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Browsing Category Home->Sports->Boxing , A-Z Filter: A
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  1. Boxer, World Champion
  2. Argentine boxer, world Flyweight champion in 1966
  3. Boxer, Olympic Bronze medalist for Puerto Rico at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona
  4. boxing
  5. Argentine world champion boxer
  6. Kazimierz Piotr Adach (born 9 May 1957 in Ustka) is a retired boxer from Poland, who won the bronze medal in the lightweight division at the 1980 in Moscow
  7. Boxing Judge. Worked the Ali-Foreman Rumble in the Jungle fight in the Republic of the Congo 1974
  8. Boxer
  9. Professional boxer, fought Edwin Rosario in 1982
  10. Won Team GB Gold at the London 2012 Olympic games in Boxing
  11. Boxer
  12. German woman boxer
  13. Dutch kickboxer and K1 fighter
  14. British former professional boxer, lives in Los Angeles, California (USA)
  15. Boxer - USA Boxing
  16. Puerto Rican heavyweight boxer of the 1970's
  17. Mexican-American professional boxer
  18. Boxer
  19. Argentine boxer
  20. Boxer
  21. Boxer
  22. World champion boxer
  23. Panamanian boxer
  24. Boxer
  25. Boxing World champion
  26. Former Kickboxer
  27. Tunisian-Italian professional boxer, WBO world Junior Lightweight champion (1989-92)
  28. Female boxer - daughter of muhammad ali; Co-host of 'American Gladiators'
  29. Heavyweight Champ
  30. Brother of boxer Muhammed Ali. As a boxer he had a professional record of 14-7-3. His last professional fight was a loss to later actor Jack O'Halloran. Whikipedia lists him as Rahman Ali. His autobiography lists his name as Rahaman Ali
  31. Somali Boxer
  32. Boxer - USA Boxing
  33. Son of Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali Jr was born in 1972
  34. Boxer
  35. boxing
  36. World champion boxer
  37. Boxer
  38. Saul Álvarez  (2)
    Boxer; Mexican professional boxer in the Light Middleweight division
  39. boxing
  40. boxing
  41. Boxer - USA Boxing
  42. Boxer
  43. boxer
  44. boxing
  45. Boxing
  46. Boxer - USA Boxing
  47. Boxer
  48. Boxer, actor, model
  49. Boxing champion, played a part in Godfather III,Goodfellas, Bobby Zanone in The Sopranos
  50. British boxer, former British Lightweight champion
  51. boxing
  52. Boxer
  53. Boxer
  54. Boxer who fought on the undercard of a Miller Lite Texas Title Fight
  55. Boxer and actor
  56. American professional boxer, last to fight Sugar Ray Robinson, whom he beat
  57. Boxer Featherweight champion 1940 & 41
  58. boxing hof
  59. Boxer - USA Boxing
  60. Boxer - USA Boxing
  61. Boxer
  62. boxing
  63. Boxer
  64. Boxing promoter, Founder of Top Rank Inc.
  65. Japanese Super Bantamweight had a 31-11-8 record during a career that lasted from 1966 to 1974. Held the Japanese Super Bantamweight Title in 1973
  66. American professional boxer, IWBF world Featherweight champion (2002), WIBF world Super Bantamweight champion (2002-03), GBU interim and WIBF world Bantamweight champion (2005), WBC world female Super Bantamweight champion (2011-14)
  67. French boxer. He won the Light Flyweight Gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics
  68. British boxing manager
  69. Boxing Trainer,Analyst on ESPN2 Friday Night Fights
  70. Professional boxer, fought Acelino Freitas for world title
  71. Boxer Olympic champion 1964
  72. Olympic Boxer
  73. Boxer
  74. American boxer, twice fought for world titles, losing to Danny 'Little Red' Lopez and to Juan 'Kid' Meza. Brother of Tony Ayala, Jr
  75. super bantamweight boxer, WBA world champion
  76. Pro boxer of the 1980s and 2000s, brother of Mike Ayala