Lottery
  454. Singer
  455. Dutch Presenter
  456. TV Host/Singer
  457. Children's TV Show Host (Howdy Doody). Singer
  458. Adam Smith  (2)
  459. Adam Smith  (8)
    Sky Sports Columnist
  460. CBC Personality
  461. Former Sports Commentator on Australian Television
  462. Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  463. Dwight Smith  (4)
    CBC Personality - World Report (Reporter)
  464. Gary Smith  (2)
    TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  465. Holly Smith  (2)
    Host/Celebrity Chef on Food Network
  466. Jack Smith  (5)
    Singer (as 'Smilin' Jack Smith'). Actor - On Moonlight Bay. TV Host - You Asked For It (1958-1991), Place The Face (1953)
  467. Politician
  468. Jeff Smith  (11)
    Author of several best-selling cookbooks and the host of 'The Frugal Gourmet', a popular American cooking show
  469. CBC Personality - Moving On (Host)
  470. Presenter
  471. Presenter
  472. fitness model/trainer/t.v. host
  473. Male Model
  474. host on CMT (country music television), MWL (most wanted live)
  475. afternoon drive host at KLAC AM570, LA’s top sports-talk radio station, Author - The Great Book of Los Angeles Sports Lists
  476. Michael Smith  (9)
    Olympic Decathlete, CBC Sports
  477. US Olympic softball pitcher
  478. Michele Smith  (2)
    Model/Host-American Thunder,Playboy Cover Model
  479. Mike Smith  (14)
    Former radio DJ and TV presenter, married to Sarah Greene
  480. Nick Smith  (2)
    Presenter - American Inventor
  481. UK Presenter
  482. Host of P. Allen Smith Garden Home and author of numerous garden books
  483. TV Presenter
  484. Presenter/Dancer/Model
  485. Driver Of The Sprint Cup #78 Furniture Row Chevy
  486. former college/NFL running back; played for Ohio State University & Vikings; 2X Pro Bowler; Vikings career rushing yards leader with 6,818; currently works for ESPN
  487. Rod Smith  (2)
    TV Presenter - TSN
  488. commentator
  489. Sarah Smith  (2)
    Presenter, More4 News.
  490. Show Host
  491. Steve Smith  (3)
    Canadian Actor/Comedian. Star Of 'The Red Green Show','The Chase'
  492. Steve Smith  (7)
    Ex-high Jumper/British Record Holder, Broadcaster
  493. Sue Smith  (3)
    CBC Personality
  494. Tiffany Smith  (2)
    TV/Movie Host
  495. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  496. Presenter
  497. Dutch TV Host / Idols Judge
  498. Dutch Presenter