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Browsing Category Home->Authors & Writers->Comics & Cartoons , A-Z Filter: P
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  1. Comics
  2. Comic Artist
  3. Cartoonist BUNI
  4. Comic Book Artist
  5. Writer and academic
  6. cartoonist (the hots, nina's adventures, fluff)
  7. Tom Palmer  (4)
    American comic book artist best known as an inker for Marvel Comics
  8. Cartoonist
  9. comedy writer/cartoonist
  10. Multimedia artists collective, (3 artists)
  11. Archie comic writer
  12. Created the comic strip: Off The Mark
  13. cartoonist (wizard of ld)
  14. Jeff Parker  (2)
    Comic Artist / Cartoonist
  15. writer for Beavis and Butt-head comics
  16. Cartoonist - UK Comic 'The Beano', Dennis The Menace
  17. Comic Book Artist
  18. Cartoonist
  19. creator of 'Pearls Before Swine' comic strip
  20. cartoonist (cats)
  21. Artist. Did the cover for a Walking Dead Comic. Worked at Disney and did stuff for Mickey Mouse, Kim Possible, Johnny Quest
  22. Comic Artist
  23. Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
  24. Jason Pearson  (2)
    Comic Book Artist and Author
  25. Artist, cartoonist, creator of DUCKMAN
  26. Cartoonist
  27. syndicated cartoonist of big nate
  28. American Splendor/Comic Book Writer
  29. Artist - comic books and sketch cards
  30. Comics
  31. Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
  32. Comic Book Artist
  33. cartoonist (annie)
  34. VP of DC Comics online. Has a card in the Star Trek CCG game 'CREW - Lieutenant Ron Perazza'
  35. Animator
  36. George Perez  (2)
    Comic book artist and illustrator, known for 'Wonder Woman' and 'Avengers'
  37. Writer for comics
  38. Comic Artist
  39. German Cartoonist
  40. syndicated cartoonist of mother goose and grimm
  41. syndicated cartoonist of the big picture
  42. Political cartoonist
  43. Joe Phillips  (3)
    Cartoonist x men marvel comics
  44. Sean Phillips  (2)
    Comic Book Artist - Marvel Zombies, Sleeper, Incognito, Criminal series, Fatale, The Fade Out, Hellblazer
  45. cartoonist (six chix) 1 of 6 cartoonists
  46. Comic book artist- Marvel
  47. cartoonist - spats
  48. Cartoonist
  49. syndicated cartoonist of bizarro
  50. comic book author
  51. cartoonist (six chix) 1 of 6 cartoonists)
  52. german cartoonist - Inter View 2
  53. Cartoonist
  54. French cartoonist specializing in political satire
  55. American comic book artist best known as one of the most prolific Superman artists of the 1950s
  56. Politicial cartoonist
  57. German cartoonist
  58. Comic Author (Star Wars)
  59. cartoonist (fat cats)
  60. Artist - The Celebrities Cartoonist
  61. Comic Book Artist- Marvel
  62. Comics
  63. Comic book writer for Science Squad
  64. Howard Porter  (2)
    Comic book artist
  65. Carl Potts (born November 12, 1952) is an American comic book writer, artist, teacher, and editor best known for creating the series Alien Legion for the Marvel Comics imprint Epic Comics
  66. Original Artists On Garbage Pail Kids / Did A Large Portion Of The Cards.
  67. Editorial Cartoonist
  68. Cartoonist
  69. Eric Powell  (2)
    Comic book writer, creator of 'The Goon'
  70. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - My Cage
  71. Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
  72. Syndicated cartoonist of rhymes with orange
  73. Nationally syndicated editoral cartoonist
  74. Comic Book Artist, illustrator, art director
  75. cartoonist
  76. cartoonist (matt)
  77. MAD magazine cartoonist, mainly known for creation of Spy Vs. Spy
  78. Horror writer, comic book creator
  79. Comic Artist