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  1. Mexican-American electrical engineer, first woman of Mexican descent in space
  2. Flight astronaut sts-89
  3. Astronomer- Detected the 'WOW Signal' while working for SETI
  4. German rocket-propulsion engineer & advocate for space colonization/He worked at Peenemünde as a propulsion engineer from 1942-1945, then to USA with other German rocket scientists & technicians under 'Operation Papercli
  5. Apollo 7 astronaut
  6. Egyp/Amer scientist worked w/NASA in planning of scientific exploration of the Moon, & selection of Apollo landing sites & training of astronauts in lunar observations & photography. Shuttle pod named in Star Trek: The Next Generation 'Time Sq
  7. Flight aviator 1978 group 8 astronaut candidate
  8. James Ellis  (3)
    Flight aviator 1978 group 8 astronaut candidate
  9. Flight aviator 1967 group 6 astronaut candidate
  10. Astronaut
  11. Astronaut; X-15 Flight 138, X-15 Flight 143, X-15 Flight 153, ALT, STS-2, STS-51-I
  12. 'Dr. Werner Von Braun Rocket Scientest Team Member'
  13. Astronaut
  14. Astronomer - exoplanet detection
  15. Apollo 17 astronaut
  16. German astronaut, 19 days in space
  17. French astronaut