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Browsing Category Home->Authors & Writers->Comics & Cartoons , A-Z Filter: B
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  1. Brazilian Comic Artist (Art) together with his twin brother Fabio Moon
  2. Cartoonist -C'est la vie
  3. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - The Best & The Wittiest
  4. Comic book cover artist
  5. Comic Book Artist
  6. John Backderf  (2)
    Comic Artist
  7. Cartoonist, 'Broadside', 'Greenside'
  8. Comic Book Artist - Marvel - Spiderman
  9. Comic artist
  10. Kyle Baker  (2)
    An American cartoonist, comic book writer-artist, and animator known for his graphic novels and for a 2000s revival of the series Plastic Man
  11. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - Ollie and Quentin
  12. Fawcett comic book artist, Dark Shadows comic strip artist
  13. syndicated cartoonist of cornered
  14. Editoral Cartoonist, from France
  15. Cartoonist
  16. Cartoonist esp. for Disney
  17. Cartoonist, Disney Animation, twin brother of Disney Animator Tony Bancroft
  18. cartoonist - sixchix
  19. Comic book artist
  20. Comic book artist for X-men , black Adam and Spawn
  21. Creator of the comic series W.I.T.C.H. and Monster Allergy
  22. Comic Book Writer-Nexus,Star Wars:Thrawn Trilogy/X-Wing Rogue Squadron
  23. Cartoonist, 'Masked Capers', 'Mr. Magoo'
  24. Comic Artist (Star Wars)
  25. Animation layout artist
  26. cartoonist - erine pook's comeck
  27. cartoonist - flash gordon, the phantom
  28. Cartoonist, 'Niceday Pup', 'Frecklebelly Theater'
  29. Comic book artist
  30. Comic book artist
  31. Cartoonist
  32. Comic book artist, Witchblade, Grimm Fairy Tales, Hunter-Killer
  33. Syndicated Cartoonist - Adam at Home, Red & Rover
  34. Cartoonist, Crankshaft, Funky Winkerbean
  35. Cartoonist from Spain
  36. British cartoonist,the creator of Beano's Little Plum,Minnie the Minx,The Bash Street kids and The Three Little Bears
  37. Cartoonist
  38. Artist and co-creator of Trollords, one the most popular independent comics of the mid-80s
  39. Cartoonist, 'Hark! A Vagrant'
  40. Artist who has worked as a penciler and inker in the American comic book industry, where he is perhaps best known for his co-creation the female detective Ms. Tree and Wild Dog
  41. Comic book artist
  42. Beck  (3)
    German cartoonist
  43. Columnist - Contract Bridge
  44. Cartoonist - Animator - Author -> 'Animation: The Whole Story'
  45. Comic Strip Creator 'Sitting Ducks'
  46. Comics
  47. Comic Book Writer
  48. Author: PREPARE TO BOARD!, ANIMATED PERFORMANCE, animator/character designer: Walt Disney Productions, Warner Brothers Animation, many others
  49. Comics
  50. Comic Artist
  51. Artist/former body builder competitor, cartoonist for marvel x-men
  52. Syndicated Cartoonist of 'Between Friends'
  53. Timely comics artist
  54. Cartoonist: Freelance / Daily Racing Form,Areas Expertise: Political / Horse Racing - Cartooning / Murals
  55. American Cartoonist - 'Alley Oop'
  56. Cartoonist: Mr. Fixitt, Billy & Pop and the Sherlock Holmes Minute Mysteries
  57. syndicated cartoonist of alley oop
  58. An American comic book writer and artist. He has won critical acclaim, including five Eisner Awards for both his creator-owned work and his work on various Marvel Comics books
  59. Comic Book Artist
  60. Comic Artist (Star Wars)
  61. Joe Bennett  (3)
  62. Storyboard & Comic Book Artist
  63. Politcal cartoonist for the arizona republic, pulitzer prize winner
  64. cartoonist (herb & jamaal)
  65. Comics
  66. Comics
  67. French cartoonist
  68. Works on Ninja Turtles Comic
  69. Comic Book Artist
  70. French Cartoonist - Mainly Aviation War Comics
  71. Batman Comic Book Artist
  72. Childrens' and YA author, and screenwriter
  73. cartoonist and creator of 'berry's world´'
  74. Comics
  75. Comic Book Writer & Artist
  76. Comics
  77. Author/Cartoonist
  78. Born: 08/12/1952 (Brugge) Belgian cartoonist
  79. Turkish cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer
  80. Cartoonist
  81. Cartoonist: 'Curtis'
  82. Comics
  83. Cartoonist
  84. Comic book artist
  85. sports & editorial cartoonist
  86. US Comic Artist (horror genre) - Saga of the Swamp Thing (1983-87), Tyrant, Taboo
  87. syndicated cartoonist of geech
  88. Writer for CD Projeckt Red
  89. Cartoonist
  90. Comic Artist
  91. cartoonist (elf quest)
  92. Artist - comic books and sketch cards
  93. Disney Animator
  94. Cartoonist - Tiger
  95. Comics
  96. Cartoonist: Loose Parts & Biz
  97. Cartoonist; stars in his own show 'Cartooning With Blitz'
  98. Cartoonist and Author
  99. Comic Artist
  100. Animator - The Amazing Wold of Gumball
