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Browsing Category Home->Authors & Writers->Comics & Cartoons , A-Z Filter: K
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  1. American comic book editor and executive. Joined DC Comics in 1976 as publisher, and 5 years later was promoted to President. In 1989, she assumed the title of Editor-in-Chief while retaining the office of president
  2. Conan artist, comic book
  3. German illustrator/graphic novel artist
  4. Creator of Batman
  5. Comic book artist
  6. Anime cartoonist/Co-creator: 'Slayers'
  7. Cartoonist
  8. Creator of Japanese manga: Ao no Exorcist. Lives in Japan
  9. Comic Artist - Star Wars and others
  10. Comic Book Artist
  11. Comic Book Artist
  12. Cartoonist - Family Circus
  13. Artist and animator; daughter of Disney exec/artist, Gil Keane, and granddaughter of cartoonist Bil Keane
  14. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - Family Circus
  15. Cartoonist
  16. syndicated cartoonist of flash gordon
  17. editorial cartoonist
  18. Animation layout artist
  19. Cartoonist (Rocky)
  20. Steve Kelley  (2)
    political Cartoonist
  21. Author of comics and graphic novels including Batman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Star Trek and Nightwing. Often co-writes with Jackson Lanzing
  22. Horrorscope comic creator, together with Carol Kemp
  23. Horrorscope comic creator, together with Susan Kelso
  24. cartoonist (ginger meggs)
  25. Comic Book Artist
  26. Comic Book Artist
  27. Son of Hank Ketcham draws Dennis The Menace Comic Strip
  28. Cartoonist who created 'Hazel' in 1943. Born: 08/25/1912
  29. American graphic novel author and illustrator
  30. Comic Book Author and Artist
  31. cartoonist
  32. A Korean comic book artist, considered the first artist working in a manhwa style to be published regularly in the United States
  33. Comic Book Writer
  34. Underground Cartoonist (Bijou Funnies). Author
  35. The Good Wife, Law & Order, Macbeth, How to Act Around Cops
  36. French cartoonist and illustrator
  37. cartoonist (baby blues)
  38. Creator of The Walking Dead
  39. Comic Book Artist - Living In Infamy, Big Bang Presents: Ultiman Family, Novavolvo, The Savage Dragon
  40. Writer for Toys for Bob
  41. Cartoonist (Cats)
  42. Solunar Tables
  43. Keith Knight  (2)
    Comic Artist
  44. American Cartoonist
  45. cartoonist (single slices)
  46. Co-founded BloodFire Studios. Artist for Lucasfilm's Star Wars projects. He does sketch cards in trading card packs like Shrek the Third and Indiana Jones. He is also a comic book writer and artist
  47. American underground comics artist and painter, best known as the wife of cartoonist Robert Crumb
  48. cartoonist (out on a limb)
  49. comic book illustrator - X-Men, Star Wars
  50. Comic Book Artist
  51. New Yorker Cartoonist
  52. Finnish comic artist - Disney
  53. Comic book creator and artist. Artist for the Simpsons Comics
  54. Editorial Cartoonist
  55. cartoonist (apartment 3-g)
  56. cartoonist (apt. 3-g)
  57. Cartoonist Of 'Bo Nanas'
  58. Cartoonist of 'Murphy's Rules'
  59. Columnist - Kovel's Antique & Collecting
  60. Comics
  61. Peter Krause  (2)
    American illustrator and comic book artist. He is best known for his work on various DC Comics titles, most notably the Superman-related titles and a three-year run on The Power of Shazam! with Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family
  62. Author/Cartoonist - Spass Wars
  63. Comic writer
  64. Cartoonist
  65. American comic book artist known for his work for publishers such as Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and DC Comics. He is the son of Joe Kubert and brother of Andy Kubert, both comic book artists as well
  66. Comic book artist
  67. American Comic Book Artist - Sgt. Rock, Hawkman, Tor, Son Of Sinbad, Viking Prince, Tales Of The Green Berets. Produced the first 3-D comic books. Founded the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art
  68. Creator of Japanese manga: Bleach. Lives in Japan
  69. Comic book artist and writer
  70. Author of Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash
  71. Cartoonist - Rheingauer
  72. American counterculture poet, author, cartoonist, pacifist anarchist, publisher and co-founder of the band The Fugs
  73. An American comic artist known for working in both comic books and newspaper strips
  74. Cartoonist - MAD Magazine, Playboy's Little Annie Fanny, Goodman Beaver, Flash Gordon comic strip. Founding editor of MAD Magazine in 1952. Introduced Alfred E. Neuman, the magazine's mascot. Inducted into Will Eisner's Comic Book Hall of Fame (1989)
  75. Bumba tekenaar
  76. German cartoonist
  77. German Comic Author - Anthony and the Girlds