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Browsing Category Home->Authors & Writers->Comics & Cartoons , A-Z Filter: N
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  1. Iraqi cartoonist. Was jailed by Saddam for years.
  2. Japanese manga artist and writer
  3. Comic book artist
  4. Italian comic artist - various Disney work, Abrafaxe
  5. Mangaka
  6. Comic book artist
  7. French movie director and BD cartoonist
  8. British Comic Book Artist
  9. Cartoonist
  10. Artist - comic books, sketch cards, pinups
  11. Comics
  12. cartoonist (tiny toons)
  13. John Neville  (2)
    Cartoonist tiny toons
  14. American comic book artist and editor, best known for her work with DC Comics
  15. Steve Newman  (2)
    Meteorologist - EARTHWEEK
  16. Eric Nguyen  (3)
    Comic books - Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image
  17. Comic book artist
  18. comic book writer
  19. Comic Artist
  20. German author
  21. Mangaka
  22. cartoonist (creator of the green lantern)
  23. Cartoonist-The Phantom
  24. Svedish Author of Books for Children, like Petterson and Findus, born 30.04.1946, he also make Comics
  25. Disney animator and only black animator for Disney in the 50's & 60's/ Sleeping Beauty/The Sword in the Stone/ The Jungle Book and Robin Hood
  26. Comic Book Artist
  27. cartoonist (uncle art's funland)
  28. Comic Artist and RPG Illustrator
  29. Cartoonist Born: 1962 The Netherlands 'Arak', 'Jan, Jans en de kinderen', 'Auguria', 'Apache Junction'