  101. Comics
  102. Cartoonist /comic artist superman, marvel
  103. Editorial cartoonist: BokBluster
  104. Comic Artist
  105. cartooniest (winnie winkle, heart of juliet jones)
  106. cartoonist (animal crakers catfish)
  107. Comic Artist - Zampano
  108. syndicated cartoonist of tom the dancing bug
  109. Cartoonist
  110. Comic Artist
  111. cartoonist
  112. Cartoonist- Little Dog Lost
  113. Artist & Comic Book Artist
  114. Cartoonist
  115. editorial cartoonist pulitzer 1991
  116. Belgium Male Comic Artist And Painter
  117. Comic Artist
  118. French writer
  119. Comic artist
  120. Designer
  121. Belgian cartoonist
  122. French Male Comic Artist. Author Of Several Noted Franco-Belgian Comics Album Series
  123. American cartoonist, Compu-Toon, KeyPad Kid
  124. Canadian Cartoonist - 'Chuckles Brothers' cartoon
  125. Canadian Male Artist - Comic book Illustrator
  126. Mangaka
  127. American Female Cartoonist - Comic Strip - 'Jane's World' (2003- ) 'Stinky Cecil' (2015- ), 'The Martian Confederacy' (2008 And 2011). Creative Director at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates - Peanuts Children's Books.(1999- )
  128. sports cartoonist
  129. Rose Is Rose Cartoonist
  130. Editorial Cartoonist - NY Daily News
  131. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - The Best & The Wittiest
  132. Comic book artist
  133. American Female Cartoonist - Comic Strip - 'Where I'm Coming From'
  134. Cartoonist marvel xmen
  135. Comic artist - Spirou et Fantasio
  136. Cartoonist - Bloom County, Outland, and Opus. Author.
  137. editoral cartoonist pul. prize 1998
  138. Editoral Cartoonist, San Diego Union-Tribune
  139. Cartoonist - most known for her 100% People: Gussie Grossman series
  140. The creator of indie comic book 'Cyber Girl L.E.E.T.A.' He began as a background inker on Superman for DC, then moved to animation, working on 'Courage the Cowardly Dog,' Jumanji,' 'Extreme Ghostbusters,' and 'Dragon Tales.'
  141. Comic Book Artist
  142. Best know for his work on Batman and Detective COMICS
  143. Comic Book Artist - Best known for Green Lantern
  144. English Male Author And Syndicated Cartoonist. Novel - 'I May Not Be Totally Perfect, but Parts of Me Are Excellent, and Other Brilliant Thoughts' (1979), 'I Have Abandoned My Search for Truth and Am Now Looking for a Good Fantasy' (1980). Plus Many More
  145. Cartoonist, Betweeny comic
  146. WETA artist - District 9, King Kong, Avatar, Narnia, Tintin
  147. Illustrator, cartoonist
  148. Pat Broderick  (2)
    American comic book artist known for his work on the Micronauts. Broderick also pencilled the four-part Batman: Year Three storyline, written by Marv Wolfman, which detailed the first meeting of Batman and Tim Drake
  149. Comic Book Artist
  150. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - The Best & The Wittiest, Shoe/pluggers
  151. syndicated cartoonist of tradin' paint
  152. Mark Brooks  (2)
    Comic book artist
  153. Cartoonist and author of the book 'Collecting the Collector', the baseball graphic novel 'Her curves were too much for them', Breygent Sketch Card Artist
  154. Comic book artist
  155. cartoonist
  156. cartoonist playboy, little old lady cartoons
  157. Jeffrey Brown  (4)
    Author/cartoonist, wrote "Darth Vader and Son."
  158. Cartoonist of Arthur on PBS
  159. Cartoonist of 'Hagar the Horrible'
  160. Comic Book Creator/Writer - God Hates Astronauts, Curse Words, Bedlam, The Manhattan Projects
  161. Author of Bad Kitty and Poor Puppy
  162. Video game writer
  163. Dutch author and artist, best known for Miffy children's stories
  164. Comic book artist, new yorker cover artist
  165. Comic book artist
  166. Comic Book Artist
  167. Comic book illustrator
  168. cartoonist (meatloaf nights)
  169. Comic Book Writer & Artist
  170. Tom Bunk is a lifetime award - winning cartoonist known for adding multiple extraneous details to his posters, cartoons, and illustrations created for both American and German publishers
  171. Comic Book Writer
  172. Comic Book Artist
  173. Cartoonist... Flaming Carrot
  174. celeb caricature artist
  175. American radio broadcaster and former comic book writer best known for co-creating the DC Comics character Nemesis with artist Dan Spiegle & for writing duties on The Warlord
  176. Columnist - Auto Album
  177. American Female Cartoonist - 'Frog Applause' And 'Shoecabbage'
  178. Comics
  179. Comic Book Writer (Astro City)
  180. cartoonist
  181. Author-Star Wars Tales #21
  182. Steve Butler   (4)
    Comic Book Artist
  183. German cartoonist
  184. Cartoonist from GermanyFamous for 'Baer'
  185. cartoonist - superman