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  1. Mascot for a&w root beer restaurant
  2. Tetris World Champion
  3. Also known as Nick Beef. Owns the cemetery plot next to Lee Harvey Oswald
  4. Famous fabricater of hoaxes
  5. LBJ - Chief of Protocol for President Johnson, husband of Bess C. Abell (Personal/White House secretary to Lady Bird Johnson)
  6. Psychologist
  7. former university librarian at UCLA
  8. Astronaut - Payload Specialist for STS 51F
  9. Lord Acton, UK parliament member
  10. Whitewater Jury Member who wore Star Trek Uniform, Featured in Trekkies Movies 1 and 2, Star Trek Fan Club
  11. Baroness Adams of Craigielea. UK parliament member
  12. Sally Adams  (2)
    DJ worked at KHJ in 1977
  13. DJ/Reality Show Contestant , Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelorette
  14. Lord Addington. UK Parliament member
  15. Lord Adebowale. UK Parliament member
  16. Lord Adonis. UK Parliament member
  17. Baroness Afshar. UK Parliament member
  18. Talent Agency
  19. Socialite and style icon born 1927
  20. Fashion Stylist-Extreme Makeover UK, Big Breakfast, Celebrity Big Brother Little Brother
  21. Lord Ahmed. UK Parliament member
  22. Screening Room Operator
  23. Stylist / Make-Up Artist
  24. Supercentenarian Born 1896 Lives in Japan
  25. Founder of Treyarch (Creator of some Call of Duty games)
  26. Member of a group of men that played the children's game 'Tag' for 28 years. Made into a Wall Street Journal story and then into a full length movie
  27. 20th richest in the world
  28. Video Game Pioneer - Creator of Pong
  29. 2015 inductee into National Inventors Hall of Fame
  30. Lord Alderdice. UK parliament member
  31. One of Chicago's leading Casting Directors
  32. American Legal Secretary cartoonist suburban cowgirls
  33. Author, claims to have had affair with JFK while intern at White House. She now lives in Western Massachusetts with her husband, Dick. Together they have seven grandchildren
  34. Youtuber/Social Media Influencer
  35. White House Butler for 34 years. Started with Harry Truman in 1952, worked with eight Presidents
  36. Sound for 1982 film The Aftermath
  37. Viscount Allenby of Megiddo. UK Parliament member
  38. Lord Alli. UK Parliament member
  39. Lord Alliance. UK Parliament member
  40. Transsexual doctor, head of the AMA
  41. Was the first reporter on site to report about John f Kennedy being shot
  42. Portuguese centenarian born 1899
  43. Stylist / Make-Up Artist
  44. Celebrity Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles
  45. Lord Alton of Liverpool. UK parliament member
  46. Cabaret
  47. Israel woman. Undocumented oldest person in the world. Purported to be born 1888
  48. psychic & paranormal debunker / magician / escape artist
  49. 18th richest in the world
  50. Socialite
  51. Member of a group of men that played the children's game 'Tag' for 28 years. Made into a Wall Street Journal story and then into a full length movie
  52. Florent Amodio (born 12 May 1990) is a French figure skater. He is the 2011 European champion, a four-time French national champion (2010, 2013-2015), and the 2008 JGP Final champion. He has represented France at two Winter Olympics
  53. Baroness Amos. UK Parliament member
  54. Broadway
  55. Andy Anderson  (3)
    Broadway Stage Manager last credit 1956/57 Uncle Willie
  56. Host Expedition Wild on NatGeoWild
  57. Supercentenarian oldest person in Alaska born 1905
  58. Don Anderson  (5)
    Retired Texas Ranger Lawman Company B Texas
  59. Lord Anderson of Swansea. UK house of Lords
  60. Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2019 First runner-up at Miss Universe 2019
  61. Supercentenarian Born 1897 Number 70th in the world
  62. Fitness Model 1930s
  63. YouTuber- AR12 Gaming
  64. Baroness Andrews. UK House of Lords
  65. Born 1910 went to school with Erroll Flynn appeared in the documentary about Erroll Flynn Tasmanian Devil
  66. Baroness Anelay of St Johns. UK House of Lords
  67. California Highway Patrol officer, California radio personality
  68. Annie  (3)
    Broadway musical
  69. Misc
  70. Dave Anthony  (2)
    Video Game Writer
  71. Coplayer
  72. Lord Archer of Weston-Super-Mare. UK House of Lords
  73. Lord Archer of Sandwell. UK House of Lords
  74. Portuguese centenarian born 1900
  75. Wine Expert
  76. Italian Fashion Designer
  77. Spanish Centenarian born 1899
  78. Lord Armstrong of Ilminster. UK House of Lords
  79. One of the oldest persons in the world born 1897. Lives in Italy
  80. Co-Creator of Dungeons and Dragons
  81. Larry P. Arnn is the twelfth president of Hillsdale College, where he is also a professor of politics and history
  82. American chemical engineer, biological engineer, and biochemist. She is a recipient of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for pioneering the use of directed evolution to create enzymes
  83. Research consultant on tng star trek trekkies
  84. Earl of Arran.UK House of Lords
  85. Lord Ashcroft. UK House of Lords
  86. Life Coach & Hypnotherapist
  87. Former leader of the Liberal Democrat party.
  88. American scientist and Nobel laureate who worked at Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies. He is the oldest Nobel Laureate in history. Ashkin has been considered by many as the father of the topical field of optical tweezers, for which he was awarded
  89. Lord. UK House of Lords
  90. Mark Ashley  (2)
    Auctioneer and expert on BBC TV series Bargain Hunt
  91. Auctioneer/Antiques expert - had appeared on the Antiques Road Trip
  92. Sound Recordist
  93. Choreographer
  94. Founder of Wiki Leaks
  95. Choreographer
  96. Lord. UK House of Lords
  97. Viscount. UK House of Lords
  98. Lord Attlee. UK House of Lords
  99. Animal Trainor appeared on several tv shows in the 60's as Augsberg Jungle Wonders
  100. American attorney and entrepreneur. He routinely appears on broadcast and print media as a commentator on a range of legal issues and has represented parties in a number of lawsuits that have gained international media attention, including cases brought a
  101. Broadway
  102. Casting Movie Coordinator (56 Movies) And Actress - 'National Treasure: Book Of Secrets'
  103. Oldest Man In France/ Born:1897 - Deceased 2007